The new pre-election herb garden being prepared in the front grounds of Penarth Town Council at West House. The new planters are all made from recycled materials

With Spring – and pending elections – in the air Penarth Town Council has embarked on a plethora of planting and “brightening up” schemes to give its properties a lift as part of  the “Penarth in Bloom” scheme.

Planting work has already been undertaken to create a new “herb garden” in the front grounds of the council’s HQ at West House and beds for “Penarth in Bloom” have been planted out.

The Pembroke Terrace play area – which is owned by Penarth Town Council – is to be “quickly brightened up” .

With the Vale of Glamorgan Council currently carrying out at £200,000 pre-election upgrade of its children’s play-areas in the town, Penarth Town Council is to “quickly brighten up ” the Pembroke Terrace play area which it owns.

The long-negelcted Arcot St/Queen’s Road Triangle which is used as a dog-toilet. Now – somewhat belatedly – Penarth Town Council is to plant some flowers there as part of “Penarth in Bloom”

Meanwhile the long-neglected Arcot Street “Triangle” in the St Augustine’s Ward  is now to be spruced-up and planted with flowers fior the first time in years – by the Town Council.

Only last month Cllr Neil Thomas (Labour Cornerswell)  had told councillors  that the Arcot St. Triangle was NOT the responsibility of Penarth Town Council – it was a matter for the Vale Council… but there now appears to have been a change of heart.

PDN sources say that Cllr Thomas may be standing for election to the Vale Council in St Augustine’s Ward in May’s council elections – but there’s no suggestion of any link between these developments.

Bulbs are being planted to produce floral displays at the Kymin’s “viewing platform”

Bulbs have also been planted at the entrance to The Kymin, the Kymin “viewing platform” area [not to be confused with the Vale Council’s rumbling edifice on Penarth Head]  and saplings are being planted in the woodland  area – which will go some way to replenish the mature trees which had to be felled last year.

As part of “Penarth in Bloom” Penarth Council is now inviting local residents to suggest other locations around the town which would benefit from having some floral displays.

A sawn-down 30-foot-long tree is amongst the fly-tipped rubbish on Dingle Road Station’s North platform

Meanwhile the town’s most obvious eyesore – the Dingle Road Station – remains overgrown with fly-tipping and even a felled tree littering the unused North-side platform. Robert Donaldson of the Friends of Dingle Park has been campaigning for months to get Network Rail –  or the council – or somebody – to carry out a long-overdue clean up.

Network Rail promised to do so and even set a date for the work last November – but didn’t turn up on the day they promised, and haven’t been seen since .

Robert Donaldson of the Friends of Dingle Park – and the brush-off letter he’s received from the Welsh Labour Government.  Mr Donaldson and his group are not about to give in

In desperation – having tried the Vale Council and Penarth Town Council – Mr Donaldson then wrote to the highest authority in Wales – none less than the Welsh Labour Government.

This week the Welsh Government replied to him telling him that – as “railway infrastructure” is a non-devolved matter, it’s all matter for the UK Government …and Network Rail.

Mr Donaldson, however, isn’t giving up and is to continue pressing the matter until he gets action  .

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  1. Nicki Page says:

    People who ❤️ Penarth it’s pavilion and pier open neutral public meeting now only 4 days away in the church hall stanwell road 6.30 pm 20 march 2017 ….do something and come and show your support ….we have a magnificent gospel singer to welcome you and lift the roof energise us all for a lively debate out in the open ….outcome orientated. A new vision for Penarth pavilion it’s pier as the central elements of a strategy for the town to help tourism and traders alike All questions to the busy tea pot cafe today or Tony’s restaurAnt just come and make a difference. Mums, dads nana and granddads, visitors, kids, business owners, seniors, educators, media, carers and caterers, painters and sculptors and poets, dog walkers, fishermen and women, special people everyday people pls come and dress to impress. Teddy bear abs box of chocs donated by he olde sweet shop Phil. The loveliest shop I know
    Nicki x

    above petty politics, aggressive men – leaders at the pavilion who use rudeness and offensive actions who ignore and refuse to dialogue , those that remain apathetic, or uninterested
    GET INTERESTED. Imagine a Penarth without a pier or a balmoral or a pavilion. Well it could happen unless we galvanise ourselves and take matters in our hands and march forward.

    Why am I doing this. because ….I love ❤️ Penarth born and grew up and now back here and it’s fantastic and I will not be bullied or ignored one moment longer – and because I CAN I believe and know I can make a small difference to the situation in a positive way

  2. Nicki Page says:

    All media requesting interviews please call me 07587 108522 as I’m coordinating Nicki

  3. Anne Greagsby says:

    Still no flowers for the clock roundabout!

    • Mgg says:

      Yawn yawn yawn! There is planting on the round about that is designed to maintain
      itself This was done by the vale who at the time noted that .( whether you like it or not ) the electrics for the clock negate repetative bed planting i.e. staff regularly trampling around .
      Those same electrics and plant spacing afforded us the quite excellent Xmas trees this year .

  4. Monty says:

    Haven’t we been moaning about the need for floral displays and brightening up the town? Why the cynicism about elections? From what I’ve read, as a comparative newcomer to this blog, the regular contributors will need more than a few pretty plants to change their opinions and voting intentions. Relax, sit back, enjoy the flowers, embrace Nicki’s peace and love. Don’t worry about a thing cos everything’s gonna be alright.

    • Jonny says:

      Who needs flowers, Monty, when your contributions to this “blog” bring more joy than any array of colourful spring blooms?

  5. cllr clive williams MBE says:

    Well done Robert, I have known and respected you since we met in 1987, and I know you give your time and effort because you care. True resident of Penarth.

  6. Richard says:

    I’ve heard it all now.

  7. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    I have long believed that a few deck chairs on the lawn at West House would be much appreciated during the warmer months, would someone seize the day and provide them please.

    • AK says:

      Deckchairs ? Goodness me no. There would be a serious risk of finger entrapment so risk assessment and training would be required.

      However, the Town Council could provide some nice bespoke benches (sorry there have no backrest).

  8. Tim says:

    I hope the parks are grateful and make the most of it. Won’t be long before they’re built on, you watch.

  9. Jonny says:

    “PDN sources say that Cllr Thomas may be standing for election to the Vale Council in St Augustine’s Ward in May’s council elections – but there’s no suggestion of any link between these developments.” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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