Vale of Glamorgan Council vans parked on the double yellow lines outside the Pier Pavilion were among the vehicles apparently being booked by a Vale Council’s own traffic enforcement officers

Here are the nominations received so far for this week’s  Penarth Driver of the Week title.


This CEO  in a hurry could be taken to the cleaners in Glebe St .

This white van seemed almost as permanent a fixture on the pavement at Windsor Road as the telephone kiosk alongside it ….but meanwhile, just ahead…

…a black estate car joins the van by partially parking on the pavement – which prevents its tyres actually touching the “no-go” pedestrian crossing zebra markings beneath  it

Time to park up on the pedestrian crossing zebra zone and visit the  Windsor Road shops. (There were  two vacant parking spaces approximately  10 yards down the road outside Sainsbury’s ahead of the white Jaguar on the left – but they were obviously too inconvenient and too far away ).

….And finally, the Near-Miss of the Week nomination ..

A fearless  driver in a blue saloon drives  up the steep hill of Stanwell Crescent ….but fails to stop at the white lines across the road at the summit of the hill and – feeling lucky – just carries straight on across the intersection with Pembroke Terrace.


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  1. Mary says:

    Try Salop St for parking pics next time

    Cars here come ready wrapped

    Sent from my iPad


  2. sjleworthy says:

    I think that Glebe Audi sports is resident. The amount of times i’ve past it with parking tickets on the windscreen is nobody’s business. But then, if you can afford a car like that what’s the cost of a few parking tickets?

    • snoggerdog says:

      ive been told the owner of the audi lives above the cleaners.

    • Peter Church says:

      Cylinder capacity (cc) 4163 cc CO₂Emissions 289 g/km Fuel type PETROL

      CEO of Greener Wales PLC

  3. Nigel says:

    Why are people so obsessed with whether someone parks up for a couple of minutes to do something? If it’s such a frequent occurrence, it can hardly be that dangerous, otherwise there’d be accidents every five minutes.
    I don’t blame people for hitching up on the pavement to drop something off etc. The place is so full of drivers, touring round the town with nothing better to do – when they could so easily walk – and all of them expecting a parking place, how is someone genuinely busy supposed to dash somewhere and then get on their way?
    I’ve lost count of the people I’ve seen, parking the car on Windsor Road when they only live round the corner. What’s the matter with walking? No wonder the place is heaving with cars.

    • Hugh Hunt says:

      Clearly if it was not enforced then people would constantly park on the zig zags around pedestrian crossings, blocking drivers views of people about to cross and it would be dangerous. You wouldn’t talk like that if your child got knocked down and killed because someone parked on the zig zags

  4. P Runcie says:

    Look at the Facebook page “Penarth’s parking plonkers” for more examples!

  5. RetailGuru says:

    Actually, the CEO cars are nearly always parked there, never get booked (hmm wonder why kerching?)… I spoke to a warden and he informed me that, when he spots the CEO cars he rings the door bell and gives him the opportunity to move! And for those of you that are wondering, the CEO cars are all owned by the Project One business on Glebe Street. Absolutely scandalous.

    • sjleworthy says:

      Never get booked? They certainly do. I see those cars with more parking tickets than not.

      • RetailGuru says:

        Hogwash! I walk past it every day, and no ticket (and have photos to prove it too)! I suggest that either the person concerned has an ‘understanding’ with the wardens… or knows the rotas of said wardens.

    • Ben says:

      I’ve seen people park on the town end of Ludlow Street all day ignoring the 1 hour limit when they live on arcot street. As a resident of Ludlow Street it’s very annoying not being able to park in your own street.

  6. snoggerdog says:

    this am (sunday) i came down ferry lane onto paget rd and it was chocker with vehicles there was the biggest winnebago iv ever seen off the raised pavement ,someone joked?in the PDN the other day about building social housing on the park side of the road,well i can you now the cars are allready in place!

  7. Re: The Stanwell Crescent car…..Oh! Flashback! My father’s car was hit by a removal van heading in the opposite direction (Albert Rd onto Stanwell Crescent) whilst taking this same journey back in ’79. At least one person thought he had died and called on my mother to his express his condolences! A semi-pro musician he wrote and recorded a song about it called “Stanwell Crescent Wipeout”! I note you also posted it on my birthday!

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