The brand new noticeboard at All Saints Church has been defiled with graffiti (Photo Tom Crooks)

Sunday morning worshippers attending All Saints Church at Victoria Square Penarth are certain to see today that the church’s new services board has become the latest target of graffiti gangs who are defiling an increasing amount of property in Penarth.

The new notice board was installed within the last few days after the previous one was damaged by the winter  storms – but on Friday night it was attacked by vandals.

The newly whitewashed walls of Victoria Garage will now have to be repainted

Graffiti has also been sprayed in the last few days onto the newly whitewashed walls of Victoria Garage  – over the way from the Cefn Mably pub. The garage however has its own CCTV cameras and is understood to be providing images to the police.

Police are already investigating the “tags”  used by the prolific graffiti gangs –  and are liaising with local schools in an attempt to identify the youths thought to be responsible.

Some of the damage done by graffiti vandals in the lane behind Earl Road

Cllr Clive Williams (Independent Plymouth Ward)

Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell)

Further down the same lane several back walls, rear entrances and even the side walls of  of some traditional Edwardian redbrick houses have been daubed with graffiti paint.

The issue is so serious it was raised with the police by Cllr Clive Williams (Independent Plymouth Ward)   in last month’s the meeting of Penarth Town Council .

Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell) told the same council meeting that graffiti was “ big issue all over Penarth and it seems to have got worse recently”

Graffiti on a newly whitewashed garage wall in the  lane leading from Redlands Road

.Inspector Gary Smart of Penarth Police says two of his officers are now gathering information on the graffiti gangs – and known individuals – in a bid to stamp out what is becoming a serious anti-social problem.

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  1. BigPooPski says:

    Wow someone’s been busy

  2. BigPooPski says:

    If you catch them make them clean it off with tv cameras filming them then put it on the news, name and shame them

  3. Mrs.Elsie Wilkins says:

    Just walked past church and one very kind young parishioner is trying to clean the graffiti off the church noticeboard. Well done to him for his efforts.

  4. Dr R T Wilkins says:

    I think its disgusting. What the hell are these counsellors doing, with an election on the horizon you think they will be more pro active.. They are more concerned with rebuilding playgrounds so little ASBO can come along and learn how to write his name then sell some spice. Hopefully we will catch them on our towns CCTV, oh sorry id forgot we don’t have any. Maybe we should get a senior citizen police commissioner to come and live in Penarth and help us, oh sorry forgot again we have one. What about having a police station in the town, oh we had one of those but they closed it. What about putting up the council tax to pay for more bobbies, oh how silly of me thats been done as well.

    • snoggerdog says:

      the police station is supposdly manned by thirty dibble since january.

    • Monty says:

      So the good doc blames the counsellors (sic). Maybe they’re to blame for the weather as well.

    • Monty says:

      So the good doc blames the counsellors (sic). I guess they’re at fault for the weather as well.

  5. JTR69 says:

    They have also daubed some drivel on the Railway Bridge on Archer Road. Such a shame.

    • Tom says:

      Part of the problem, it seems to me, is that some people are living in Cloud Cuckoo Land. It was good to see the new church sign go up but didn’t people see it was only a matter of time before it was defaced?
      Penarth is not a genteel, nice town in my opinion.
      One part stuck-up, sneering wannabes, the other like south central LA – both sets are lawless.
      What we need is more social housing.

  6. Harry says:

    Isn’t it about time the police took action? I can see they might be reluctant to upset the serious gangs that roam Penarth but how long have we been hearing that they’re ‘working to identify the tags’?

  7. Reuben says:

    That’s Penarth for you. Amazed it got anywhere near the Sunday Times list. Wake up, the town is a right pigging mess.

  8. penarth resident says:

    Thank you Cllr Clive Williams for yet again taking action and reporting this problem to the police.The cost of removing this graffiti is yet again down to the rate payers and not the perpetrators.

    • Gaynor says:

      Cllr Clive Williams also stepped up with the Pier building – one of the first to offer his support to Philip Rapier. I was impressed with that, not letting the ‘politics’ of those involved stand in his way. Good for him.

      • Arthur King says:

        He’s standing for election. Did he oppose the 125 lease for PACL when it was proposed and if so where and how?

  9. Ben says:

    Fancy any “defiling” going on in this wonderful town. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

  10. Simon says:

    And on the day it is revealed Penarth is dropping off the list of Best Places to Live…

  11. Tony Harris says:

    It’s the moronic yobs that want tagging and only some old fashioned policing would not go amiss. When did you last see a proper copper walking around the town? If our so called betters were not hosing our hard earned taxes around on stupid projects such as the Viewing Platform there might be money available to make Penarth a safer
    cleaner town. I’ll keep a copy of the Sunday Times as it will history next year unless there is big improvement and I don’t see that happening with the present administration.

  12. Robert says:

    I was reading this article before leaving for work this morning and on leaving my house low and behold I’d discovered my front wall has been tagged.

  13. AK says:

    Many European cities are blighted by graffiti but they view it as art !

    Not much chance of the police taking action as we never see any.

    I wouldn’t blame the politicians, I don’t think it was then wot did it

  14. Eyes and Ears says:

    The people who use these tags and write them on any open space will also write them all over their school books and bags etc. Pop into the secondary schools and they will match up somewhere. Offer a small anonymous reward and someone will point you in the right direction.

  15. Paul says:

    They lead such dull an uninteresting lives, they just gotta brighten it up by leaving their tags. It makes them feel they belong somewhere. They certainly don’t belong to normal society!
    Wonder what their parents think, how they turned out, or do they even care.

    They have probably put them up on facebook by now, to gain kudos with their mates.

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