Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies (centre) with Sully Conservatives Chris Thorne and Rod Thomas

Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies (centre) with Sully Conservatives Chris Thorne and Rod Thomas

Penarth Conservative Assembly Member Andrew R T Davies is writing to South Wales Police and to the Vale of Glamorgan Council asking them to consider “all measures” to improve safety on Sully Road .

Mr Davies – who’s the leader of the Conservatives in Welsh Assembly – yesterday visited the accident site with Conservative colleagues Chris Thorne and Rod Thomas to see the road  for himself.

This car overturned on Sully Road on Friday

This car overturned on Sully Road on Friday

The move follows Friday’s accident in which a car overturned on Sully Road – a route – which is being used by an increasing volume of traffic but is actually  little more than a winding, narrow, country lane with a succession of hazardous blind bends.

The lane, which connects Sully to the Merrie Harrier junction in Penarth and is used by many parents on the school run.

Andrew R T Davies said he and his colleagues had been “inundated with comments from people in the area” all of whom had  expressed concern over Sully Road. He said  “At present there are clearly some significant issues and it is in everyone’s interests to act swiftly to ensure no one ends up being seriously hurt.”

Stephen Katchi's petition has already attracted 327 signatures

Stephen Katchi’s petition has already attracted 327 signatures

One constituent – Stephen Katchi – has set up a petition for the local community to sign and express their concern –

Andrew RT Davies AM and local Conservatives – Chris Thorne and Rod Thomas – have called on the Vale of Glamorgan Council to take urgent action on Sully Road after a recent spate of accidents.

Penarth AM and Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies

Penarth AM and Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies

He said “The recent spate of accidents on Sully Road is a serious concern for the local community and with traffic only set to increase it is vital the Vale of Glamorgan Council takes urgent action to improve the safety of the road. Sully’s strong community spirit has always been evident and this latest petition is once again a sign of residents taking issues into their own hands and demanding action – but it is important the council listens and makes some substantial safety improvements. It is not just one incident and it is clear that the road is becoming an accident hotspot. The Vale Council must explore all measures available to it to ensure the road is made safe again.”

Chris Thorne and Rod Thomas of Sully Conservatives, said: “Reports of accidents on Sully Road are increasing tenfold of late and it is incumbent on the Vale Council to protect local residents and road users. All measures should be explored including lowering the speed limit and the addition of traffic calming measures before it is too late and someone pays the ultimate price.”


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  1. Chris David says:

    Landrover Lane- the farmers aint bovvered. But now we’ll have PC calls for a 20 thousand £billion upgrade instead of expecting drivers top drive a little better 🙂

  2. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Once again I have to point out the Conservatives hypocrisy in voting to site 650 houses at Cog Rd / Swanbridge Rd which of course will massively inrease traffic throughout what has always been this inadequate road structure. Worth pointing out also of course that they did nothing to improve road safety here when they were in power.

    They even failed to oppose the planning application for the present 350 houses pushed through just the other month

    In fact the Conservatives even blocked proposals for a speed restriction in these lanes just a few years ago with a written lodged objection to a lower speed limit by one of Sully’s previous Conservative councillors.

    Fortunately myself and my fellow Independent Sully councillor managed to overturn the Conservatives objections against speed restrictions from Cog to South Road and are currently in discussion with the Vale for further speed restrictions along the rest of the lanes to Penarth.

    • Paul Fisher says:

      Why does Kevin Mahoney always blame the Conservatives when Labour run the Vale.
      As he knows only to well it is the Planning Department at the Vale that decides whether to recommend planning be granted and Councillors are told NOT to go against there recommendation!!!! Have a go at Mr Goldsworthy and his department.
      As a resident of Sully Road we do not want speed bumps, they don’t work and only break cars. Sully Road is 3 miles long how many would you need.
      There are two blind bends were the road is to narrow for two cars to pass what do you expect.
      Who in there right mind would build seven schools on a country road.
      People drive along here on the phone with kids in the car that’s how much they care.
      Their the first to moan about traffic, speeding and road safety.
      Put a Police car on Sully Road for a few mornings and book them its the only thing that slows people down.

      • John Lewis says:

        Mr Mahoney is on a mission at the moment to try and persuade local voters that everyone is bad, but he is brilliant and he thinks the best way to do that is not by showing what he’s actually done, but to try and prove what other parties/people haven’t done. We all know Mr Mahoney likes a rant about literally everything and anyone, so just let him have his 5 minutes

      • Kevin Mahoney says:

        Thank you for your enquiry Paul.

        I’m afraid that you are incorrect, councillors on the planning committee are not told to go against the recommendation of Vale planning officers at all, they are free to vote as they wish and feel fit. One would have thought that the lack of an adequate local road structure would be just one reason for doing so. I certainly pointed it out in my personal presentation the planning committee.

        In this case it is fairly obvious that the granting of consent for an initial 350 homes can only add to the traffic along Sully Rd. Every Conservative councillor on the planning committe refused to oppose the planning application.

        As I’ve repeatedly pointed out the Conservative party want to see 650 houses built at Cog which is a matter of record in their own LDP plan. I’m not really quite sure why you object to anyone pointing out that recorded fact.

        As regards speed humps, I appear to be in the small minority of councillors who would tear up every speed hump in the country, they are wrecking everyones cars and causing hundreds of pounds every year in suspension and exhaust bills for responsible drivers as well as causing great problems for ambulances and other emergency vehicles.

        I was also one of the few councillors to object to and point out the madness of building seven schools in a country lane which appears to echo your own sentiments.

        Perhaps you might like to question the Conservative and Labour councillors who voted this through.

        So apart from helping you to further understand the planning process it seems that you agree with my past proven views and record entirely on the other matters that you raise. I’m delighted that we appear to be in agreement.

        If I can help you with any other queries please do not hesitate to ask

      • Kevin Mahoney says:

        Thank you also for your observations Mr Lewis.

        I feel that it s only to correct and right to highlight instances of gross hypocrisy which I have done in this instance.

        I’ll continue to do so as and when I feel that it is necessary. Lets hope that the Conservative party stop giving me opportunities to do so and I’m sure that we’ll all be more than happy.

        In the meantime I enclose the link to my website in order that you can view many more examples of gross hypocrisy from both Conservative and Labour parties.

        Please do not hestiate to contact me if you have any concerns about the validity of my concerns.

      • Kevin Mahoney says:

        i should correct the first sentence in my reply to Mr Fisher which should of course read ” councillors on the planning committee are not told not to go against the recommendations of Vale planning officers”

        My apologies for the typo

  3. I totally agree. Not only do these dangerous road people put others at risk they expect others to pay to protect themselves from themselves.
    Much longer and compulsory bans after achieving too many penalty points would be a good start.

  4. AK says:

    Block it up in the middle, make it ‘access only’.
    No more rat run, and a safe walking / horse / cycle route.

    • AK, if you block it up then where would the traffic that currently use it go? You would add to the already congested routes through Dinas Powys and Penarth along Redlands Road. So it might make it safer for walking, riding and cycling, but it would just clog up the other routes.

  5. Chris Franks says:

    You have to be impressed with the nerve of the conservatives who supported more building in Sully and Dinas Powys now complaining about the traffic. They join with Labour in backing almost every development regardless of the consequences.

    • Chris David says:

      One concurs.

    • Paul Fisher says:

      Don’t see any Labour or Plaid AMs, MPs involved in local issues.
      If the Planning Department recommends a development gets approved you no your not allowed to vote against.
      So blame Mr Goldsworthy and his Planning Department, or the Labour lot who sanction such schemes.

      • John Lewis says:

        I don’t know where you got the apparent fact from that Councillors are not allowed to vote against the Planning Departments recommendation – because that simply isn’t true. Of course planning committee members (councillors) can vote against Mr Goldsworthy and his team. What would be the point of holding these planning meetings if they had no say in it?

      • Kevin Mahoney says:

        As pointed out by myself Mr Fisher you are incorrect, councillors can vote against any planning recommendation according to their views, every Conservative councillor on the planning committee refused to support my own and others calls to reject the Taylor Wimpy planning application for 350 houses at Cog.

        And of course why would they when their party had already recommended building 650 houses on the same site? They have already indicated that they want at least another 300 on the same fields.

        The fact that the Labour party are every bit as bad as the Conservatives in calling for just under the Conservatives suggested 1100 new houses proposals for Sully and Cosmeston is of course another matter.

      • Chris David says:

        Isn’t it so Kevin that Goldsworthy and Co have attempted to disable councillors? I read that somewhere-may have been here. Any attempt by the planning department to gain absolute planning control, given their record should be resisted. Having said that given the councillors we have the will of the people will be ignored. If only we had people standing that put the community before sheep like party kowtowing. Why don’t you draw up a list of questions – helped by “the audience” for us commoners to ask councillors before the May elections. PDN might publish the answers so we can see just what the double headers are up to!

  6. Sully Resident says:

    I have lived on Cog Road for 34 years and over the years regularly have driven along Sully Road at all times of the day and night. In the early years it was a pleasant country lane with horses and farm vehicles and everyone driving at a respectable pace suitable to the contours of the road. For the last 7 years I have drive to work each morning via Sully Road. Even getting on to Cog Road is a challenge due to the speed and number of cars driving up the road from South Road – all of these cars do not live on Cog Road and at 8am-ish only one car may turn into the schools. Most of the traffic between 7.45 and 8am are using the road as a ‘rat-run’ and very few cars stay on or below 30miles per hour. I am sure that I irritate the rat-run cars by going no more than 30mph and although it is very intimidating to have cars drive so close to your bumper I will not let them ‘bully’ me into going faster. Perhaps more people should purposely drive at less than 30mph to slow up the traffic.
    I would welcome a well place mobile speed camera and a monitor of the volume of cars using the road.

  7. Gwyn John says:

    Well said Sully resident, I wonder if the Conservatives would have raised this issue if the local elections were not just around the corner !!

  8. snoggerdog says:

    its obvious whos to blame here,its the donald,oh & of course brexit.

  9. Paul says:

    The instructors who pass these reckless drivers, should be held to account, as their decisions, unleashed these people onto the road with frightening results.. Accountability counts. It’s just sadly missing in todays society…

  10. Dave says:

    No point worrying about this, in years to come the only fields left in the area that are not developed will be cosmeston. This will be like the Hyde park of west Cardiff. They might extend light rail to Sully at some point, but future self drive electric cars unless they are hacked should obey speed rules anyway.

  11. Helena Fendt says:

    When I initially commented I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the same comment. There has to be a way you can remove me from that service? Appreciate it!

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