Dark days for Penarth Pier Pavilion – which is now closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays with its integral cinema being shut-down completely. Tonight  two separate public meetings are being held in Penarth to consider the future of the Pavilion’s cinema – and the Pavilion itself.

Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd, the struggling not-for-profit firm which holds a 125-year  lease on Penarth Pier Pavilion, has parted company with one of its longest-serving directors.

The latest departure from the board has comes in the same month as the company carried out its controversial decision to close the Pavilion to the public for 3 days-a-week as from March 6th and shut-down the integral Pier Pavilion Digital Cinema indefinitely.

Peter John Wellesely Bussell – a director and the company secretary of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd has resigned

Leaving the board this month is Peter John Wellesley Bussell –  who was not only a director/trustee of the Penarth Arts and Crafts, but also held the onerous duty of Company Secretary. He has quit both roles.

It’s now emerged than Mr Bussell tendered his resignation on March 4th  – shortly after the company’s initial shock announcement (on February 27th 2017) that it would carry out a partial shutdown of the Pavilion and would terminate the operation of its cinema.

Mr Bussell – a chartered surveyor by profession – had been a director of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd since September 2012 and had been on the board throughout the period of the £4,200,000 renovation of the Pier Pavilion,  its public re-opening in December 2013 and its operations since that date.

Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd  – known as “PACL” for short – has yet to announce a successor for Mr Bussell.

Two other directors, Cllr Gwyn Roberts (Labour St Augustines) – who represented the Vale of Glamorgan Council on the Board –  and  Thomas Howard Bennett both resigned last month. Mr Bennett had only been on the board for a year.   Neither has yet been replaced.

A banner for Nicki Page’s “Save Penarth’s Pavilion and Cinema” campaign

Meanwhile tonight (March 20th 2017) two separate public meetings are due to be held in Penarth to discuss the future of the Pier Pavilion Cinema and its peremptory closure.

Former Penarth Mayor Cllr Philip Rapier (Labour St Augustines)

Nicki Page is leading “Save the Pavilion Cinema” initiative

Former Mayor of Penarth, Cllr Philip Rapier (Labour St Augustines) has convened a public meeting at the Pilot Pub in Queens Road Penarth starting at 19.30,

Meanwhile PR executive Nicki Page is holding a different public meeting on the same topic at the Stanwell Baptist Church Hall in Victoria Road – next-door to the Paget Rooms, commencing at 18:30.

A motoring malfunction. Pavilion meeting organiser Nicki Page found herself accidentally locked inside her own car in the pouring rain but was liberated by passers-by.

The day didn’t start well for Ms Page when she found herself inadvertently locked in her own car on Penarth Esplanade whilst awaiting the arrival of an ITV news crew.

Nicki Page installed a protest banner across the Pier Pavilion entrance

Once liberated, however, she did take advantage of the Pavilion’s 3-days-a-week closure regime to erect an unofficial publicity banner across the main entrance.

Whilst she was there,  members of the public were still calling at the Pavilion hoping to get out of the rain and buy a cup of coffee in the restaurant – and were unaware of the new closure regime now displayed on the front doors.

With the rain pouring down – and the Pavilion firmly closed to all comers – ITV News set up an interview with Nicki Page in the shelter of Philip Rees’s “The Old Sweet Shoppe” next door

With the rain pouring down  Philip Rees proprietor of The Old Sweet Shoppe, next door to the Pavilion, offered shelter for an ITV Wales News crew to interview Ms Page for tonight’s ITV Wales News





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  1. Penarth Resident says:

    Peter Bussell is a man of integrity.

    • cllr clive williams MBE says:

      I have worked and known Mr Peter Bussell for over 30 years and totally endorse he is a man of integrity and a true friend of Penarth.

  2. Richard says:

    At least he’s had the grace to stand down.
    Why hasn’t Tony Hazell gone yet?
    How many “directors” are left?
    The thing was and is a shambles.
    I can’t get over Hazell trying to cling on – if only he had shown the same persistence with ensuring the Pier cinema etc was a success.

    • James says:

      What I’m curious about is this: if Tony Hazell is supposed to be “in charge” at PACL – an organisation designed to ensure the future of the Pier cinema etc – WHY has he gone to ground? You’d think he’d be there, leading the charge, rallying support to get the Pier out of the mess he and the rest of Dad’s Army created. But he doesn’t appear to have made any public comment. Does that mean he’s lost interest? Or is embarrassed? Whatever it is, I’m quite staggered by his behaviour, and also by that of others in the town.
      People should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Ken says:

    Cue: EastEnders drum roll…

    • James says:

      Sadly, Ken, it’s not that dynamic. More like Last of the Summer Wine.

    • Jonny says:

      Talking of television productions, I hear ITV are there today. I wonder if Tony Hazell will deign to surface and explain the situation at PACL to them. Amazing really, the man heading the outfit that has taken the pavilion to its knees – and those HUGE sums of money spent – and nobody’s heard a squeak out of him.
      I wonder why?

  4. Simon says:

    What they need is a clean sweep and new start, with proper business heads in the town.
    What about someone like that man in Snells newspaper, stationery & food emporium?
    He knows how to turn a profit – look at all the pasta and olives, Club biscuits and jam and coconut cake he’s got for £1. Knows what people what, not tacky, with experience of film rental to boot.
    I bet he’d sort them out.

  5. Billy says:

    Are you trying to finish me off?
    That picture of Nicki Page – surrounded by the condensation of hot air in her car – may just have done it.

  6. Will says:

    It seems clear to me that there is cause for grave concern with PACL.
    Not only have they made a catastrophic pig’s ear of running the show, as well as draining resources, those remaining appear to consider themselves above comment.
    How can that be?
    How can they realistically continue to run an outfit with public money for pubic use if they won’t engage with the public?
    As well as displaying utter incompetence, there seems to be the most awful sort of arrogance – verging on contempt in my eyes – for those the cinema and Pier is supposed to serve.
    It was public money after all.
    What the heck is going on?

  7. Sarah says:

    I like the look of that sweet shop. I wonder if they sell raspberry ruffles.

  8. Paul says:

    Its “the end of the pier” showdown;
    P.A.C.L. have milked it for all its worth. Now is the time to cut and run. Theres no profit in it for them anymore, in this poorly run “not for profit” company project……
    It ain’t gonna last for 125 yrs!
    RIp P.P.P.
    Well done, Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd

  9. LJS says:

    Ms Page, the time for pantomime is at the end of the year.
    Your efforts may be well intentioned but it looks like self publicity to me and not a serious plan of coordinating moving forwards.
    I think you would be better concentrating on your serious ‘day job’ of looking after a picture of a cow wearing a pink brassiere.

  10. Peter Church says:

    Nicki Page found herself accidentally locked inside her own car!!!
    Bless!, she is really not cut out for this modern life is she?, electricity, moving images, locks.

  11. Concerned penarth says:

    PACL worked well until was successful in delivering its aims as a community Arts and Crafts charity …what changed, beside the membership of the board?

  12. Kate says:

    Does anyone know what the outcome of the two meetings were? Did either find a way forward or agree a plan of action?

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