In a non-political public meeting in Dinas Powys in November there was an overwhelming vote in favour of building a Dinas Powys By-Pass . This afternoon Vale councillors are holding a “consultation event” at the same venue- the Britway Hall

With the minimum of pre-publicity the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council has announced that is to hold what it calls a “public consultation eventthis afternoon (Monday March 13th) on the Dinas Powys By pass.

A Vale o Glamorgan Council notice announcing today’s afternoon “Public Consultation Session” in Dinas Powys

Vale Council officials, councillors  – and the council’s hired consultants Arcadis – will be attending the “Drop-In Event”   between 13.30 and 18.30 at the Parish Hall in Britway Road, Dinas Powys.

Any member of the public is invited to attend to express their views on transport issues – including the need for the By-Pass .

By-pass Steering Group chair Rod Harrod says “It’s vital that everyone who can turns up and makes their voice heard loud and clear, though it’s hardly a suitable time for the working public”.

He suggests that “Perhaps those who can’t make the session but want to express their views can contact one of our members listed on our website”

Rod Harrod chairman of the Dinas Powys By Pass Steering Group

Mr Harrod says “We only found out about this meeting last Friday afternoon. There was also a private session scheduled for public bodies and community representatives last Tuesday (7th March). But nobody at the Dinas Powys end, including Community Councillors, seemed to have been informed about it three days prior.”

Roger Pattenden, a chartered civil engineer who is also a member of the steering group says “Vale Officials and ruling Councillors still hang on to the notion that the by-pass would just move traffic problems from other points to the already overloaded Merrie Harrier junction

The Steering Group has  been told that despite the fact the by-pass scheme has been omitted from the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Local Development Plan, a future council could decide to build a by-pass – because  the Highways Department has the powers to create a route.

A suggested route for the Dinas Powys By pass would end at the Merrie Harrier / Redlands Road / Sully Road junction

A suggested route map prepared by the Dinas Powys By Pass steering group proposes a double roundabout at the Merrie Harrier junction in place of the present double junction.It’s envisaged that the Dinas Powys bypass would but cut through open countryside and emerge at the Merrie Harrier junction

Cllr Anthony Ernest

Attending this afternoon’s event at Dinas Powys will be Cllr. Anthony Ernest (who will be standing for the Vale Council Plymouth Ward as an Independent) .

He says  “the renewed interest in a By-Pass would obviously have implications for people living along Sully Road” and says “it’s essential that residents of the area take an active part in the consultation process, so as to ensure that the proposals fully take into account any issues relating to future access, and more especially noise reduction measures.”

There is further information available, including a map of the entire route, on this website




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  1. Chris David says:

    Have you got a map of the latest prosed route PDN?

    • NewsNet says:

      We’ve now added a map produced by the Dinas Powys Steering Group which shows a possible layout at the Merrie Harrier.

  2. Sick of the same old politicians says:

    Rather afraid the by pass will encourage those travelling from Barry to travel this route instead of the Wenvoe route to Cardiff. This will put too much pressure on both junctions leaving Penarth to Cardiff. How about the route going north of Dinas and dropping into Cardiff at Leckwith.

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