Holder’s Menswear – Penarth’s last traditional gents’ outfitters – is officially closing on March 30th – but with customers  queuing up for bargains it’s reckoned that all the stock will have been sold-out  long before then.

Holders – the gentlemen’s outfitters which has been serving Penarth since 1946 – will be closing for the last time next week.

The shop – which is owned by Ashley Holder – grandson of the founder,  is to be leased – as from next week – to Edinburgh Woollen Mill, the UK-wide retail and property company run by multi-millionaire Philip Day.

Edinburgh Woollen Mill controls the fashion chain Peacocks and its property arm already owns the Holm House Hotel in Marine Parade Penarth and a portfolio of other local properties.

Customers snapping up the bargains at Holder’s Menswear as the stock is sold-off before the shop closes next week.

Holder and Sons – which later became A.C. Holder and Sons, and later Holder’s Menswear Ltd  – was originally established  in 1946 by Mr Ashley Holder’s grandfather  – Arthur Charles Holder, the founder of the firm.

Mr Holder senior was  a professional tailor who acquired the 15 Windsor Road premises (already a tailor’s shop)  previously run by George Kinnersley.

The original frontage of the 15 Windsor Road shop just after WW2 with the “GK” initials above the door

George Kinnersley’s initials “GK” were incorporated in the fretwork above the windows of the original shop frontage.

Under the Holder family, the shop was modernised, and extended rearwards to add well over 100 feet of retail space in what  had been a back yard. A second shop-frontage  and the rear entrance  which opens onto Ludlow Lane was then incorporated.

It is a long walk from the front of Holder’s shop to the rear entrance on Ludlow Lane

The interior of the shop -with its fine wooden panelling, pile carpeting and bespoke shop fittings – still imparts all the hushed, discreet ambience of a Savile Row outfitters.

Holders specialised in high-quality menswear, top-of-the-range ready-to-wear suits, jackets, shirts, ties, waistcoats, leather shoes and essential gentlemen’s under-pinnings such as braces, sock-suspenders and accoutrements like tie-clips and cufflinks – the only place in Penarth which stocked such items.

Holder’s had the ambience of a top-class menswear shop

There once were other outfitters in Penarth – such as Alf Brockington, Evan Roberts,  and – at the cheaper end of the market – Hodges – but they are long gone. Holders was the last one left.

The present owner Mr Ashley Holder – “Penarth born and bred”  –  who  began working in the shop as a schoolboy at the age of 8 –  is now retiring to enjoy life as a landlord.

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  1. Joe blow says:

    Incredibly expensive, I don’t think I have even been inside and I have lived in Penarth all my life. Mind you, I am only 50.

  2. Brickie says:

    A very classy shop. All the best for a great retirement, Mr H

  3. Mark Foster says:

    Is it true that the man of the people Nigel Farage bought his yellow pants there just so he could capture the Nationalist working class vote and become Prime Minister?

  4. Chris David says:

    So are EWM opening a Peacocks there? That’ll be a bit of a blow. Very few mid market retailers left in Penarth now. I think what might do well somewhere in Penarth is a bespoke tailor and /or shoe maker, such an op would probably take a relatively long time to build the (wide) market, so would require robust funding. Yes Ret Guru I have looked into this but I admit not forensically. Its just a thought in case someone with the right credentials might like to research the possibility. Unlikely….sigh.

  5. Thanks for showing me the inside of this shop as I , also have never been in there , but I have been to an interview for the new turnover.

  6. June and derek holder were our neighbours – as kids Ashley and I, his sister Kay, Nicholas and Damien kind of played together or I watched as their pet croc was taken on walks down the close on a lead. I thought that was terrific
    I wanted a croc
    My mum said no of course.

    Ashley followed the family tradition and now fair enough is selling up. To Edinburgh wool mr day having lovely days in Dubai – his man in penarth Steve is currently charging about Penarth buying up real estate here and there. I think it would be lovely for Edinburgh wool to join our save the pier and pavilion campaign sos call up mr day to help the I love Penarth campaign. I was born grew up and came back. Because. I love it. I love the people the pier and the pies by Clarks. I live on the cliff top and look at the pier everyday most days I walk on it. My father has done that 35 years every day thereabout I have my office hq in the pavilion cafe despite terrible phone signal
    The pavilion- I had my first experience of entering a talent show – came second
    We like our georgeous heritage with a new company temporary twist as dinosaurs – if they don’t evolve become extinct even on our Jurassic coast. So easy to buy up heritage as you are doing with Holders but pls don’t lose the essence of what makes our town. You can really support the people I love Penarth campaign if you could donate to our Welsh lovelies cause as we need the pier for many of its activities going forward with our global CSR campaign with mr Twining and Miss MooLaLa for the people who want to come to our lovely town and seaside whether the Busy Teapot our campaign hq or Tony’s who has served the best chops snd pizza for over 30 years with dome of the same staff – I ran a pr marketing company in Dubai and was there with the sheikhs from 1998 who trusted me in time. You can’ that. It comes with demonstration and loyalty and time. Dubai. I held my global luxury fashion client events at the top of the 6 star burj and saw day by day the city grow around me. One will never have that unique perspective from 19998 to 2012 again. I know and saw an met the very good the very bad and the ugly as they all rose or fell despite driving in to town with their ferraris or super land rovers etc
    I watched I waited I invested and I gave freely at first without expectation.
    And then one day the tide started to come in.
    Sos call up Edinburgh wool for our meeting all saints church hall April 5 6pm doors open to present a strategy for consideration Having thought about it the way forward and taken some of the people’s feedback to share ideas- for sos save our cinema and pavilion. Will you guys our very new Celtic neighbours be our first corporate funding partners. I hope so. Nicki I love ❤️ Penarth and the mandated voice following scount hall meeting of all together better in penarth people’s voices you can contact me via this blog or 07597 108522 4 hours time difference until tomorrow ! British summer time you will make our day and your money will be well invested to present you a real return on your brand investment in penarth you will in time have what yours or anyone’s money can’t buy. You will get respect trust and loyal customers to swell the bank balance and rightly so

    • Tom says:

      You’ve worn me out with your talk of Edinburgh Woollen Mill, sheikhs and crocodiles on leads. Is it going to be like this on every post?

    • LJS says:

      Not much about Holders… lots about you as always.

    • All Sant's Parishioner says:

      As a “professional” PR guru I’m surprised with the lack of correct grammar. Nicki I’m also quite concerned for your mental state. I am also alarmed that the Rev’d Canon Peter Cox has allowed your circus to take place at All Saint’s and I will be speaking to him Monday morning regarding this. Yesterday I was told the real reason for you not using Stanwell Baptist Hall for your next meeting, you’ve been banned due to an altercation. I do feel very sorry for you Nicki and suggest you seek some professional help. Peace and love.

      • Chris David says:

        Parishioner- not a very Christian statement! I and many agree with you that Ms Page could do with cleaning up the text and related agenda but claiming she is mentally ill- well. And that coming from (as you describe yourself as a parishioner) a person whom believes that some fairy god invented and constructed the world and controls it to this day requiring worship by some very dodgy people. A very vicious and nasty god. All a bit incestuous- a Job Lot one might say. Very mentally stable that.

  7. Its Edinburgh Wollen Mill I got this from my interview yesterday so I may not be posh enough for the job, was hoping for a peacocks as were a lot of the customers at G.Thomas where I work, As not all Penartheons have dosh, ha ha ha ,

  8. Can you repeat that Page1worldblog ? it sort of drifted into gobbledegook and I could tell it was interesting because it mentioned Dubia etc etc and yet written on a runaway keyboard .

  9. Petra says:

    Absolutely Tom, not ever post should include a confused tirade of gobbledegook from the I ❤️ Penarth campaign. Please!! Save our sanity

  10. BigPooPski says:

    I did look in the window once when I was younger they wanted £28 for a shirt and that was in the 1980’s So I went over to Woolworths and got a shirt for £2 🙂 hoo I miss woolies 😦

  11. sjleworthy says:

    I too have only been in there in recent months – once for a birthday gift from my wife, 2nd for the sale off. Unfortunately my ample size wasnt catered for 😛

    Best of luck on the golf course Mr. H. 🙂

  12. Chris David says:

    Repeat! ? “it sort of drifted into gobbledegook and I could tell it was interesting because it mentioned Dubai” Indeed AW indeed. Were you a customer perchance? No wonder you hated those ruddy “seagulls” if you were.

  13. Chris David says:

    AW not NP. I don’t know if they has a ladies section. Just wondered if Mr Worsley was a customer. The apparel by and large was too old for me. I guess its customer base was declining. But they did sell good quality. No one would want “seagulls” spoiling their Asquatum suit or Turnbull & Asser shirts ay. Ret Guru is quiet on this one!

  14. Peter Church says:

    I have had a quick read of the Page1worldblog, some bits sensible but most is a little rambling to say the least.
    It makes Lis Burnett’s twitter account almost sound like reality!

    On Holders closing down, I never been in, sadly a shop of yesteryear.
    Good luck to EWM and hope that the good folk of Penarth don’t mistake it for another charity shop.

  15. RetailGuru says:

    To those in Penarth that wanted a Peacocks I say ‘Wake Up!’… cheap yes, disposable and poor quality yes! Why are you all buying 20 cheap shirts and throwing them away when you could have six good quality shirts that’ll wash beautifully and last years? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  16. Chris David says:

    One concurs Ret G. And good uns look 10 times better. Decent collars and cuff’s. Long on body and sleeve. Only midgets get a fit in George from A and Peacocks 🙂 .

  17. Tony Harris says:

    Holders will be missed but being able to buy Polo shirts for a fiver might be a bonus for some of our sartorially challenged townsfolk. Another nail in the coffin for Penarth shopping. It will just be the same as any other small town with too many coffee outlets and charity shops. Still there is always the Pier to visit. Oh that’s closed as well.

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