The clock face on the right is handy for people who need to know the time in Newfoundland

Shoppers in Windsor Road – according to the Penarth Town Clock – are now in a different time-zone to Albert Road, Windsor Terrace and Stanwell Road .

Penarth Town Clock was decapitated for overhaul in 2012

Whilst the latter three have been indicating Greenwich Mean Time – the dial facing Windsor Road has been consistently showing the time in Newfoundland – which is three a half hours behind GMT.

The 30-year-old clock was originally presented to Penarth by the local Rotary Club in 1987 – but from time to time some clock’s four faces fail to agree with each other .

The clock, which is driven by mains electricity,  is also often affected by the weather – particularly the cold.

Penarth Town Council is responsible for its maintenance.

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  1. Penileaks says:

    It’s been like that since before Christmas !

  2. Fishhenge says:

    Citizens of Penarth, don’t be fooled. There is nothing wrong with the clock, it’s just another ploy by the council to remove the clock and use the land for social housing, just like the St. Paul’s Church “impending collapse” scam.

  3. Frank Evans says:

    Maybe Philip Rapier could tackle this as well?

    Anyone would think there is an election on the way.

  4. Johnabutt says:

    One hand does know what the other one is doing.

  5. George says:

    Is that the one facing the Pier building? Perhaps that’s why we haven’t heard from Prof Hazell – he’s in another time zone?

    • HT71 says:

      Or he’s on a higher plane. Show some respect for a man paid to spend vast sums of public money with the result the town’s Pier Building is closed for three days a week.

  6. I just think the remarks on here about the clock are all two-faced .

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