The Labour-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council will be imposing its 5th consecutive inflation busting increase ion Council Tax tomorrow night

The Labour-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council will be voting to impose its fifth consecutive inflation-busting increase in Council Tax tomorrow night

The Vale of Glamorgan’s full council is to meet tomorrow – Wednesday March 1st  – to rubber-stamp the latest increases in Council Tax set to be imposed by the Labour-controlled authority for 2017-2018.

Vale Council Tax , the Penarth Town Precept and the South Wales Police Precept are all charged according to the arbitrary “Banding” allocated to individual homes.

For residents of Penarth, this year’s 2017/18 Council Tax Bill will include the following increases – all of which emanate from Labour-controlled budgets:-

  • Vale of Glamorgan Council (Labour Control) Council Tax increase of 2.8%
  • South Wales Police (Labour Police and Crime Commissioner) precept increase of  5%
  • Penarth Town  Council (Labour Control) precept increase of 4.97%

Penarth Town Council says it is not yet able to supply a complete breakdown of  the exact charges they propose to levy in respect of the 2017/18 Penarth Precept on a “band-by-band” basis . However, the table below estimates the overall charges likely to imposed following tomorrow night’s Vale of Glamorgan Council   – based on applying the 2017/18  percentage increases to last year’s precept figures.

Vale of Glamorgan Council Tax 1142.37 1396.23 1650.09 1903.95 2284.74 2665.53
Penarth Town Council Precept 63.31 77.37 91.45 105.51 126.62 147.73
South Wales Police Precept 218.24 266.74 315.24 363.74 436.49 509.24
Total Council Tax 1423.92 1730.35 2056.78 2373.21 2847.85 3322.49

The increases mean that very many Penarth householders will be paying Council Tax well in excess of £2,000 in 2017/18.

Penarth Town Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward) is to stand for Plymouth Ward as an Indepepdent candiate for election to the Vale of Glamorgan Counci

Penarth Town Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward) is to stand for Plymouth Ward as an Independent candidate for election to the Vale of Glamorgan Council

Penarth Town Councillor Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward) who is contesting Plymouth Ward as an Independent in May’s elections for the Vale of Glamorgan Council,  has again criticised the Vale Council’s practice of quoting increases for what he calls the “highly misleading  Band D properties”  – which are not representative of typical Penarth homes.

Cllr Ernest says “a typical higher-band property in Penarth is probably double the amount of £1,142 readily quoted by finance chiefs when setting Council Tax”

[PDN Note: A family living in a typical “Band G” house in Penarth will have found that during the last 5 years the Council Tax  imposed – in concert – by the Labour-controlled  Vale of Glamorgan Council, the Labour-controlled Penarth Town Council and the Labour South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner  has risen from a total of £1931.14 (for 2012/2013) to a total of  £2373.21 (for 2017/18).That is an increase of 22.9% in 5 years.]


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  1. gary petherick says:

    wots that for to pay for all them time wasters called councilers that sayno to everything sort out the roads plymouth rd marine parade think wot they paying cornswell rd cowslip drive 2 name a few

  2. SteveH says:

    I’m sorry but all I seem to read these days is that the Vale have turned down one thing or another for Penarth/Dinas. Now that the council tax is going up again, I have to ask what are we going to get for yet another increase? They seem to think sending street cleaners round just before we start paying council tax again in April demonstrates we’re getting value for money – we’re not stupid!!!

  3. Frank Evans says:

    Penarth raising money to be spent elsewhere!

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