A Vale of Glamorgan refuse truck . Seven of them broke down in just one day

The knock-on effects of no less that 7 vehicle breakdowns in just one day are delaying council refuse collection this week

Vale of Glamorgan Council officers have told councillors that the breakdowns are “starting to impact on this week’s waste collections” and there could be “some residual affect in isolated areas across the authority for the remainder of the week whilst we continue to catch up”.

It’s hoped that these delays will be “minimised to approximately 3-4 individual rounds” by today (Wednesday). Meanwhile the council says it is “working with” its vehicle workshop and “contacting every available vehicle supplier to obtain a short-term solution”.

The council says “we will continue to work as long as possible each day to try and catch back up”.

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  1. Carl says:

    How can you have SEVEN breakdowns in one day?!
    Change the mechanic.

  2. Carl don’t forget who we are are talking about , its the VOGC if anyone can have 7 trucks out of action in one day it will be this miserable Council , I suppose we are lucky it wasn’t 14 trucks . This Council is the most wasteful . the most farcical and the most pathetic ive ever had the misfortune to observe . Rubbish concrete bench , nobody wanted , a viewing platform , nobody wanted , a bare earth scene around the town centre roundabout in midsummer , instead of flowers , CCTV cameras that have not worked for years , and now removed , how much did they cost for about 5 years service? trees pruned in Summer!!! making the tree lined streets look odd to everyone , that nobody wanted . A failure of the Xmas lights only 24 hours after switch on , nobody wanted or expected that (in that instance the Council exceeded their usual incompetence and bad timing). So do not expect competence or professionalism or consultation from a body that would have difficulty running a bath , as long as they get paid, they don’t care, they pretend they know best in all cases , with that deluded mind set and indifference to public concerns and priorities do not expect even minor miracles never mind responsible actions the public expect.

  3. AK says:

    Seven vehicle breakdowns, not seven vehicles breaking down.

    Dodgy fuel perhaps, poor maintenance or just had luck.

    Anyway, the rubbish in Cogan gets put out several days early so a few more days won’t matter.

  4. David Moorcraft says:

    I do know that these Refuse lorries ARE complicated: I know the company near Penarth Road which had the contract for repairing and maintaining them for many Councils, and their electric (safety) circuits and hydraulics can be a nightmare to fix.
    I don’t know if this applies to our benighted Vale Council, but apparently many repairs are due to the employment of Agency Drivers / operators who don’t have the care of the vehicles uppermost in their minds.
    But seven lorries off the road at the same time ?

  5. snoggerdog says:

    bring back harry baker,top binman!

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