The latest landslip beneath the Penarth Heights houses overlooking Penarth Portway and the junction with Terra Nova Way

The latest landslip beneath the Penarth Heights houses overlooking Penarth Portway and the junction with Terra Nova Way

There has been more earth-movement in the wake of the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s controversial programme of tree-felling on the steep slope of the escarpment near the junction  of Pnarth Portway  and Terra Nova Way.

A further section of the slope – which was largely cleared of trees, saplings and vegetation a year ago  – has now collapsed.

The landslip occurred where the Vale Council had carried out tree clearance 12 months ago

The landslip occurred where the Vale Council had carried out tree clearance 12 months ago

It was here – at this same spot – around February 8th last year that trees covering the area were felled and undergrowth was stripped away.

The day before that,  on Sunday February 7th 2016, there was a  landslide a few hundred yards to the east on the escarpment overlooking Terra Nova Way.

The landslide above Tec Marina closed Terra Nova Way a year ago

The earlier landslide –  to the east of the latest slide –  occurred on Vale of Glamorgan Council-owned land a year ago.

That landslide  was considered  so “significant” that Penarth Town Councillors were told later that some  houses in the Penarth Heights development  might have had to be “emptied”. [PDN Note: The word “evacuation” was not used] 

Police closed Terra Nova Way to traffic overnight on February 7th 2016 as a precaution  until the extent of the problem could be established. [ see PDN  http://tinyurl.com/zsa9xwk%5D  . At the time the Vale of Glamorgan Council said  “further inspections will now take place to determine the cause of the landslip and whether any work can be undertaken to prevent further slips in the future.”

That 2016 landslide was not in an area of the escarpment on which trees had been cut down –  but the current landslip definitely is in such an area .

The latest landslip is in an area cleared of trees and bushes.

The latest landslip is in an area cleared of trees and bushes.

It’s not known when exactly the latest collapse occurred – but it the fall may indicate there could be further landslips in prospect as this month’s heavy rain continues to soak a slope which now has little left in the way of vegetation or root systems to absorb rainwater and stabilise the ground.

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  1. Peter Church says:

    The answer is to obviously build a large 100 tonne viewing platform on the slope. I have heard that rather than destabilise the ground, it compacts it and makes it very secure!

  2. Lm says:

    It was obvious to a fool that if you remove shrubs and trees from a slope that you will get land slides during very wet weather
    Didn’t they take advice?
    Can’t they get ANYTHING right?

    • James says:

      Houses ’emptied’? I think the issue, in this instance, is rather more serious than whether they can ‘get anything right’ !

    • In the main only trees were felled which were more likely to bring down the escarpment due to their weight than their roots supporting it. The risk is that when the roots rot away their support of the escarpment will fail but it is too soon for this to happen yet.
      I regret to say, trees and shrubs or not, there will always be minor slips, and eventually the houses at the top will become unsafe.

      • Mgg says:

        Good god man what are you doing offering a calm rationale and understanding again . ! If you don’t include phrases such as …Drain the swamp , vote them out, money sucking amateurs etc etc you will be thrown off the site . Get a hostile jaundiced mojo working or don’t bother.

      • Freddie says:

        Or you can offer a smart alec contribution. It appears to be either or on this site 🙂

  3. Richard says:

    A mere mise en bouche prior to the main event on Penarth Headland.

  4. AnnaliseB says:

    Let’s compile a list of all the cock ups this council make, all the money they waste and all the dodgy decisions that ‘slip through’ without any proper consultations… I would love to osee something they do, where the outcome is a success….

  5. Totally agree with you Peter Church , and they need to get some Council workers to jump up and down on the spot to compact the mud . I do hope the situation does not get worse and put the new houses at risk .

  6. Marconi Avenue meets Terra Nova Way at the Tesco roundabout. Your picture looks close to the junction of Terra Nova Way and Penarth Portway?

  7. Can I just mention the qualifications required to be a member of the VOGC or the Penarth Council as leaked to the press some time ago. 1. Must not consult or inform the public of actions to be taken unless or until it becomes obvious or/and is too late. 2, Ignore public opinion on a regular basis. 3. Engage in uncalled for projects and avoid consultation and ignore objections.4. Not to have a clue about job priorities or things in the pipeline. 5. Be oblivious to criticism and fail to respond to it , avoid taking responsibility in any matter. 6. If there is a cheap way of doing a project always go for the more expensive option (remember its not your money so you can spend only according to your budget not public concern)………………………………..

  8. Dan Potts says:

    Dispite all the cock ups of the Labour controlled Council , because of voter apathy they will still get re-elected in May, they know this hence they just don’t care .

    • Jeff says:

      I totally agree with you. They know they are as safe as houses (if that isn’t an inappropriate phrase to use in these circumstances.)

  9. Big Davey says:

    Were the trees cut down to provide a better view for one of the local councillors or AMs in the same political party?

    • Penileaks says:

      How could you possibly think such a thing, tut, tut.
      Still, their view will be that much better the closer to the edge that the houses find themselves. Aren’t they lucky !

  10. Fancy thinking that Paul Getting or anybody else for that matter wanted the trees removed to improve the view , what a ridiculous idea m youll be telling us next that the Turner family are in the process of trying to form the a sort of Kim Un Turner type dynasty , by corrupting voting etc.

  11. Just Desserts says:

    Nice view, whoooooooooaaa……

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