The House of Commons at Prime Minister’s Questions today

The Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow invited a question from his new friend and ally, the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth Stephen Doughty, during today’s session of Prime Minister’s Questions.

A little slot in PMQs today could, perhaps, have been payback for the Penarth MP’s assistance in setting the scene for the Speaker’s “spontaneous” critical comments last month on the impending visit of the  President of the USA, Donald Trump.

Stephen Doughty Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth jabbed his rolled up Order Paper towards the Prime Minister

Doughty said “Mr Speaker, it is our two single markets that are the backbone of our economy, and yet the Prime Minister wants to rip us away from one  – and they [pointing to the Scottish Nationalists in the House of Commons ] want to break up the other.  Can she” [ referring to the Prime Minister]tell me is it really a price worth paying – the risky and reckless approach she is taking to Brexit – to foster the break-up of Britain?”

The Prime Minister dismissively rejected the basis – such as there was – of Doughty’s tangled question.

The Prime Minister swatted-away Doughty’s question by saying “The honourable gentlemen is wrong when he   uses the term that I want to “rip the United Kingdom away from the Single Market”. What we want to do is… [ interruptions from Labour MPs]

The Prime Minister Theresa May dealing with Doughty

The Prime Minister continued “I’m sorry to say to honourable members on the Labour benches this is the same answer as I have given consistently in this house. We want to ensure that we get a good Free Trade Agreement which gives us the maximum possible access to the Single Market   – to enable us to trade with the Single Market  and to operate within the Single Market. “

Doughty was left shaking his head in a sedentary position.

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  1. Chris David says:

    Just a comment on a side issue mentioned here, forget about Scottish independence (and Leanne Woods jump on the back of it). Scotland even after oil revenues still has (from memory but its huge) a c£15 billion annual budget deficit. Like Wales its bust. Sturgeon’s rhetoric is all hot air and we should just ignore her.

    • Monty says:

      It would be nice to ignore a few people

    • JohnP says:

      Just another comment -the UK as a whole is running a huge budget deficit and this government hasn’t even got the sense to stick to it’s manifesto commitments

      • Chris David says:

        Agreed but Wales relies on the block grant calculated under the Barnet Formula (examined by Gerry Holtham- Holtham Committee) so the UK deficit is irrelevant in terms of the fiscal state of Wales and Scotland. Fact is they cannot exist independently. Wales’s trade surplus is c£4.5 billion (last time I checked) I’m sure I don’t need to explain- well to you and some others here anyway.

  2. Peter Church says:

    He’s worried about a “pie tax”

    One day he’ll ask a question that relates to Penarth, One Day!

    • Louise C says:

      Brexit does relate to Penarth. Or were you expecting him to ask the PM about the Pier Pavillion?

      • Ann Other says:

        Yes, of course! She is clearly responsible. Who else could be accountable? The Chair of the Trustees? The trustees themselves? The Chief Executive? No! It’s the nasty conservatives to blame. She should be made to answer by Mr D.

      • Peter Church says:

        Yes, I know, silly!
        But he never asked specific questions, always grand standing to get attention.
        He is an out and out self centred publicity seeking individual who cares not a jot about the people he repersents.

      • Monty says:

        Hmmm “…an out and out self centred publicity seeking individual”. I know a few of those!

      • hopenotnasty says:

        Cardiff and the Vale voted for remaining in the EU. Doughty is therefore representing the majority of his constituents in asking these questions. Economically it makes no sense for Scotland to vote for independence but with the prospect of being overruled by Westminster and the Torres for years. The Scots this time round could well go for independence. How long will it take for Wales to follow suit?

  3. BigPooPski says:

    Wow the way Doughty is growing he will need a whole bench to himself before long see he’s making full use of his food allowance.

  4. Frank Evans says:

    Looks like he Going to eat that despatch paper.

  5. LJS says:

    Mr Doughty’s head is inclined to shake I think in a similar fashion to Churchill the dog on a rear parcel shelf, as anatomically our esteemed Member is not in possession of a neck.

  6. Louise C says:

    I get that you don’t like Doughty. I assume you have reasons for this.
    But constant pie related ‘banter’ just make you all look like bullies. It doesn’t help your arguments, it’s all very unpleasant.

    • Frank Evans says:

      You are right. Maybe we should just concentrate on his lack of knowledge regarding company structures.
      Not knowing what a limited company is.

  7. Tom says:

    What is the point of Tubby Doughty? Useless question at PMQ’s from a useless MP.. Time for a new broom. #makepenarthgreatagain

  8. June Davies says:

    Very disappointed by some of the disgusting bullying comments on here about Mr Doughty’s weight. Shameful of them. I imagine these people are often seen jogging, walking and cycling around the barrage and are a picture of perfect health – NOT! I also imagine they wouldn’t dare speak like that if they weren’t hid behind a computer.

    • Margaret says:

      Well said Louise and June . These comments about Stephen Doughty are rude and nasty and are only made because you can be anonymous on this website. Penarth news should not publish such abusive posts.

  9. BigPooPski says:

    I agree, stop all the fat jokes Doughty is really helping us by eating all the junk food so we don’t have too, I back him in this keep eating away Doughty your doing the public a great service

  10. The fat jokes are a symptom of so called Welsh humour which involves ridicule, misinterpretation , lack of proper understanding and is very basic where it exists at all . I am not a fan of Mr Doughty myself and can see his faults but continual mocking someone’s appearance is nasty , if its an arrogant person like Donald Trump they ask for all they get , but Doughty is not in that league . A simple example of Welsh humour is/was personified in 3 Welsh comedians as far as i’m concerned . Tommy Cooper a lovely man and a great comedian but a lot of his was visual just short of slapstick , Owen Money entertainer and Comedian of sorts , this man laughs at his own jokes to indicate to his Welsh audience that they are meant to be funny in some cases explains the joke after its been told and lastly Max Boyce , take out the rugby jokes and he has no worthwhile material , I saw this man a few times on the TV but after 5 or 10 minutes it was obvious most of his act involved sporting jokes mostly about Rugby . There are a few contributors on here that consider themselves amusing or superior ( as a contributor I may be accused of this from time to time but my intention is not to act superior , which is more than can be said of one or two regulars on here!!) and I think the regulars will know of whom I speak. I can expect them to rise to the bait concerning my comments ( but that wasn’t my purpose of writing this) I was agreeing with the people who do not like the nasty personal attacks on Mr Doughty, which shows a good side of human nature which I applaud .

  11. snoggerdog says:

    maybe we donate that new concrete bench outside of barclays as his own personal locally sourced seat,engraved of course.

  12. Chris David says:

    Aw cmon Mr Worsley- you do yourself down. You’re the funniest person here now Lindsay’s disappeared (if he has). Can we expect to see you attending at one of the support the Cinema meetings? You can bring your Greenwell’s Glory. Penarth needs as many as possible to get involved, even if just showing a hand to give a mandate, or more if you have any ideas?

  13. As I do not go to any cinema have not done so for years I have no interest in Penarth’s cinema or anyone else’s. God alone knows what Greenwell’s Glory is Mr David ? but I’m sure as eggs are eggs you wont be able to resist the urge to enlighten me/us! And some of my posts are intended to be amusing like Mr Churches but yours illustrate nothing but arrogance and a self satisfied air with an ego as big as a bucket , even your attempts at humour are designed to amuse little old you before anyone as they consist of petty jibes not humour at all .

  14. Chris David says:

    Save the cinema for the country- Its not about You Mr Worsley, its about the community you so prolifically comment on. With your incisive wit and observation you could do some good- for others, children and adults alike. Pilot pub Monday the 20th. Ps- you mentioned bait, a Greenwell’s Glory is a trout fly.

  15. Well its nice to note that Penarth Daily News has its very own ‘Troll’ in Chris David . Save the cinema for the country Mr David? may one ask what planet your on? no one outside Penarth are likely to be interested in a little cinema in Penarth much less one that cannot be ‘bothered’ to advertise the films its going to show etc thus ensure the ‘general’ publics lack of concern. Of course we all knew what a Greenwell Glory is because every one in Penarth goes fishing don’t they Mr David ???? everyone knows that !! if only we were all so wise as you are, sigh !. Well as I said now we know we have a died in the wool (get the welsh connection Mr David?) Troll of our own .

  16. Chris David says:

    Chuckle….. You are a wit- thanks again. Ps at 6’2″ possibly not areal troll 🙂 pps its dyed in the wool, unless you’ve just invented a Welsh funeral coat? not beyond your abilities Mr W. But seriously- will we see you on Monday? You’re up on the marketing deficiencies so come- have your say. Support your Counties cinema. Wales needs you and bring your friend.

  17. As I said Mr David your remarks or traces of wit are designed to PLEASE YOU first and foremost above all else, and we know bullying, nasty nit picking of individuals and put downs, plus crass attempts at humour designed to please you more than others are all the practices of internet trolls and you fit that role perfectly with your arrogant , superior ,self satisfied behaviour and cheap put downs . Yep our very own ‘TROLL’ on the Daily News forum, trouble is I shouldn’t be feeding your habit by responding to you as I have thus far.

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