Not quite “tanks on our lawn“: Local residents had complained that  Plymouth Park car-park appeared to have been taken-over “en-mass”  by Tec Marina clients – but it turns out the overspill was just temporary

Residents in Penarth Marina are complaining that a 60-space public car park in Plymouth Park is being used “en mass” by clients and visitors to the business hub “Tec Marina” .

Some residents say there are often so many cars parked in the Plymouth Park parking ground that they are having to leave their cars some distance away in places like Marconi Avenue .

Tec Marina’s clients were claimed to be using  the nearby public car park in preference to their own – but it turns out it was only temporarily whilst their own car park was being extended.

Tec Marina – which provides office and conference accommodation for a number of different businesses – has its own car park aty the rear of its premises.

A Tec Marina statement says “We have recently had work done in the car park of Tec Marina which now allows for us to park 21 cars, along with 2 disabled spaces, motor-bike and bikes spaces.  This car park is now full to capacity but was kept clear of cars, for safety reasons, whilst the work was being carried out, which may be the reason the local residents thought we were not using it, however I can assure you we now are.”

The firm says “The local Council has been extremely supportive of the work we have done at Tec Marina and has recently granted us planning permission for 6 more car parking spaces and work will commence on this shortly.”

Plymouth Park comprises the filled-in Western end of what was once half of the Inner Basin of Penarth Docks. In the 1970s and early 80s a large amount of waste and refuse was dumped in the disused dock by the Vale of Glamorgan Council, covered-over and grassed.  A network of pipes had to be installed [ and later re-installed] to draw-off flammable gases like methane so that they could be burned-off at a central installation located in the centre of Plymouth Park car park . The area is owned by the Welsh Labour Government.





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  1. Johnabutt says:

    Most of the time that car park is empty, especially outside working hours. That “residents” are complaining has to be a joke. Plymouth Park is the only one in Penarth without any seats, swings for the children, and it’s own totally pointless hump. The Council recently resurfaced the path, which was left all churned up with worse puddles on it than when they started.

    • That is a blatant falsehood. When did you last walk through the car park during the working day? Although I didn’t walk through the car park about 20 minutes ago it was obviously full or nearly so,

  2. I walked / paddled through Plymouth Park twice yesterday and on both occasions all the parking spaces were taken. Using the whole car park for commercial use by “Tec Marina” and preventing its use by users of the park is both selfish and anti-social.

    I’ve written to the Marina Residents Association with the suggestion that they request the Welsh Government to introduce parking restrictions in the car park but they don’t seem to replay to emails. I suggested either two hours parking maximum or a hefty charge after two hours.

    When are the Welsh Government actually going to finish tidying up after the pipe installation? There are still wet areas following rain that were not there before the work was undertaked.

  3. ColaniXL says:

    As far as I can tell, the car park at Plymouth Park is a public car park. So what makes the residents believe the car park is exclusively for their own use?

    • Whilst it might be a public car park its commercial use by Tec Marina to the exclusion of others is selfish and unnecessary. They are obviously preventing those wanting to use the park from doing so. I admit that I live close to the park but I have no need to use the car park and I doubt that any other local residents have a need either.

      Since the resident’s association refuse to engage with me I have no understanding of any other objections. Much of Penarth has very high density housing and I just want people to be able to enjoy the park. Is that really too much to ask?

      • Colin Davies says:

        I would expect then if the residents association are refusing to engage with you, they, the residents do not see it as an issuer. Perhaps you should focus your time concentrating on other things, especially as by your own admission you are not a resident. There are plenty of other busy car parks you could investigate, perhaps start a facebook page or a club?

  4. Monty says:

    So one lot of people want to stop another lot of people using a car park so they can use it and stop the other lot from using it.

  5. For Davies’ benefit I do live at Penarth Marina and the residents’ association refuse to engage with me on any other matter as well.

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