Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) Deputy Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council is not to stand for election to the Vale in St Augustines in May –  but is to contest a seat in Stanwell Ward

The Labour Party has finally confirmed reports which have been circulating for months that Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustine’s) – the Deputy Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council –  is not to seek re-election as a Vale councillor for St Augustine’s Ward.

Lis Burnett was first elected to represent the St. Augustine’s Ward on the Vale of Glamorgan Council in May 2004 but subsequently lost her seat. She was eventually re-elected as a Vale Councillor for St Augustines Ward in 2012 – topping the poll with  887 votes.

In the 2012 election Cllr Gwyn Roberts and Cllr Lis Burnett (both Labour St Augustines) share a cuppa  and a campaign photo-call. Both won St Augustine’s seats on the Vale of Glamorgan Council but neither is now seeking to continue to represent St Augustines Ward on the Vale Council  – although Cllr Roberts will be standing for re-election to Penarth Town Council

In 2012 she had campaigned alongside Cllr Gwyn Roberts (Labour)  who won the other Vale seat for St Augustines – polling  781 votes , but PDN council sources say it’s understood that the close co-operation which had marked their campaign did not endure the duration of the five-year council term.

A former Penarth Mayor, Cllr Roberts is not seeking re-election to the Vale Council in May  although colleagues say he is standing again for election in St Augustine’s Ward for Penarth Town Council. The Labour Party has not yet released its list of candidates for Penarth Town Council for May’s elections.

Cllr Gwyn Roberts (Labour St Augustines) & Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) confronting St Augustine’s Ward residents in a public meeting on the Paget Road Skateboard project in 2014 .

Cllr Burnett had advocated the installation of a controversial skateboard park in the Paget Road children’s play area in St Augustine’s Ward – a scheme which ran into vociferous opposition from local residents and eventually had to be withdrawn.

A Vale of Glamorgan Council erected padlocked barriers to prevent people accessing the Penarth Head Viewing platform whilst is surveyed the cracks

Cllr Burnett was also associated with the installation – without any public consultation – of heavily-criticised £100,000 Penarth Headland Viewing Point on the summit of Penarth Head .  The stark,  reinforced concrete and brick edifice  had to be temporarily closed to the public for a survey when cracks appeared in the walls.

It was also admitted that  recesses for “information plaques”  were wrongly aligned towards local homes instead of points of interest across the channel . They still are.

Last-minute planting had to be carried out in an attempt to “soften” the appearance of a building which the public compared to a Wehrmacht gun-emplacement.

St Paul’s Church – the Boxing and Gym Clubs former HQ – is owned by the Vale Council . Now empty, it’s facing demolition to make way for social housing

In the 2012 Elections Cllr Burnett had promised that the old St Paul’s Church in Arcot St – within the St Augustine’s Ward –  would be brought back into use.

The Vale Council carried out a public referendum in the St Augustines Ward in which local residents voted overwhelmingly in favour of Penarth Boxing Club being allowed to resume their use of St Paul’s.

The results of the Vale Council’s public referendum on St Paul’s Church, Penarth were ignored

The Vale Council ignored the result of its own referendum . Now the building is likely to be demolished to make way for social housing

Labour councillor Janice Birch has represented the Stanwell Ward on both the Vale and Penarth Councils

Cllr Burnett is now to stand for election to the Vale Council in Penarth’s Stanwell Ward where she will  attempt to succeed veteran Vale Cllr Janice Birch who is retiring at the end of the current term, prior to May’s council elections.

Cllr Janice Birch – now aged 82 –  has had a remarkably long and successful career in local government both on the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Penarth Town Council and consistently attracted a strong vote and a large and loyal personal following in Stanwell Ward over many years.

She was Mayor of Penarth in 1981/82. In her early years she was known as a powerful  advocate for CND and has also campaigned strongly for gender equality and women’s rights.

It’s also been confirmed that Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell) – is seeking re-election to his existing Stanwell Ward seat.

Penarth Council meetings are often enlivened by witty repartee between husband and wife Cllr Mark Wilson and Cllr Rhiannon Birch – seen here at last year’s Summer Festival Downhill Derby

During the current council term Cllr Wilson married Cllr Janice Birch’s daughter, Rhiannon Birch who – like Cllr Wilson – is a twin hatted councillor serving on both the Vale of Glamorgan and Penarth Town Council. She represents Cornerswell Ward whereas Cllr Wilson represents Stanwell Ward.

Apart from STANWELL Ward ( as detailed above) the rest of Labour’s Penarth candidates for the Vale Council are:-

CORNERSWELL:  Peter King (will be standing with Rhiannon Birch – see above) . He is currently a member of the 5-strong ruling ‘cabinet’ of the Vale of Glamorgan Council and is in charge of Transport. His ward includes Windsor Road, Cogan – part of which which is so polluted with traffic fumes it’s designated as an Air Quality Management Area.

ST AUGUSTINE’S:  There was a clean sheet for Labour to fill here following the departure of Cllr Lis Burnett and Cllr Gwyn Roberts. The new candidates are:-

  1. Neil Thomas:  a member Penarth Town Council representing Cornerswell since 2012, He is now hoping to win a salaried seat on the Vale of Glamorgan Council whilst retaining a Penarth Town Council seat.  His employment background, he says, “lies in the fields of Social Services and Education” and in 2012 declared he was a member of the British Association of Social Workers.
  2. Ruba Sivagnanam ( a.k.a. Sivaruby Sivagnanam) is not a serving councillor but has been appointed a director of the Penarth Headland Link Company – the “not-for-profit” firm charged with reviving Labour’s defunct vanity project – the Penarth Head Link.   She  describes herself as a  “Public Policy Professional ” working as a “Senior Case Manager, Labour MP’s Office”. The un-named MP referred to is now known to be Stephen Doughty (Labour Cardiff South and Penarth) .

PLYMOUTH: In this ward there are two salaried seats on the Vale Council at stake but Labour is only putting up one candidate – a single mother of two, Angela Thomas  – who is from what she describes as, a “Labour working class background.” Little other biographical information is available.


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  1. Chris David says:

    What’s the reason/motivation for this?

    • Monty says:

      Maybe because she lives in Stanwell Ward. Just a thought.

      • Frank Evans says:

        But she fights for Barry at every opportunity. Maybe she should stand in a Barry ward.
        Didn’t her north Korean style twitter propaganda diatribe mention Barry 4 times for every mention of Penarth.

      • Monty says:

        I suppose that, as deputy leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, she has responsibility for the whole area. Barry is the biggest town in the Vale and, in fact, the whole of Wales. Hardly surmising that it gets a fair share of her attention, as it would anyone else in her position.

    • James says:

      Anticipating a hue and cry when people finally wake up – as the bulldozers arrive – and watch the century-old-plus St Paul’s Church – the like of which we will never see again – brought to rubble? To be replaced by an ugly jack-it-up block of flats? I don’t want to be around to see that either.
      Snot my ward see, luv.

  2. Dan says:

    Lots of big promises from List Burnett and Gwyn Roberts before they were elected. Most of which came to nothing. They won’t be missed by St Augustines at all in my opinion.

    • Nicki Page says:

      Without prejudice – Gwyn simply went on holiday and left me in the lurch with a cancelled fund raiser for Marie curie by the pacl management – promising to help. When he saw no votes in it for himself he simply couldn’t have cared less
      All saints came
      He refused to give me a comment at the town council office for the I love Penarth pier pavilion campaign
      He refused as did all at the council reply to my suggestions n of a new approach to customer service in penarth. Not appointment of someone known I understand by mr Roberts. 20,000 pounds what a waste of money for a position I suggested an alternative training for Penarth residents and ambassadors for the town – no one bothers to answer me as usual – all communication on the council web site have been ignored

      • George says:

        Why do you keep putting ‘without prejudice’ as though it’s part of legal proceedings?

  3. Plainjane says:

    As one who voted for her and bitterly regretted it – She knows there are many like me so she’s jumping ship to what is perceived as a safer seat I suspect

  4. Robert Williams says:

    She knows she will loose at St Augustines, feathering her own nest in the safe Stanwell seat ! She must think people are soft in the head not to see this!

  5. Anne Greagsby says:

    Having let down the residents of St Augustines ward Lis Burnett, it appears, is worried about losing her seat and thinks she will have a better chance in Stanwell ward! The labour party is very slow to disclose who the replacement candidates are for St Augustine’s ward…why are we waiting?

  6. June Davies says:

    Shame that the good things she has done for Penarth and indeed the Vale as a whole haven’t got a mention on this story, just concentrating on the ‘controversial’ things

    • Matt says:

      Probably because she a dreadful self-publicist who cares nothing about those she’s supposed to represent. Welsh Labour’s gravy train at its worst!

  7. Mark Foster says:

    Here’s Johnny!

    She looks like that Jack Nicholson character in The Shining in the first photograph with that handbag in the background. This is what the residents of Stanwell must be thinking.

  8. Tony Harris says:

    Oh joy Liz Burnett is on her way to Stanwell. I bet everybody is pleased to know that. At least
    Gwyn Roberts had the good grace to stand down but regrettably it looks as if Labour are making the best of a bad job by going along with this cynical attempt to save face and to distance Ms Burnett from the blot on the landscape that is the Penarth Headland Viewing Point. If I was a prospective St. Augustine candidate (which I am not) I would make it a priority to campaign for funds to demolish it and re-instate the small park that was there before this concrete horror arrived wasting £100K of tax payers money in the process. I wonder what`s store for Stanwell ward?
    You can only worry really.

  9. Well well ! At least we now know who the Labour candidates are in each of the Penarth wards, and it looks like a mixture of the same old faces but in different boxes or different shoes. Some complete unknowns trying their luck, backed up by smiley pics of an MP and and AM, neither of whom have brought much to Penarth, whatever they may say. But “jumping ship” comes to mind for those candidates who just could not stand the heat in the kitchen !

    • Arthur King says:

      Agree ‘jumping ship’ comes to mind, you’ve done it from Sully( councillor for 13 years) to Penarth! From Tory to independent as the Tories didn’t want you.

    • Nicki Page says:

      Anthony. Please come to the open non political I love Penarth (pier pavilion cinema keep it open) – public meeting on Monday 20th march 6.30pm doors open.
      I don’t or haven’t voted for some time as I have yet to find someone who does what they promise honestly in penarth
      The labour candidates mentioned below – I have had the most unsatisfactory interaction with them you did take an interest in my view when i turned up as requested to give a view on how Penarth and the police force could better serve the residents. I brought up,the fact the vale left Peter the pier master unsupported on the pier single handed tackling gangs of youths – the police didn’t patrol the pier or ncrease community policing on an agreed schedule Labour politicians present, refused to dialogue and said it was a private matter All please come to the public meeting and work with us all together better

  10. Matt says:

    Lis Burnett is the rudest, most arrogant and self-centred politician I have ever come across. I pity the people of Stanwell: she won’t listen to you, answer your questions or make any attempt to represent you.

  11. Lm says:

    Beggars belief!
    I live in the ward she is leaving which has been announced today
    Only received a letter from her yesterday asking me to vote for her
    Again shows complete and utter inefficiency!

  12. Nicki Page says:

    I met this lady at an open meeting she sat there knitting. How rude I’m not in her area but wow beware who you vote for

  13. LJS says:

    Time hasn’t been kind to her from one photo to the next, she looks worn out in the most recent photo.

  14. Peter Church says:

    I hope the people of Stanwell realise that this person has done nothing for the people of Penarth instead just tried to increase her own notoriety through twitter and the like at every opportunity.
    I met her her on a few occasions and she came across very conceited and seems to not care a jot what local residents actually wanted.
    Please, plaese, Stanwell people, vote for anyone (even Plaid!) but don’t vote for Burnett.

  15. RJBertin says:

    Where is her commitment to St. Augustines Ward? Typical careerist politician who has bottled it to find a so called safer seat. Never thought much of her and that she badly handled her brief. She also took things personal when you tackled her on a political point. This just looks like she is on the ‘chicken run’ and I hope that voters remember this come election time that she is not about the area she represents but her self. Over rated but believes herself to be good.

    • June Davies says:

      Pot, kettle springs to mind Councillor Bertin. Let’s not forget you were once Labour until you jumped ship for unsubstantial reasons

      • Actually this is his brother Robert June and yes he left Labour because he was being bullied by the local party and I would have done exactly the same. He is probably in a much better position now where he can put people before petty party politics.

  16. Robert says:

    Still can’t believe they’re knocking that beautiful old church down, part of the town’s architectural heritage, unique, its like never to be built again, and they’re going to get rid of it??
    Utter madness.
    How come the nearby St Joseph’s Catholic Church is still standing and now homes?
    Why can’t St Paul’s be saved? It’s unbelievable that nobody gives a damn.

  17. Dizzydeb says:

    I totally agree with Tony Harris!

  18. Frank Evans says:

    I hope voters in the Stanwell ward think long and hard before they allow her back in. Everything she is connected with has turned into a disaster and has wasted tax payers money to boot. Her response is to blame everyone else bar herself.

  19. Anne Greagsby says:

    Actually I am sure Lis Burnett is standing down in St Augustines because I am standing against her!! Her replacement is labour luvvie RUBA SIVAGNANAM who works for Stephen Doughty MP as a case worker in his Cardiff office. I’m sure she can find the time to be a Cllr as well if she plans on not doing much. And she has time for various boards as well. In addition to the board membership mentioned above she is also a board member of Re-Live based on Cardiff.

    • Frank Evans says:

      Labour. All aboard the gravy train. Cho cho 😣

    • Monty says:

      My goodness Ms Greagsby, I have heard nothing from you that suggests Ms Burnett, or any other candidate, has anything to fear from you.

      • Anne Greagsby says:

        Lol…I did scupper labour cllr Liz Burnett plans for wake boarding at Cosmeston as well as plans for her friend Chris Loyn garden grabbing back lane development & Northcliffe… I’m here to stay ….so you should be worried!!!

      • Monty says:

        We’ll see

  20. Regarding the behaviour and responses and record of Liz Burnett in one bit of information she states that she was born and bred in Penarth so she has lived here for years . And you know what they say about familiarity ? it breeds contempt!.

  21. June Davies says:

    Oh yes, Anne. I’m sure she is petrified of you. That must be the only explanation as to why Lis is changing. Get a grip!

  22. Chris David says:

    Well now your opportunity Ms Greagsby. Could you tell us what you stand for and whom?

    • June Davies says:

      Don’t expect much of an answer, Chris. As many others have pointed out on here, all Anne is concerned about is slating every other party instead of actually letting prospective voters know exactly what she is standing for and what she will do for Penarth. It’s very bizarre. Most of her claims are completely ridiculous and just go to show she will not benefit the people of Penarth in any way, shape or form. By the way, I, and my husband, are far from being a Labour supporter before anyone chips in with that (Independent all the way.) But a simple Google search of Anne’s name speaks volumes.

    • Anne Greagsby says:

      I am standing for Plaid Cymru and made no secret of it. . Plaid Cymru will

      • Reduce town Council Staff
      • Abolish the Town Councils secret unaccountable cmtes making decisions behind
      closed doors
      • Save St Pauls from demolition
      • Take charge of management of the Kymin etc
      • Keep Cosmeston lakes country park as a haven for wildlife
      • Ensure highways officers consult and pay full regard to conservation in changing pavements, street lights, etc. in our Conservation Area
      • Re-start a programme to plant trees on-street and floral displays
      • Introduce a programme to provide dropped kerbs & repair our pavements to avoid
      life-altering falls
      We will put Penarth first – Penarth Matters

      • Chris David says:

        There is nothing there I disagree with personally, in fact its all very admirable. It would make a better independent “work sheet” but hey anything has to be worth trying instead of Labour. Just one thing. Does Plaid intend to increase the £500,000,000 PA the WG and UK government et al already spend on supporting the Welsh language? Do you intend to support extra WL spending in Penarth or the Vale?

      • Jonathan says:

        Ignore the gainsayers, Anne, I like the sound of everything you’ve mentioned. Good for you.

      • Chris David says:

        Methinks Jonathan at least in some cases you have completely misused the word “gainsayer” or were you talking in a general sense?

      • LJS says:

        Anne, Chris asks a very valid question… what is your stance on Welsh language spending?

  23. Chris David says:

    OK June ta. But if AG did scupper the wakeboarding jobby plus the Northcliffe attempted stich up and has a green independent head I’ll at least listen. Time will tell ay! 🙂 She’ll have to have a clear “manifesto” though. Enough woolly confusion with the Cinema debacle just for starters.

  24. Max Wallis says:

    Lis Burnett has much more to answer for in St Augustines. Some 15 years ago as newish local Cllr she attended the planning cttee approving the Crest Nicholson plans – bad pretentious plans with crowded homes and no regard to the skyline on the Penarth promontory. No recreational area, no play-space and no community facilities (while demolishing the Council’s Community Centre and taking the informal play-space). Instead, some money for restoring St Paul’s, some for a skateboard park on Paget Rd and some for the Zig-zag path. Burnett spoke strongly in support of the plans. Now we can see the garish Billybanks Mark II; a Zig-zag path yes, but the Council had to pay for the lighting; the skateboard park abandoned as Lis omitted to get local residents’ agreement; St Paul’s betrayed; just renewed play equipment on Plassey Sq. Friends of the Earth said then that the community was getting a very raw deal – Burnett maintained the opposite…. now the results are clear, no wonder she is jumping ship.

  25. Freddie says:

    “Penarth Council meetings are often enlivened by witty repartee between husband and wife Cllr Mark Wilson and Cllr Rhiannon Birch – seen here at last year’s Summer Festival Downhill Derby.”
    Great caption for that picture of the two of them. Comedy gold. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. Chris David says:

    Must admit the don’t look like a dynamite and quirky quick comedy double act- well not in a witty way. Still you know even a church leaders meeting might seem mighty mirth to some! Well its rather amusing they charge for community meetings for starters- all in the Spirit of things ay! Oh a joke.

  27. Sos community call up meeting free entry on the house. Do come if you, like myself ❤️ Penarth and hear a proposed way forward: building on the best we have as a community collectively or individually. Wednesday April 5 2017 doors open 6pm for 7pm all saints church, Penarth all welcome including mr Rapier and group and survey Andrew – we would like to include your updates please in the agenda can you rsvp by Friday latest thanks If you would like a voice please advise me Latest by Monday 3rd April this is all about now a positive outcome to save the cinema, the pavilion the pier in Penarth

    For us and future generations. See wellbeing act 2015 law by Welsh assembly

    Charity commission leadership has for a second time also been approached by me for an independent review on pacl ltd and associated

    The police have offered advice re cps and an accountancy firm in penarth have come forward to offer to unearth through a forensic audit from th start of pacls history of what’s really what who did what and with what qualifications to support their decision making, to review th busin sos plan the tender process ,all of which currently is shrouded in mystery – still no comments from PACL chair or 50 trusted trustees – 39 resigned 11 remaining – or Sophie Howe commission of wellbeing or the Vale of Penarth councillors despite itv news and others requesting on more than one occasion

    It’s absolutely a non acceptable situation to go forward as we have observed and fit for purpose – whether pacl ltd or others as relevant should not be allowed to carry on It’s now for us the people to put a stop to it with other outside forces and organisations take no the lead
    if sentiment and numbers in the town and around, are with us on the 5th April we have a strong people’s mandate from which to engage

    We ask trustd past present trustees and the chair Tony Hazle please to come to the meeting with media present and be accountable to the people who love Penarth and whose money has been used – from lottery and other funds

    I have asked IOD and CBI and chief exec of Cardiff airport to chair the meeting I await their rsvp

    Entertainment and open debate with votes required on the night as citizens of Penarth to fairly reflect the opinions of those in attendance nicki voice of people who love ❤️ Penarth without prejudice

    My number is 07587 108522 if calling is easier or Time is of the essence here that’s why I have pull d this second meeting together so quickly to let not advantage and interest slip !

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