The Vale of Glamorgan Council paid £65,000 for the six "Barry Weekenders Family Fun" events including the "Island of FIre" spectacle

The Vale of Glamorgan Council paid £65,000 for the six “Barry Weekenders Family Fun” events including the “Island of FIre” spectacle. Expenditure in Penarth was

Penarth Councillor Anthony Ernest has criticised the Barry-based Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council over the cuts in funding for events in Penarth.

Commenting on what he calls “drastic and regrettable reductions”, Cllr. Ernest says “Penarth is set to get only a few thousand pounds for the wide range of events that are staged in Penarth, and as the Vale’s second largest town with a population roughly half that of Barry, we should be receiving a comparable figure based on our population.”

In a statement this weekend, Cllr. Ernest lists a recent Vale Events Schedule which – he says – shows the complete disparity between funding for events in the two towns”. In Barry, these events (in 2015/16) received the following grants:-

BARRY EVENTS 2015/16:-

High Street traders    £1,500
Valeways Walking Festival £2,000
Rotary Kids Day Out £1,000
British Heart Foundation £2,000
Transport Festival £3,000
Barry Wartime Weekend £2,000
Vale Jazz Festival  £ TBD*  (*To Be Decided)
Cadstock, Victoria Park £5,000
Gladstone Park £TBD*  (*To Be Decided)
Gwyl Fach y Fro £TBD*  (*To Be Decided)
Barry Island Weekenders Programme £65,000
Variety Kids Event £1,000
Vale of Glamorgan Triathlon Up to £5,000
Rotary Fireworks Festival £5,000
Kings Square Christmas Lights £8,000
High St. Christmas Event £2,000
Central Park Christmas Grotto £15,000
New Year’s Day Swim £1,000

Total : £118,500 (plus “TBD” Events)


For Penarth, in contract, a total of only £15,500 was allocated for just 5 events in the town.

Penarth Town Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward) is to stand for Plymouth Ward as an Indepepdent candiate for election to the Vale of Glamorgan Counci

Penarth Town Cllr Anthony Ernest

Cllr. Ernest said that the current disparity in funding for events was “quite shocking”. He says “it just goes to show how money is being poured into Barry by the Labour-controlled Council, whilst Penarth, which contributes a very high level of Council Tax to the Vale’s coffers, is being sidelined when it comes to events spend.”

Cllr. Ernest says “I do hope that Events Organisers in Penarth will realise that they are getting a raw deal from the Vale, and that they will join with me in ensuring that this budget is re-adjusted after the May elections, so that there is a fairer and more equitable allocation to Penarth, which regularly stages events of the highest order, but without the large sums of money which similar events in Barry “soak up” just to ensure they stay on the road.”


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  1. NickP says:

    We pay the council tax they squander on those who they hope will vote them back in. Treating all voters as mugs…

    • Philip Rapier says:

      What we are witnessing here is perhaps the emergence of “Penarth First Independents.”
      Not in the least surprising as the Llantwit First Independents have done very well at securing Grants for their Region. This is perhaps an understandable omission from PDN’s incisively investigative article.
      The combined total to be received by Llantwit/Rhoose/St Athan/Cowbridge is around £25000—-an eye watering c. £15000 of which goes to the Vale of Glamorgan Show. (from the Corporate Sponsorship Budget of the Vale )
      The Vale Show could just as easily and probably more efficiently be held between Sully and Cosmeston but we would need to be quick in putting in a bid as most of what is left of the Green Space surviving there the Vale are determined to build houses on.

  2. Anne Greagsby says:

    Quite right. The labour party deputy leader Lis Burnett lives in Penarth and is supposed to represent Penarth interests yet favours Barry projects. Shame on her. We couldn’t even have flowers on our roundabout last year. Say NO to labour this election!

    • Claire Evans says:

      Oh behave Anne. Come down of your high horse and join the real world will you. I and many others will be minded of the way you behave come May don’t worry

    • GWR says:

      Hear Hear Ann Greagsby……Lis Burnett i feel does focus too much on Barry at the expense of Penarth ….Labour as a Party does really

  3. Frank Evans says:

    It’s no secret some of your penarth precept money goes to subsidise barry town council. The reason is house bands and the amount of exempt households and non payers in barry.
    We are all rich in Penarth so there is no need to spend anything here.

  4. Jonno says:

    Baloney. Lis Burnett is deputy leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council of which Penarth is a part. Barry is the largest town in Wales and it is hardly surprising that it requires appropriate investment. Ms Burnett does live in Penarth but that would not be an excuse for partisanship. Penarth is a small town with a matching outlook. Get over it.

    • PR says:

      Jonno, Barry has twice the population of penarth but gets 10 times the expenditure. Now explain why?

      • Peter Church says:

        Maybe the reason is, they are mostly lazy scroungers in Barry who all seem to vote Labour!!
        This is how Labour clings to power in Wales, spend other people’s money on your supporters.

    • Jonno says:

      Unsubstantiated poppycock Mr Church and I think you know it. Simply suits your mantra.

      • Peter Church says:

        Just look ate the respective GVA* figures for Penarth and Barry and you will see which people contribute to the economy and which rely on handouts.
        Or even look at working age adults on benefit or receiving job seekers allowances
        Maps on Page 31 of 51 in this document produced by the Vale.
        I’m not sure what you mean by unsubstantiated, Junno?

      • Jonno says:

        So you equate people in receipt of benefits and JSA with “lazy scroungers” and presume to anticipate their voting habits. Anyway, relying on a document 10 years out of date seems like desperation. Do you mind if I make an unsubstantiated assumption that you are an opinionated bigot?

      • Peter Church says:

        {So you equate people in receipt of benefits and JSA with “lazy scroungers”}
        YES, that’s why there is 1.5 million people from Europe in the UK doing jobs that those on JSA con’t be bothered to do.
        If you don’t mind subsidising them (assuming you do work) that’s fine, but some of us prefer everyone to pull their weight.

  5. AK says:

    The balance certainly seems unfair – but then I pay for education services and social services in my general taxation and use neither of them. That’s just the way taxes are collected and distributed.

    I think it just shows that our local councillors are too busy playing party politics to fight the corner of those who elected them. Perhaps that will change if we vote in some new ‘independent’ candidates.

  6. Grey local says:

    The comments above show that pomposity is not just the domain of our elected representatives. Instead of being so politically biased it would be lovely to see people coming together to support our town. Maybe, on the question of finance we, ” the people” should be asking just who arepeople like the ” momentum group” and why they are spending vast sums of money on items such as cold concrete benches ( I heard £1000 for one. ) there seem to be many newly self elected groups In Penarth who in association with the town council are making decisions which will affect the lives of local residents. Perhaps they could publish their suggestions and actually the people if this is what they want not just assume they know best. The walkway public meeting took the emails of those attending saying they would keep in contact to let people know what was happening. This has not happened. Sustrans has been the subject of contention for some years and should be looked at very carefully before making any decisions for partnership.

  7. Previous labour supporter says:

    Mr Earnest is just saying it as it is . It’s not surprising money goes to Barry which is so successful in putting on events. Last years Penarth festival day became a shambles on the seafront which was empty of people. Stall holders who were mostly charities, were not told that the rest of the festival events had been moved up the hill to the cliff top, and so suffered a loss of support ( and income). Many people came to the seafront expecting to see hear and enjoy the festival and then had to trudge up the hill. Some didn’t make it and said they were going back to the town through the park. The charities involved will probably think twice this year before having a stall as they rely heavily on volunteers and also want to raise money. We talked to local hostelries who said they hadn’t even been asked to get involved and would have welcomed the chance for a stall on the would have been nice for the few expensive eating outlets (£9 for a roll from the local restaurant) to have some competition and to be able to have a nice drink to go with it and would have livened up the proceedings as in previous very successful years. As one lady remarked It was ” a dead as a dodo down here” on the seafront.

  8. cllr clive williams MBE says:

    Please will the person signed in as “Penarth First Independent ” please contact me urgently, on my email address as I hope we have a lot in common. ..

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