Cllr Clive Williams MBE has quit the Conservative Groups jon the Vale and Penarth Council and from now on will serve as an Independent councillor

Cllr Clive Williams MBE has quit the Conservative Groups on the Vale of Glamorgan  and Penarth Town Council –  and from now on will serve as an Independent councillor

Cllr Clive Williams MBE –  the president of the Cardiff and Penarth  Conservative Association – has announced that with immediate effect he is quitting the Conservative groups on both the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Penarth Town Council.

Last night Cllr Williams announced that –  from now until the May 4th elections – he will serve on both bodies as an Independent councillor – and , as previously announced, will also defend his Plymouth Ward seat on the Vale Council in the forthcoming elections as an Independent .

It’s the latest episode in the bitter row which has engulfed the local Conservative Party since last November’s controversial council-candidate selection-process and has now culminated in two well-known and long-serving Conservative councillors standing for re-election as Independents [See PDN

The Penarth Town Clerk Emma Boylen and Leader of the Council , Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines), yesterday refused Cllr Williams permission to make an announcement about his change of party-allegiance in last night’s meeting of the Policy and Finance Committee – held in Penarth Council Chamber.

Although Cllr Williams came joint top-of-the-poll in Penarth’s Plymouth Ward in the previous elections [in 2012] he was controversially “de-selected” by a Conservative Party candidate-selection panel in November last year. That same panel allocated contests for salaried seats on the Vale Council to three  members of the same family – the Turners – and effectively bounced the incumbent – Cllr Williams – out a seat he had successfully held  for over 30 years .

Cllr Martin Turner and his wife Dorothy were mayor and mayoress of Penarth in 2014/15. Mrs Turner is chair of the Cardiff South and Penarth Conservative Association and Cllr Turner is chair of its Penarth branch

Cllr Martin Turner and his wife Dorothy were Mayor and Mayoress of Penarth in 2014/15. Mrs Turner is chair of the Cardiff South and Penarth Conservative Association and Cllr Turner is chair of its Penarth branch. Their daughter was selected as Conservative candidate for the Plymouth Ward of Penarth on the Vale of Glamorgan Council – supplanting Cllr Clive Williams.

Penarth Town councillor Martin Turner [chairman of the Penarth Branch of the local Conservative Association]  and Cllr Turner’s wife Dorothy Turner [chair of the Cardiff South and Penarth Constituency  Association] were selected to fight contests in St Augustine’s Ward and Cornerswell Ward respectively in May, whilst their daughter Mrs Kathryn McCaffer was allocated one of the two plumb, and traditionally-Tory, Plymouth Ward contests for the Vale Council. [The second Plymouth Ward Vale contest was allocated to Ben Gray].

In a statement last night Cllr Williams said “I will be serving as an Independent member on the Penarth Town and Vale Councils as from this time until May [On May 4th he will be standing for re-election to the Vale of Glamorgan Council as an Independent candidate in Plymouth Ward and as an Independent for  Penarth Town Council] .I wish to thank everyone who has supported me so far and encouraged me to take this very difficult action”.

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  1. Chris David says:

    Great- the more independents the better. Are any Labour councillors turning to honest free thinking unbiased service and declaring independence? That would be cathartic. We must break the power in the Barry Laager.

    • Jonno says:

      So you’re happy with just a name change? I could call myself a fish but it wouldn’t help me swim.

  2. Chris David says:

    Name change! I think you’re carping on and Cllr Williams can take swimming lessons 🙂 But point taken- down to whether CW is capable of thinking for himself eh! So are you free thinking?

  3. Mark Foster says:

    Apart from the obvious nepotism, unless she has a medical problem Dorothy Turner needs to lose some weight to promote an acceptable image for Penarth.

  4. Good job she’s not disabled , eh! Mark Foster??? or you could have really had a go. I agree with ‘sick of the same old’ it was a nasty personal and unwarranted remark . How do you know if the woman has a medical condition ? answer ‘you dont’ how do you know if she has a hidden disability?, answer ‘you don’t. So next time think before typing nasty personal remarks . I dislike a number of Councillors but I do not go in for abuse about their looks or physical appearance ,that’s a no no for any fair minded person.

    • Mark Foster says:

      You’ve got it all wrong. If these people aspire to be leaders of a community in the public eye then they have a public duty to act as role models. Take for example Eric Pickles and Steven Doughty. Feed the needy and show them the way.

  5. hopenotnasty says:

    Conservative vote could well be split in Plymouth ward between the official conservative candidates and independent octogenarians. While the Labour Party have chosen a young local lady who could well out run them all through the middle.

  6. So Mark Foster, let me see if ive got this right , anyone who is above average weight or build , who looks overweight or as you would put it ‘fat’ wether or not its their fault or their bodies or if they suffer some condition that makes it difficult to lose weight or maintain it at a certain level in your book are not the right people to serve anyone as they are not role models. And you quote a Mr Pickles and a Mr Doughty as your examples. You really really are a sad person if you judge people purely by their looks (which its clear you do anyway) . If you cant write comments like an adult and with some thought put in them don’t bother at all . Dear oh dear oh dear I’ve heard it all now, anyone in a position of power is supposed to be a role model too, I see Mr Foster makes sense to you , you child!. Lets see Winston Churchill was overweight we cannot have him running the Govt in WW2 not a good role model. Did know one ever tell you Mr Foster that some people are prone to put on weight and some to struggle with weight due to something in their glands? (im not a Doctor but even I know that) . Before you make yourself sound pathetic and foolish again , learn something , there’s a good lad . IM NOT A FAN OF MR DOUGHTY OR MR PICKLES EITHER just in case you think I am.

    • Mark Foster says:

      You’ve got it wrong again. We know that Winston Churchill rejected Adolf Hitler’s peace offers in 1939, 1940, and 1941. WW2 happened and millions died. Welcome to WW3.

  7. Sick of the same old politicians says:

    So Hitler should have been allowed to bully his way through Europe. It might have escaped your notice but he’d already invaded Poland.

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