The leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council Cllr Neil Moore (Labour Cadoc Ward)

The leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council Cllr Neil Moore (Labour Cadoc Ward)

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is apologising to 50,000 local residents after sending them letters containing what it describes as “an inaccuracy”.

The “inaccuracy”  is said to involve the “Open Register preference”  – a choice that voters can make as to  whether or not their names and addresses are included on the publicly-available Voters’ Register.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is apologising for having sent out 50,000 incorrect letters to local voters.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is apologising for having sent out 50,000 incorrect letters to local voters.

The council says all the households which were sent the incorrect letters will shortly be  receive new letters clarifying the position

However there are reports that some letters also contain other mistakes  – some informing voters who had registered for postal votes in advance of  May’s local government elections that they would have to attend a polling station to vote. Others reportedly mixed up Welsh and English.

No one appears to know how much council-tax-payers’ money this mistake has already cost or what it will cost to sort out the mess.

The councils claim the mistake won’t affect local residents’ right to vote – provided, that is, that their information is up to date .


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12 Responses to VALE COUNCIL TO SAY “SORRY” TO 50,000 VOTERS

  1. This is the second time that Barry has got itself in a pickle regarding the register –

    I find it inexplicable that they’ve got it wrong for a second time.

    Mistakes with the register can affect people’s ability to vote and credit rating. It can affect people’s safety if they appear on the incorrect roll. Barry needs to get itself sorted out before something goes seriously wrong.

  2. Chris David says:

    Perhaps one of the highly paid “managers” should foot the bill! Wasn’t the same person that got the meal on wheels budget wrong by about 500% was it?

  3. Mike baker says:

    Not to put it any stronger than this: ‘Where is the oversight on issues such as this, does no-one check that the information is correct before sending out 50,000 notices, not once, but now twice for the same mistake’. Come on Vale, get a grip…

    • Chris David says:

      Mile (and All), saw your notice on Street life / Nextdoor. Beware the latter anyway publishes your full address/ or part thereof even if you alter in settings. Very dangerous- a play ground for criminals. I’ve unsubscribed and put in a false address whilst I await confirmation from them they’ve deleted ALL data and history for me. They’ve yet to get back. A Micky Mouse lot in my opinion.

  4. Chris David says:

    Yes – highly paid incompetent managers? The public sector is cocooned and in parts has a special complacency. I’ve had dealings with certain departments of the VoG and they were incredibly poor. I’m sure there are the good and great working there but an attitude prevails and seems to suck some in.

  5. Paul says:

    Honestly, u couldn’t make it, tho they should do, for making another blunder. Who was it that elected them again…

  6. Karen Medhurst says:

    Fault lies with the Returning Officer – Ms Debbie Marles – who gets paid EXTRA for the job of ‘managing’ the electoral role and ‘counting’ the votes. An investigation needs to be made and a report submitted to the Investigating Committee that focuses on the cost to the public purse to resolve a ‘mistake’ that should never happened and for the incompetence to be judged by the Committee and effective and appropriate disciplinary action taken

    • Colin Davies says:

      This is down to poor proof reading of the forms which is likely to have been done in a hurry so the officers could get off on their summer holidays… Debbie Marles is “far too important” to associate herself with proof reading. Blame lies solely with the Elections team manager!!

  7. Chris David says:

    N\aw- she’ll get a bonus for only making one cock up this year. Self interested bullet proofers.

  8. Frank Evans says:

    Council peddling false hoods, what’s new. Maybe they deserve a pay rise of -10%

  9. Colin Davies says:

    The Council’s Elections team are an absolute shambles… gone right down hill in recent years, someone needs to be held to account over this!!!

  10. Lizzyloo says:

    More money wasted, but cannot afford to repair pavements. I am still waiting for promised replacement food bins after mine were damaged by collectors throwing them down. I have phoned several times and each time have been promised replacements by next few days – still no sign, months later!!!

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