Locally grown fruit and vegetables were a keynote of the Penarth GPG Food Festival

Gwyrddio Penarth Greening – the community organisation which organised the annual Penarth Food Festival in the Kymin – is NOT to fold and is to remain in existence, 

Remaining members of the organisation – often shortened to GPG [“Gwyrddio” is “Welsh for “Making Green” ]  have decided to keep going after a meeting held at Belle Vue Park Pavilion .

The GPG Food Festival has been a success every year since it began in 2013

A statement has now been issued as follows:-“Following last week’s meeting  it has been decided that GPG is to continue as a community organisation as this was felt to be the best way of enabling the continuation of our major projects, namely Shop in Penarth, the Penarth Food Festival and the Community Orchard.

“These three projects will be the focus of any activity in the coming months and we will be meeting again in three months to report on progress and future plans. “

The Albion in Glebe St where the vote in principle to wind up Gwyrddio Penarth Greening was passed

In October last year it’s understood members had  voted in principle to wind-up the organisation once an audit of its accounts had been completed – in the wake of an  Emergency General Meeting held at the Albion Pub in Glebe St Penarth.

Gwyrddio Penarth Greening had been  the driving force behind the Food Festival and also promoted the innovative “Shop in Penarth” scheme in which shoppers could claim  discounts from local retailers on production of a “SIP”  card costing £1.

Warm sunshine, great food, music, straw-bale seating and cold beer were all part of the rival  crowd-pulling appeal of Picnic Penarth – not to mention its being funded with council-tax payer’s cash.

Anthony Slaughter is no longer chairman but is still involved with GPG

GPG’s former chairman,  the well-known Green Party activist Anthony Slaughter, had stepped down – and is standing as a Green candidate for the St Augustine’s Ward of Penarth in the  Vale of Glamorgan Council elections coming-up in May 2017 .

However it now transpires that Mr Slaughter is still one of the three people who continue to be involved with  GPG and will be organising this year’s GPG Kymin Food Festival   – although, as yet, the organisation still has to form a committee and does not – at this point –  have a chairperson.

One PDN source said last year that GPG had had the wind knocked-out of its sails by the rival council-promoted festival “Picnic Penarth” and became “moribund” as a result.

Picnic Penarth – is supported by Council-Tax payer’s money and was said to have “stolen the thunder” of the longer-established GPG Penarth Food Festival because it is promoted , underwritten and “owned” by the Labour-controlled Penarth Town Council with last year additional funding from the Labour-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council.

GPG is now hoping to recruit new volunteers to join the organisation and is planning to continue with all three of its major projects.



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  1. Gary says:

    Ref the first image – why is someone promoting fresh, locally-grown produce wearing a T-shirt advertising canned food?

  2. Since when did tomato ketchup come in a tin ???? you must tell us where you buy this oddity/.

  3. Dan Potts says:

    Fantastic news for GPG that slaughter has finally taken the hint and left the group, he has been using and abusing it’s volunteer’s for years in a vane attempt to process his political career, I see yet another lost deposit in May’s elections.

    • LJS says:

      Agree with Dan… GPG way too closely allied to The Green Party and it’s extreme socialist and republican views. It would be much better for a group run by local businesses and allotment holders to host events. Mr Slaughter uses ‘green’ events to promote his ‘Green’ party… 2 very very different things… The former most people agree with the latter not.

      • Ian Perry says:

        Should people involved with the Green Party, not be involved in community or environmental projects, because this can be seen as promoting the Green Party or furthering their political career? I believe that Dan Potts meant to type “progress”.

  4. Anne says:

    Has Anthony Slaughter @as_penarth resigned from GPG? It doesn’t look like it. His twitter account blurb claims he is @gpgpenarth His latest tweet 20 minutes ago says ‘very pleased to be back organising this summer’s GPG Penarth Food Festival after last years break’.

    I considered myself a member but wasn’t invited to any recent meeting, very selective invitations. Did they ever find the missing funds?

    • NewsNet says:

      It now appears that Anthony Slaughter had resigned as chairman but has retained his association with group as one of the three people currently running GPG on a much reduced scale compared to its previous incarnation. As yet no committee and no new chairperson has been appointed. The organisation is keen to recruit additional members.

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