Dinas Powys: Three Independents are standing for election to the Vale Council in May to represent Penarth’s nearest neighbouring community

Three independent candidates are to stand for seats on  the Vale of Glamorgan Council in the forthcoming May elections

They are the incumbent Independent  Vale Councillor Chris Williams who is being joined by long-standing local residents Tom Maitland-Evans and John Maitland Evans

Cllr Chris Williams has served on the Vale Council for 17 years – but became an Independent in 2014 . He is also  a Dinas Powys Community Councillor .

Welsh-speaker Tom Maitland Evans has lived in the village for almost  30 years. He worked for Cardiff COuncil and more recently with the Vale of Glamorgan Council where his was involved the management of the Electoral Services team and the Vale of Glamorgan CCTV Unit. He now works in Barry for a IT software company.

John Maitland Evans is also a 30-year-resident of Dinas and is a former local government officer with nearly 40 years’ experience across three Welsh Councils as a town and county planner and general manager. Before retiring his last job was as the Vale Councils Chief Executive between 1999 and 2012.

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  1. Colin Davies says:

    Great to see three local people standing in the community as independent candidates. A refreshing break from the political norm. I have taken a look at their website and it’s great to see three candidates looking after the interest of the community and not focused on party politics!

  2. Chris David says:

    Encouraging- I just hope they are genuinely independent. There is an old saying in junior political circles “whose independent is he” (she) Oh please be people that can add up and have common sense.

    • Monty says:

      I have every respect for Mr John Maitland Evans’ distinguished career but I am rather surprised that you find it “encouraging’, Mr David. After all, you have acquired something of a reputation for outspoken criticism of the salaries of senior local government employees and their retirement arrangements.

      • Chris David says:

        Mr Maitland has enjoyed some success in small business (experience). He was paid far too much in his role at the VoG, that has nothing to do with ability to work as a councillor- albeit he yet to prove himself if elected. He has inside knowledge of the council that could be very useful. So hopefully as a gamekeeper turned poacher (if he is truly independent) and with a pension far too large to make him concerned with earning in his new role, he will do a good job and shake up the self interested down there. In any case my comments were collective.

  3. cllr clive williams MBE says:

    I am delighted to see John Maitland Evans and his son joining Cllr Chris Williams as Independent candidates. I worked with John for over 20 years and totally respect him in every way..
    He is experiened in all forms of council activities, policies etc and has always been non political in his dealings. I think the residents of Dinas Powys are extremely lucky to have such an honourable
    experienced and intelligent man as their prospective councillor.. ( not there for the money)
    Two very worth while candidates to join cllr Chris who is a friend and fellow councillor .

  4. Ian Perry says:

    We often elect people based on the political party they belong to, or their charisma. Anyone watching David Davis MP this week would surely realise that he is out of his depth… The same can be said for many councillors. Whilst their passion for what they believe in is often admirable, their abilities to grasp important issue is often lacking – and hence we get poor decision-making.

    As voters, we should be concerned more by the abilities of those who wish to represent us, and their positions on key issues, than their party loyalty – or lack of.

    Within the Vale of Glamorgan, most of the “independent” councillors have formed a grouping. The three “independent” councillors standing in Dinas Powys have a shared website. How independent are they when they are collaborating in their election campaign?

    Some of the claims that so-called independent councillors and candidates make do not stand up to scrutiny. I’m not sure how they can claim to deliver “better outcomes for local residents”, when they need the support of other councillors in the council chamber. They will need to collaborate with councillors who belong to a political party in order to get many things done/changed.

    Many people are advocating that a by-pass is built around Dinas Powys. They also point towards the reserves that the Vale of Glamorgan Council has. This proposed road (based on figures available online) would cost more than £30m to build – probably more than £40m. Could £30m invested into light-rail deliver a better solution?

    Advocating a by-pass is a vote winner, but is it sensible to increase road capacity leading to Barons Court – and thus increasing traffic volumes?

    • Arthur King says:

      I have made the point before that when ‘Independents’ form a group they become a ‘party’. A strange ‘party’ in the Vale where most belonged to other parties = Labour, Plaid Cymru and UKIP, and only became ‘independent’ when they fell out with their party or their party with them.

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