Job done: The crew of the “Connie Dains” return to Penarth Lifeboat station after another successful mission – backed by their shore volunteers and the people of Penarth who support the RNLI

Penarth Lifeboat rescued more people last year than any other lifeboat station in Wales – according to the latest statistics released today by the RNLI

The two Penarth-based boats rescued a grand total of 109 souls – including the dozens marooned in 2016 on Sully Island –  despite the RNLI’s traffic light system which warns people when they should not attempt to cross the tidal causeway linking the island to the mainland.

In terms of the different category of “lives saved ”  [such as drowning people hauled out of the water] the Penarth Lifeboat station has been credited with 7 such incidents in 2016.

September 10th 2015 the big Atlantic 85 lifeboat Maureen Lilian launches for the second mission of the day

Penarth lifeboats were launched on service on 74 occasions in 2016 –  representing a 60% increase on the 46 launches performed the previous year .

Thanks to the successful £52,000 fundraising appeal for a new D class lifeboat – inaugurated last summer by Olympic gold-medalist Hannah Mills – the station will be receiving a newly built replacement for its 8-year-old workhorse “Connie Dains” soon  .

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  1. Need you now to help us on semi dry land sos call from I love ❤️ Penarth meeting doors open 6pm for 7 pm start Wednesday 5 April 2017 all saints church. Penarth. Pls bring life raft and kit jut in case. Nicki

    • Maldwyn says:

      I reckon the lifeboat will be making several trips to rescue the marooned and desperate that night.

    • Harry Herbert-Hyde says:

      Hello everyone!!!
      I have not been on this platform for many a long while, I had a touch on indigestion that turned out to be a bit more serious than I first thought.
      I reckon that Mrs Page1worldblog and myself could be an unstoppable team when we join forces.
      I too love Penarth and have great plans for it, well if only for my dear friend Gladys’s front garden. If this proves successful then there will be no stopping the love I will be spreading all around Penarth. A good tidy up is what is needed, all over Penarth, some people leave their front gardens to go to rack and ruin
      I am not too sure how long I have left on this coin operated internet terminal so can I tell you the time I was rescued off Sully Island in 1963.
      It started as a sunny school outing in June which was the onl

  2. Jim says:

    Apologies if I’m not reading this correctly. If the boat was called out on 74 occasions in 2016 and there were 7 incidents in the category of “lives saved”, does that mean that 67 of those call-outs were to fetch “souls” off Sully Island?

    • AK says:

      No, it doesn’t.

      They have other reasons to launch other than simply rescuing idiots from Sully Island.

      1. Towing broken down vessels, who would otherwise be in danger from the tides
      2. Searching for people reported lost
      3. False alarms
      4. Retrieving people who fall or throw themselves from the cliffs
      5. Retrieving navigation aids or boats which have broken free and are a hazard to shipping

      and I’m sure many more

  3. LJS says:

    Nicki, totally irrelevant to the article.

  4. Nervouswreck says:

    Ms Page – irrevelevant to the article once again. But since you are dealing with non related topics can you tell us if it is true – that you have been banned from the Pier – that you are allegedly trying to save!! You gotta laugh

  5. Peter Church says:

    Why would Penarth Lifeboat rescue 109 Souls?

    Do they have a chaplain on the boat to tell them about God, who in his evil way tired to kill them by drowning?

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