Caught on an infra-red CCTV camera –  which can see in the dark –  a group of youths which the police want to interview about anti-social behaviour in Penarth

A number of youths – caught on CCTV cameras – in a back lane adjacent to Victoria Garage on Redlands Road are now being sought by the Penarth Police.

Police have issued photographs of the youths and are making a public appeal  asking for help from anyone who recognises the youths or who can identify any of them.

The youths captured on camera  – who the police want to interview  – are seen here passing a vandalised garage off Redlands Road. Anyone who recognises any of them is asked to contact the police by calling 101 0r 0800555111

Officers want to interview the youths in connection with a number of antisocial behaviour incidents in the area”.

Anyone who knows who they are is asked to contact the police by calling  101, quoting reference 1700080812. If callers do not wish to give their name they can give information anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

The newly whitewashed walls of Victoria Garage will now have to be repainted

Graffiti has been reported in back lanes off Redlands Road where whitewashed walls, garage doors and even the walls of Edwardian houses have been defaced.

The brand new noticeboard at All Saints Church was defiled with graffiti on Friday night

There was a serious incident of  antisocial behaviour at Victoria Square in Penarth on Friday night when a new information board  listing services at All Saints Church was covered with graffiti – apparently by several vandals.


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  1. Damon Sylvester says:

    HiThis could be of interest for a news story for you.The peop

  2. Check out this video of my 4 year old son and what he thinks of the graffiti in Penarth

  3. Ah sweet and yes, what does the words say, I cant understand the words either !

  4. Peter Church says:


    Slightly enhanced images, somebody must recognise them from these!!

    • Louise says:

      These four youths, you have enhanced are completely different to the night time youths. Maybe try enhancing the night time instead.

  5. Peter Church says:

    Forgot the infrared image

    • MATTY LEE says:

      I know who all 4 are, all names, and where they live however there is more Serious crimes to be focusing on then this….

      • Jone Rhys Jones says:

        Well done Matty, do you know where Shergar, Lord Lucan and Nicola Sturgeon’s brain is as well?
        I’m glad we have you to decide on what’s serious and what’s not.
        Perhaps you could get a highly paid consultancy job with the Police Commissioner to help him out on police priorities.

      • MATTY LEE says:

        Sorry bud but the police don’t need my help, they are too busy locking up “criminals “

      • Freddie says:

        What? Like crimes against grammar.

      • John says:

        Police have been notified you know who these people are, maybe don’t use your full name next time. Scottish police are coming soon. Lets hope they don’t put an obstruction of justice charge on you

      • MATTY LEE says:

        Crack on.
        I’m far to busy to care for the police needs when they should be doing their hob and focusing on the real criminals.

    • Eyes and Ears says:

      Come on guys, Matty is far too busy. Can’t you see that he only manages to comment after midnight. Hope that you are left alone now Matty. Probably have a lot of trolling to do.

  6. Paul says:

    “Slightly enhanced images”
    I don’t think so…

  7. Louise says:

    Why are you highlighting the daytime images. When the evening images are completely youths.
    I know the one kid in the day time image. (I will not name for legal reasons.) as it’s my friends son and he’s underage.

    They are not what so ever linked to the nighttime images. Completely different frames etc. Also the day time images, neither are carrying bags to hold vandalism material.

    I’m am disgusted that the 4 innocent “children” in the day time, are being target, yet are different people.
    For goodness sake. The I can see this and I don’t even know the other children.
    Get proper evidence. Not just “oh 4 kids are passing, let’s presume it’s them!”

    • Louise says:

      Completely different youths**

    • Peter Church says:

      “my friends son and he’s underage”
      So what! The police want to talk to them, they may have nothing to do with the crimes.
      The police often want to talk to all sort of people looking for evidence, maybe you could down off you high horse and ask these “innocent” children as you put it to contact the police.

      Children is used by friends and relatives, when stressing innocence.
      Youths by victims, when there is a sense of guilt!!

    • Eyes and Ears says:

      If you read the story instead of looking at the pictures and assuming, you will see that the police want to speak to them “in connection with a number of antisocial behaviour incidents in the area”. Whilst there are pictures of graffiti the police don’t mention as such. Also a marker pen can be easily hidden in a pocket.

    • Annoyed says:

      The pictures of the day time youths were taken after they were seen throwing empty glass whiskey bottles in the road – hardly innocent children! They have however endangered the safety of actual innocent children who should be able to walk to school without having to worry about tripping and cutting themselves in their own street! Maybe you should have a word with your friend about her sons behaviour so they have a chance to talk this through with the police and make sure appropriate action is taken.

    • Anonymoustoo says:

      Why would the police need to ask for their identities in a public forum when one of them is well known to the local police?

  8. PR says:

    How about the police get off their backsides and visit the schools in penarth instead of messing around with free phone lines? If they can’t catch a few kids then forget the council tax increases for policing – take it out of the PCC budget for employing his friends.

  9. Anonymous says:

    They are st cyres pupils. Contact the school

  10. Charles Sweet says:

    They are ST CYRES pupils

  11. Just imagine if this had happened in Penarth town centre we would have had no images caught on camera as we no longer have any CCTV cameras, oh and no Police presence really , I don’t class once or twice around in a van as Police presence and certainly not detection or prevention.

  12. Matty says:

    I know who they are 😂

  13. Mark Foster says:

    These images are in fact part of a twisted and now even subconcious repetitive propaganda strategy paid for, organised and nurtured by globalists since the end of the Second World War under the banner of “Never Again”. They have captured all your institutions and democratic political parties and used people like Alun Michael to manipulate your minds into a multicultural morass.

    The police are directed not to show images like these if the suspects or even criminals are identifiably black. They are also instructed not to install security cameras in Penarth Town Centre so that the miscreants cannot clearly be identified as outsiders.

    However they eventually go too far and what happens is a leader like Adolf Hitler or Donald Trump emerges from outside of the corrupted system who understands the use of propaganda (read Mein Kampf or Twitter) and swings the pendulum back. Also read about Merton’s Law of Unintended Consequences. This is what is happening now.

  14. snoggerdog says:

    i think youve nailed it there mark.

  15. Jone Rhys Jones says:

    Anyone with information on the people in the photos, whom the police wish to talk to should let either crimestoppers or the police themselves know.
    No ifs, no buts.
    Never heard such a lot of bleeding hearts, poor little johnny he’s only 16 and he would not hurt a fly or do anything wrong.
    Graffiti costs a lot of money to remove.

    • Robert says:

      Thank you. The police visited me within 24hrs of my reporting of the graffiti tags on my exterior wall.’. I’ve now got to buy graffiti remover and repaint the wall. This time hopefully with ànti graffiti paint. At at very expensive cost. But hey the vale is now replacing old Street lights with new led units starting in Penarth. Which ‘allegedly will not be turned off at night!

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