Penarth Police station is now staffed by 25 response officers and 5 sergeants - covering the town itself and the Vale as a whole

Penarth Police station is now staffed by 25 response officers and 5 sergeants – covering the town itself and the Vale as a whole

South Wales Police have informed Penarth Town Council that – on a trial basis – 25  “response officers” and 5 police sergeants are now based at Penarth Police Station.

The new staffing arrangements – which are on a “trial” basis came into force in January – but have only now been publicly announced.

Officers from the Penarth Police station are now  covering not only Penarth itself but also much of the rural Vale of Glamorgan .

Inspector Gary Smart of South Wales Police

Inspector Gary Smart of South Wales Police

The announcement was made at last night’s meeting of Penarth Town Council by Inspector Gary Smart who is in charge of policing in the Penarth Area. An assessment on the trial will be carried out at the end of this month when a formal report will be submitted – and if successful the staffing  arrangement could become permanent.

Inspector Smart said that the officers would be covering the rural Vale as well as Penarth itself – but the arrangement would provide an enhanced “local focus”. Three new police officers – currently under training – would be joining the team in Penarth shortly and a new PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) Sion Summers – a former youth worker – is now based in the Plymouth Ward of Penarth .

Councillors heard that a number of police operations had been or were currently in progress including one which had subjected customers at a local pub to random drugs testing.  Out of 66 people tested, 12 had traces of drugs.

In addition an operation called “Blue Avalanche” – conducted in collaboration with Barry officers –  had resulted in 11 arrests of people who had been wanted for some time for  various offences .

Fairfield Road, Penarth where police asked every resident whether they had been approached by rogue traders.

Fairfield Road, Penarth where police conducted a clamp down on rogue traders in 2015 . Now a new operation to combat rogue traders is to be conducted across the whole of Penarth .

Inspector Smart also briefed the council on a new operation to combat rogue traders in Penarth which will be starting this month (March) called “Blue Delta” .

Penarth he said was becoming susceptible to rogue traders who he described as people who come to the area with a view to charging people a lot of money for very little work” . This multi-agency exercise would also involve HM Customs and Excise and Trading Standards.  The initiative would also involve engagement with “the more elderly members of our community” to encourage the reporting of rogue-trader incidentsInspector Smart also said his officers were also concentrating on driving down violent crime.

Cllr Rosemary Cook (Labour St Augustines)

Cllr Rosemary Cook (Labour St Augustines)

Cllr Rosemary Cook (Labour St Augustines) asked Inspector Smart what he would be doing regarding rogue traders and elderly people.

Inspector Smart said that  a lot of elderly people – if they did get scammed – looked on it as an embarrassment. The police aim was to establish a “Friendship group” in which they could talk about it  – an initiative which had a lot of other positive benefits and which encouraged the reporting of such incidents.     Preventative measures were also taken and streets that were considered vulnerable were identified . The message was “if you come to Penarth and you’re a rogue trader you are going to be reported” and the police and other agencies would investigate them.

Penarth councillors were confronted last night with yet another new – and different – format of local crime statistics provided by South Wales Police – apparently created by computers running software developed in Canada.

Confusingly, the figures presented for  December 2016 turned out to be different from those which had been presented to the council a month ago The original figures for December 2016 are in BOLD black print and the revised figures are in Red

  • Theft (primarily shoplifting)                       26        18
  •  Violence Against a person                          30        32
  • Burglary other                                                  3           2
  • Criminal damage                                             7          12
  • Dwelling Burglary                                           4           5
  • Other Notifiable Offence                                1           2
  • Sexual Offence                                                 2           4
  • Drugs Offence                                                  3           3
  • Fraud/Forgery                                                 1   (Not included in new version)
  • Theft of vehicle                                                1            1
  • Theft from Motor Vehicle                                            1

TOTAL   DECEMBER                                    78        80

The figures for January 2017 were:-

  • Theft (primarily shoplifting)                      19
  •  Violence Against a person                         34
  • Burglary other                                                 3
  • Criminal damage                                            7
  • Dwelling Burglary                                           1
  • Other Notifiable Offence                               4
  • Sexual Offence                                                 1
  • Drugs Offence                                                  2
  • Fraud/Forgery                                                 NOT INCLUDED
  • Theft of vehicle                                                1
  • Theft from vehicle                                           1

TOTAL   JANUARY 2017                             73   

Cllr Mark Wilson reported anti-social behaviour problems at St Cyres Park

Cllr Mark Wilson reported anti-social behaviour problems at St Cyres Park

Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell)

Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell)

Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell ) said that he had been told by local residents of an increase in anti-social behaviour around St Cyres Park  – “especially by the gun-club” . Cllr Wilson said  the people responsible appeared – according to what he had been told – to be “students possibly from St Cyres School” -although he wasn’t saying this was definitely the case.

He said the “students” seemed to be out of school “maybe because they don’t have lessons”  – but said there could be younger children there as well. he asked Inspector Smart whether the police could “keep a watching eye” , perhaps starting with the school to make them aware of the situation. Cllr Wilson said it had been raised as a concern by elderly residents in the community.

Inspector Smart noted Cllr Wilson’s point and said the Schools Liaison Officer had now been transferred to his command . The schools liaison officer , he said,  was a qualified teacher as well as a police officer and this  would be a matter very much in her remit on her return to the office in mid-March .

Cllr Clive Williams (Independent Plymouth Ward)

Cllr Clive Williams (Independent Plymouth Ward)

Cllr Clive Williams (Independent Plymouth Ward) said he had noticed there was a lot more graffiti around Penarth than previously . He said that in the lane from the Cefn Mably Pub to Earl Road (in Cllr Wilson’s ward) graffiti between 6 and 8 feet high had been daubed on the walls.

Cllr Wilson said this was an issue all over Penarth and appeared to have got worse recently.

Inspector Smart said a lot of work was being done to identify graffiti “tags”  . The graffiti he said, was “done overnight”  – but he said the issue “is on our radar”.

Cllr Williams also noted that the list of crimes of violence submitted to the council included one instance of a “threat to kill“. He said he would not want anyone like that wandering around Penarth.

Inspector Smart said a “threat to kill” could be -for instance “in a domestic situation” – and action had been taken.

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  1. AK says:

    Sounds good – perhaps they could come outside occasionally and enforce parking and driving laws around Penarth too.

    Best wishes to all our amazing emergency services, paid and unpaid. You do a wonderful job out there every single day.

    • Sick of the same old politicians says:

      I can’t help but feel they can’t be bothered to enforce any parking issues.
      Parking on pavements that’ll be a no.
      Parking on dropped kerbs that’ll be a no.
      Parking on a junction That’ll be a no.
      Allowing drivers to make residents lives a misery but of course. You’re welcome!

      • Bobby says:

        By the way, parking on the pavement isn’t illegal so long as there is enough room for a wheelchair / pram to pass without having to go on to the road (from memory the accepted width is 1.1m).

  2. Frank Evans says:

    What’s Danny Baker got to do with things?

    • Howard says:


    • Frank Evans says:

      Gary smart does look so very cheerful!!
      Never make him a family liason officer.
      hello I’m afraid I have very bad news with a beaming smile on his face.

      • Howard says:

        Well all credit to him for looking cheerful. He must come across some unpleasant things and still presents a positive image. I prefer that to some people you get going about as miserable as sin. Thank you for smiling, Inspector Smart. 🙂

  3. Mark Foster says:

    Hey Folks, Barry is the most desirable place to live in Wales. Penarth is finished. LOL.

  4. Have the CCTV cameras been fixed yet? can someone tell us of the progress on this ?. I’m sure someone somewhere is working feverishly to get the 8 cameras in the town centre up and running again. And I bet the monitoring that has been moved to Bridgend (might as well be Outer Mongolia ) is desperate to get to get started . Can we have an update from the Council ? those people that are supposed to run things , we in Penarth know the Councils in this area both VOGC and Penarth Council would have problems running a bath , their record of shoddy work, silly timetables , (ie tree pruning etc ) ignoring the needs of the town whilst engaging in flights of fancy and vanity projects,( the viewing platform being just one) . And regarding the Police a part time Police station and no one on the beat at all , just a quick whip round the town with a van late at night.

  5. I hope people realise the list of crimes committed in the town will have been reported by the public to the Police to follow up on or investigate , they are obviously not work done by the Police themselves (apart from the odd case that is) so the public are doing half the work , the Police are only around when called or reported to , and to that end they take the credit for keeping crime to a certain level . When the truth is most of the crimes are reported crime not on the spot detection . There are no Police on the beat , I saw 2 Police Officers going into Sainsburys the other day (they had been called out) ordinarily they wouldn’t have been anywhere in the vicinity. So before any crime detection ends in the Police patting themselves on the back they should give some recognition to the general public themselves . Without that public involvement the crime rate in the town would very likely be much higher due to the non visible Police being no deterent due to their absence most of the time. Credit where credit is due, not taking credit for work not done.

  6. Rosie says:

    It’ll be nice to see them. They’ll be very welcome. Good news for once.

  7. sjleworthy says:

    That Fairfield Road cat looks super dodgy. I mean uber sinister. I’ve seen cats like that before. No wonder we need a hive of specially trained response officers.

  8. Roger says:

    This is excellent news about the police base in Penarth and I wish them all the best with the rogue traders initiative. I can’t stand the idea of the elderly or vulnerable being conned or threatened out of money by fraudulent thugs. I hope they catch every single one of the b*gg*rs.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      I can cope with the fraudulent thugs-what about “respectable” banks, insurance companies, charities etc who at the slightest excuse will try to “up sell” you something that you do not want or need-staff whose salary depends on “incentives” will bully you as much as necessary-tell them you are a loyal customer-they will interpret that as “I am a mug”!!

  9. Lizzy says:

    Good luck with this trial Inspector Smart. I hope you all stay here. I live near the police station and feel safer with you all coming back and forth. Thank you.

  10. Well don’t blink Rosie or youll miss the opportunity , the ‘Scarlett Pimpernel’ Police they seek them here and seek them their.

  11. snoggerdog says:

    budgets & (wo)manpower, cutbacks, police,fireservice,prisonservice,coastguard,councils,traffic wardens,doughtys weight,bercows expenses,house of lords,assembly members,public transport,junkmail (saving on paper)subsidies to power staions, nhs,road repairs,some of these are true,some are not,who you gonna blame,no,no,its not the donald! no,no,its not farage!no,no,its not corbyn,no,no, its not the muslims or the weather its WESTMINSTER.

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