The Green Party's Election Address got the location of Lower Penarth wrong

The Green Party’s Election Address suggests “Lower Penarth” is in St Augustine’s Ward and that it has  a serious Air Pollution problem . “Lower Penarth” is actually on the Southern border of the town in Plymouth Ward . The Air Pollution is in Windsor Road, Cogan.

With a steady stream of election campaign leaflets coming through the letter boxes of most houses in Penarth, the Green Party is the latest to have distributed a full-colour glossy newsletter for the “St Augustine’s Ward”.

It may however come as a surprise that the Greens are asserting that in leafy Lower Penarth –  where house prices are anything between half a million to a million or more – that there is a problem with “Air Pollution”.

The Green Party leaflet claims Air Pollution is a serious problem in "Lower Penarth"

The Green Party leaflet claims Air Pollution is a serious problem in “Lower Penarth”

The Green’s election leaflet says “AIR POLLUTION is another issue of growing local concern with many residents aware of the increasing problem in parts of the town – particularly Lower Penarth where we all pass through” .

It could be that the Greens have been holding their map of  Penarth upside-down and taking the wrong turning.

Quick Quiz for Green campaigners: The Glamorganshire Golf Course and the Cogan Dip. Which of these lopcations is in Lower Penarth

Quick Quiz for Green Party campaigners: The Glamorganshire Golf Course (left) and the fume-filled Cogan Dip (right). Which of these locations is in Lower Penarth?

The area with the worst air pollution in Penarth is  – in fact – not “Lower Penarth” – but Windsor Road, Cogan which is constantly monitored and is officially designated as an Air Quality Management Area.

“Lower Penarth”– one the other hand –  is actually in the South of the town around the  Glamorganshire Golf Course, Penarth Cemetery and the appropriately named ‘Lower Penarth Community Centre’ at Brockhill Rise. The post  code is  CF64 3NZ.

The only polling station in Penarth's Plymouth Ward is the Lower Penarth Community Centre off Brockhill Rise

The only polling station in Penarth’s Plymouth Ward is the Lower Penarth Community Centre off Brockhill Rise – where there’s no reported air pollution

Quite why Lower Penarth is called “Lower Penarth” is lost in the mists of history – but Lower Penarth Farm once produced much of the milk consumed in Penarth . Lower Penarth Railway Station was built in 1895 and later renamed Lower Penarth Halt. It was closed in 1954.

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  1. Mark Foster says:

    The Labour Party corruptly moved the polling centre at the Lower Penarth Community Centre about half a mile away across the busy Lavernock Road behind the trees at the Cosmeston warden’s office. This was to prevent old people from voting and to deter others from making the trip, to vote Tory. The Tories did nothing about it.

    Vote independent as our Messiah hasn’t arrived yet. Is there any chance that you Brits can produce a Donald Trump who doesn’t get dressed by Holders like Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttal? Ow about Simon Cowell? LOL.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Accepted Research confirms any residence (or local school) within 75 metres of Penarth, Sully and Dinas Powys’ peak time Traffic Jams may already have an existing danger level inherent Health Risk from Exhaust Fume Air Pollution.
      Asthma, other Respiratory diseases and most recently confirmed the Alzheimers and Dementia epidemic are identified as traffic pollution related. Therefore It is blatantly obvious that the Vale’s proposed Housing Developments in Sully and Lavernock will add a catastrophically disproportionate minimum of 3000 more vehicles. They will be adding their inevitable obnoxious poisonous Carbon Monoxide fumes to Penarth Traffic daily and will clog up all our arterial roads and probably our arteries as well.

  2. Mgg says:

    There’s the plaid candidate telling blatant lies and offering no policy structure in her leaflet and we get this highlighted .as noted I saw the reference to lower penarth as citing the increase in traffic from opposite cosmeston etc which will be waiting at junctions to get out into the flow and queing with sully traffic on lavernock rd.seems quite a sensible rationale to highlight both pollution areas.

  3. Michael Garland says:

    Cosmeston is not Lower Penarth but in Lavernock, note the sign by the Schooner Inn.
    The polling station that was on the Cosmeston estate was moved to the Rangers Office in Cosmeston Lakes Country Park by the Vale of Glamorgan Electoral Services (not the Labour Party), as this is also located in Lavernock.
    Although it was suggested that the Lower Penarth Community Centre be used as a dual Polling Station for both Plymouth Ward (Penarth) and Lavernock Ward (for safety reasons), this was refused by the Electoral Services and subsequently moved to the Rangers Office.

    Councillor Michael Garland (Lavernock Ward of the Sully and Lavernock Community Council

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