Cllr Kelly-Owen says the Pavilion is an integral part of Penarth Pier and has to be preserved.

Veteran Vale of Glamorgan councillor  and Penarth resident Maureen Kelly-Owen (Conservative Plymouth Ward) has now entered the public debate about the future of Penarth Pier Pavilion.

Vale Cllr Maureen Kelly-Owen (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Cllr Kelly-Owen – who is stepping down from the Vale Council next month – has now emailed all  senior Vale councillors,  expressing her concern about the future of the Pavilion as follows :- .

15 Mar at 5:01 PM

I am deeply concerned about the future for the Pier Pavilion not least because its future is the most important part of the future of the pier itself.

It cannot be allowed to fail as a going concern.

 The community of South Wales and the wider region, will find it hard to forgive those who allow this to happen.

A realistic,  viable & sustainable solution must be agreed.

 Maureen Kelly-Owen Plymouth Ward Member.

PR executive Nicki Page has so far not acceeded to requests  to cancel her clashing “rival” public meeting on the Pier Pavilion Cinema at Stanwell Baptist Church Hall. Meanwhile the original meeting – convened by the former Mayor of Penarth Cllr Philip Rapier is definitely going ahead on Monday March 20th at 7.30 pm at the Pilot Pub, Queens Road

Miss Moo La La – the “brand ambassador” for the Ty Pili Pala   Gynaecological Cancer Centre – which has yet to be built

The former Mayor of Penarth Cllr Phillip Rapier is holding a public meeting at the Pilot Pub in Queens Road at 19:30 on Monday March 20th

 Meanwhile  Nicki Page – the Penarth  PR executive who is organising a  “rival” public meeting  on Monday March 20th (at the Stanwell Baptist Church Hall in Victoria Road) has so far not acceeded to requests  to cancel her clashing meeting.

It’s emerged that in 2012 Ms Page was  involved in  a scheme to “build and fund Wales’ first survivor centre for women with gynaecological cancer” to be called Ty Pili Pala (Butterfly House) .

Ms Page launched what she called a “Miss Moo La La”  campaign using a logo of a cow wearing a brassiere in association with a registered charity called the South Wales Gynaecological Cancer Fund.

There was a ” Tiara and Tea” event in the Dorchester Hotel, London to “meet ambassadors and global representatives to support awareness of the challenges of gynaecological cancers

The tickets for the gala evening at St David’s Hotel cost £540 a table

In May 2012 there was a £540-a-table gala fundraising evening at the St David’s Hotel “in aid of Ty Pili Pala Wales’ First Survivor Centre providing medical and holistic services and providing support for women with gynecological [sic] cancers”.

The South Wales Gynaecological Cancer Fund says ” We support research into the treatment and causes of gynaecological cancer in South Wales. We also support the development of facilities to improve the care of women with gynaecological cancer. ”

Five years on – the proposed new centre has yet to be built. In the year ending April 2016 the South Wales Gynaecological Cancer Fund recorded an income of £1,100 and – notwithstanding its aims – spent nothing.

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  1. Nicki Page says:

    Just to confirm. I am still involved with ty pili pala and a wellbeing enter for survivors and thrives on the coast in south east Wales. Getting land donated is very challenging however the. How ever the. However. Hide exec Merthyr has offered land which I am grateful for I want to hold on to the vision of a sea facing space so wait and talk and continue to hope it will cOne in time Miss MooLaLa by the way is wearing an Arabic top FYI for those that know about these magical cow things. She is up in the Busy t pot cafe if you want to pay her a visit

  2. Grey local says:

    I would have been more impressed with your response if you had addresses the query as to why you are settti g up a rival meeting not only on the same day but at the same time as the one I. The Pilot. This does not appear to be inclusive of the local population but rather seeking to divide us.

    • Nicki Page says:

      Not at all. I spoke to mr Rapier advised him of our neutral venue more convenient for those getting off the train from work and many others – families with kids didn’t want them in a pub at 7.30pm and seniors – ladies specifically felt comfortable in a church hall so we believe all together – better for all

    • Philip Rapier says:

      I have no objection whatsoever to any other meeting held by any person at any time.In fact it may be very helpful as space at the Pilot is limited and the meeting will be quite brief .(ONE HOUR) allowing for some discussion and Registration of Expressions of Interest.

      All are welcome but it is time to talk popcorn. This is serious.

      The argument that PACL has a case to answer and requirement to prove their viability for the future has already been won and is not on the Agenda at the Pilot.

      The objective is to present a “fait accompli” case to the Trustees for the re-opening of the Cinema in a few weeks rather than several months. The cinema proposed will be run entirely for and by the Community Membership on a Cooperative basis with the Trustees allowing “gratis” rental of equipment and the Cinema in exchange for a reasonable Profit Share .
      My initial calculations suggest as follows.
      Based on a very conservative 25% House Attendance-.363 Days per year. Showing pre DVD release Movies with Volunteer staff we will comfortably break even. .
      Space at the Pilot is limited and of necessity the formal part of this “initial meeting” will be no longer than. “one hour”. All are welcome but this meeting would be most ideally suited to those wishing to “register” and “volunteer” to help set up and manage a community cinema within the Pavilion.
      Please come and please feel free to challenge my calculations
      Depending on the response and the view of professional experts expected to attend a second meeting will be called where a democratically elected committee will be appointed. We will then be able to debate further strategy.

      There is a need to act swiftly as rumours abound of further borrowing being considered and outsourcing to ” big business” at the Pavilion..
      Many thanks to Knife and Fork Ltd and the Management and staff at the Pilot
      There is an excellent Bar and Food-sorry no popcorn.

      • Chris David says:

        Great start but there much more to a business plan than a simple break even calculation.
        And lots of questions around the pier (business) as a whole. Anyway I’m not fully informed and can’t attend so I’ll bow out but I am available online. My guess is you have people in mind or even volunteered and ready to go- good luck. How are you going to present a fait accompli if N Page presents the same? And how will it be empowered as such? I have no experience in the working of these types of “businesses” but as you say time is short and this ONE has to be spot on.

      • andrewsketty says:

        Thanks for the update on proposals for Monday’s meeting at the Pilot. I would just like to make a few comments:-

        1.    Mr Rapier has already decided on the solution so the meeting is not about hearing the views of cinema goers on a way forward. However he does invite us to ‘come and please feel free to challenge my calculations’

        2.     A community cinema along the BFI Cinema for All model is absolutely fine for small communities that do not have a full cinema and want to have screenings in church halls etc ( like in Dinas Powis). However in Penarth we have enjoyed a full independent cinema run on a ‘commercial’ model basis with a full programme of new films and specialist films in a  state of the art digital auditorium. Is what Mr Rapier is proposing what we want now in Penarth? I for one don’t -although once the cinema is open again properly I do agree there is a role for a Penarth Film Society working alongside the operator of the Pavilion to maybe screen a weekly film at the start of the week when attendance is naturally lower

        3.    Mr Rapier has looked at what the BFI offer but appears to have totally ignored the fact that the Pavilion is already a client of the Independent Cinema Office which puts together an excellent monthly programme of screenings and distributes the films ( Not one person who has commented on my petition site has criticised the programme of films screened at the Pavilion. The opposite in fact! The reason why I set up this petition in the first place is because I don’t want to lose this excellent programme in the best cinema around. More than 1500 cinema goers feel the same! Why would anyone not want to continue with this arrangement? There is no evidence whatsoever that this is not viable as PACL are now suggesting

        4.    The irony is that – probably as a result of this arrangement with the ICO – the cinema is the one part of the Pavilion operation that is done well. What is missing is a proper marketing strategy and holistic approach to maximising the income potential of the cinema/pavilion together ( eg café and bar, private screenings when cinema not open to the public, corporate hire).

        5.    In presenting his ‘ fait accompli’ he is assuming that PACL will just hand over the cinema to the community to run. There is no evidence of this at all as to date PACL have shown no intention of engaging with those of us who use the Pavilion for a way forward. They are here for the long haul so the only way change will come is by having change at the top of PACL or if PACL get to a position where they are insolvent then a new operator of the Pavilion brought in by the freeholder VoG CC and the Heriatge Lottery Fund with first charge

        6.    Mr Rapier goes on to say ‘there is a need to act swiftly as rumours abound of further borrowing being considered and outsourcing to ” big business” at the Pavilion.’ I have to say that outsourcing to operators who have the skills and expertise to make the pavilion work sounds a great idea to me

      • Philip Rapier says:

        Please note the I disclaimer below – it is important especially during the current Election Period-
        “As a serving Councillor I am acting strictly in a personal capacity and only as a volunteer coordinator and facilitator”.

        “I am certainly not seeking office on any committee or steering group that may be formed at any meeting so any un-audited calculations that may be circulated are offered as an instrument to commence a basis for discussion.”

        Similar Business Model’s to the one outlined are in operation in pre-existing Cinema’s all over the UK from Blaenavon WM’S Hall to the Ritz in Thirsk N. Yorks. (been to both)

        However- I do hope soon to be volunteering to sell ice-cream and shine a torch or two soon.
        The Cinema should be there 363 days a year for all and especially those physically unable to get to the Multiplex and would value the Social Contact.
        I do not believe it was sold to the Community as a Multiplex Substitute but others may disagree.
        Did you know the first Art College/Film School to open in the UK was in Newport Gwent?.
        We have a proud heritage in Wales a place in Cinema History.
        Volunteering is important, I am proud have volunteered my services free of charge to appear in many a Student Film so as to assist them complete their Graduation Portfolio. As far as I know they all Graduated. Some clips with me in them are even on “You Tube” apparently!!. What a scary thought!!
        P.S I cried all the way through a “A Street Cat Named Bob” at Chapter recently- brilliant and I am very proud to add ” BFC subsidised “

  3. Tim says:

    I get the feeling Ms Page thinks she’s and endearing mix of wackydynamism, a kind of Absolutely Fabulous woman of the people who knows all about Dubai. It’s made my mind up anyway – see you at the Pilot.

    • Nicki Page says:

      Not sure I understand your point tim – happy to meet you in the Busy Teapot cafe so you can better explain let me know what time suits you

  4. Curious Penarthian says:

    Nicki Over the past few years your efforts to raise money must be commended. The question must be asked with impressive venues such as the Dorchester & St Davids Hotel. Can you provide a figure of your fund raising to date ?

    • Tom says:

      Yes, Nicki, can you tell us? (One would have thought you would be keen to show your credentials).

      • Nicki Page says:

        Hello. My objectives were to raise awareness of issues to allow fundraisers to then work under public understanding and engagement with causes for ty pili pala the co Celtic I developed I achieved free land from the Merthyr borough council for the project but I still believe land by the sea in the vale would be better so I’m waiting to see who at some point will donate
        I save thousands of pounds for causes through my pro bono marketing and pr support and advice

    • J24 says:

      Does your PR work include grammar advice?

    • Nicki Page says:

      Simply. marketing thinking and activity involves all sorts of activities before funds start rolling in from all sorts of actions . Marketing creates the interest the awareness the demand for products or service it creates understanding of a position or policy
      Fundraising campaigns can work through many channels direct to the target audience or indirectly mass media, social media, pr, events etc all have a part to play.
      Once demand is created or interest raised by marketing then the next stage of converting that into actual customers or donations etc follows
      The Dorchester had as a result of our initiative 35 ambassadors or senior female consul generals in their property – seeing and exoerienceing it and then with direct knowledge would have felt more aware to,the. In the future book business as example

  5. Jane says:

    This is getting terribly silly.
    Why did Nicki Page set up another meeting? The ghastly thing is that now – after people have asked her to join together – she appears to have misinterpreted this plea for unity as an indication she’s a force to be reckoned with (!)
    I think it’s embarrassing and she’s turning the bid to save the Pier cinema into a PANTOMIME.
    Hope she’s pleased with her performance but it isn’t getting any potential campaign anywhere.

    • andrewsketty says:

      It is ridiculous Jane I agree but we mustn’t be disheartened and sidetracked by this farse. It is just one person’s misguided campaign which has no support from what I can tell. The campaign to get the c8nema reopened and pressure on those able to bring about change at PACL continues

    • Nicki Page says:

      Jane I spoke to mr Rapier he didn’t want to meet or join into one meeting he went on holiday. For info I have been campaigning since last September printing flyers and stickers and now a neutral venue not a pub at no cost to the community – I have paid for all

  6. snoggerdog says:

    the games afoot,or should i say a light sword & a cow with her bra on wrong!

    • Nicki Page says:

      Actually it’s an Arabic dance top and I lived and worked in Dubai and the Gulf for many years no weekends for me no holidays for me no fat cats or dogs or cows no

  7. Dr R T Wilkins says:

    £1,100.00 Is that it? At £540 per table there must be more in the pot. Looks like them Holidays to Dubai don’t come cheap. Another fat cat (or should i say fat cow in a pink bra) creaming off the cash..

  8. Chris David says:

    Part of the problem appears to be the lack of “marketing” re the Pilot meeting. Someone posted the Pilot is expecting 10 people!!

    • Gwilym Davies says:

      Since I’ve decided to go this one, I’d certainly hope for more, but surely what’s important is focus and clarity – not just setting up a community jamboree – which increasingly seems like what the other meeting is being billed as. Too many people at either meeting may actually be a hindrance of course, since although it would show welcome enthusiasm if 100+ people turned up wanting to speak I doubt anything much would get decided.

  9. Curious Penarthian says:

    Nicki For reasons best known to your yourself. You seem unable to or wont provide the Figures I requested regarding your local Fund Raising Activities. It Is slowly becoming apparent why !!!!

  10. Nicki Page says:

    We have designed and printed and hand distributed 1000 flyers, booked the scout hall with a 25 percent discount which was generous of the church elders, printed stickers last September and ongoing send regular updates to the press invited mr Twining to Penarth and the pier and schools and senior care centres – he flew in to help me specifically – we have talked to any Penarthians and activated the old Penarthians oversees network from Malaysia to the Gulf to the London Welsh , the church and schools to ensure all are invited and aware of the meeting: mr Rapier and all his associates are welcome which makes sense to us – one meeting etc nthere is in need for a meeting separately in the pilot pub – why?

    • LJS says:

      I believe it’s because Cllr Rapier is more coherent and speaks with greater clarity. He also doesn’t feel it necessary to travel accompanied by a quite bizarre cow picture and his own personal tea maker. The question of the missing money still hasn’t been answered Nicki… Your finances are not transparent… They need to be. Your motives are not transparent… They need to be. You have parachuted into Penarth as some sort of self appointed messiah… All very odd and I am worried. I do not like what I see.

  11. Maybe we have all missed a trick ….? Nicki is obviously the unstoppable force on this one? prehaps best to ride the biggest wave into shore?

    • Chris David says:

      The church elders charge to use the church hall for a community event!! Mr Williams, Ms Page clearly has an advantage in that her background is in marketing and she’s a force (although we could do without the distractions of gospels singers and she needs a business agenda). Mr Rapier has the (long) experience of local government, appears to have actually done some figures and has contacts. He appears much more focused on the fundamentals. Each are complimentary and if they could join forces and put together a small group capable of corralling these skills and experience, with people capable of producing a professional business plan and forming a (small) management group, then the whole movement has a bigger chance of success. From what I’ve seen nether Mr Rapier or Ms Page have the skills to take the eventual lead and this disjointed behaviour will put the right people off.
      I think it’s also be the case that Mr Rapier may have the support of MP S Doughty and Cllr Burnet- yes I know, but they are in positions of influence. I seem to recall the petitioner- is it Mr Jones has had dialogue with these persons and is supporting Mr Rapier- if I’m wrong someone with correct me and provide clarity. Divisive behaviour is counter productive and if these divided efforts are opposed, those apposing (who are in power) will divide and rule.

    • Richard says:

      Don’t let talk of contacting overseas Penarthians sway you, Daniel.
      Not to belittle Nicki Page’s attempts to publicise the situation but the important part is what happens once you’ve galvanised public support.
      It seems to me it’s not simply about who can shout the loudest about their meeting – it’s the result of the meeting and who and what you’re dealing with which is key.

      • Chris David says:

        Goes without saying, but its meetings, not meeting which is the initial problem. In fact its been said- a few times. Mr Williams may indeed have some part to play in this as a successful local businessman.

  12. Gwilym Davies says:

    This is becoming farcical, but utterly compelling – to the point I’ve almost forgotten what the original issue was. There’s a script in this, I’m sure!

    Nicki Page – much as I admire your enthusiasm and drive, your insistence of setting up a meeting in direct opposition to the existing Pilot meeting has only served to alienate you from some of the people who clearly care most about this issue – which is silly, since we should all be on the same team. I’m also sorry to say that the lack of punctuation in many of your messages renders them all but incomprehensible, and isn’t helping your cause. I would have expected someone in PR to take more care in proof-reading their communications, and since it’s often difficult to understand what you’re trying to say on here, it’s led me (and others) to the impression that your meeting may be somewhat unfocused.

    Philip Rapier – I will be attending your meeting, and appreciate your intention to keep it brief. I am, however, a little concerned that the proposal seems to focus on a kind of “community cinema” idea (rather than a commercially-minded venture), which doesn’t sound particularly sustainable to me, but I am interested to hear your proposals in more detail.

    Despite the side show that’s developed, it is clear there’s a strong desire in Penarth to keep this cinema open, and I very much hope this can be done, one way or another. I also hope that a single clear vision emerges in the coming weeks – be it led by Mr Rapier, Ms Page or any other party – and that supporters of the cinema will be able to unite around a single campaign. But perhaps that’s too much common sense to hope for.

  13. andrewsketty says:


    I totally agree there must be a way forward to make the Pier Pavilion viable.


    The centre line of the Pier Pavilion is the marker line between Plymouth and St Augustins Wards.   I have been the Plymouth Ward councillor for 34 years and I prevented the Vale from selling the Pavilion many years ago.   The Vale stated it would cost so much to put it right and it was not financially viable.  I challenged this by saying their structural report costings seemed incorrect.


    The late Stan Stennent ( who met his wife Liz in the Pavilion ) and I put forward suggestions to the Vale Council, for him to run the pavilion in partnership, but this was not accepted. 


    I was told there were 5 cinemas in Penarth in the Past.


    I have never been given the courtesy of being invited to be involved. I am now the Independent councillor for the Plymouth Ward and will be pleased to be involved in any capacity that might assist you in your challenge.


    Regards Clive    

    Cllr a. Clive Williams MBE  

    Independent  Plymouth Ward Penarth  


    • 92 and a social butterfly says:

      The Vale said the same thing about Gardenhurst and so we lost a community building…and now the same story with St.Pauls.

  14. Sally says:

    Don’t shout me down but I think I can see where Nicki Page is coming from, to an extent – her mention of all men and pubs and that sort of thing – I think she’s worried the campaign will just be another load of pompous types talking over everyone and not allowing others (the “grass roots”, the families she mentions) to have their say.
    I think she’s trying to think of everyone, to be inclusive – perhaps mindful of what has happened to date, involving what might be regarded by some as largely a “boys’ club”.
    I certainly don’t want to turn this into a his n’ hers battle (!) but I think she has a point, again, to an extent.
    I do hope her impressive abilities to publicise the event can be joined together with others who might help front up to the likes of PACL – suffice to say, their performance to date, both in terms of closing the cinema and remaining unapproachable and silent in the aftermath of their failure, leads me to think we all need to join together.
    Nicki, if you’re reading this, don’t you think your case will be strengthened and made all the more powerful by entering – on equal terms – into one united force? Would you please let me know what you think of how you see things? I admire what you’ve done to date and don’t want to see you or the cinema fail and the best way to do that, it seems to me, is everyone stands united.

  15. my last comment was tongue firmly in cheek!

    • AK says:

      I knew that.

      But I’m getting bored with all the bickering here, and with all the policticans getting involved now that there is an election in the offing. They took no notice of the pier otherwise.

      I’ll not waste my time going to either meeting.

      Good luck

  16. Chris David says:

    Indeed- fancy calling Ms Page a big wave. Yup that’s tongue in cheek too 🙂 So will you be popping along to one of the meetings Mr Williams? Would be useful if you could give is some feedback as a you’re a successful retailer.

  17. Birkett says:

    Nicki Page is a ‘bot’, right? That’s not a real human typing these responses, surely?!

  18. Having witnessed the puclic dramas thus far im not convinced any present a viable agenda free plan i would support to be brutally honest. Some intentions might be noble others might be more self serving – that really doesnt interest me.
    The political angle – i for one am sick of self serving out of touch career politicians jumping on the latest… what are people banging on about / can i put my name to cause… only to fall silent once the work starts or the elections stop.
    i think creating a base of support for keeping it open is a good moove so the petition i think has merit. From that a clear aim should be canvased from the majority
    is it just to reopen at all cost? keep it in conctrol of the people of penarth? make it viable?
    because just those 3 might not all warrant the same end???
    From that aim those left behind it need to be realistic in what they can achieve and then try to comunicate that with as much clarity as possible.
    Until then the vultures will continue to circle and people will throw stones.
    it will be interesting to see who is still on this crusade a year from now?

    Personally id like to see a vibrant Penarth with all facites of it being thier on merit – i think the pier can be part of that.

    i dont think devisive multi meetings and drum banging without any long term stratergy can be?

    but then i just sell wine

  19. David Jones says:

    A very simple question.

    What is the income required to provide a break even point? A simple ticket season offer would alleviate cash flow issues and funding uncertainty in one fell swoop. I’m certain supporters of the cinema would happily commit to say a ten ticket minimum spend; offer them some additional membership benefits – one off screenings, reduction on drinks etc and I would imagine that this would go quite some way to ensuring the future of the cinema.

    1500 people have pledged their concern so let’s hold them to their word.

  20. Chris David says:

    As I’m sure you’re aware Mr Jones to find the income figure(s) you need to know the costs- capacity etc. I’ve asked for these and await with vigour 🙂 so I can do my own sums. PACL obviously didn’t know / couldn’t do- as it them as it took them 3 years to state it wasn’t viable!! Your other ideas need exploring.

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