The existing GP surgeries at Redlands Road and Station Road Penarth would be closed and patients will have to travel to Cogan to see a doctor

Cllr Ian Johnson – the Leader of Plaid Cymru on the Vale of Glamorgan Council – has called for a “consideration of matter” on plans to close two GP surgeries in Penarth –  at Station Road and at Redlands Road.

The Cardiff and Vale University Health Board wants to set up a new GP surgery called a “Primary Health Care Facility”  or  “Health Hub” adjacent to the Penarth Leisure Centre at Cogan – which would replace the existing Redlands Road and Station Road surgeries.

Cllr Dr Ian Johnson (Plaid Cymru)

Cllr Johnson is demanding that the scheme be  discussed in the Vale Council’s so-called Scrutiny Committee  to investigate the implications that this scheme would have for the general public in Penarth.

A number of local patients who now attend the two existing GP surgeries have already said  the journey to the proposed new Cogan Healthcare Centre  will be time-consuming and inconvenient for them and will be especially difficult for older patients.  The new facility would be in the town’s worst air-pollution area – funnelling yet more traffic into the area.

The tarmac tennis courts behind the Penarth Leisure Centre would be removed to make way for the new Healthcare Facility

As the new Healthcare facility would be build on land currently occupied by the two hard court tennis courts (immediately next to the Leisure Centre ) – information on the effects of removing the tennis courts is also being asked for –  as is an assessment of the effects that  removing tennis courts will have for public health.

Questions are also being asked about the effects such a closure would have on the Vale Council’s existing contract with the Leisure Centre operators  Legacy Leisure.

Patients who now attend the existing GP surgery at Station Road , Penarth would have to use the new Cogan Healthcare Facility – when it’s built.

An internal report made to the  Vale Council’s ‘cabinet’ has claimed that building the new Healthcare Facility at Penarth Leisure Centre will bring what are called  “significant opportunities”.

The report claimed that more people would be attracted to use the Leisure Centre  – as a result of it being next-door to the new Healthcare Centre –  and that anyway nobody much uses the tennis courts.


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  1. Penileaks says:

    Great idea to close the two surgeries, both sites could then be developed for the much needed Penarth social housing shortage. Redlands Road Surgery in particular lends itself to a large multi storey block of this type of housing and this should make the Vale council very happy.

    • Monty says:

      This joke is wearing a bit thin

      • Richard says:

        As is the Vale’s constant quest for social housing…and your tiresome, superior intervention.

    • Dan says:

      Yes, Penileaks, I think we all know what will go in place of the surgeries. That Redlands building looks quite new but why should talk of costs stop them? Get it down! Stack up the multi-storey blocks!
      I wonder if they’ll leave the terrace in Station Road or get that down too? I can’t imagine its equipped with all the attendant necessities of a social housing complex. Perhaps the reg-oo-lay-shuns will dictate a ‘new build’?

  2. e roberts says:

    Good luck to anyone who books an early appointment – they’ll never get through the rush hour traffic!

  3. Chris David says:

    So the VOG is considering ripping up two health promoting tennis courts- they may not promote hence they’re not used as much as one might like. They then want to build a health centre in an area accessed via a pollution hot spot, really good if you have a lung condition. Oh and its out of town to help fit people jog there.
    The VOG could do much more good by leaving the practises where they are halting the third world 8:30 AM phone lottery some health centres use. Health practises may also benefit from a pressure alleviating awareness campaign, to try and stop the selfish and not so bright element of the public making appointments for hangovers, so they can get a £1.50 box of painkillers free. Sort out the real problems and leave what works alone.

    • Anne says:

      Spot on, Chris David.

      • Freddie says:

        Question for Chris David: do you think Monty and the two Lindsay/Lindseys would get on well? 🙂

      • Chris David says:

        Who knows, Freddie, who knows who they all or are? Or indeed of they are one ha. Ta Anne- one does try 🙂 .

      • Monty says:

        May I be allowed to reply in place of Mr David? While I am aware that close personal relationships are commonplace on here, I need to make it clear that I have no such relationship with the ladies cited.

    • Monty says:

      It’s the Health Board making the proposal. Still, it’s always good to have a chance to take a pop at the council.

  4. cllr clive williams MBE says:

    My wife attends Station Road surgery, and it is always very difficult to park. My 91 year old neighbour attends Stanwell surgery, and again parking is an issue, I served on the old Health Board
    based in Rectory Road so I am aware of this issue., which has been around a long time. One previous site was the car park next to Cionis Cafe on the cliff walk., very central and owned by the Vale Council. Barry, Grangetown, and Splot have “mega” modern well equipt surgeries offering Pharmacy, Eye tests etc, Penarth deserves a surgery of this standard., and more, but this is a distance to travel from Brockhill Rise area..

    • 92 and a social butterfly says:

      keep your hands off the land by Cioni’s cafe, have you tried driving down Plymouth Rd and there are near misses on the Augusta Rd junction and its next to a huge nursing home and nursery and Doctor Who park there and there’s a children’s playground and in Holiday week there”s stuff on that needs parking and it”s good just to have a bit of space and green grass and a view of the sea which is beneficial tp health and people would get cross if you took that away which is no good for their blood pressure, and then people would be eyeing up the grass next to it and anyway it will soon all fall into the sea and future planing must be viable and sustainable.

  5. John64 says:

    Two sides to every story here, isn’t there? Air pollution at a doctor’s surgery but hasn’t that been affecting the Leisure Centre users for years without a clamour for changes. Getting to the proposed surgery in the rush hour? Try finding a parking space in Station Road at any time! Disability needs? As with parking, IF you can park in Station Road not all doctors are on the ground floor and there isn’t a lift. “Pressure Alleviation” is not the issue hear – it’s about where the “shellfish and not so bright” get their painkillers and not should they be using the doctor.
    Another point that hasn’t been mentioned, and that is cost savings. Two practices combined will surely reduce overheads; cash saved for the struggling health service.
    A rationale debate, please. There are pros and cons with everything.

  6. Chris David says:

    Indeed and lets not be misled. Cllr Williams I have been attending Stanwell since it opened and NEVER on any occasion have I had a problem parking in the car park or nearby. A 91 year old may indeed need help- anywhere. Not quite sure I get this bit ” “Pressure Alleviation” is not the issue hear – it’s about where the “shellfish and not so bright” get their painkillers and not should they be using the doctor”. But think I do and yes pressure from those that need a service other than the doctors appears to be a real problem. A working health pro in Penarth was telling me stories about this and the problems it causes. So lets focus on core issues.

  7. whatsoccurin says:

    I always try to walk to appointments at Redlands-however the heavy traffic and uneven pavements probably make it the most dangerous things that I do-as for the surgery-I find the patient care OK-but the discussion about evening opening when it and many other surgeries close for lunch seems ludicrous.

  8. Tom says:

    Can I just get this straight? They are thinking of closing two town centre surgeries, which provide a more local amenity, to send everyone over to an area – which is really outside the town and more akin to a hospital visit – where congestion (and the consequent pollution) are at breaking point.
    The rationale for this appears to be that there are a couple of tennis courts crying out to be ripped up and that those visiting a surgery in a ‘leisure centre’ – presumably unwell or believing they may have a serious illness – are going to look round and think ‘I might come here for an aerobics class’?
    Interesting they should pick two surgeries furthest away from the planned new location. How on earth do they expect the elderly to get over there? Or those with a morning appointment to arrive on time with the roads out of Penarth blocked until at least 8.45?
    I applaud Cllr Ian Johnson’s call to scrutinise the implications for patients. He’s actually thought about it – unlike those so desperate to be seen to be ‘making changes’.
    It’s one thing to talk of two sides of the story, of potential cash savings (I doubt that very much) but what about basic practicalities?
    I think the idea is utter madness. They really don’t know what to do next to make a ****ing hash of things.

  9. Jeff says:

    It really is frightening. Presumably this idea was mooted in a meeting by someone who’d seen a pair of empty tennis courts knocking about, the notion took hold in a room full of people with scant else to say or meddle with, and now the thing has actually become a reality? Unbelievable but – as I’ve always thought – people get what they deserve. Carry on voting this lot in and see where it gets us and our children.

  10. Jonny says:

    Why stop there? Why not close Albert Road and Stanwell Road surgeries? That’ll be the next thing. Incidentally. why have they picked Redlands Surgery – so far from Cogan – when Albert Road is so much nearer? Or Stanwell for that matter?
    Did someone living on Earl Road suggest it? 🙂

  11. Zapper says:

    How about Penarth town council building on Stanwell road? At least it would be used for something productive rather than obstructive…..the council could move to a building more in keeping with their perceived standing with the local population….maybe a portacabin in the leisure centre carpark….

  12. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    Please get rid of the ten minutes and one thing only appointments

  13. Jim says:

    It’s high time they closed all the surgeries and built a new complex on an industrial park somewhere the other side of Cardiff. I hear there’s land going cheap as chips over there – so that might ultimately bring savings (we can spin it that way in any event) – and the trip over there might give people time to think about moving around a bit more, and getting healthier, instead of expecting health services close by when they’re paying all these taxes.
    It should abundantly clear to everyone that sighting a surgery a good distance from its elderly, infirm, unwell and worried patients (thereby giving them the opportunity to endure excess traffic and miss appointments) presents MASSIVE not just “significant opportunities” all round. A big boost to the notion of practical and thoughtful healthcare. Congratulations to the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      Jim-your sense of humour is similar to mine-East Cardiff would be great-near to the Viridor recycling site, and as a bonus you ease the pressure on Thornhill Crematorium.

      • Jim says:

        Marvellous idea, whatsoccurin, and you’re right, I hadn’t thought of the boon of the recycling site. Talk about “significant opportunities”. It’s a no-brainer.

  14. Paul says:

    It’s beyond me how anyone with an iota of sense could question this superb example of deeply considered, thoroughly investigated provision of healthcare – the new “hub” at Cogan Leisure Centre.
    It’s in a location not easily accessed at peak surgery hours, it is some distance from the ‘catchment area’ for both surgeries, it will provide a service for the poorly and elderly who will have to travel through a notorious congestion/pollution blackspot….it will fill a couple of tennis courts (so much for encouraging activity – saying the tennis court aren’t used so we’ll fill them in with a surgery seems to me to be akin to ultimately querying the whole point of a leisure centre but let’s not be negative).
    I can’t see anything but benefits. People should have more faith and be led by the nose.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Actually it is in the catchment area for at least one of the two surgeries mentioned. Every previous comment suggests all will have to travel miles to the surgery. Well some of us have been travelling miles for years and would like a surgery closer to us! Also it would be nice to be able to park nearby and have facilities that e,g, Station Rd which is just 2 houses can’t provide.

  15. There needs to be a GP surgery within walking distance for those living in the area of Penarth near to the Golf Course. It would be too far to walk to Cogan Leisure Centre from Plymouth electoral ward.
    The Cogan Leisure Centre location wouldn’t be ideal for a GP practice because the gradient of the hill leading down to the area is too steep for wheelchair users and those with a bad leg.
    That area also has high air pollution so it isn’t great to have a health centre there.

  16. Peter Church says:

    Move it to the Penarth Pavillion, it will at least provide a use for the £4m re-furb!
    If they don’t find a use for it, it might end up as a Labour Party HQ complete with incinerator to burn our money.

  17. snoggerdog says:

    i can allready hear the shuffle of feet coming over the pont y werin bridge from all those new boxes that have been thrown together just across the ely river,they WILL be near the surgery. another point what about the windsor kinema site, or even vacate the council from west house & use that they dont have to be there the same as the welsh assembly dont have to be admiring the english coastline

  18. Sarah says:

    I’m deeply disappointed by this news. I have used Redlands surgery since it opened and have to say that I find it very well run with excellent staff from the reception desk to the doctors who go over and above. My big worry is that when premises move, the good systems that Redlands Surgery have in place may disappear. I actually live closer to the Leisure centre than to Earl Road, but I think it will greatly add to the congestion of the early morning commute. I have never had difficulty in parking at Earl Road. I think relocating will make getting to see a doctor a lot harder for people who have mobility issues and it will be quite stressful trying to get to appointments fighting the early morning traffic. I’m a regular user of the leisure centre, but I don’t think having a doctors surgery at the same location will make any difference in terms of encouraging people through the leisure centre doors. Is there any evidence to support this assertion? In my view the two things are entirely separate. In fact, I am less likely to visit the gym if I’m visiting the doctor because I have used my time going to my appointment.

  19. Chris David says:

    I’m backing the West House ( That is the PTC building isn’t it?) idea. Could do the same to the VoG kremlin building.

  20. Mark says:

    So, Tesco and the like had it right all along. Forget a chain of smaller friendly operations which engender a sense of community and care. Go for a MASSIVE SUPER HUB. Dismiss the benefits of individual surgeries to the elderly and infirm, and to those who are more likely to attend locally. Don’t stand for that sort of nonsense. Show you’re in charge, If they want it, make them come to you.

  21. NickP says:

    Why is it that we are not allowed any say in these matters?

    • Michael says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking, NickP. Why is it always presented as a fait accompli?

  22. gareth says:

    I think Flatholm would be perfect no traffic jams and no tennis courts. Just lots of seagulls to dive bomb the oldies.

  23. Jean Thomas says:

    I think they should leaves them as they are, but I would like to see an “afterhours” walk-in-centre for all surgeries opened in Penarth town centre.

  24. I think the pier Pavilion would be an ideal location , a place that is looking for a worthwile use instead of all the 10 minute wonders its subjected to at present. Of course a free bus service will be in use to ferry patients back up to town instead of walking up hill with only ONE bench on that hill for anyone to sit down a few moments before continuing . Of course my idea is frivolous but coming to know Penarth as I have, nothing, I repeat NOTHING would surprise me , placing doctors surgeries at Cogan when the traffic is gridlocked every morning is as stupid as it sounds . Imagine being aged say 80 you need to get a taxi from Plymouth Rd and BACK so you have an appointment for 9 am but due to the traffic problems you cannot get their on time, of course you used to use the Station Rd surgery which you could walk to steadily but now that’s taken from you . And now it will cost you to visit the Docs no matter how many visits you need to make. Can I suggest that anyone who works on the VOGC or local Council take an intelligence before being allowed to take up the post? If not I intend putting my dog up for election as he at least LISTENS to me which is more than the happens on the Councils at present.

  25. Chris David says:

    I take it then Mr Worsley, you wont be dodging the “seagulls” in Westgate St tonight Mr Worsley. You mention the Pier pavilion. Will you be attending the meeting regarding this on Monday eve (13th) in the Pilot?

  26. Regarding what the pier or the Cogan idea?

    • Chris David says:

      Well!……. Will you be attending Mr Worsley? Do a little more than firing off Mr Beans here? Come on help out. Monday 13th March- Pilot public house Penarth 7:30. Organised by councillor Philip Rapier.

  27. Chris David says:

    Hmmm- OK I’ll explain Mr Wosley. The pier complex and cinema are under threat as a public amenity. Lots on here plus elsewhere. Check out PDN headlines. Also Google Penarth cinema to close and PACL. There is a public meeting in the Pilot on Monday where you can contribute. Do something meaningful. I guarantee no seagulls in unison with howling rugby fans. Just a meeting which may be constructive and helpful to Penarth and the wider community 🙂

  28. Please don’t talk down to me Chris David , this is a public forum in which people are encouraged to air their views and opinions . They don’t have to be and are not expected to be experts on their choice of topic/s , if you cannot be civil and respectful, instead of acting high and mighty I suggest you stop contributing to this website. And maybe next time you’ll get my name right , or will I have the usual torrent of verbal
    diarrhoea designed to make you superior (my guess is on the latter).

  29. Chris David says:

    Ha classic- very funny ta. Now do something useful- are you going to attend the meeting and contribute?

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