The Vale of Glamorgan Council – which enforces parking in Penarth – isn’t quite as strict with its own vehicles as it is with ordinary motorists . This Vale Council van  was parked on zig-zag markings adjacent to the zebra crossing on the Esplanade yesterday .

Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward ) has condemned the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council for what he calls “the continuing assault on motorists in Penarth Town Centre” .

Penarth Town Cllr Anthony Ernest is standing for election to the Vale of Glamorgan Council in May

Cllr Ernest – who is standing as an Independent for Vale of Glamorgan Council in May – says that “the Vale Council is seemingly blind to the untold damage it is causing both residents and visitors”.

He accuses the Vale Council of seeming to have “completely ignored the furore caused by poor roadside markings, incomprehensible signage, and illogical layouts of restricted and limited parking zones, followed by the issue of scores of parking fines, the failure to take any action to improve the situation is bitterly resented by motorists who have been penalised for incorrect parking.”

Said Cllr. Ernest “this issue has now been ongoing for well over two years, many people have received substantial fines, and virtually nobody has been let-off for inadvertently parking in areas that are, to put it mildly, less than obvious to a casual visitor to our shops.”

He says that “At a time when Business Rates are rising for many shopkeepers, and families are feeling the pinch financially, Penarth needs to extend a warm welcome to all who wish to enjoy the wide range of shops in the town centre, rather than sending them packing with a £60 fine and a determination not to visit Penarth again for some time.”

Cllr Ernest says “Unfortunately the Vale seems oblivious to this threat to its overall Town Centre strategy, and has failed miserably to do anything to correct the position, despite constant calls to improve highway markings and simplify the No Waiting and Limited Waiting zones, which are causing the problems in Penarth.”.

He says “Clearly this is something that will be a priority when the new Vale Council is elected in May, and I look forward to moving this matter forward so as to ensure that Penarthians and visitors can park with impunity –  and enjoy shopping in our delightful range of shops”

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  1. Anthony once and for all lets dirt the parking no prob. Short term at peak times. Min Park no 2 hours on sea front remove some double yellow lines get the cat park as designed and ready re built to replace the old one. Critical as we drive more tourism. Pledge to do this snd get a timeline in p,ace please Nicki I love ❤️ Penarth. Pls come to april 5 people’s meeting 6pm all saints church and add weight to the situation of the closed cinema and Pavilion

  2. Paul Lewis says:

    I watched a woman park in the legal area outside the Coop last week, then get out of her car to read the sign, then move her car into the illegal area. She was obviously confused by the signage, so I pointed out that she would get booked if she left it there, whereupon an Penarth shopper intervened and told both myself and her that we were wrong and that she should leave it in the Illegal area, as that is what the sign meant. Talk about confusion, nobody seems to be able to interpret these signs properly. It’s a disgrace, probably brought on purposely to confuse.

    I applaude Cllr Ernest’s comments, but let’s get something done about it. It is costing both residents and visitors a fortune. As if we don’t pay enough in rates already.

  3. Vic says:

    Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this before, but what the town needs is A CAR PARK!!!!!

  4. DRT Andrews says:

    Some of these candidates for election really enjoy shooting themselves in the foot.

  5. Seth says:

    I do find this parking issue an absolute bore. Why are people so obsessed with it? And endlessly banging on about a flaming car park. Why can’t people just park on both sides of the road regardless of yellow lines/white lines/in my lady’s chamber. The Vale does as it pleases – vandalising old buildings, knocking stuff down, putting in ugly benches – all costing the tax payer the absolute earth. They’ve set the tone, in my opinion. – an ugly town fit only for philistines.Saddle up the horses, I say. If you can’t beat ’em. Time to turn Wild West too.

  6. steve says:

    Why should we improve the situation for ‘motorists who have been penalised for incorrect parking’
    If they’ve parked incorrectly, then they should be penalised. There is way too much awful parking around Penarth because there are too many cars trying to access a small town and people are too lazy to park further away and walk.
    I don’t see why visitors or locals should ‘park with impunity’ – parking on the public highway is not a right. They’re flipping lucky there isn’t a charge to help pay for the damage to the pavements, roads and air in the area. In fact Cllr Ernest should perhaps be promoting to local Penarthians to leave the car at home and access the shops on foot or by bike, so as to ensure that there is sufficient parking for elderly, disabled and visitors from elsewhere.
    I’m not surprised by the Cllrs remarks, he was moaning about how a speed bump caused his car damage because he couldn’t drive over it at the correct speed a few months ago.

    • Birkett says:

      Agree with everything you write.

      Cars, and the way they are used (and the things they drive people to do) are a huge problem in the narrow streets of Penarth. The vast majority have no excuse…. leave them at home and walk/cycle/get the train or bus.

  7. Grey local says:

    The parking enforcers should take a walk down the seafront. By 8 in the morning there are usually around a dozen vehicles parked, all seemingly belonging to either Beachcliffe, workers etc, and the two restaurants staff. All enjoy unlimited parking free from hourly restrictions or parking wardens.
    As for a car park, there is a ready made ramp in the old “Smiths” garage on Windsor Rd . This building would be a useful commuter car park. Also there is a large area in opposite the library which could be a car park if the tennis courts were moved to an alternative venue such as Cosmeston where they could enjoy access to a large car park.

    • Robert says:

      Grey local, I do believe the ramp you talk of at the bankrupt Robert Smith garage was removed a few years ago. So sorry no car parking there!

  8. AK says:

    Resident only bays are largely unused during the day (presumably the ‘residents’ are at work), so they could easily be turned over to day time parking. Personally I have rarely had trouble parking in Penarth, although I may have to go round a couple of times.

    Any difficulty in parking is generally caused by people who can’t park properly

    1. Massive car in narrow street, preventing parking opposite
    2. Can’t park in between angled guide lines
    3. Parking a car in the middle of a space which would otherwise fit two cars

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