Today’s edition of the “Penarth Times” – which readers weren’t able to obtain in Penarth newsagents’ shops today

The local weekly paper the “Penarth Times” has failed to appear in newsagents shops across the town today because of “printing problems”.

The paper is normally printed by the South Wales Argus in Newport – where the Penarth Times  editorial offices are now based – and normally is published every Thursday .

The Penarth Times was originally printed and published at premises in Arcot St, Penarth but printing was moved to the paper’s parent company in Newport and in 2009  the editorial staff were moved to a small office in Stanwell Road Penarth.

Eventually that too was closed and editorial staff were then moved to Holton Road, Barry – to share offices with the Barry and District News. The Barry editorial offices were closed in July 2014 and the Penarth Times  editorial staff were then moved to the parent company at the South Wales Argus in Newport a subsidiary of Newsquest Media.

The ultimate owner of the Penarth Times is the huge American media company Gannett – said to be the largest US newspaper publisher in terms of circulation





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  1. BigPooPski says:

    I just saw the pictures on the Penarth times website of the dirty baker disgusting, food .and he was still selling food.

  2. RosyB says:

    I used to buy the GI loaf. My boyfriend broke a tooth when eating it, so I should have worried then what may have caused it. A rat’s bone, a stone, a finger nail, or something else disgusting?

  3. Freddie says:

    That’s artisan baking for you – builds the immune system.

  4. I do not think the delay in putting out the Penarth Times will have affected its circulation , after all it is nothing more than an advertising medium with limited news items or local events . It should be a free newspaper as it contains more ads than topics. But as it has links with America that place were money is God I shouldn’t be too surprised .

  5. Freddie says:

    I see the Penarth Times is at the forefront of the big issues of the day, with no apparent front page mention of our wonderful Pier cinema being mothballed, and no questions being asked of its future.
    Mysterious silence all round…
    This tow really does deserve to go further down the pan.

  6. CelticMan says:

    A waste of money – the Barry Gem is a good read for free. Sometimes even references to Penarth. PDN the only real option for Penarth at Present.

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