A Mercedes demonstrator bus being put through its paces in Penarth

Bus passengers may have blinked at the unfamiliar different colour scheme – but one of  the newish Cardiff Bus Mercedes Citaros is now being put through its paces on routes around Penarth and Llandough.

The Merc’ bus is a demonstrator provided by the manufacturers to enable Cardiff Bus to carry out a long-term test of the model.

The 95A service runs from Penarth Heights to Llandough and Penarth

Cardiff Bus already has several Mercedes Citaro vehicles in its 221-strong fleet – painted in its standard livery. The very latest models have CCTV, free 4G wi-fi  and USB charging points.

The muted colour scheme on this Cardiff Bus demonstrator doesn’t, however, denote a change from the green and orange colour scheme.  Cardiff Buses were originally a smart maroon but were repainted orange in the 1970s – a colour apparently picked by councillors to ensure the buses would be more visible under orange sodium street-lighting.

This month Cardiff Bus is also introducing a new fleet of 10 buses made by the British manfacturer Alexander Dennis in Scarborough which will also have state-of the-art facilities for passengers – including automatic  “latest stop” announcement systems which is now installed on 33% of all buses.

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  1. Bullied says:

    I hope this isn’t another dirty diesel bus to add to the air pollution we have already. Why can’t we have zero emissions buses? Now that would be progress.

  2. Max Wallis says:

    It’s another diesel bus – meets the (dodgy) Euro VI emission standards, but presumably not the standard for “Low Emissions Zones” that Cardiff should be getting. Interior design for a lot of standing passengers with 32 seats. 66 standing but not with a buggy or two or a wheelchair.

  3. Freddie says:

    In the first photograph, is the bus situated anywhere near that outstanding example of polished craftsmanship – the bus stop made from a large steel tub, with handles, filled with concrete?
    I thought it was a temporary measure to allow the cement to settle but it appears permanent.
    Perhaps it might feature in tourist literature to encourage visitors to the town – it’s the kind of thing you’d expect to see on the roadside in the deep South, just before a garage with tumbleweed being blown across the deserted forecourt.
    The prominent, rusted handles would be lethal if someone tripped.
    Welcome to Penarth.

  4. Jonny says:

    I’ve just seen this bus, very sinister I must say, in that dark grey swooshing about the place with faces staring back.

  5. snoggerdog says:

    i never thought we would have a bus from the billys to cardiff,& i get to go past my old school “cogan academy for young gentlemen” oh what memories,getting pushed off a 14foot wall,chinese haircuts,head flushed in the boys bog,the cane the dap,the double rule round the earole,the dart stabbed in my leg, the good old days, saying that cyber bullying sounds horrendous!

  6. AK says:

    Interesting that we no longer have bus stop laybyes any more; just painted yellow boxes on the highway, so the bus just stops the traffic.

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