Andrew RT Davies with petition organiser Jocelle Lovell of Penarth and campaign team Angela Baker, Rachel Francis and Ulrike Smalley

Andrew RT Davies with petition organiser Jocelle Lovell of Penarth and campaign team Angela Baker, Rachel Francis and Ulrike Smalley

A Penarth mother, Mrs Jocelle Lovell  – who’s launched a campaign to make motorists more aware of the safety of horse riders on local roads –  has now won the backing of Penarth AM and Leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew R T Davies  . 

The campaign began after an incident involving Mrs Lovell’s 13-year-old daughter who was thrown off her horse when a car passed her at speed.

Some riders even wear jackets bearing the slogan "Please Pass Wide and Slow"

Some riders even wear jackets bearing the slogan “Please Pass Wide and Slow”

Mrs Lovell has set up a petition which has already attracted nearly 1,000 signatures. Also involved are Ulrike Smalley of Dinas Powys, Angela Baker of Barry and Rachel Francis of Penarth.

Now the “Pass Wide and Slow” campaign has gained the support Andrew RT Davies (AM for South Wales Central AM which includes Penarth) who has recently taken on the role of chair of the Welsh Assembly’s cross party group on horses .

He says  “Jo, Ulrike, Angela and Rachel have done fantastic work launching the campaign and seeking to raise awareness of the dangers horse riders face on the roads. It is fantastic that their petition has received so many signatures already, and I hope we can reach that milestone of 1,000 as soon as possible. The Cross Party Group on Horses – which I chair – will have its first meeting of the new Assembly later this month, and it would be great to have got to the magic number 1,000 by then.”


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  1. Margaret says:

    I do wish you would stop referring to Andrew RT Davies as AM for Penarth. He is an AM and the leader of Welsh Conservatives but he was not elected as AM for Penarth. What about David Melding who was elected as AM under the same system? The AM for Penarth is Vaughan Gething

    • NewsNet says:

      Penarth is in the South Wales Central Constituency of the National Assembly.
      The South Wales Central Constituency includes Cardiff Central, Cardiff North, Cardiff South and Penarth, Cardiff West, the Cynon Valley, Pontypridd, Rhondda and the Vale of Glamorgan
      There are 12 AMs who represent either all or part of South Wales Central – and all 12 have equal status as members of the Welsh Assembly.
      8 of those AMS are directly elected and 4 are additional members – elected through the additional member system.
      Andrew R T Davies, David Melding, Neil McEvoy and Gareth Bennett represent the entire South Wales Central Constituency.
      Vaughan Gething however is AM only for Cardiff South and Penarth – which is technically a sub-constituency of South Wales Central.
      Davies, Melding, McEvoy, Bennett and Gething are voted for by Penarth electors and by electors in other parts of South Wales Central.
      They all represent Penarth and are therefore Penarth AMs.

      • snoggerdog says:

        i think i will buy a gnome for the back garden,name him, say v.i.person,vote him in as my am gnome,then register him/her as a b.g.g, A.M. can i then register him as the 13th A.M. in the welsh assembly so he/she can represent my back garden. i mean come its only one more!

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    Excellent idea and as a keen Equestrian myself I wish the petitioners every success.
    However much of this should not be necessary, as all Mr Andrew RT Davies AM and his Cross Party Committee has to do is, merely what they are paid for and legislate to instruct the Local Authorities to designate some of the existing extensive network of Footpaths in the vicinity as Bridle Ways. (They are all mapped under the excellent Dinas Powys Community Council- Website- “Adopt a Footpath Scheme.”) This is done by means of a Creation Order see below.
    This will not happen of course for fear of upsetting both the NFU Members and the aggressive Housing Developers who wish to concrete over the entire length of Cog Road and turn in to a “Feeder Road” for the countless new Housing Estates they have planned..
    -Creation Orders work like this –
    “Highway authorities (county councils and unitary authorities), the Secretary of State at Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and the Welsh Government have the power to make an order creating any type of right of way over a piece of land where they think it would add to the public’s convenience or enjoyment.”

    “A creation order may create a new right of way or establish ‘higher’ rights over an existing right of way (turning a footpath into a bridleway, for example). The procedure for making a creation order is the same as for any other public path order, in that there’s a right to object to what’s being proposed.”

  3. Jonno says:

    Another shameless publicity stunt by Davies

  4. Fishhenge says:

    I’m going to start a petition to get horses off the road and into fields where they belong. Bet I get more signatures!

  5. Richard says:

    I feel the Conservative Party has suffered a lot of damage as a result of the carry-on with those Turners in Penarth. I cannot take the party seriously anymore. It has reached the stage where I hear the words ‘Conservative Party’ and can’t stop laughing, thinking of the Turners ‘voting for themselves’.

    • Graham says:

      Yes, I know, it’s a scream, isn’t it. Carry on Conservatives!

    • Roger says:

      How anyone has the brass neck to walk about the place after that farce is beyond me. It’s gone very quiet. Is there to be an inquiry? Shouldn’t Plaid start a petition?

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Horses and roads don’t mix. It great to have a Hoby that holds up the majority of road users. I wonder if there is a little known bye law to play cricket in the road as this us essentially the same selfish act and plodding along. Go ride your horses in fields where they belong.

  7. Jack says:

    What I object to is the piles of manure left on the foot paths around Penarth, a good example is Lavernock Road past the Harvester. Try walking from Penarth to Sully at night, there is no street lighting along stretches of the path and the mess left by the horses is disgusting.

  8. Claire laventure says:

    As much as I respect horses and their riders it annoys me that riders feel the need to take horses from fields to the stables in the dark! Especially in the cog road lanes area..this is a serious accident waiting to happen as the speed limit by the stables is 60 mph!! Maybe the riders should have a bit of thought for the motorist and maybe take the horses to the stables whilst it’s still light!!

    • Bobby Peeler says:

      “speed limit by the stables is 60 mph!!” Claire, as you’ve so rightly stated its a speed limit, but it is not a target. The trouble is so many drivers have the mentality that if its posted as national speed limit then surely its safe to do 60, which clearly in the case of a country lane such as this is obviously not.

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