Cllrs Kevin Mahoney (left) and Bob Penrose (right ( both Independent, Sully on the Vale of Glamorgan Council with the tream at the Down Side Riding Centre on Sully Road, Penarth

Cllrs Kevin Mahoney (left) and Bob Penrose (right ( both Independent, Sully on the Vale of Glamorgan Council with the tream at the Down Side Riding Centre on Sully Road, Penarth

Several new road-safety schemes are to be introduced south of Penarth following a long campaign by two Independent councillors representing Sully on the  Vale of Glamorgan Council.

The two Independents – Cllrs Bob Penrose and Kevin Mahoney –  have now received confirmation that a whole  raft of road safety measures, which they’d been calling for, has been added to the Vale Council’s “capital works programme” .

The list of improvements – all of which are now set to be implemented – comprise:–

  • Installation of a lights controlled crossing on Lavernock Road near its junction with Cosmeston Drive.
  •  Conversion of the zebra crossing on South Road (near the School), to a push button/ lights controlled ‘Puffin Crossing’.
  • Improvements to the South Road/ Hayes Road/ Sully Moors roundabout – providing deflection and cycle/ pedestrian facilities to the existing link, including speed calming measures.
  • 30 mph vehicle activated signs on South Road, near to Library, to afford driver awareness and hopefully reduce vehicle speeds.
  • Roundabout improvements to the Biglis Roundabout (McDonalds).
  • Extension of the double yellow lines on South Road/Weston Avenue junction.
  • Kerb to be built out on the junction of South Road/Clevedon Avenue.
  • Improvements to be made to the junction of Cog Road/ South Road (near Church) to improve traffic flow, including a central island to assist pedestrians crossing over South Road.
  • Feasibility study to provide a right turn ghost island incorporating a pedestrian island at the junction of South Road/ Beach Road/ Swanbridge Road.
  • Yellow lines to be fitted to the bus stop on South Road outside the One Stop shop.

Cllrs Mahoney and Penrose have also asked for the existing speed limit on Beach Road be reduced to 30 mph.

The two councillors have already been responsible for the installation of a new Puffin crossing on South Road (near the Post Office), the re-surfacing Beach Road, reducing of the speed limit to 30 mph on Swanbridge Road from South Road to the Cog Triangle and upgrading the pedestrian crossing on South Road (near Sully Library).

Downs Side riders on Penarth's Sully Road wear jackets bearing the slogan "Please Pass Wide and Slow"

Downs Side riders on Penarth’s Sully Road wear jackets bearing the slogan “Please Pass Wide and Slow”

Cllr Mahoney and Penrose are now focusing on Penarth’s dangerous Sully Road – the narrow winding lane which runs from the “Cog Triangle” to Redlands Road, Penarth – the scene of a number of recent accidents. The two Independents are  supporting the aims of the Sully Residents’ Petition and the “Pass Wide and Slow Wales Campaign” on this notorious stretch of road.

They’re calling for the Vale Council to cut the speed limit to 30 mph along the whole of Sully Road , are demanding that all potholes be repaired, drainage be improved and that  Sully Road be added to the Vale’s routine Road Salting and Gritting arrangements.

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  1. M.T. says:

    Independent Councilors seem to be working for Sully!Maybe they are showing Penarth the way forward?

    • Chris Donaldson says:

      Kevin Mahoney is about as “independent” as Anthony Ernest. Both have simply fallen out with their political parties.

      • M.T. says:

        …..and so are “independent” of that parties influence though they may share some political inclinations. Anthony Ernest’s case is more complicated-a sort of political cross dresser- Conservative in Barry, Independent in Penarth(?).

  2. G.E. says:

    With all due respect to the Councillors’ in question and to this article there’s no real surprise that these have been added to Vale Council’s “capital works programme” as they are all undoubtedly linked to access and traffic generation of the 350+ new houses being built on Cog Road.

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      I’m afraid that you are incorrect GE, none of this raft of road safety measures are linked to the result of the planning application passed following the refusal of the Conservative and Labour parties to oppose the building of 350 new houses at Cog.

      The addition and intention to implement the new road safety measures for Sully and Cosmeston are the result of intensive efforts and meetings over quite some period of time between myself, Bob Penrose and the Vales senior highways officers prompting a recent comprehensive traffic and pedestrian survey of our ward, analysing current road numbers usage and driving conditions as they stand now.

      The results of our meetings, lobbying and survey analysis have resulted in the largest raft of road safety improvements being announced that I have seen for any ward in the Vale since my election in 2012.

      Thank you for your interest in this important matter and if you feel that I can be of any help in answering any further queries that you may have, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time

      • David Moorcraft says:

        As an old Penarthian , I do congratulate you Cllr Mahoney , and your colleague. Yes, wish we could see your clarity of vision and tenacity in Penarth.
        Didn’t we see reports a while back of your real campaign to get more openness and TRANSPARENCY in the workings of the Vale Council ? If I’m right, Well done for what you did achieve – and more power to your elbow !
        Thank you !

      • Ian Perry says:

        Why isn’t there a proposal to reduce the speed limit within Sully to 20mph?

        Studies accepted by the DfT have found that removing central white lines reduces vehicle speeds. Why does South Road have these unnecessary markings?

        Some people are feel more comfortable in using a Puffin rather than a Zebra Crossing. However, unless there are specific users requiring a signalised crossing, many people prefer the much cheaper zebra crossing. Studies have found no significant difference in safety between zebra and and signalised crossings. What is the justification of the replacement of the zebra? Opinion and assumption, or has a proper study been carried out?

        Regarding the proposal for the kerb to be built out on the junction of South Road/Clevedon Avenue. What exactly is proposed? Many kerb build outs have resulted in collisions – thus reducing safety…

        Are yellow lines to be fitted – or in fact painted at the bus stops?

    • Janet Jones says:

      Cllr Mahoney seems to be very economical with the truth lately and as a Sully resident (for many years), I for one am starting to get fed up of it. Here’s the truth:

      • M.T. says:

        @Janet Jones …care to detail your “exposure” of Cllr. Mahoney’s “Fake News”?

      • Kevin Mahoney says:

        Thank you for this Janet, please feel free to list any topic or subject that you feel that I may have been economical with the truth over any period of time. I am quite confident that I would be able to successfully argue otherwise, simply because I have never felt even the slightest inclination to engage in any such behaviour during the last 5 years since being elected.

        In regards to your link I would make one or two salient points, this link has been put up on the twitter account of what appears to be an increasingly bitter Penarth councillor called Lis Burnett after she heard of the success of my own and Bob Penrose’s efforts on behalf of our ward residents, you’ll recall her, she was the subject of a recent article on this very site in regards to her misleading residents of Cosmeston in a Labour party leaflet by falsely insinuating that a Welsh Assembly planning inspector has dumped a proposal for 576 new houses at Upper Cosmeston Farm when in reality it was of course Lis Burnett’s Labour party administration who was responsible for this.

        The link that you have posted refers to just one road safety scheme in Sully not the multiple improvements which both myself and Bob Penrose have worked towards for quite some years now finally achieving their addition to the Vales Capital works programme including additional upgrades to Sully Moors roundabout.

        We have never once heard a peep out of nor had even the slightest contact from Lis Burnett nor any other Labour adminstration cabinet member in regards to any road safety, flood prevention nor any other funded project that we have achieved for our ward.

        Oh, actually I do take that back, we did hear once off Lis Burnett, when she turned up for a photo opportunity handing over the key to Sully Library to those of us who saved it from closure and now volunteer to staff it after Lis Burnetts Labour adminstration informed residents that they were shutting it along with other community libraries in the area.

        Myself and my fellow Sully and Lavernock councillor Bob Penrose are holding a public meeting on Friday 3rd March at the Old School Rooms Sully 8pm, if you wish to attend and voice your concerns I will be more than happy to answer directly any queries that you may have, just as I have done without hesitation to every single resident who has contacted me during the last 5 years.

  3. Michael Garland says:

    Independent Councillors act for the residents and what the residents want.
    Political Party councillors do what they are told to do by their PARTY, or, what THEY think is best for their electorate.
    Bob and Kevin have worked hard over the past 5 years to get the best for Sully, Lavernock and Cosmeston.

    Many thanks and appreciation.
    Councillor Michael Garland (Lavernock Ward – Sully and Lavernock Community Council).

  4. Tim says:

    Kevin Mahoney is really growing on me. He seems to do his homework, he’s tenacious, and doesn’t miss a trick. I wish we had a bit of that in Penarth instead of the embarrassing carry-on in the Conservative Party and that clown Doughty on about Trump all the time.

  5. Mgg says:

    Look up frome and I think totnes ref independents in all council positions .good stuff .

  6. Arthur King says:

    In towns such as Frome, Totnes and Penarth where the budgets are relatively small perhaps political parties are not relevant. The majority of town/community councils in the Vale are non political. Where political parties contest elections perhaps it’s too late to put the genie back into the bottle! It shouldn’t however be assumed that independents are the panacea to all ills, its only necessary to look at Anglesey after the 2008 elections, run by independents with the Welsh Government having to intervene and appoint commissioners to sort out the mess. If enough independents contest the elections in Penarth will some stand on a common platform or will they be truly independent. If the former will they simply become another ‘political party’.

  7. AndyC says:

    About time! The road safety in the village is abysmal. I would say that the majority of vehicles speed through the village, many fail to stop at the Zebra crossings and the parking is frankly comical in its level of inconsideration and illegality.

    It would be great it the Council could also add to its list of actions by putting more double yellow lines at junctions as Driver’s Guide seem to have forgotten that you cannot park to close to a corner. Since the Council put their unsightly anti parking barriers in Wimbourne Crescent, the parking on Arlington road is dangerous! Lines of multiple vehicles parked too close to the corners and blocking the view of cars turning in to and out of Arlington, Wimbourne and Nailsea.

    Also, how about raised kerbs throughout the vale to prevent the parking of vehicles on pavements. This is becoming a major problem throughout.

    Whoever it was mentioned a 20mph speed limit, yes please!

    And a final note, thank you to councillors Penrose and Mahoney. Two people fighting for their community. Good luck in May!

  8. PR says:

    If only the measures were extended towards penarth. The speeding along lavernock road is crazy, someone is going to be killed soon trying to cross the road near the rugby ground. I see the same idiots speeding along almost every day like the speed limit is 70. At least the potholes are now starting to slow them down as the road falls apart.

  9. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Thank you for your kind words AndyC, as I’m sure that you will appreciate we have to fight for every project that requires funding against 45 other councillors from 26 other wards for a share of reducing budgets as Vale department managers try to accommodate as many requests for schemes and proposals as they can, lobbying and presentation of logical argument and discussion with Highways chiefs takes time and very rarely can be achieved overnight.

    We have been assured that the safety improvements listed will be funded partly out of existing budgets and partly from grant applications to Welsh Government which have been submitted.

    I too am concerned about the parking so close to road corners which both block vision and also at other locations force vehicles into the wrong side of the road as parked cars block the correct lane approaching junctions.

    One example of this was at Weston Avenue / South Rd where we have previously got double yellow lines extended 20 yards down Weston Ave in order to both leave the junction clear and stop the blocking of the drop down kerbs which we were successful in getting installed a few years ago as part of the desire to complete the disabled access route around Sully’s pavement network.

    Another location causing concern is the junction of Basset Rd / Cog Rd where parked cars up to the junction are blocking safe exit and entry.

    We are also monitoring the Arlington Rd situation and these issues along with others will continue to form part of our ongoing project to improve conditions in the Sully, Lavernock and Cosmeston area.

    Thank you once again for your observations and good luck message.

  10. Karyn says:

    Many of the road safety improvements that are now on the capital projects list in Sully are as a result of lobbying by a small group of mums in Sully who set up the Sully Road Safety Group. As a group we’ve been able to help the council identify & prioritise key areas of concern in Sully, following a traffic survey. We’ve worked closely with Cllr Bob Penrose focusing on issues facing our children, but which also affect the whole community.

    Further suggestions welcomed:

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