Local residents poured over maps of the Dinas Powys area -discussing transport options with Welsh Government consultants Arcadis

Consultants working on collating information about the traffic problems in Dinas Powys and the surrounding area – including routes though and around Penarth – have said their initial report will be submitted to the Vale of Glamorgan Council by the end of this month

Yesterday – despite very little publicity –  scores of people attended an afternoon and early evening drop in session at the Britway Hall in Dinas Powys to discuss their traffic and travel problems with a team of experts from the consultancy firm Arcadis and from the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Penarth Town councillor Anthony Ernest was one of several councillors attending the event

The “Dinas Powys Transport Network Study” event was also attended by several members of Dinas Powys Community Council, Penarth Town councillor Anthony Ernest,  representatives of the group pressing for the construction of a Dinas Powys By Pass, officials from bus and train undertakings  and other local organisations.

The event was part of a  £15,000 survey taking a  “holistic” view of how things move (or don’t move)  in Dinas Powys and its environs .

In a non-political public meeting in Dinas Powys in November there was an overwhelming vote in favour of the by-pass. The meeting is now recognised as having been the most significant held in the village for 50 years

It was the result of constant pressure applied the by-pass campaigners, and the overwhelming local vote in favour of the by-pass taken at last November’s packed Parish Hall public meeting – which local residents believe was a historic landmark for the village in getting its point across to the Welsh Government and the Vale Council  .

Welsh Government Transport Minister Ken Skates promised to re-examine transport problems in the area  – an area where a proliferation of new housing schemes are forecast to make existing congestion even worse in the years ahead.

Consultants Arcadis say it will be up to the Vale of Glamorgan Council if  their  report – which is due to be completed by the end of this month – is released to the general public   .

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  1. Jocelle says:

    Surely any report commissioned with the use of public money should be made available to the public.

  2. Chris Franks says:

    It was frustrating that the issue of the bypass was obviously being down played. There really was no attempt to engage with this option.
    Many people feel that the sale of St Cyres land at the top of Murch Road will seriously encroach upon the route of any bypass. The sale of this land is supported by the Conservatives however it must be recognised that the route of the bypass was through this land.
    There was also no attempt to focus on the Cardiff City Region that the Vale has joined. This means that the Vale Council has handed over authority to Cardiff and valley councils regarding major schemes such as the bypass. Again the City Region has the full support of the Conservatives even though it will further reduce the chances of a bypass. Do we really believe that valley councils will back a bypass? Only Plaid objected to joining the City Region.

  3. Dan says:

    The rush hour traffic queues have increased recently on Windsor Road and in the Marina, where people drop in and out of, to try and mitigate Windsor Road and the Cogan roundabout. My guess is the lights have been adjusted on Barons Court junction to increase the flow to Cardiff from Dinas/Barry.
    Vale Council looking to “cook the books” for the upcoming report ?

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