MV Balmoral

White Funnel Ltd – the company that operates the vintage excursion passenger ship MV Balmoral – has released a provisional timetable for this summer’s sailings from Penarth Pier.

Balmoral commences her season on Saturday May 27th – sailing from Penarth at 09:40 to Ilfracombe, cruising the Devon Coast and returning to Penarth at 17:30 .

The MV Balmoral sails past Penarth Esplanade to call at Penarth Pier

There will be further voyages from Penarth on Sunday May 28th, Thursday June 1st (Minehead & Ilfracombe) , Friday June 2nd (which includes a 90-minute stopover at Watchet) , Saturday June 3rd (Clevedon, Bristol 3 rivers and 5 bridges), and  Sunday June 4th (2 rivers and 4 bridges).

Balmoral will then be on the Thames until Monday June 12th and from Thursday June 15th will be on the South Coast until Sunday June 18th .

Balmoral will be sailing from Penarth until the end of September this year

From Thursday June 20th  she will be cruising from Pembroke Dock for 3 days before heading North to Liverpool, Llandudno and the Menai Straits.

On Wednesday July 5th she will be at Douglas Isle of Man for “Tynwald Day”   and then cruises in Scottish waters until July 15 when she heads South again to North Wales and the Isle of Man.

Balmoral embarking passengers at Penarth Pier

Balmoral returns to Penarth on Saturday July 29th and has a full cruising programme in the Bristol Channel until Monday September 4th  – then completes another North Wales and Scottish schedule of sailings before arriving back in Penarth on Thursday September 28th  for  her last three sailings of the 2017 – the final one of which is on Saturday September  30th.

Full details are available on

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  1. Jamie says:

    I can’t wait for this. Shall we organise a PDN outing?
    There are so many posters I would love to meet…
    92 and a Social butterfly – sounds a scream
    Chris David – lets rip, means well, and doesn’t like nastiness
    Monty – gruff and proper but might show a soft side with some buttering up?
    Lindsay/Lindsey – wants the best for the majority and isn’t afraid to say so
    Mgg – sounds nice and fair and has a sense of humour
    andrewsketty – to thank him for setting up the Pier petition
    penarthblog – wants the town to thrive
    and so many more…
    I wonder who would be the first man/woman overboard?

    • Martha says:

      I want to meet the fabulous snoggerdog – I’m still keen to know the identity of the potty-mouthed fat bird, and I’d love to hear more stories about trendy black jeans and growing up in Penarth.

  2. Sally says:

    What about Andrew Worsley – I’ve always thought he would be a laugh ever since reading his post about taking relatives to The Busy Teapot for homespun food?
    Also, would Clive Williams consider coming – he’s on my Christmas card list after jumping in with both feet to support Philip Rapier re the Pier?
    Ian Perry would be good – to hear more about cycling, also Kevin Mahoney who is impressive.

  3. Tom says:

    I like this idea. My wife and I are coming!
    What about SJLeworthy who was concerned about dogs in his solar panel post on that new glass-fronted house on the clifftops? he always seems quite easy-going and good company.

    • Jim says:

      Is it Evil Under the Sun where it starts with tetchy people on a boat and then someone gets murdered?!

      • Freddie says:

        Isn’t it Death on the Nile? Monty can be Peter Ustinov. : )
        I reckon Channel 4 would like to film that get-together – it would make a fabulously harrowing one-off documentary about disparate posters on a community news site being thrown together on a historic boat.

      • Tony Harris says:

        It was Death on the Nile with Peter Ustinov.
        What a classic.

  4. Tony Harris says:

    It’s good to see the Balmoral back in May but only due to the generosity of strangers and loyal supporters. Let’s hope we have a better summer than the last two as that’s the only way it will be back in 2018.

  5. It is really good news that Balmoral is set to return to Penarth this summer. Only a few weeks ago they were busy fund raising to help meet the costs of her annual “MOT”, so very pleased she has gone through. I have given every support to the charity that runs her, and was behind moves by the Town Council and Vale to give financial and practical support to White Funnel on a number of occasions. She is an unmissable part of the seaside scene in Penarth.

    • Arthur King says:

      Still ‘Councillor for Penarth’. Why not be more specific? or put ‘a’ in.

  6. snoggerdog says:

    yes maybe we can re-enact the scene in BEN HUR with charlton heston, (i dont want to be chuck, i want to be the timekeeper with the big whip) anyway it was just an idea. anyroadup i dont think the the man with the whip came to a very nice end,whereas chuck got to meet jack hawkins.

  7. Martyn says:

    Always nice to see Balmoral (& Waverley) operating from Penarth Pier.

  8. CelticMan says:

    One up on Cowbridge 😉

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