The Pilot in Penarth’s Queen’s Road is the venue for the public meeting on the Pavilion Cinema organised by Cllr Philip Rapier)

Former Penarth Mayor Cllr Philip Rapier has confirmed that the public meeting he has convened at the Pilot Pub in Penarth  – about the closure of the Penarth Pavilion Cinema –  is in a week’s time at 19:30 on Monday March 20th.

Cllr Rapier (Labour St Augustines) has issued a new statement in order to avoid confusion with any other public meeting being held in the town on the same topic on a different date and at a different venue.

Penarth’s only real ciema – the Pier Pavilion Cinema

Cllr Philip Rapier (Labour St Augustines)

Cllr Rapier states “I must clarify that the meeting I have convened of the Penarth Residents Pier Campaign (working title) has always been stated on P.D.N. as 7.30 p.m. 20th March at The Pilot, Queens Road, Penarth. I would draw attention to the statement “All Welcome” but must respectfully point out I have no connection with any other planned meeting in respect of the Cinema on any other date.

He goes on to say “It may help to state my relevant qualifications. I am an activist and lifelong member of a leading Entertainment Trade Union. I therefore have “cross party” lobbying experience at the Welsh Assembly with Arts Spokespersons. I am experienced in campaigning vigorously on behalf of both performers and audiences within S. Wales. I trained for the Performing Arts at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and will be eternally grateful to the Community that created that opportunity for me.”

“This time span before the meeting is to give the absolutely vital time necessary for the consulting experts who have kindly volunteered to attend to examine the PACL accounts and the relevant points of law. This is necessary to find a suitable Trustee/Community/ Cooperative structure to take over care and control of the Cinema and debate this fully at the meeting.”

He adds ” I also need time for some further discussion with the “British Film Institute” and their approved Community Cinema film delivery channel “Cinema For All” so as to determine which is the best route for hiring films and securing the Pier Cinema’s future by efficient budgeting, Simply put do we hire direct from Sony, Disney and the members of the Film Distributors Association or through a State Aided Consortium Library of 800 Films overseen by the BFI.

“We are then in a solid position to present a budget to the grant awarding institutions ( e.g. Welsh Arts Council- ) so as to get started.  Simple really.

See you at the Meeting 20th March Pilot Pub Restaurant Queens Road Penarth.The provisional Agenda is as follows.”:-

  1. Examining The PACL Accounts
  2. Securing the Cinema’s future
  3. Sub Letting the Cinema to the Community by Cooperative ownership.
  4. British Film Institute Guide to Licensing Requirements( Licensing your community cinema | BFI Neighbourhood Cinema )
  5. Eligibility Joining the BFI Approved -Neighbourhood Cinema Scheme ” not for profit Rental Scheme “

Thank you PDN, Mr. Christopher David and the other posters far too numerous to mention for your support for the Penarth Peoples Cinema.Project”



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  1. Tom says:

    Sounds good. Get it off that shower of an outfit PACL. I can’t believe their incompetence and arrogance – they show no signs of stepping down in the light of the mess they’ve made either.
    Thank you to Philip Rapier and Andrew Sketty and everyone working on behalf of the town’s lovely Pier building and cinema.
    Revving up for the meeting on the 20th, hoping to offer any help needed.

    • Nicki Page says:

      Good morning Tom

      Re the people who love ❤️ Penarth pier cinema and pavilion grass roots community led campaign

      to get to the bottom of the awful closure situation of a public asset our heritage and jewel of Penarth the pavilion and pier which draws thousands to our town and the vale and present a new vision and integrated customer led marketing strategy to achieve a self sustaining pavilion and thriving arts centre and cafe/ restaurant and cinema and retail shop and place for all to enjoy residents and visitors to Penarth

      all that have responded positively to an agenda on this post which in as far as it goes is fine however

      I would like to clarify and elaborate on this situation, if you look at the Penarth on line petition 1,500 names started by Andrew who has so diligently and professional stated the facts of this awfully tragic and down right wrong situation

      A story which has let, after millions and millions of pounds of public lottery funding and other grants being spent on it, and 3 years of it running under PACL ltd management a now closure 7 days a week of the cinema and 3 days a week of the total pavilion including cafe being closed to yet another cash crisis

      seemingly we have an ever empty and leaking bucket, which has been let happen by the leadership of PACL led by Ton Hazel and his team and governers and trustees and politicians and all frankly who have been aware since the pavilion opened of its decline – accounts are published and as a business person passionate about the arts and community engagement and this historic pavilion which having been born in Penarth I grew up with and used I and now 1500 others find intolerable

      The story began for me years ago however:
      When PACL cancelled a charity fund raiser for Penarth Marie curie home last year which I had instigated, pro bono, having taken and confirmed the business, leaving me two weeks to rearrange – the church – all saints led by Peter Cox and Sandra and his team jumped in to help me.

      No charge, come here to the church we will host you and the 30 strong cancer survivors from Tenovous choir, and children from evenlode primary school and the headmaster who delighted us with his rendition of tiger tiger – wow he made us believe that tiger was burning brightly, and Annette’s and Helen Lingard and others contributions . And we made a little money for Marie curie Penarth and I took it in to them.

      I wanted answers 5 years ago as to why pro bono independent advice from marketing pr and digital communications and customer engagement specialists from Penarth professionals was not embraced – it was odd

      Why latterly no one, senior in pacl would respond to my and ther residents questions on why the pavilion did not have a professional integrated business and marketing strategy ?

      Why there was no professional engagement strategy evident to support the 100 plus initial volunteers – now the numbers vary according to who you talk to 12 or 20 who knows. I do know many have spoken to me who have felt ignored their views not embraced ?

      Why and who and what DNA did those in the pacl senior leadership offer to carry such a job and what were there key performance indicators and who was keeping a check on matters of very important public interest ?

      Why the financial results were as they were leading to now
      A 3 day a week opening and cinema closed – 7 days a week?

      Why senior leadership seemed detached and unable to express a warm and hospitable welcome to visitors. I brought Saudi ladies who were aghast at the treatment experienced – there was evidently no appreciation of how to talk or dialogue with a group of women I was with at that time let alone me a Welsh resident ?

      Why others had offered paying business to have it refused ?

      Why I had my clients who I represented business turned away when the facility was empty ?

      Why there was no apparent understanding of yield management and how to maximise the use of space to generate income in the cafe the public central area or meeting rooms or cinema ?

      So many whys and no response !

      So, after many months with I love ❤️ Penarth pier stickers and now 1,000 posters up and 1,500 names on a petition and tabernacle church hall booked for Monday 20th March at 6.30pm doors open, I advised Mr Rapier by phone that it would be great to meet and share ideas and have one meeting … in the church hall a neutral venue.
      Not a pub in Mr Rapiers ward – rather somewhere more central and easy for those Penarthians coming home from work on the train and somewhere suitable for youn adults to come snd share their views.

      A church hall is above political leaning one would suggest

      Mr Rapier obviously feels unable to engage and integrate into one cross party, cross belief and faith, cross residents from across Penarth and beyond,event which we don’t really understand

      He was too busy to meet me the day before his holiday last week he advised. He would give “consideration” to my invitation to all work together
      I cancelled my holiday and work commitments as I prioritised this matter, hence, the 800 posters I have now personally with one or two others are posted everywhere
      From churches to seniors care homes, schools to businesses to doctors surgeries and pharmacies and hairdressers and rugby clubs and the media – I could go on 3 full days of running and driving about
      Andrew wrote to the head of the heritage lottery fund and the reply is posted

      It’s all very fine now discussing again spilt milk – it did not have to be this way
      The mess is again made and we the people need and will clean it up

      “The aim of all is to secure a self sustaining future ” says Richard Bellamy head of heritage lottery fund Wales – great and specifically
      what ..
      by when , by whom and how much etc normal business outcome thinking

      But it’s no help if the current leadership and management of the pavilion and its facilities without the right professional collective DNA carry on.
      Water into a bucket strategy with a big hole – water in this case funds simply leak away is no strategy its again an emergency short term band aid

      A new team with an integrated customer centric marketing strategy is need NOW
      A new community company with half yearly meetings with ” the people ” to share ideas and feedback etc

      The people of Penarth want an open inclusive dialogue – not a behind closed doors ongoing debate- by the same people and special interest groups that have got us into this awful mess in part


      We the people who were born in penarth live in and out of Penarth, old Penarthians around the world, open the doors of tabs baptist church hall to all with positive input and ideas to share to help us as a community move forward at our meeting on 20th March 2017 6.30pm

      Please let me have any agenda points you would like included via asap
      Or drop them into the Busy Teapot cafe our campaign HQ or to Tony’s restaurant over your evening meal out

      We look forward to seeing all at our meeting

      We the people who love ❤️ the pavilion and cinema and pier are .. all together .. much better ….to achieve our outcome

      A thriving and welcoming and self sustaining, thriving, integrated arts and hospitality centre for celebrations and meetings and classes etc in the Penarth pavilion open 7 days a week

      We actively encourage and invite specifically by way of this email to please rsvp to me Nicki 07587 108522 urgently to confirm acceptance.

      Tony Hazel chair of PACL ltd and his senior management
      Pacl trustee representative Jo Jones with his vast experience of Welsh tourism
      The chief executive of the vale council and leaders of the council
      The leader of Penarth council
      The heritage lottery fund chief executive
      The lottery fund senior representative
      Hugh Edwards as president of London Welsh and broadcaster to moderate the evening
      The chief exec of Cardiff airport Roger Lewis representing tourisms business interest
      Representative from Penarth Old Penarthians rugby club as invited and advised by Mr Alex Page based in Malaysia
      The archbishop of Llandaff cathedral and other interfaith group representative
      The headmaster of Evenlode primary school or representative from the local schools
      Mr Rapier and team including Welsh Development Agency former Chief Executive Representative of Penarth Civic Society, historical society, the women’s institute, the royal volunteers, the care and share teams, Probus, etc
      Director of Chapter Arts Centre
      Andrew who has developed and provided very valuable information and originator of the online I love Penarth cinema campaign snd asked very difficult questions which to date remain unanswered to our satisfaction and understanding
      Representative from Llandough Hospital consultants and management, nursing and care staff
      Members of the traders and small and large business of Penarth of hospitality in penarth

      Media colleagues from and including:
      The editor of the Penarth times, Wales on line, the Western Mail, the echo, the gems in Barry and cowbridge and beyond.
      ITV Wales, BBC Wales, S4C Wales for HENO, Chanel 5 community news, local radio station journalist, Penarth on line – all welcome

      pls rsvp for backgrounder and requests for interviews on the night

      On behalf of the I love ❤️ Penarth pavilion and cinema and its facilities on the pier
      07587 108522

    • Nicki Page says:

      Great tom please come and help me set the chair up in the church hall at 6.30pm and support general helping seniors to their seats etc. Ok with that ? Oh and spread the word to all to come to the church hall to have their say and get our way sorted ! Nicki

      By the way we I love ❤️ Penarth pier campaign called a public meeting all Penarth councillors and the vale and carwen and I went to London and asked the Secretary of State and I met Vaughn Gethin and Welsh government advisor and mr get hints right hand man who took copious notes at the assembly Building last quarter 2016. No response was had by all except careens office he was too busy with other matters and sec of state said he couldn’t meet me not protocol what ever that means – the Penarth times were advised so I have been on it for many many many months printing stickers and now posters just to get the record clear. Nicki all together remains my mantra – better mr Rapier is welcome

      • Chris David says:

        Ms Page I think you’ve misread Tom who in fact thanked Mr Rapier and Mr Sketty- and appears geared to going to their meeting. Manipulative? I can’t make head nor tail of your last para with the nice heart. The best thing you can do is stop being divisive- get together with Mr Rapier and agree one venue- one (for now) meeting and one- business like, non political, non religious and ego free agenda. I personally don’t care which one of you takes the lead- perhaps the (one) audience can decide, but stop undermining the whole process. From want I’ve seen so far Mr Rapier appears the most focused and organised- but just bang heads and get together for the good of all.

  2. andrewsketty says:

    You really need to speak to The Independent Cinema Office

    The ICO works in partnership with cinemas and mixed arts venues to help them create unique, commercially viable film programmes that appeal to the most diverse possible range of local audiences. They create bespoke programmes for cinemas encompassing the latest blockbusters, arthouse cinema, archive content and artists’ moving image work.

    The Pier Pavilion has been one of ICOs clients and obviously is why the Pier has had such a strong and successful cinema offering.

    With the Pier Pavilion being a client it does raise questions about the real reason why the cinema was closed suddenly with just 10 days notice and which meant that no further new screenings were booked beyond those presumably already booked and ready to screen up to the end of February .

    The ICO is a crucial partner to getting our cinema back up and running aga8n.

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    Can someone please explain why there are two different groups trying to save the cinema. Are they in competition or what. The ‘other’ group also has a meeting on 20th in Stanwell Road Baptist Church and they have posters in the library. The last thing we need is rival groups?

    • andrewsketty says:

      Its a very good question and one I don’t have an answer to I’m afraid but i totally agree the future of our Pavilion and cinema is far too important for game playing. The petition I set up is just 4 names away from 1500 and shows how strongly we feel about getting it back up and running and securing its future.

      I think it is appalling that those in authority in this matter seem totally unwilling to engage with us over its future. I include here PACL,VoG council and Heritage Lottery Fund/BLF. Its hardly democratic and transparent!

      in fairness Cllr Rapier was the first person to actually offer a public meeting. Unfortunately local resident Nicki Page then responded by setting up her own People’s meeting and covering the town with posters advertising it.

      Surely Cllr Rapier & Nicki Page should have a conversation to combine the meeting as one which will show we are ALL united in a way forward. Is that too much to ask?

  4. Chris David says:

    Hera hear- that three venues mentioned now. Good luck tonight. Where’s the agenda?

  5. Richard says:

    I am VERY interested to hear Andrew Sketty say PACL and VoG “seem totally unwilling to engage” with those keen to ensure the survival of the PIer cinema.
    So much for public money – they took it all, spent it, made a hash of it, and now won’t admit it or welcome the support of the people. Though they appear to be silent, to me that speaks volumes.
    I really hope these two meetings can come together – it needs a force to be reckoned with to sort this little lot out. Let’s combine together.

  6. Danny says:

    VoG don’t like being questioned, do they? I think they’ve become used to doing as they please in Barry with the biddable. Here, despite the place going to the dogs, slightly different kettle of fish.
    I do hope the Pier building and cinema is put in the hands of those who deserve to run it. Perhaps the worm is turning. You never know, the Sunday Times judges may have done us some favours – people sitting about not giving a **** and now they’re taking another look at the place sliding down the swanny.
    Also, I see the attack dogs have been unleashed on here to spin away any doubts about the Labour-led Vale – just look for the superior, smart alec personal comments and you’ll spot the sleepers.

  7. Chris David says:

    So now we have N Page posting a rather emotive story (above) littered with pseud business phrases and with religious overtones, then others claiming Mr Rapier was the first to offer a public meeting. At least Mr Rapier has posted a business like and short agenda. I would suggest the public boycott the whole thing until there is one meeting, one agenda and one force going forward or it will be divide and rule by PACL and VoG. As to the venue- it should be the one with the best access and the largest capacity. All outside influences including/ especially religious ones should be avoided at all costs. I’m NOT taking sides- just the opposite, this is farcical.

    • Richard says:

      PACL must be laughing their heads off.
      I’m not questioning anyone’s commitment but this is better than VoG and PACL could have hoped for – long-winded, emotional rants which make them look discreet rather than secretive and call the focus and ability of people concerned about the pier into question.
      This campaign needs to be less personal and more professional – it’s the Pier cinema we’re trying to save. We should unite not seek to divide.

      • andrewsketty says:

        agreed Richard and Chris. I set up my petition merely asking PACL to reconsider closing our cinema. That is still the outcome myself and 1500 others want

      • andrewsketty says:

        Hi Richard…do bear in mind though that these are the views and actions of one individual. The majority of us just want to get our cinema back open and to work collaboratively and professionally to achieve it

  8. Chris David says:

    Indeed chaps- one meeting. N Page isn’t business-like. Like I said if Mr Rapier and Page cant bang heads and agree one meeting then Its best we boycott the whole thing and start again. Mr Rapier you appear far more focused can you persuade Page to co-operate? Can we all email page and persuade her to back off an co-operate. I’m about to send her a polite suggestion.

  9. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    I hope we all sit in a circle at the meeting,

  10. Chris David says:

    Sent early evening. I’ll post any replies. Suggest boycott and re invent if the parties don’t amalgamate. To Philip Rapier and Nicki page 14/03/17
    Dear Both

    I do not know either of you personally, I have no personal axe to grind so I’ll get straight to the point.

    The collective behaviour between you over a prospective meet re the Cinema is highly divisive. You’re playing into the hands of the failing parties who seek to save face- putting themselves and their ego’s first! Hmm.

    I’m sure you both have the interests of Penarth at heart and I applaud your efforts- to a degree. But in the interest of Penarth and it populace you need to get together and agree on one meeting on one date with one agenda.

    The way you’re going about things is counter-productive and farcical

    You’re both in danger of being pilloried and held responsible for a PACL and VoG Victory- with no cinema and complex being the result.

    As an independent, from what I (and others it appears from PDN posts) see Mr Rapier appears the more focused, business-like and the less emotive. He has an agenda for starters. This must be a secular affair.

    Surely you can work together to each other’s strengths?

    So please- talk and co-operate or bow out completely and allow a fresh start. I will be urging a boycott if you can’t agree one agenda.

    Thank you

    Best regards

    Christopher David

  11. Anna says:

    Hi Nicki Page, I hope you don’t mind me posting publicly about how much I share your concerns for the future of the Pier cinema.
    Thanks to your detailed message, I feel sure everyone is aware how passionately you feel about this issue and the huge amount of work you’ve already put into organising a meeting and lobbying various parties as well as the fantastic posters I’m seeing everywhere around the town – it’s phenomenal and very well done, if I may say so.
    What worries me is that two meetings may help dilute the considerable power we (and by that I mean all those of us who want to see the Pier cinema survive) may have as a united whole.
    I see from your message that you may feel you’ve been treated shabbily by PACL and I, too, would feel the way you do, judging by what you’ve said.
    I also see Chris David has sent you an email – I don’t know him but I believe he very much has the best interests of the PIer cinema at heart – and wondered how you felt about all of us combining in one meeting to really try and secure a future for the cinema.
    Thank you for all you’ve done so far – nobody wants to take away all your work. On the contrary, I think people would be grateful and glad if you would bring your tireless abilities to bear on a combined effort to really hammer it home to PACL that the people of Penarth will not be divided and really mean business when it comes to sorting out the mess they’ve made of things.
    I share your frustrations that they appear to think themselves above and beyond reproach and also demonstrate bad manners in not apparently engaging with any of those who have already put great time and effort into saving this wonderful feature in our town.
    Please consider this idea of one meeting. What do you think?

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