The proposed new house to be built on the site of No.8 Cliff Parade, Penarth

The proposed new house to be built adjacent to the cliff-edge on the site of No.8 Cliff Parade, Penarth

New plans have been submitted to replace the existing house at No.8  Cliff Parade, Penarth with a new ultra-modern two-storey detached house with flat-roof terrace.

The design for the new house is by the distinguished award-winning local architect Chris Loyn, who is president of the Penarth Civic Society.

The specification for the new house is to be "visually warm, not clinical, with high levels of glazing creating strong relationships and connections between the inside and the outside and achieving a feeling of light and space within the interior."

The specification for the new house at No.8 Cliff Parade is to be “visually warm, not clinical, with high levels of glazing creating strong relationships and connections between the inside and the outside and achieving a feeling of light and space within the interior.”

The existing £850,000 detached house No 8 Cliff Parade would be demolished

The existing £850,000 detached house No 8 Cliff Parade would be demolished to make way for the new building

The development involves demolishing the existing No. 8 Cliff Parade – itself worth £850,000 – and replacing it with a single detached ultra-modern house which is “modern, ‘clean’ and unfussy, with references to the art deco style” and is to be “visually warm, not clinical, with high levels of glazing ” .

Primary living space and master bedroom will be on the first floor, the kitchen will be on th ground floor

An s impression the earlier designs for two art deco homes on the same site at No 8 Cliff Parade. This application was withdrawn

Plans submitted in 2015 to build these two “art-deco style” houses on the same site at No 8 Cliff Parade were rejected by Penarth Town Council and were withdrawn.

The new planning application to the Vale of Glamorgan Council follows an earlier application made in 2015  which proposed to build – rather-more –  “art-deco”  detached homes on the same site. That scheme was recommended for refusal by Penarth Town Council’s planning committee and was withdrawn before being considered by the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s planning committee

However some people considered that those [never-built]  art-deco houses – with their curved lines – matched and complimented the design of “Sea Roads ” –  the 1939 Grade II Listed art-deco house now owned by soccer star Joe Ledley which is just across the road and is in the process of refurbishment.

The location of No. 8 Cliff Parade.

The location of No. 8 Cliff Parade. The cliff top artists once used the adjacent pathway for their annual art exhibition but they now use a site further north than shown here.

The existing No.8 Cliff Parade is a modern (1986 designed) detached timber-framed house and garage set on a corner plot at the southern end of Cliff Parade. This now – once again – faces demolition.

Both the existing No.8 and the proposed new house will stand just a few yards from the cliff edge – separated from it by only a narrow public footpath and grassed verge .

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  1. Ron foxton says:

    Build it. A very clean proposal which will vastly improve the current site. Far nicer than the ludicrously overpriced £850k property perched on the edge right now.

  2. JTR69 says:

    Looks fabulous. Nice to see high quality architecture in such a high profile plot. Well done to the Architect.

  3. sjleworthy says:

    Not the usual architectural style that goes up my flag poll, but it looks very nice/fitting/apt.
    The site is most private, not too publically imposing and the development itself would be replacing another ‘non’ fitting building in it’s place.
    I think the more open view on Cliff Parade looks most inviting, clean and elegant.

  4. Chris David says:

    “creating strong relationships and connections between the inside and the outside” Pretentious twaddle but a truly art deco house might not be out of place here. There is one on the east end that won a national newspaper award back before WW2 (I’ve been told by a former owner) designed to look like a ships bridge. Have to say that the drawings you show here are pretty awful from street side. Looks like some secret government building on the edge of a commercial trading estate. Art deco!! Doesn’t look it. Hope we don’t have this as a BENCHMARK for the future.

    • JTR69 says:

      The design has strong horizontal lines, which is a nod to the Gordon Griffiths designed Art Deco house on the other side of the road, namely Sea Roads. If the site was larger, then maybe a similar penguin pool style feature staircase would be nice. The site is very exposed, and the proposed design strikes a good balance of privacy and openness. I much prefer this style to the ‘Ramsey Street’ house being thrown up in Park Road.

    • Modernist says:

      Art Deco was for the 1920s. It was probably as shocking at the time. This is the 21st Century and our architecture should reflect that. No point in recreating the past. What else do you want…? Tuberculosis? Ricketts? To capture the glorious past……

      • Sidney says:

        You’re right, this new design does have new money written all over it. I wonder if another footballer will buy it.

  5. Dan says:

    The usual fare of “playing with the window dimensions” and glass balconies (just so long as they don’t try too hard and out in ‘patterned’ glass as has happened, to deleterious effect further along the cliffs).
    The art deco design for those two which were never built is far superior and appropriate in my mind but a glistening white 1970s Television Centre is preferable to what is there now. I am quite sure it will ‘win awards’.

    • Chris David says:

      “The art deco design for those two which were never built is far superior and appropriate in my mind” Indeed. But this is the VoG with a planning Dept headed by Phil E Stine and rabidly jealous labour councillors.

  6. Simon says:

    Joking aside, with the provision of social housing being the driving force in any development in the town, I’m amazed the site hasn’t been seized by the Vale. On a separate but adjoining note, it can’t be long before they whip up several storeys of assisted living on the mini golf course. Tower blocks in that mock Victorian red and yellow brick can’t be a million miles away. Enjoy the space while it’s there!

    • JTR69 says:

      The cliff top restaurant and Coast Guard building is crying out for redevelopment. Does anyone agree with me that this would make a great site for an outdoor lido..? It would make a great destination and full stop on the walk from Cardiff Bay and Beach Cliff once the walkway around Penarth head is implemented of course. Just a thought…

      • Martha says:

        Ar, JTR69, be still my beating heart. There used to be a wonderful lido, as you may know, in Barry Knap – one of the longest outdoor pools in Europe, a real gem designed by a local surveyor (I believe) who was influenced by Le Corbusier – hence the arcs of saloon-door changing rooms. A precious and unique piece of Welsh social history – built by the unemployed who received tokens as payment to exchange at local shops – it was ‘filled in’ by the Vale some years back after a sustained campaign by three generations of Barry supporters who knew the value of their pool.
        Now you say it, the clifftops would be a wonderful location for a lido wouldn’t it, and almost feels as though there was one once there. I very much agree with you though to think of the magnificent Barry pool being filled in decades later because the Vale allowed it to go to rack and ruin…
        Of course, with the advent of ‘wild swimming’ and the nation’s new-found love of being in water with the sky as one’s ceiling (as opposed to in urine-temperature water in a wave-machine leisure centre riddled with verrucae) the Vale – as usual – has been left with egg on its face. Much talk at the time of the financial constraints of the council’s budget and zero foresight – the usual story.

    • John says:

      If you’re concerned about the adequate provision of social housing, I think the Vale may be on the case in Paget Road. I see a tree has been recently chopped down… what’s happened to the so-called revamp of the children’s play area or does the Vale now have bigger fish to fry?

  7. Terry says:

    what a crying shame the art deco houses were never built though I doubt there’s many craftspeople left with the ability and patience to construct those fabulous curves. with the apprenticeship era long gone, the extent of training these days appears to be ‘put that bit of plaster board up by there’.

    • Chris David says:

      Joey the plasterer Evans could do it. Yes Phil E Stine and crew blocked them and boy would they have looked good- if done well.

  8. Roger says:

    I hope the owners don’t have pets. Come a hot summer, anything in a fur coat is going to roast with all that glass.

    • sjleworthy says:

      Shouldn’t be when properly designed. Heat exchange and solar insulation in a building such as this is a wonderous (and surprising) thing when incorporated correctly.

  9. Martha says:

    Is the current structure on that site made entirely of uPVC?

  10. Anne Greagsby says:

    If you want to live in a huge green house!? Ugly.

    • Mgg says:

      Took your time .Thought you would be first up with your jaundiced politically motivated critique of Mr loyn.

    • Blue says:

      What do you think of the architect, Anne?

    • Modernist says:

      Ann – Your intelligent and considered contributions to the debate are as risible as ever!!

    • Bobby says:

      Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a house a beautiful as yours Anne Greagsby, or at least I assume it is beautiful because you are always so quick to criticize everyone else’s homes!

  11. Louise says:

    Let’s hope the rats enjoy their new “clean” home. We rented that dump from the previous owners who knew of the rat problem. It was horrendous. The sewer had been damaged in 1986 and never fixed. Anything has to be an improvement on that dump.

    • Gina says:

      Ugh, really? How awful. I hope they weren’t coming in the house.

      • Louise says:

        They did now and again. Luckily our two cats saw them off and vale pest control were brilliant. But the sewer problem couldn’t be fixed and we had to move out.

    • Penarth girl says:

      If it was a ‘dump’ why did you rent it? I wouldn’t rent a house if I thought it was a dump.

      • Stephen King says:

        I don’t imagine they knew about the rats when they signed the rental agreement. Perhaps it was only when they heard the gnawing in the night that the true horror began to unfold….

      • Louise says:

        At the time we struggled to find a family house to rent in Penarth which was big enough for all the family and furniture as we were downsizing. The house itself was very badly designed, but would have been fine as a temp rental. The rats made it impossible to live there and the owners at the time were greedy and uncaring.

  12. Modernist says:

    Absolutely superb. A beautiful crafted and considered piece of Architecture. Well done Loyn & Co.

    • Sidney says:

      Yes, I imagine it will be of great appeal to those who “like something a bit different”.

  13. Little boxes ,little boxes all made out of ticky tacky, little boxes, little boxes and they all look just the same , there’s a pink one and a blue one and green one and a yellow one , little boxes, little boxes and they all look just the same .

  14. Chris David says:

    Modernist you sound as if your Loyn’s are indeed girded- or maybe you’re being facetious 🙂 It makes a (non art deco) statement though. Street side squash court façade,……. contempt for the outside world eh! Ohh get it.

  15. AK says:

    It’s no better or worse than the one that is already there. Except that it appears to have a flat roof, and anyone with a flat roof knows what that means ! Leaks and buckets, buckets and leaks.

    What a shame that the previous art deco homes were never built.

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