After 23:00 anyone travelling to Penarth from Cardiff has the choice of either paying costly taxi-fares - or walking

After 23:00 anyone travelling to Penarth from Cardiff has the choice of either paying costly taxi-fares – or walking

An on-line petition has been initiated calling for public bus services to operate from Cardiff Central Station to  Penarth during the late-night and early morning – after the last Cardiff/Penarth train.

he petition has been launched by the vice chair of Plaid Cymru Penarth - Aled Thomas - and Anne Greagsby - both of whom are standing for election to the Vale of Glamorgan Council in May

The petition has been launched by the vice chair of Plaid Cymru Penarth – Aled Thomas – and Anne Greagsby – both of whom are standing for election to the Vale of Glamorgan Council in May

The petition has been set up by two Plaid Cymru candidates who are standing for election to the Vale of Glamorgan Council in the St Augustine’s Ward of Penarth .

The petition calls for a regular bus service to operate between Cardiff Central and Penarth between 23:00 to 05:00

The petition says that hiring a taxi to travel from Cardiff to Penarth during these late hours is just too expensive for most people .

The two candidates say that the  Vale of Glamorgan Council should  underwrite this  night bus service to ensure the well-being and safety of travellers of all ages late at night.

Such a scheme would also benefit workers in Penarth’s so-called “night-time” economy who work in the restaurant and bar trades in the town but who live in Cardiff,.

The on-line petition can ve viewed on

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  1. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    Yes, indeed, a very good idea. We also need evening and Sunday buses to and from local Hospital please.

  2. Ann Other says:

    Does “underwrite” mean guarantee to subsidise or fund? If so, the idea is absurd and unfair to the taxpayer. Why should we pay for this shriek and vomit all-night express?

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    There are no buses via the Marina after 6pm and no buses at all on Sundays or Bank Holidays. It is a mile or more for many Marina residents to walk to a bus stop for the 92/94. It would be very nice if at least the occasional bus went via the Marina in the evenings. It is hardly surprising that almost all Marina residents have now given up on the bus service and just use their cars as a matter of course.

  4. Chris David says:

    Sounds good. We need to build up our public transport systems. Might need a policemen at times though.

  5. Robert says:

    I often need to go to the 24-hour garage on Hadfield Road at 3 in the morning because I’ve run out of supplies. I think it’s a disgrace the Vale isn’t underwriting a shuttle service for situations like this to ensure I’m able to get back and forth without having to fork out for a taxi.

    • James says:

      Totally agree, I have long thought it an outright scandal that the Vale isn’t “underwriting” a bus service to and from the airport for people with holiday flights at unsociable hours. The taxi fare is an unwanted and inconvenient added cost to my leisure budget, and for my own safety and wellbeing I really do feel the taxpayers should be bank-rolling such a service.

  6. Richard says:

    As much as Anne Greagsby looks a bit of a laugh, here – in my view – is an example of why Plaid Cymru is not fit for purpose. In a Utopia, perhaps we could have buses to and fro all night, with cakes and tea laid on to boot, but we’re not, and in an age when the sick and elderly are stuck in A&E corridors, victims of a “cash-strapped” NHS, it’s utterly naïve to demand tax payers’ money be spent on a bus with no passengers for 95 per cent of the time. It’s one thing to indulge in politics for the community, quite another to waste time starting pie in the sky petitions.

    • Chris David says:

      Hs a business plan been done? You cant assume it wont be a profit maker. Where do you get your 95% from? You might be right but a case either way has to be made.

      • Cloud Cuckoo Land says:

        “Business plan” or no business plan, I think it’s a racing certainty that providing an all-night bus service between Cardiff and Penarth, Barry and the rest of the Vale would run at a considerable loss (to tax payers) but talk is cheap so let’s keep spouting about cases being made either way…

  7. Andrew says:

    And, what, pray tell, is so special about Penarth? If Penarth is to have a service, then what about Barry, Dinas Powys, Cowbridge, St Athan….where does it stop?

  8. Tony Harris says:

    Any service – private or public – should be paid for by those that use it. All bus companies are relying on huge subsidies to remain solvent so perhaps passengers should pay a premium to cover the cost of operating late at night or early in the morning.

  9. GRob says:

    well done Plaid Cymru, at last a party that thinks about the community,

  10. Subsidising buses for essential use such as hospital appointments, basic shopping, and travelling to and from work is fine.
    Providing subsided services for leisure activities or disorganised people who need to go shopping overnight is entirely unnecessary.
    The rail services from Cardiff to the Penarth area are after 2300 hours six days a week which is more than satisfactory for most purposes.

  11. penarthblog says:

    Cardiff bus runs an all night service on route 18 seven days a week and on route 8 on weekends. This is probably because there is a demand for such services. It’s unlikely that a late night Penarth service would attract enough passengers for it to be viable. The comments on here about services in the Marina and Promenade are however valid. Maybe some local businesses could support a limited evening service to these areas.

  12. snoggerdog says:

    well thought plaid,any chance of a waterbus from & to sully island,oh & can u tap brains up for a coffee one on the island,24hours of course (for the night fishermen) or if not try tim martin for a 24 hr wetherspoons,& what about getting clarkies to open a pie in the sky as well go plaid! the world is your um winkle?

  13. Cardiff is an absolute nightmare at weekends with roaming gangs of yobs usually from the valleys looking for civilisation I suppose . I once went to a little get together in Cardiff on Friday night I had only been in the city 2 or 3 minutes having taken the train, but as I walked to my destination a yob with 3 mates had to make remarks to me as they passed me by , luckily for me I ignored him and kept walking and his mates did not get involved. But this is typical , they even had to shut St Marys street to buses some years for safety reasons . And I was told this by a bus driver , bouncers had been throwing drinkers out of certain pubs and there had been some near misses as some had been thrown into the road or walked into the road. This driver told me one drinker had even bounced of the side of his bus after being shoved by a bouncer. Any one in Cardiff after 9pm on Friday or Saturday especially near any pubs are putting themselves at risk , and who wants to ride on a bus full of drunken yobs after 11pm?.

    • If you think it’s a nightmare on a Friday or Saturday evening try Cardiff after a rugby or football match has finished. Now that is genuinely a nightmare and frightening.

  14. AK says:

    A night bus service is a great idea. Hourly circular service to both Penarth and Barry via Sully and Dinas.

    Just do it.

  15. Fraser says:

    I will shortly be starting a petition demanding that the Vale underwrites a regular bus excursion to Bicester Shopping Village in Oxfordshire. It costs the earth to get there by train, the service from Penarth is not direct, and the times are not to my taste. With the safety of Penarth residents in mind, I propose a bi-monthly service, enabling the inhabitants of the town to benefit from a direct service at times which suit their schedule and avoid dangerous changes at unfamiliar railway stations. As an addendum, I will be suggesting the Vale includes a free lunch – the journey is long and tiring and it is the council’s duty to ensure our wellbeing. I can’t begin to imagine what a taxi would cost so the sooner this service is implemented the better.

  16. Louise says:

    Get the T9 on that route. It’s permanently empty during daylight hours. Who knows? The bored out of his skull driver might actually have a passenger or two on board it at night.

  17. Blue says:

    Anne Greagsby is working from the Neil McEvoy playbook:
    1: Get yer fizzog seen in the local media as much as possible
    2: Identify contentious local issues and kick up a stink about them
    3: Cultivate a large social media following by posting prodigiously
    4: Attack Labour whenever and wherever possible
    5: Make promises to anyone and everyone
    6: Believe that you are right and everyone else is wrong
    7: Be able to argue vehemently at the drop of a hat.
    8: Promote the idea that you are a victim and that there is a plot against you.

    The big question: Is Anne as “popular” as McEvoy is within the Party of Wales?

  18. Martin Coffee I know what its like coming through Cardiff after a football or rugby match , I used to work on the other side of Cardiff and many times I have had to run the chaos that ensues after the Millenium Stadium turns out. Sme bus stops are re located , the Central Station is railed off , theres Police on Horseback and others in high visibility jackets , it was an absolute nightmare and probably still is . All I wanted to do was get home from work but I had to navigate through the chaos. The idea of situating the Millenium Stadium where it is was and still is, is absolute madness, ordinary people who have nothing to do with the rugby or football crowd are totally put out . And I know the people who built this thing of course never ever have to experience the folly of its siting , so in essence didn’t care or give one second of consideration for the general public during match days.

  19. Chris David says:

    Bit sad that Mr Worsley. Mot much sense of history that’s for sure. I only wish you could enjoy it all.

  20. Enjoy what Chris David? I do not follow your meaning , what sense of history ? if your trying to go about your business and you are prevented by masses of people you have nothing to do with disrupting services such as public transport , you don’t think Oh! its ok I’m part of history !!?. Try it yourself Chris David , and I know you’ll say you have. All I can say is what a silly response ,enjoy what, being prevented from getting home from work? every time the Stadium is in use ? how ridiculous.

  21. Chris David says:

    Yes I have, Wales won it’s first Triple Crown in 1893, my Uncle Dickie David had 112 games at scrum Half for Cardiff and was capped in 1907. So I’ve had time to plan. Why haven’t you? Own a watch, calendar and map? Do you think the whole of Cardiff should be evacuated a few rugby days a year for you to get back and fore the work without getting “distressed”? Thousands put out, the whole sporting world ignoring Cardiff (a city in a small country that needs the marketing and revenue- oh and enjoyment) while Mr Worsley marches pompously through Westgate St- imperiously waving maybe! A bit high and mighty eh! not to mention narrow minded. Silly- ha, stare into a puddle next time you feel victimised.

    • Martin says:

      And what? It’s Ok for shoppers and shop-keepers in the Welsh capital to be ‘put out’ every time there’s a game of rrrruggggbeee? Not everyone thinks life revolves around men sticking their faces in each others bottoms. I must say, Chris David, for someone so often lecturing us on your sophisticated Francophile ways, you’re making very basic assumptions that everyone is obsessed with the rruugbee MUN.
      Why do you think ‘the whole of Cardiff should be evacuated for a few rugby days a year’ which is what happens – the shopping economy of the capital city grinds to a halt as grown men make fools of themselves in hats shaped like leeks.
      .The stadium should be on the outskirts of Cardiff, as in other cities, avoids congestion, better for retail. End of.

  22. I don’t want to plan my movements due to the Millenium Stadium events calendar and I shouldn’t have to . And you use the word pompous towards me despite not knowing me from a hole in the wall!!!?? amazing . And you Mr David think I should have planned my working hours to fit in with the games played in Cardiff , what an utterly ridiculous idea . Imagine phoning my work place saying. ” oh I wont be able to come to work on Tuesday as their is a match at the Stadium and it will be chaos again , oh and I also wont be able to get in next Wednesday for the same reason”. Mr David I do not care one jot , what your relative did or did not, I am not a rugby or football fan, even more so rugby where they actually have to carry a ball!!. I am not into modern day tribalism in the form of football fans etc . Because that is all it is, and used as a money maker by Clubs and all the spin offs from that, its called ‘easy money’. And its quite clear i’m not the narrow minded one here as I have not made assumptions about your character , unlike you of me.

    • Seth says:

      Hear hear, Andrew Worsley, very well said. I, too, am tired of the rugby sheep.

      • Chris David says:

        So which one are you “Seth” ? Martin or Andrew? Could be either with your expertise in sheep? Well chaps- you’d better learn to live with it- because your self centred insular wishes will never ever be realised. Another road blocker Mr M Ali said “don’t count the days- make the days count” So take this opportunity to promote your hobbies and interests. What are they? Get us excited 🙂

  23. Chris David says:

    And the Mr Bean award goes too…..naw can’t choose between Martin and Andrew. Chuckle go on -read yourselves heh. X

  24. Well that’s one way to admit losing the debate Chris David , turn it into farce , which is was to begin with but others realised it first and you couldn’t see it. .

  25. Chris David says:

    Ah Mr Worsley but unlike you I’m not two farced. Ps …its not a debate! that infers you have a valid or debatable opinion 🙂 Allegoric ay like Foster… clever. Clue. You cant turn something into what it already was- or is… Brainiac xx.

  26. Now Chris David your words are beyond farce , and it is just verbiage, or were you drunk or on medication before you wrote your last remarks? , if I was you id stop digging , your sense reason is already hanging by a slender thread.

  27. Chris David says:

    Oh Thanks Doc. Think it was Cognac and Smarties. Blisss xxx

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