Penarth Cemetery is run by Penarth Town Council

The local free newspaper the Barry Gem has reported this morning that Penarth Town Council has issued a formal apology to a local  family this week after mistakenly burying the late Mrs Marion Jarvis (nee Hooper) of Coronation Terrace, Penarth in the wrong plot at Penarth Cemetery.

Mrs Jarvis (82) had died in 2003 but had been interred, by mistake, in a plot which was adjacent to the one in which she should have been laid to rest.

When the mistake first came to light the family asked whether Mrs Jarvis’s remains could be left undisturbed but were informed by Penarth Council officials that this could not be permitted. They were then required to sign paperwork for a re-interment

Mrs Jarvis’s remains were exhumed, moved and re-interred in the correct plot on March 14th, along with the ashes of her  grand-daughter.

The family is to take up Penarth Town Council’s mistake with the Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns, Conservative MP for the Vale of Glamrogan

Mrs Jarvis’s son  Mr Paul Hooper says he is planning to  take-up the matter with the Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns.

In the meantime – according to the Barry Gem’s exclusive report – Penarth Town Council has formally apologised to the family and provided complimentary flowers for the reinterment .

From the headquarters of Penarth Town Council  at West House has come an apology for a mistake made at its cemetery 14 years ago.

Penarth Council has issued a statement saying “Penarth Town Council would like to publicly apologise to the family of Mrs Marion Jarvis and the obvious distress this situation has caused. The error occurred 14 years ago when Mrs Jarvis was interred at Penarth Cemetery. The use came to light when Mrs Patricia Quick came to the council to arrange for the ashes  of her baby granddaughter to be interred with Mrs Jarvis.”

Last year there were complaints from local people about Penarth Town Council’s poor standards of maintenance at the cemetery

The council says “From a legal point of view , Mrs Jarvis’s family did not hold exclusive rights of burial for the grave where Mrs Jarvis was originally buried, Therefore this had to be corrected and the only correct action the council could take was to apply to the Ministry of Justice to conduct and exhumation and arrange immediate reburial to the correct grave plot “

The council statement says “At all times officers at Penarth Town Council have worked with the family to redress the error as swiftly and sympathetically as possible”  …”Officers have been thanked by members of the family during this difficult time”.



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  1. David Andrews says:

    Can this really be a subject that Messrs David, Evans, Church and Worsley have no opinion about?

    • Peter Church says:

      David, when your dead your dead! All that’s left is a collection of bones.

      If you had a leg amputated, the removed limb goes in the hospital waste.
      Next you lose both arms, again the hospital waste.
      A spot of brain cancer and a chunk of your brain removed…hospital waste.

      So why get hung up with particular bits of the body, unless to believe the “spirit” resides the the last bit of you before you die, which is very convenient. Then the police, local authority, religious groups will all have there say unless the body is given a dignified and costly burial.

      There, is that enough of an opinion for you!

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