Evenlode Primary School is one of Penarth’s top primary schools – but there’s an unfilled vacancy on its governing body

The Vale of Glamorgan Council appears to be struggling to find enough suitable people who are prepared to be appointed as governors of schools in Penarth.

The Vale Council’s Local Authority Governors Advisory Panel has been advertising governor-vacancies on the council website but not enough nominations have come forward – and panel members have reported that “a number of existing governors had not responded”.

The famous Victorian frieze of children on the front of Albert Primary School dates from 1886 . In 2017 the school is one governor short.

Subject to the ratification by the Vale Council’s ruling ‘cabinet’ the Advisory Panel has made the following appointments  in Penarth – and noted the schools where there are still vacancies

  • ALBERT PRIMARY SCHOOL ; Here  panel has only managed to fill 1 of the 2 existing vacancies on the Governing Body of Albert Primary School.  That seat has been allocated to Mr H Southam – leaving a the second vacancy still to be filled.
  • COGAN NURSERY SCHOOL:  Here, Mr W. A Hennessy has been provisionally appointed subject to confirmation that he is prepared to take up the appointment
  • COGAN PRIMARY SCHOOL : A Tilley has been appointed to fill 1  governor vacancy
  • EVENLODE PRIMARY SCHOOL:  C. Wilcock has been appointed to 1 seat on the governing body – but a further seat remains unfilled.
  • ST CYRES COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL: H Griffiths has been appointed to the single vacancy on this governing body



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  1. Chris David says:

    Must be very difficult and at times stressful in these overly PC days.

  2. William says:

    Why is this a surprise? It would be horrific. All those grasping, hot-housing parents waiting to have a pop at the teachers, who are bogged down with endless assessments and the like, and you caught up in the middle. No thank you.

  3. penarthblog says:

    It’s unbelievable, it must be wonderful to be able in some small way to help develop future generations dreams and skills. I would have thought people would be queuing up to volunteer.

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