Nicki Page (left) and Cllr Philip Rapier (right) are to hold rival public meetings on Monday night about the future of the Penarth Pier Pavilion Cinema

Two – apparently rival – public-meetings called to discuss the future of the Penarth Pier Pavilion Cinema are, it seems, due to be held almost simultaneously on Monday March 20th –  at two different venues in the town.

Cllr Philip Rapier (Labour St Augustines)

One meeting has been convened by Cllr Philip Rapier (Labour St Augustines) – a former Mayor of Penarth who is holding his meeting on Monday March 20th at the Pilot Pub, Queens Road, Penarth at 19.30.

Cllr Rapier declares “I am an activist and lifelong member of a leading Entertainment Trade Union. I therefore have “cross party” lobbying experience at the Welsh Assembly with Arts Spokespersons. I am experienced in campaigning vigorously on behalf of both performers and audiences within S. Wales. I am experienced in campaigning vigorously on behalf of both performers and audiences within S. Wales.”

Nicki Page is leading the “Save the Pavilion Cinema” initiative

The rival meeting is being convened by local resident and public relations executive Nicki Page at the “Stanwell Road Baptist Church Hall”  (which is actually in Victoria Road, next door to the Paget Rooms) on Monday March 20th commencing at 18:30.

Ms Page says she has been monitoring the affairs of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd for 7 years and pouring through the published versions of the company’s accounts.

A poster for the Nicki Page meeting

At the moment neither party seems prepared to merge the two meetings and co-ordinate a joint approach to propose a way forward for the Pier Pavilion Cinema.

The Penarth Pier Pavilion Cinema  had been in operation 7-days-a-week since 2013 but was closed indefinitely on March 6th 2017. At the same time, a revised schedule was introduced for the rest of the Pier Pavilion which is now closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Both the Pier Pavilion –  and the Pavilion Cinema inside it – are run by the “charity” Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd (a.k.a. PACL)  – a “not for profit” company. chaired by Professor Tony Hazell .

In the red: Penarth Mayor and ,Leader of Penarth Town Council, Cllr Mike Cuddy represents Penarth Council on the board of trustees of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd – the not-for-profit company/charity that holds the lease on the Pier Pavilion and who used to run its Pavilion Cinema

Amongst the current trustees/directors of PACL is  the current Mayor of Penarth, Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines) who sits on the board as the official representative of Penarth Town Council – of which he is the Leader.

Cllr Cuddy has, so far,  not made any comment about the closures of either the Cinema or the Pavilion.

In October last year Penarth Council suggested the setting up of a “Film Club” at the Paget Rooms in addition to its “Live Event Cinema” to try to increase the revenue generating use of the venue. So far there has been no response to that idea.

In 2015 the Labour-controlled Penarth Town Council, under Cllr Cuddy, used £35,000 of local residents’ money – derived from an increased Penarth Town Council Tax precept –  to start-up its own competing rival cinema at the council-owned Paget Rooms [ the so-called “Paget Rooms Event Cinema”] – an innovation which may prove to have adversely affected the economics of the Pavilion Cinema and might not have assisted the long-term viability of either enterprise.

Apparently it never occurred to Penarth Town Council to pool resources and consider establishing its Live Event Cinema – which shows live satellite transmission of West End theatre productions –  at the Pier Pavilion. The council’s rival Paget Rooms Live Event Cinema was supposed to make a profit of almost £4,000 last year. In fact it made a profit of only £730 in the 2015/16 financial year.

It could be “curtains” for the Pavilion Cinema unless something is done to save it

Broadcasting executive Andrew Jones  has now issued an open letter in an attempt to re-open the Pavilion Cinema

Now former broadcasting executive Andrew Jones (who organised an on-line  petition attracting 1,500 signatories protesting about the peremptory closure of the Pier Pavilion Cinema )  has now published an open letter in the form of an email sent to  all interested parties. It reads as follows:-

To: Lis Burnett Lis Burnett (Cllr) and 8 more…

To : All Penarth local councillors Vale of Glamorgan Mr N Moore Leader Vale of Glamorgan Council, Rob Thomas MD Vale of Glamorgan Council
Richard Bellamy – Head of Wales Region – Heritage Lottery Fund
Sarah Rutherford – Operations Officer – Independent Cinema Office
Mr Stephen Doughty MP

Dear All

It is now almost 3 weeks since PACL made the controversial decision to close the Penarth Pier Pavilion Cinema for the foreseeable future. In just over 2 weeks the online petition that I set up asking PACL to reconsider their decision has amassed more than 1500 names.

It is a matter of record from the huge number of comments made on the petition site the strength of feeling locally in support of the cinema from regular attendees as well as very relevant comments about issues concerning the operation of the Pavilion to date and useful suggestions for the future.

Part of the reason why I started the petition was my own personal dissatisfaction with the explanation given by PACL for the cinema’s sudden closure in its statement on the Pavilion website dated February 22nd 2017. Specifically that the cinema would close until after the summer for the reason given :-

Cinema going reduces significantly during the spring and summer months to such an extent that, for 2017, we have decided that the best use of our resources during this period is to concentrate on increasing activities in the Pavilion.

There appears to be no real evidence to support this sudden closure and makes no sense commercially.

Probably as a result of the outcry locally via the petition, local news websites and other means PACL were then forced to issue a further statement (March 9th 2017) which quite frankly only makes the situation worse and has led to even more outcry locally :-

….we have recognised that, to ensure the long-term future of the Cinema and of the Pavilion as a whole, we need to make some temporary changes to our operations.

The last three years have shown quite clearly that with the limited capacity of the 68 seat Cinema the income from ticket sales will never be enough to cover the costs of running the Cinema. As a registered charity we cannot continue to provide facilities that are uneconomical as is the case with the Cinema. We have therefore drawn up a plan to secure additional independent financial support from a variety of possible sources. This will enable us to maintain the Cinema in the longer term and to keep ticket prices at an affordable level. Over the coming months we will regularly review progress on our future plans and hope very much to be able to re-open the Cinema sooner rather than later.

In response to this I would point out the following:-

1)      Surely the funders of the project required a robust business plan assessment which would have included a viability appraisal of the cinema?

2)      That a commercially astute person would understand that in operating the cinema the income derived is not just from ticket sales but also advertising, bar, café and retail sales associated with people attending a screening.

3)      The marketing of the Pavilion ( including the cinema) appears to have been extremely limited – again borne out by countless comments made and the fact that the 2015 accounts show that just £60 was spent on marketing ( down from almost £4.5K the previous year). Even the most basic advice in terms of marketing of an independent cinema on the ICO website appears to have been ignored.

4)      PACL is now saying that the cinema is uneconomical yet there appears to be no evidence to support this. If PACL do not wish to – or cannot – run the cinema then surely handing it over to someone who can make it work ( eg Chapter?) rather than allow a grant funded state 0f the art facility to be mothballed

5)      PACL say they now have a plan to secure additional financial support. What does this mean? Do they mean additional grants in addition to the huge sums received to date ( including almost £200k from the Coastal Communities Fund for staffing etc to increase visitor numbers). Who is likely to provide additional grant funding to an organisation that has already received extensive support and does not appear to be clearly demonstrating to the public that it is the appropriate custodian of this ‘jewel in the crown’ of Penarth based on performance to date and lack of engagement and transparency with the community on which it depends for business.

The concern is that our cinema is being used a scapegoat in a scenario with PACL which seems to raise legitimate concerns over management rather than the viability of the cinema

There is growing concern about the track record of PACL Trustees in managing such an operation and questions have been raised about the commercial skills on the current Board of trustees and their experience of managing similar operations.

There are questions being raised in Penarth about the apparent lack of local accountability on the part of PACL who received the funding to develop the Pavilion on the back of extensive community consultation, engagement and support. However whilst it is clear that discussions are taking place between the relevant parties ( PACL, Heritage Lottery Fund, BLF, Vale of Glamorgan Council and the Independent Cinema Office) there does not seem to be anyone engaging with the community who regularly use the cinema to seek their views on a way forward that is supported by the community. Whilst I recognise that many discussions will be confidential for commercial reasons, a complete wall of silence is not helping.

Local MP Stephen Doughty, in an e-mail response to a constituent, has confirmed he has had “a number of helpful and constructive discussions with both the Vale Council and PACL directly, and have offered my help where it would be useful, to ensure recent challenges are addressed”. He goes on to say, “I know that PACL will welcome all offers of support and time to ensure that the current challenges are addressed” and that “I am happy to meet with any residents who wish to discuss concerns about the Pavilion – and would encourage them to contact me”.

Individuals and local organisations have come forward to offer help but it appears that there has been no response. Surely this is not good and at a minimum it would be useful to engage with the community – certainly representatives from it – at an early stage in the process of ensuring that our much-loved cinema is re-opened asap?

I look forward to hearing from you

Yours Sincerely

Andrew Jones


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  1. Ann Schulp says:

    Well said.

    • Nicki Page says:

      I have said from the start on behalf of all who love ❤️ Penarth, the pier, pavilion , the arts cinema we are all together much better. Shame mr Rapier went on holiday having set up a meeting in a pub, in his ward when we asked him to meet and discuss matters, and join in one consolidated gathering in a neutral location near public transport – the church/scout hall stanwell road baptist church hall – which has been booked and paid for for the meeting with no obligation on anyone to buy drinks at any bar – family friendly – should families come along and senior ladies who advised they did not want to walk into a pub
      Foxys deli is staying open and will serve refreshments if people want anything
      The hall sits circa 90 people with then standing room – itv news team are coming to the pavilion 11am Monday 20th march so they can film interviews and have thenpiece ready for,the 6 o clock news. The meeting opens the doors at 6.30pm for 7.00 pm prompt start bring along your questions please
      I saw personally Tony Hazel as I left the baptist church hall this morning, and reminded him politely we were looking forward to seeing him at the meeting as the leader of PACL and could he send through his rsvp – I’m sure itv will be pleased to interview him at the pavilion outside as it’s closed on Monday 11am or at his house just up the hill if that’s more convenient. ITV producers are managing that and council members interviews and statements directly
      Please be at the pavilion by 11 am or in the Busy Tea pot by 11.45 as the tv crew will also film there comments from residents and cutomers. I have also advised andrew who set up the petition that the crew would also like to interview him and that we look forward to seeing him with his questions at 6.30pm in the scout hall
      This is our opportunity all residents and lovers of the pavilion and cinema to share ideas, get answers for a common goal. To get the pavilion open and arts cinema open and functioning professionally. all working together for that common goal. For that to happen there needs to be change and us all facing some difficult questions and truths about what has actually happened to get us to this situation

  2. Nicki Page says:

    Please submit your agenda items for the I love Penarth pier meeting church hall 6.30pm 20 march 2017 or drop them off at the Busy Tea pot cafe or Tony’s restaurant in the old Washington cinema building by Friday latest thanks Nicki and the team of lovely grass roots Penarth and beyond supporters non political and neutral

    • Jonny says:

      How can you assure me your meeting will not be as chaotic as the garrulous, incomprehensible post you left on the previous story about attempting to save the Pier Cinema?
      With respect, you may mean well, you may have worked very hard to date, but the aloof and obdurate likes of PACL will make mincemeat of your passion to save things.
      Any hint of over-emotional grandstanding, and supporters may walk away too.
      In a situation such as this, there need to be a few cunning, cool-headed chess players who know the buttons to press – ‘grass roots’ support is not enough, sadly.
      This is not show time – save that for the Pier cinema performances – this is a key moment in the fate of the Pier cinema and something has to give if it is to survive.

      • Nicki Page says:

        Lets simply focus on the issue which has brought so many to express very strong opinions in Andrews petition – lets all work together on Monday to get the answers we need, to review we believe by an independant Penarth accountancy company the audits and financial decisions what has brought the pavilion to be closed 3 days and the arts cinema closed currently 7 days a week by pacl leadership and management despite individuals and volunteers best efforts . Yes I’m passionate about the situation and feel very strongly about the situation All of those interested in a non politically biased or focused way – should have an opportunity to be aware of the situation and hence have the opportunity to come to an open and inclusive public meeting in a neutral church hall. That’s why I have booked the facility, that’s why I have campaigned since last October 2016 actively with the I love Penarth pier campaign stickers and had 1000 posters designed and printed and then hand delivered by the I love team to as many varied and interested community leaders, council leaders, residents as we could manage this week – I have funded this, I missed work opportunities because I believed politicians when they said they would call me for an inclusive meeting in the assembly and specific MPs’s who promised to address the issue months ago but did nothing. So I have got up and to the best of my best ability let people know we have a major problem which needs open debate and consultation – which the media are independently reporting on now following months of lobbying behind the scenes with journalists and editors. We all want the same outcome so … do all come to the public meeting at stanwell baptist church hall Monday 20th 2017. 6.30pm doors open Again itv are filming on Monday 20th 11am at the pavilion and then at the Busy Tea pot cafe so please meet the to crew if you have something to,say – better than writing about it – now is an opportunity to get the message out to broad Welsh TV audience prime time 6pm news we want our cinema open and our pavilion open and our pier open longer in the light evenings and summer months

    • Modom says:

      No Nicky, this is not the time. I totally agree with Jonny.

  3. RetailGuru says:

    Well this is really confusing and potentially very damaging. So, if I wanted to help, which meeting should I attend??!!!

    • Keith Stevens says:

      Your right both RetailGuru & AK – surely together would be more of a force ?

  4. AK says:

    Rival meetings does not give a very professional looking image to either group.

  5. andrewsketty says:

    Nicki. I set up my petition with one sole agenda – to get our cinema reopened. I am grateful that you were one of 1500+ people to sign it. I also respect that you have concerns over and above this with PACL. However I would appeal to you to consider the comments about the confusion and seeming lack of unity over this important issue. Setting up your rival meeting on the same evening is in my opinion very ill conceived. People should not have to choose and will get us nowhere after all this hard work and effort. Please reconsider. Thanks

    • Dan says:

      I second that. Very well said. Let’s all work together and show PACL we mean business.

    • Nicki Page says:

      I note – I asked mr Rapier for a combined meeting in a neutral venue the church hall convenient for many – not a pub in his ward. He simply couldn’t make time for a meeting and then went on holiday All together better andrew. As I have said from the beginning when you and I met with jess in the Busy Teapot, and you guys and I mainly pulled together a photo opportunity and interviews that day for the echo and Penarth times. Front page news achieved to alert the wider community of the challenges. 29,000 circulation of the paper. Penarth Times also advertised the meeting in this weeks paper. 29,000 circa people again saw reference to the people’s meeting Thank you anthony and editor Andrew are you abailablemwkth your questions for itv news team to interview you Monday. Teapot cafe, your office opposite or the pavilion. Which ever suits

  6. Richard says:

    This situation is ridiculous.
    Not that it’s a question of ‘I was here first’ but I believe it was Andrew Sketty who was the first to put public upset at the closure of the Pier cinema on record by raising a petition, closely followed by Philp Rapier and then Nicki Page decided to set up a meeting???
    Why would you set up a different meeting? Hardly symptomatic of a commitment to everyone working together. PACL must be thrilled with this – division before it’s even started.
    Perhaps Ms Page is intent on running the whole shooting match and sees this as her chance to take centre stage. If she is a ‘public relations executive’, she should have a professional understanding of how appalling this split looks…
    I was none the wiser for reading her rambling tirade on an earlier PDN article.
    If lines are being drawn in the sand, Andrew Sketty is my man – his letter is coherent and businesslike.

    • Nicki Page says:

      All together is much better. I have invited many from Penarth council members and media to take the stage. All that the people who love Penarth and above petty local politics want is – understanding from pacl and many questions answered and then our pavilion and cinema open with a guarantee of a safe and successful future involving all our community enjoying its facilities. We welcoming mr Rapier and his associates as all the community to the church hall – itv will film in the town in the day and get their own perspective – for air 6pm Monday evening please advise if you would like to be interviewed on your views or be at the pavilion 11 am. the producer of itv news will then be available to talk to

  7. Ben says:

    Good morning all,

    I haven’t posted here before but have been watching the developing story re: cinema in Penarth with great interest – I’m the founder of a pop-up cinema based in Penarth.

    I wanted to clarify that, in response to the call by councillors for someone to set up a film club at the Paget Rooms, I have been working with the Town Council with the aim of managing and promoting ongoing screenings there. We delivered a well attended and very successful event on Valentine’s Day – a themed screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel – and are currently planning out further events including one in April.

    The provision of inclusive, interesting and challenging cinema in Penarth is something that I care deeply about. I have made contact with a number of the participants in this debate to explain my interest in the situation and to offer my support in finding a workable solution to make sure we can still watch films in Penarth while the sustainability of the Pavillion Cinema is investigated and ensured.

    Monday’s meeting agenda has become very confused – I’ll be attending one or both of the meetings with zero political bias, I just want to make sure that we’ve got cinema here, whatever the location!
    Hope to meet some of you on Monday.


  8. Chris David says:

    I have had this dialogue with Ms Page- Yes a shambles and its my view both meetings should be cancelled until they can unite. My points are marked thus #

    Dear Ms Page

    Thank you for your correspondence. I have yet to hear from Mr Rapier but it appears from an earlier mail you sent me offering to meet Me and Mr Rapier you are stating it’s in the Church Hall or not at all. I’m informed you arranged you public meeting after Mr Rapier had announced his. If that’s true its extremely divisive. As I said before I know neither of you but if you can’t unite- both meetings should be cancelled until such time efforts can be united. To hold two meeting is counter-productive and will allow PACL, VoG et al to divide and rule. Note on this- I cannot meet anyone (which I’ve stated previously) until July. I’m not seeking office- I seek merely to help after seeing this shambles unravel.

    I have made some notes below marked thus #, they are to the point. Don’t take them as rude- this is business.


    Chris David
    Unless you mark points confidential (why?) I’ll publish where I see fit on PDN.

    From: nicki page []
    Sent: 15 March 2017 08:19
    To: Christopher David
    Cc: Philip Rapier ; Anthony Lewis ;;; Sarah Drew
    Subject: Re: Forthcoming Pier complex and cinema meeting. Agenda and goals without prejudice

    Dear Christopher

    Re Putting Penarth and the wider community views at the heart of the matter of the current closure of the pavilion and arts cinema.

    Following my mail to you last night:

    The evolving agenda for the meeting 20th march 2017
    – doors open 6.30pm – with community input which is happening as we speak and will include:

    Opening remarks and overview

    Summary of why we are here in the church hall and what outcomes we are looking for which will include # Why are you defending the venue? An admission of discord and divisiveness. It will waste time and could lead to distractive discord.

    1 An independent review of the business of the PACL ltd and the management as it relates to the Penarth pier pavilion, the role of the governors and trustees in the matter of the pavilions business and financial decline over the last 3 years and why no one engaged with the community in an inclusive way – why a lease of circa 150 years granted by the Vale council
    # How are you going to discuss the (fine) detail of this in a public arena? This needs forensic examination in advance. A key point sheet produced and reference points for future and further discussion by the wider public. You’ve also triplicated this and more below.

    2 An integrated customer centric marketing led independent business strategy and SMART business goals to specifically achieve:
    # What!! Do you mean a business plan? Stay off the buzz words. A business plan should have: A (supported) marketing and sales plan. Three years cash flow, P &L and balance sheets forecasts. An opening overview and statement of intent. Details should be annexed. Plain English (it’s a public affair). To the point.

    3 a new executive leadership team drawn from members in the Penarth community with the academic qualifications, practical experience and DNA What !! with marketing, business, finance, destination tourism and arts , hospitality and management of independent cinemas, represented – internal and external engagement strategies in place for volunteers and ongoing accountability to the people in penarth and beyond who love the pier and pavilion and cinema and bench marking on best practise in arts and marketing from others in the community – reference my meeting with chief executive chapter arts who has offered support and guidance as have many others
    Discussion of best approach i.e. Community company with half yearly meetings with the public and quarterly business reviews published
    # You mean a business plan with the intent of appointing “directors”

    A self sustaining pavilion and a business model benefitting and embracing all diversities in the community open 7 days a week

    4 Our questions answered by Tony Hazel and others who hold responsibility currently for the pacl ltd performance and the current state of affairs and these views and explanations covered in a balanced way by the media so all can be aware of the meetings agenda and outcomes as not all will or can come and not all in the community are digitally engaged.
    # How will you tie this in with 1 where it lies?

    5 Where did all the publics money go ? A review of all financial matters since lottery funding was grated This ties in with 1 & 4.
    # This is a public meeting not a focused committee meeting and you’ll never tie this all up with your projected outcomes unless you are very clever in focusing and distilling it. This needs major rework and thinking.

    6 New leadership team to pull together a new actionable programme of recovery – by whom, by when with specific outcomes – reported.
    # Yes yes again this ties up with the above, you’ve stated this in 3, its duplication plus.

    7 I make reference to all questions raised by Andrew originator of the petition with 1500 names.
    # Comment as in 5 et al.

    I will publish the final agenda once all have had an opportunity to send me their input or dropped questions into Tony’s restaurant or the Busy Tea shop café.

    # Summary. Indeed; this as it stands in not an agenda. In summing up I say once again you must unite, one meeting, one agenda. I suggest you discuss Mr Rapiers agenda with him. It’s at least to the point.
    You need a clear and short agenda aimed at getting a PUBLIC mandate to move on with and set up a new body to manage the Cinema and wider pier complex. Chapter Arts may indeed be very useful.


    C David 15/03/2017

    • Janice says:

      All credit to you, Chris David, for your stick. I couldn’t get past the first par of Nicki Page’s manifesto.

    • Jill Keenan says:

      At last, some clarity after the confusion. Totally bonkers setting up a second meeting – same time, different location. Why would Ms. Page do that? Aren’t we all trying to achieve the same objective? Unite.
      Unless, of course, there is a hidden agenda?

  9. andrewsketty says:

    Hi Ben. Just to be clear we have the location and its state of the art…the Pavilion. We just need to get it open again and managed properly. I would be very happy to chat tobyou further. I am hoping to attend Monday’s meeting in the Pilot

    • Ben says:

      Hi Andrew,
      Sorry, didn’t mean to imply that the Pavillion wasn’t the location – I meant the location of the meeting 🙂
      Will definitely catch up with you on Monday. Looking forward to some positive, productive discussion to find a way to solve our problem.

  10. Sue says:

    Reading between the lines here – and I may be wrong – it seems to me that Nicki Page’s reference to ‘grass roots’ support may mean there is a feeling that people in the town want to wrest back control of the Pier and cinema after seeing all that money spent and nothing to show for it. Perhaps they’re worried the same old thing will happen if (what they perceive as) another group of arty-farty know-alls have a meeting from which they feel excluded, and where they feel that perhaps their voices will not be heard.
    I hope people don’t think that.
    Imagine one meeting designed to sort out PACL, everyone getting their heads together as one instead of retreating to their corner of the boxing ring for Round Two. Where will that get anyone? Most of all, where will that get the Pier cinema – isn’t that what everyone wants to save?

  11. JohnP says:

    May I point out that the cinema and cafe is not run by PACL but by a trading subsidiary Penarth Pier Pavilion Ltd whose published accounts legitimately only include a balance sheet.and not a profit and loss account. It is extremely likely that PPPL bear the marketing costs for the cinema and not PACL so that one should not be drawing conclusions about the marketing based on the £60 expenditure in the PACL accounts.As these accounts are for the year ended 31 December 2015 we have no idea as to the current financial position of PACL or PPPL
    Also it is impossible to establish from the published accounts of Chapter ( itself also highly dependent on grant funding) whether its cinema is profitable..
    I understand that there are technical reasons why live event showings can’t be held in the pavilion
    What is clear to me is that ultimately the position will have to be resolved by the Vale council which owns the building but that the lack of public comment by them or any of the other bodies involved is not helping.
    What is also clear based on her posts is that any solution involving Nikki Page will lack credibility

    • Chris David says:

      Excellent JohnP- I hope you’re going to attend a meeting-when we have ONE.

    • andrewsketty says:

      Yes PPPL is the trading arm of PACL to operate the income generation aspects. This is standard for charities like PACL. Highly likely though that more or less the same trustees with some additional ones on PPPL. i would hope these are people with commercial experience but not holding my breath

      Regarding marketing I will be generous by saying may be additional spend within PPPL but the fact remains their combined basic marketing is woeful with no evidence of a plan.

      Therefore based on evidence to date I stick firmly to my view that what has caused this mess is down to management not because the operation is not viable. that is important for future.

      Of course PACL can clarify for us whether my assertion is correct or not?

    • Modom says:

      Excellent John P, a voice of clarity.

  12. Chris David says:

    Reply from Ms Page (bottom). comments marked thus #. Over to you PDN readers.
    Dear Ms Page and readers of PDN.

    You Ms Page should read the dialogue on PDN.
    Is clear no one is getting through to you.
    I may respect your views and applaud your passion but you’re way off the mark and show all the signs of obstinate grandstanding. You are also lacking focus

    Once again unite or cancel. WHY NOT? Answer that!
    Trying to force a fate accompli by inviting Mr Rapier and friends is not what is required. If the church hall is the best venue (is it? how many are expected to attend?) fine.
    YOU need to engage (without bullying) with the parties that published the petition and set up the first meeting.

    You need a lot of help and are in no way prepared for Monday.

    Sorry but your note below is emotive and unprofessional.

    No more I can personally do.

    I just hope the public can persuade you into capitulating and seeing sense.

    Mr Rapier, Mr Sketty et al please try and pull this together.


    Chris David

    From: nicki page []
    Sent: 15 March 2017 11:57
    To: Christopher David
    Cc: Philip Rapier ; Anthony Lewis ;;; Sarah Drew
    Subject: Re: Forthcoming Pier complex and cinema meeting. Agenda and goals without prejudice


    This is community action # Is it (yet)? Who say’s so?
    This is about a treasure a community jewel a resource closing
    This is people feeling passionately engaged
    Our inclusive meeting is on Monday 20th march 2017 and we welcome all but I appreciate and respect your views
    This is a neutral non party political or local election issue but a cry from 1500 and more very upset, very angry people who have not had transparency # No its not it’s about you hijacking the whole “show”

    We hope to see you in the neutral # what! family friendly and welcoming church hall with Mr Rapier and his friends # Divisive.

    Kind regards


    • Simon says:

      I don’t know if Ms Page thinks she’s playing a shrewd game – exhorting the “grass roots” of Penarth to join her campaign with rousing rhetoric of treasures, community jewels and “a cry from 1500” but it ain’t working with me.
      Nicki Page is clearly agitated about this whole sad affair – the ineptitude and ignorance of PACL, the refusal of VoG to make any public comment etc – and has done a lot of admirable work to date. BUT she comes across (to me at any rate) as unfocused and intent on pursuing her own agenda, despite the fact this may jeopardise the chances of the town saving the Pier theatre.
      Please can we all unite. Look at the way the Pier cinema has been allowed to languish. Look at the way none of the bu**ers who made the mess are making any comment on it. Can we not join together to see what can be done?
      I reckon there’s a lot of potential here, with ALL the people involved, so why not one meeting?

      • Jayflan says:

        It seems ludicrous that there are two groups pursuing the same agenda. Why won’t Ms. Page liaise with Cllr. Rapier. Would they not be stronger united? Is she not seeking the same outcome?

      • Peter Church says:

        Why won’t Ms. Page liaise with Cllr. Rapier, what are you suggesting!!!!

  13. Frank Evans says:

    Maybe thete is room for another meeting demanding that there is just one public meeting. I’ll organise it in weatherspoons at 10.30pm with free drinks☺
    Monday is cheap drinks night so a win win situation for all concerned now I just need to fill out this vale of Glamorgan grant form.

  14. Dan Potts says:

    Take it easy everyone​, i thought it got a bit hot on here every time someone mentioned arrogant cycling, but this takes the biscuit ! It’s a badly run non financially​ viable small cinema, get a netflix’s subscription and get over it 🙂

    • andrewsketty says:

      Dan. dadly run -yes. not viable -no. unless you inow something we don’t

    • Andy says:

      I don’t want to watch a film on Netflix after going up and down the Taff Trail with legs like ham hocks in Lycra. I want to be able to see films at the town’s Pier Cinema, which cost thousands upon thousands of public money and deserves the chance to thrive. 🙂

  15. Ken says:

    Does this link pertain to the aforementioned Nicki Page?
    If so, she talks a good game.

  16. andrewsketty says:

    I think there’s a need to take stock here:-

    1)   There are no rival groups. What we do have is a situation where Philip Rapier stepped forward to organise a public meeting. This may have been politically motivated. It may have been out of genuine concern for the future of the Pavilion. It may be a bit of both. Whatever it was at least someone in a position to do so called a meeting! Nicki Page took it on herself to organise a separate meeting on the same night. She did so off her own back rather than acting for a ‘group’ as some seem to believe. So apart from Nicki Page herself I cannot see that there are any other members of this so called rival group

    2)    I don’t think PACL will be sitting back taking solace from there being 2 rival meetings as a sign they are out of danger. Far from it! The growing groundswell of public opinion against PACL, the conversations that are taking place with key people who are starting to question the running of the Pavilion to date and the fact that more and more people in Penarth are coming forward with their own experiences will certainly not allow myself and many others to take their eye off the ball to get a satisfactory way forward that ensures the future of our Pavilion and the reopening of our cinema

    3)    What I do think PACL will be laughing at is the fact that with all these unfortunate distractions and sideshows about rival meetings people unwittingly begin to accept at face value PACL’s tale of woe that they are the innocent victims of trying to run an operation that is not viable and won’t pay, It’s even been stated by some in this thread! BUT WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE OF THIS. I HAVE SEEN NOTHING BUT AS I AND OTHERS HAVE REPORTED THERE IS PLENTY OF EVIDENCE TO SUGGEST PROBLEMS IN HOW THE PLACE IS RUN

    4)    I’ll just leave you with two things to mull over. PACL are now saying the cinema is too small to pay its way! As I have said many times they operate a multi purpose venue of which the cinema is one part along with venue hire, cafe, bar, events and exhibitions and retail. Lots of commercial opportunities. I grew up in Brecon ( population less than 8000). It has a COMMERCIALLY operated cinema that has been in continuous operation in my 50+ years and more. It is solely a cinema and apart from sweets, coke and ice cream showing films is its income. It clearly makes a profit – small or otherwise or it simply would not be open. Please don’t be fooled into believing PACL’s tale of woe about the cinema being unviable. That was never in their original statement of 22/2/17 and was only then thrown out there in their subsequent statement on the Pavilion website on 9/3/17 following the massive outcry over the cinema closure – something they clearly were not prepared for. Of course our cinema can work – it just may take someone other than PACL to do it!

    5)    The Pavilion is a client of the Independent Cinema Office a kind of one stop shop for independent cinemas like the Pavilion which along with advice handles the film distribution / programming. As far as I can tell they pay an agreed % of box office takings for this. The Pavilion is one of 20 such cinemas to be clients of ICO ( details on their website In Wales there one other cinema which is a client of ICO – the Galeri in Caernarvon. Take a look at their website ( See how they prominently promote their screenings, their food and drink offer, promotions etc etc.  Then please don’t be so quick to believe the hype of PACL. Of course the Pavilion and its cinema are viable unless of course Tony Hazel & Co can prove otherwise?

  17. Watching this unfold is quite sad – having never used the cinema i wouldnt want to sound like another person jumping on a bandwagon BUT i think it (and the pier) are a brilliant asset to the town and if a way can be found to take it forward in a sustainable fashion that is worth effort and support.
    i worry though that because of the mixed messages / dual mettings and general confusion that goes with many people rallying behind a cause is that any key message is lost.
    often the mob will do more harm … one clear voice is usually much more potent if supported.
    whilst i think its great so many want to be envolved i would say that to be truely effective clarity should be sort.
    lets not turn it into a i shout louder or i love it more than you contest. there has been some very valid rational points made and if you dont want them diluted in all the white noise (of which i realise im adding too) then please get on message and deliver it as succinctly as possible as i think that will be the best stratergy for answers and dialogue moving forward.


    • Richard says:

      Very well said, Dan, I agree with all your points. Thank for laying it out so clearly. I hope your wise words will resonate.

    • Kate says:

      Spot on Dan – one clear voice is what this needs. Which is exactly what the effective petition was about in the first place.

  18. Gwilym Davies says:

    I’ll be going to the Pilot meeting. I have no idea what Ms Page’s agenda is, but her decision to set up a ‘rival’ meeting on the same night – AFTER the Pilot meeting had already been organised and publicised – is disruptive and extremely odd. Her use of language such as “grass roots” is misleading and leaves me deeply suspicious of her motives. If she moved her meeting so it didn’t clash, I’d be willing/wanting to attend both, but as it is, the Pilot meeting takes pretty obvious priority.

    • andrewsketty says:

      totaĺly agree Gwilym. As the person who set up the petition for very genuine reasons it is sad that Ms Page has decided to attempt to turn a serious issue into a circus

    • Chris David says:

      Her agenda is above- I’ve critiqued it. Have a look. The Pilot agenda is available if you email P Rapier. Mr Rapier could be doing more to promote the Pilot meeting, but yes this appears the more business-like and Philip Rapier has a lot of experience of the VoG Penarth Council.

  19. Jan Harding says:

    Do you think The Pilot will be big enough for the amount of people I feel will be going?
    Shame it isn’t The Paget room or similar?

  20. Concerned says:

    Personally I think we should first look at what PACL is meant to achieve in its aims, promote arts and crafts in penarth…benchmark what they have achieved in last 3 years against its previous years and see if the charity is achieving its aims. The financial element is for the charities commission to evaluate and to identify if it is run correctly.

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