Penarth Head Walkway was promoted as being essentially for pedestrians. Now the pro-bike body Sustrans is getting involved

Penarth Head Walkway was promoted as being essentially for pedestrians. Now the pro-bike charity-cum-pressure-group Sustrans is getting involved

It’s emerged that the pro-cycling pressure group Sustrans is now involved in talks with the group set up to re-launch the scheme to build a “Mark II version ” of the  controversial Penarth Headland Link along the shoreline around Penarth Head .

The initiative for a “MkII” version of the Penarth Headland Link was first floated out in a public meeting held in Penarth Pier Pavilion on November 24th 2015 – but little has been heard about the embryo project since that date. [See PDN ]

On May 9th 2016 however a new Penarth Headland Link “charity” (No 1167209) was registered with the Charity Commission  – as was a ‘company limited by guarantee’ (No 09897285)  at Companies House.

Some of the members of the Headland Link Group Roger Thomas, Peter Morgan, Dr David Trotman, Gabe Traherne and Jim Leighton. Dr Trotman is not a listed director ,

Some of the members of the Headland Link Group Roger Thomas, Peter Morgan, Dr David Trotman, Gabe Traherne and Jim Leighton. Dr Trotman is not now listed as a director ,

Business Consultant Brendan Sadka is also a member of the board

Business Consultant Brendan Sadka is chairman

The “trustees” [ a.k.a. directors ] of the non-profit company/charity are :-

  • Jeffrey John Andrews
  • Roger Geraint Thomas
  • Richard Michael Hodgson Read,
  • John Peter William Morgan,
  • Peter John Wellesley Bussell,
  • Dr Gabe Treharne,
  • Alun Michael,
  • Louis John Lovell,
  • Brendan Sadka,
  • James Hunter Leighton

Most of these men were present at the November 2015 launch public meeting. However in that meeting there was criticism from the then Mayor of Penarth Rosemary Cook (Labour St Augustines) that there were no women on the board –  and since then two women have been appointed as directors/trustees. They are: –

  • Ms Sivaruby Sivagnanam
  • Mrs Mari Arwel Jones.

After the inaugural November 2015 meeting, there was supposed to have been a follow-up public meeting in Cardiff in January 2016  and an “update meeting” six months later in Penarth (i.e. June 2016) – by which date the group hoped to have an email contact and a base. It’s not known whether either meeting was ever held.

However on May 19th 2016 the Penarth Headland Link “charity” was officially registered with the Charity Commission.

By this time however there was a subtle change of emphasis in the scheme: the Penarth Headland Link was now being described –  not as a “pedestrian walkway“, but as a cycle path and walkway”  . The formal “Charity Overview” now describesthe activities of the organisation as The construction, provision and maintenance of a cycle path and walkway around the coast of South Wales at Penarth Head, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan as a public amenity”.

Steve Brooks of Sustrains Cymru has met the Penarth Headland barrage group

Steve Brooks of Sustrans Cymru tweeted that he had met the Penarth Headland Link group

The pro-cycling body Sustrans – which now appears to become involved in the Penarth Headland Link – specialises in what it calls “travel-behaviour change”. In January 2014 Sustrans was invited by the Labour-run  Vale of Glamorgan Council to “develop a vision for the Esplanade Area”  – the results of which have yet to be made public.

Sustrans has been publicly castigated by Labour Councillor and former Mayor of Penarth Cllr Philip Rapier (Labour St Augustines) in connection with its earlier schemes in Penarth.

Cllr Philip Rapier (Labour St Augustines) criticised Sustrans in the Penarth Times

Cllr Philip Rapier (Labour St Augustines) criticised Sustrans in the Penarth Times

In the Penarth Times in November 2013 Cllr Rapier wrote:-   “Sustrans are notorious for listening to no one and steamrollering counterproductive schemes despite valid objections ” .

Notionally itself a “charity”, Sustrans is actually funded primarily by Government grants – using tax-payers’ money –  but also receives cash from bicycle manufacturers.

Cllr Rapier has questioned Sustrans’s ‘charitable’ status saying  Sustrans “would not be able to function without the generous sums it receives of our lottery money, Council Tax and massive hand outs from Westminster and Cardiff Bay”.

Sustrans  played a key role in the controversial scheme to clear natural habitat and to lay a tarmac roadway over Penarth’s much loved nature-walk, the Railway Path, –  so that it could be used by cyclists.

In 2013 patient Penarth residents had to queue outside the Paget Rooms to register before they were allowed in the public meeting to vote.

In 2013 patient Penarth residents had to queue outside the Paget Rooms to register before they were allowed in to vote in the chaotic public meeting on the Vale’s Council’s contentious plan to clear natural habitat and build an 8ft-wide tarmac roadway along the Railway Path – a scheme supported by Sustrans to benefit cyclists. 138 people voted for a public referendum to be held on the issue,  5 voted against, but no public referendum was held

This was a scheme which was bulldozed through by Labour councillors in the teeth of strong opposition by Penarth residents. In July 2013 a public petition forced Penarth Town Council to hold a public meeting in the Paget Rooms. There was an overwhelming majority vote [138 to 5] in favour of a Penarth-wide referendum being held on the project [ See ]. The Vale Council – which oversaw the chaotic polling process at the meeting (which kept Penarth residents waiting in a long queue outside the Paget Rooms to register to vote) – said there were 17 (seventeen) too few ballot papers cast in that meeting to trigger a legal obligation to hold a town-wide referendum.

Cllr Rapier said of Sustrans that he had “grave concerns at the degree of influence they have been able to exert over the Railway Path controversy.”

The Sustrans one-way bike contraflow in Arcot St Penarth

The Sustrans one-way bike contraflow in Arcot St Penarth

Criticised as one of Sustrans’s silliest schemes is the self-evidently dangerous cycling-contraflow it advocated in Arcot St, Penarth in which cyclists travel the wrong way down a one-way-street against the flow of traffic and where motorists –  emerging from angled, chevron car parking spaces –  are expected to dodge cyclists who unexpectedly approach them against the flow of one-way traffic. Sustrans admitted that a safety review had revealed a  “potential for conflict” between cyclists and vehicles emerging from parking bays  – but said the alternative to the contraflow “would have involved a detour of over twice the length requiring cyclists to undertake two right-turn manoeuvres”.

There are now fears that the involvement of Sustrans in the Penarth Headland Link may mean that – once again – again the vociferous cycling lobby – with taxpayer’s cash at its disposal – could exert undue influence on the configuration of the Mk II Penarth Headland Link,  a scheme which was presented to the public on the basis of it being fundamentally a route for pedestrians.

One local resident has told PDN “if it’s sensible to ban bikes on Penarth Pier, Penarth Promenade and on Cliff Walk – surely it makes equal sense to keep bikes off the  Penarth Headland Walkway….that’s if it’s ever built”.


The background story of the original – defunct –  Penarth Headland Link proposal which collapsed in acrimony and cost millions in lost public funds is here :-

An account of the public meeting at which the MkII version of the Penarth Headland Link is on

The background on the proposed Tidal Lagoon (which is unconnected with the Penarth Headland Link but may impact upon it) is on:-

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  1. Steve says:

    Oh dear. My heart bleeds. Poor two tonne vehicles are expected to dodge 80kg cyclists cycling in a cycle lane whilst emerging from a parking space. I’m fed up with playing chicken with enormous SUVs who drive up the cycle lane on Arcot street, with no idea of the width of their oversized vehicles, they refuse to slow down and pass safely. It’s not the infrastructure that’s the problem, the lack of road sharing awareness is.
    It’s about time that some people recognised that those that cycle everyday from Penarth are relieving the congestion in the town and are demonstrating the best, most efficient way to travel around Penarth and to the centre of Cardiff. While motorists continue to sit in the fug of their own air pollution and sedentary lifestyles for the sake of a four mile trip, their entitlement dwindles.
    Projects like this are not just for those that already ‘menace’ the footpaths of Penarth but are for those trapped in a world of car dependency, destined for long term ill health.

    • Mo Farah's pacesetter says:

      Well said!

    • Penileaks says:

      Maybe the problem is that the street is one way and whoever pushed for a cycle lane to travel in the opposite direction to the normal traffic flow in the first place and whoever approved it when it was submitted for approval, need their heads read.
      The argument that cyclists having to undertake two right turn manoeuvres and travel about two hundred metres further to get to the same junction at Windsor Road/Hickman Road, is pathetic. Surely cyclists are taught to make right hand manoeuvres are they not, I certainly was when I did my cycling proficiency test many years ago and to push for travelling against the flow of traffic is safety madness. I would suggest that the motive for pushing this through in the first place was purely to show how powerful Sustrans and their cycling lobby were, but in reality was arrogant stupidity.
      Before I get a torrent of abuse regarding this post, I can tell you that I am not a cyclist anymore, am not a SUV driver, but I do drive both a normal sized car, a van and a motorcycle and often travel up and park in the one way system in Arcot Street. I am well aware of the possibility of cyclists coming down the one way street in the opposite direction, but strangers to the town might well not be. Sustrans themselves admit that there is a “potential for conflict”. Why would they then push the cycling members of the public into that conflict ?
      Sustrans, the Vale Council and the Highways Department all have a duty of care to all road users and in this instance, they have all abandoned this duty of care for some reason. Any thoughts on why ?

      • Drive, Cyle and Walk says:

        The cycle lane was introduced when the road became one way to allow for more car parking spaces. It’s not difficult to notice the road markings or the signage. For anyone that is struggling maybe it’s time to give up your car!

      • Penileaks says:

        In answer to your comment ‘Drive, cycle and walk’, you seem to to have actually answered it yourself. – “…………when the road became one way”.
        ONE WAY, not two way, so whoever pushed for and approved the system when Sustrans had actually already identified a “potential for conflict”, should take at least part of the blame for any incidents that do occur.
        Of course drivers should follow road markings and signs, but whilst driving in a strange town, it is so easy to miss these things in ones efforts to get around the area. The number of drivers that I have see travelling the wrong way up Lower Glebe Street, Ludlow Lane, Rectory Road and Herbert Terrace is amazing and those are all clearly marked as ‘One way’, but to enter a one way road and then find that cyclists are approaching in the other direction is asking for trouble.

      • CelticMan says:

        I agree – an accident waiting to happen. Come close myself! Bonkers decision that actually makes cyclists vulnerable.

    • Emma Smith says:

      Q. What do you call a cyclist who obeys the highway code?
      A. A motorist with insurance and a license plate.

      • Russell Dobbins says:

        Oh how droll. Hey, look funny Emma, cyclist here with full licence (note the correct spelling) – HGV, van, car and motorcycle. Can also drive tanks. What you got Emma?

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Calls for a speed limit to be set for cyclists using the Taff Trail were reported in WalesOnline-5 Aug 2016– as the article said…………….
      ” It is ridiculous that they are allowed on a public path to ride as fast as they do … There have been numerous accidents with cyclists hitting joggers, “…………..
      Cardiff County Council have made walkers on the Taff Trail aware of their dedicated helpline -via their main switch board- for speeding complaints on 029 20872087. Locally this would apply to the Bay and Barrage. Criminal incidents should be reported immediately in the usual way.
      Neither the Vale or SUSTRANS appear to provide this reassuring helpline facility for the Penarth Railway Path. It would be helpful if they did as the many incidents reported would be logged and appropriate hazard signage could be placed at the black-spots. This potentially would greatly enhance the safety and enjoyment for all users.

  2. Chris David says:

    Cycling is to be encouraged- but I hope they’re not asking for money. Not for profit! Well not for all maybe. Sustrans have jumped on the highly paid directors bandwagon which I believe MP don’t answer questions S Doughty supports. 2013 The number of employees whose emoluments fell within the range £80,000 to £90,000 during the year was one (2011/12: nil).
    2015 1 x £100,000 to £110,000. There are other highly paid directors. Charity!

    As you see the CE’s salary has gone from nil in 2011/12 (that’s charity and it seemed to work then ) to over £100k in 2015 + pensions NI etc. Hmm.

  3. Peter Church says:

    The statistics that the Middle aged men in Lyrca don’t want you to know is that there are proportionately more accidents involving cyclists and pedestrian than cars and cyclists.
    Albeit there are less serious, but if you get hit by a cyclist all they do it shout back at you “are you all right mate!”

  4. 249ers says:

    If the same 134 who were against the Railway Path project are against this one too I think the rest of over the 22,000 population of Penarth can rest easy.
    I’m not a cyclist but I do support everything that Steve says. The trend to drive around in those huge SUVs is growing but the road and parking spaces definitely are not getting any wider.
    One cyclist commuting to Cardiff is one less car on our roads and any scheme to enable these people to travel safely to their destination should be applauded
    I often wonder why this forum has an anti cycling feel. Is it political or Lycra envy?

  5. Dan Potts says:

    Sustrans are bad news for everyone unless you like dressing up in tight lycra ! The family and I used to enjoy walking the old railway path but now that it’s become a haven for speeding cyclists it’s far too dangerous to walk on especially with small children or pets (one child injured two dogs killed by being run over by speeding bikes to my knowledge) As for the headland link given the shortage of funds and the unstable cliff face above it I think it’s unlikely to be built any time soon so at least we will be spared another race track.
    And before the many lycralouts in Penarth get upset I commute to work on my push bike but I do so slowly, with consideration for others and in normal work clothes !

    • Russell Dobbins says:

      Dogs killed? Children injured? Evidence please. You know, facts. “Many lycra louts in Penarth”. I commute every day by bike, from Penarth to Cardiff, all year. I hardly see anyone else on a bike, not even you on your slow bike, Dan. Lycra? I once saw a Chinese girl in a nice coat and hat. We had a pleasant chat as we rode along – gasp – side by side. I don’t recall killing any dogs or terrorising children though. But you know us cyclists – always leaving a trail of death and destruction behind us. Cars in ditches; planes falling out of the sky, boats sinking…..

      • Penileaks says:

        ‘ ……always leaving a trail of death and destruction behind us. Cars in ditches; planes falling out of the sky, boats sinking…..’ – I thought that Brexit caused all of those, not cyclists ?

      • Dan Potts says:

        Sorry Russell but your arrogant attitude astounds me. For the record one of the dogs killed on the railway path was unfortunately owend by me, try dealing with a traumatized four and seven year old child who witnessed it. One day your arrogant cycling luck will run out …. Hopefully !

  6. Everything Sustrans meddles with is detrimental to other users except except the lycra louts.

    When is Barry going to learn by their mistakes?

  7. Emma Smith says:

    In a perfect world Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motor vehicles would all have there own separate lanes. But we have to share. Cyclists seem to want to have it both ways, when they are on the road they rightly expect motor vehicles to give way to them but when they are on shared foot paths they also expect pedestrians to give way.
    I can’t understand this mentality, perhaps it’s the types that get on their bikes, mostly middle aged and slightly overweight men who have faces on them that look like they are suffering constant constipation!
    When you see families out cycling, they cycle normally and courteously, lone men or the ones in groups seem to have some bizarre agenda that the sole object is to get from A to B as fast as they can achieve as if a slow cycle would make them less manly.
    So my message to cyclists when on shared infrastructures is:
    Please be Courteous, Slow Down and don’t assume you have the right to bully your way past.

    • Russell Dobbins says:

      I’m a “lone man” Emma. Stop making sweeping statements you can’t back up. It’s rude. A plea. Car drivers. Pay attention. Stop thinking about what you’re having for tea. Stop being angry at everything. Stop playing with your phone. Leave that ‘infotainment’ system alone and look where you’re going. Stop pulling out on me at every junction. Pedestrians and joggers. Look where you’re going. Stop wandering about all over the shared path. Look up from your phone. Listen and pay attention when crossing the road. Bikes are quiet things. Dog walkers. Dog on lead please. Short lead not one of those 20 metre things. Don’t let your dog run between my wheels. It’ll hurt them and I’ll fall off. See Emma, be courteous and don’t assume you, as a driver, pedestrian, jogger or dog walker have the right to bully someone on a bicycle.

  8. sjleworthy says:

    What i object too is the immature, angry, hostile combative attitudes cyclists and motorists harbour towards each other. Both as bad as each other and help no ones cause. Grow up people.

  9. Sick of the same old politicians says:

    While I don’t condone speeding while pedestrians are present on the railway path it is for the dog owner to ensure their dog is under control. If a dog is hit while not on a lead the owner must take some responsibility.

  10. Fishhenge says:

    Looks like Stannah would be a more appropriate sponsor of this group!

  11. Vincent Pugliese says:

    How’s this for an idea, rebuild the car park on the Esplanade and set up free or subsidised mini bus shuttle for town centre shoppers.

  12. Mark Foster says:

    You have to walk within one foot of the edge of the Railway Path to be safe, and even then cyclists occasionally pass within two feet at up to 20 miles per hour. You cannot take kids onto it. Thanks a lot to Lis Burnett and Sustrans.

    • Drive, Cyle and Walk says:

      I’m looking for top cyclists for my team.
      Please drop me a line.

      Sir Dave Brailsford.

      PS A constant 20mph on a bike is extremely difficult.

      • Peter Church says:

        Not when its down hill Sir David!
        Maybe that where you went wrong.

        Do you need more drugs couriered over to ‘help’ your cycling team?

    • Russell Dobbins says:

      Utter tosh.

  13. Nincompoop says:

    I am a cyclist myself but am ashamed at the way fellow cyclists think they have carte Blanche to go hell for leather along the railway path. As with most situations it requires some common sense and consideration on both sides rather than extreme polarised views. I think the headland project would be a good idea for all of penarth pedestrians as long as cyclists don’t believe they have the right to speed along. The barrage “walk” and the cycle trail through castle grounds and taff trail is dangerous. So much for taking the kids for a nice rela inf walk, anywhere where there is a cycle path means you have to constantly be looking over your shoulders to avoid being run over by idiot cyclists. Most of whom do not slow down and then have the cheek to tut tut!!!!

  14. stevencastle says:

    I don’t see how Sustrans or Ms Burnett are to be blamed for the actions of others. When a car overturns on the Sully lanes we don’t all get stroppy at the DVLA or Carwyn Jones. And we don’t automatically attached a stereotype to the drivers who close pass horse riders as we do with so called Lycra louts.
    If you want these organisations to stop making shared paths tell them. You’ll be doing me a favour as I hate them too.
    The Vale of Glamorgan are currently consulting on active travel and have held meetings in the area – not that the ‘anti cycling’ PDN (see – labels) have bothered reporting. If a headland path ever gets built (and I doubt it) make sure you all insist that there is a proper segregated path for cyclists.
    Don’t just have a moan in the comments.

    • Jimbo says:

      Hear hear, I cycle regularly and I’ve never been invited to the morning briefing where all of the UK’s cyclists decide how many red lights we’re going to run that day…
      I think the link to the esplanade would be fantastic for both cyclists and pedestrians, and I’m sure the businesses located there will also be delighted to pull in some of the thousands who enjoy the barrage every weekend.
      I walk and cycle the barrage regularly, and it is completely unfair to blame cyclists alone for any accidents. There are areas clearly marked for pedestrians who regularly wander in to cycle lanes, or allow dogs & children to run across them suddenly – it is for everyone to be more aware, more conscientious and more thoughtful, but I think it is too much to ask for most people who would rather blame everyone else whilst making no change to their own behaviour.

    • Ford Prefect says:

      Every day I cycle down James St in Cardiff Bay. Almost without exception, when I wait at the lights at the Bute St junction, a car driver goes through a red light. It is common practice among the drivers. I very rarely see other cyclists doing the same.

      • Frank Evans says:

        Rarely see other cyclists jumping the lights 😅😅😅
        This proves the point. Cyclists must be blind.

  15. Modernist says:

    Bicycles or not, the “walkway” will not be built until the land ownership is resolved; one of the many many reasons why it did not proceed before. Unfortunately, some of the land they want to build on is owned not by the authorities, nor by the Crown Estate, but by private individuals. I am sure the price just went up again !

  16. Ford Prefect says:

    Contraflow cycle lanes are not a new thing. They make sense as the ‘one way’ aspect is only in place because people choose to drive large vehicles around.

    The idea that it is bewilderingly confusing for someone pulling out of a car parking space to look both ways is nonsense PDN! Car-choosing people should look both ways all the time, regardless of contraflows. That’s how you drive a car, by being aware of everything around you.

    • Frank Evans says:

      Mr Ford cycling Perfect!!!
      Have a look on PDN for cyclists going the wrong way around roundabouts. Something I have never seen a car do.
      Cyclists do live in a charmed parallel universe.

      • snoggerdog says:

        i see cars ignoring the roundabout every week at the bottom of dock hill,but i will let you say its because they dont want to collide with pesky cyclists going straight thru onto the barrage, (guilty mlud)

      • Russell Dobbins says:

        Everyone on a bicycle goes around roundabouts the wrong way. Every…single…one…in…the…whole…world. Car drivers? No, they’re perfect. Then, Frank, you’ve never been down to Tesco’s. Sit there for a while and you’ll see plenty of drivers taking a short cut around the fuel station roundabout. Oh hang on, I’d forgotten, all car drivers are perfect and would never do anything like that. Or jump red lights at speed. Or just speed. Or park on pavements or outside schools. Or harrass people on bicycles or drive at pedestrians just trying to cross the street. Don’t criticise drivers! War on the motorist! Drivers do live in a charmed parallel universe, don’t they Frank?

    • Gretchla says:

      The marked cycle lane is so close to the marked parking spaces that if you’re parked next to a high sided vehicle (like a van) it can sometimes be nigh on impossible to see if anyone is using the cycle lane, even edging out very slowly is scary. The last thing I would want is for a cyclist to have to swerve directly into an oncoming vehicle.

  17. Chris David says:

    Well as no one has said it- isn’t there a case for cyclists to have registrations and insurance? After all they can do serious damage to body and “things” My partner had a bike run full tilt into the front side of her car and do a lot of damage, but even calling at the owners house produced nothing simply because it was fraught with problems. I.e. liars and proof. If they’d had insurance we could have swapped insurance details or called the police!

    • Russell Dobbins says:

      And what exactly was your partner doing to have a bicycle “run full tilt into the side of her car”? Pulled out in front of it perhaps? Didn’t look? Did “a lot of damage”. Scratched the paint you mean. And what damage did the car do to the person on the bicycle? Or don’t you care? A bicycle poses no threat to anyone driving a car but hit someone on a bicycle and they can die. Do you understand the difference? Insurance? How does £10 million of third party insurance suit you? Enough for you? Isn’t it amazing how those magic number plates stop car drivers from speeding, driving through red lights and parking illegally? Good grief, bicycles are not the problem. Think about it. Got to go, there’s another lunatic car driver speeding along my street…..

      • Chris David says:

        Pure conjecture Dobbin. No facts from you. I’ll not waste time giving you the facts as you’re obviously very emotional and incapable of formulating a factual view. But the rant above is without substance and very silly (“a bicycle poses no threat to anyone” ! jeez) . You do the bicycling public no good with your attitude, keep quiet would be good advice.

  18. The Headland Walk will never be built , its another folly that the people with fancy ideas dream up .

  19. Max Wallis says:

    Don’t blame Sustrans for the Arcot St compromise. It was the Vale engineers following politicians shouting for more car-parking who proposed the one-way traffic with echelon parking. They were to blame for ignoring cyclists and ignoring residents who demanded some trees in compensation. They forced through their system despite Councillors wanting to change it to include trees, saying that would be another scheme. It required a separate project at huge further cost (something like £80k) to put in the contra-flow cycleway later – at least they recognised sending cyclists down Glebe Street was not on – and their promised tree planting never happened. Of course consultants cover themselves with , but what’s happened in practice? It would have been too embarrassing for the engineers to start again with parking on the other (east) side of Arcot St. or scrap the echelon parking altogether, They played up the “potential for conflict” phrase, but Councillors (sensibly) over-ruled them – and have boasted of this ‘first contraflow cyclelane’ in the Vale ever since.
    Are there any more contraflow cyclelanes here? Rectory Road and the Esplanade need them – the echelon parking would have to go, but that’s current policy, to properly provide walkways and cycleways before using highway space for parking.

  20. Russell Dobbins says:

    Yet another anti-bicycle rant on PDN. Let’s ban those killer bicycles! I’ve lived in Penarth for 33 years yet not once been threatened by a bicycle. Plenty of times by dim drivers in their SUVs, though. And don’t get me started on speeding drivers and pavement parking. Come down to Cornerswell Road, or any of the spine roads, and enjoy the fun! But, hey, let’s focus on the real problem – bicycles! You know, those things that don’t kill and injure thousands of people every year or pollute our streets. I heard a bicycle once killed a dog. It must be true – I read it in PDN’s comments. You couldn’t make it up.

  21. Chris David says:

    Emotive little chap aren’t we Dobbin! Oh you could make “it” up, you’ve made up quite a lot.

  22. Max Wallis says:

    Lay off Russell Dobbins who’s a long-time cyclist, schooled the hard way on his daily commute to central Cardiff via Windsor Road. This post is about Sustrans Cymru, who left us with dreadful cycling links to and from Pont y Werin, contrary to their promises when they took Lottery money for that the multi-million bridge. The post is also about the shadowy self-appointed unaccountable group who are trying to grab public money to build the Headland walk/cycleway that was promised in the 1993 Cardiff Bay Barrage Act (and allocated a generous £7.5M by the then Secretary of State).

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