Environmentalist and Plaid Cymru candidate for St Augustine’s Ward for the Vale of Glamorgan Council  Anne Greagsby with colleague Professor Max Wallis. This time they were not wearing their masks – bur caused a stir nevetheless.

There were puzzled – not to say worried – faces at Penarth Town Council’s policy and finance committee this week when the Plaid Cymru candidate for St Augustine’s Ward – the formidable Anne Greagsby – arrived with partner Professor Max Wallis to sit-in on the proceedings.

Neither wore the masks they donned recently to investigate air pollution in Cogan, but nevertheless the encounter turned out to be not one of Penarth Town Council’s finest hours.

Anyone can attend council meetings and can speak if given permission

Like all members of the public, Ms Greagsby and Professor Wallis were  fully entitled to sit-in on,  and to observe, open council and committee meetings [meetings of the council’s secret committees including the Strategic Review Group are closed to the public and press].

Environmentalist and Plaid Cymru candidate Anne Greagsby is standing against Labour  Cllr Neil Thomas in St Augustine’s Ward for election to the Vale of Glamorgan Council

As a former, and not entirely uncontroversial, member of the Green Party, Ms Greagsby was specifically interested in an agenda item on “Environmental Policy” – the first time the Penarth Council has codified a written policy to “build on existing good practice”.

The new policy is designed to ensure that the Town Council complies with current environmental legislation. It all seemed innocuous enough, but Ms Greagsby said that she had asked to see a copy of the policy report in advance – and had not received it – and had also asked for permission to speak at the meeting. 

Cllr Mike Cuddy Leader of Penarth Town Council

The chairman, Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustine’s), said “No one has advised me of that?” . A council officer said he had not seen Ms Greagsby’s request.

Ms Greagsby retorted that  she, in turn, had not received a copy of the document she had requested.  [PDN Note: Unlike other councils, Penarth Town Council does not place its officer-reports on its website ] 

Cllr Cuddy said “Well this is  miscommunication all round” . He invited Ms Greagsby to speak “at my discretion if you would like to say something”.

Penarth resident Anne Greagsby is a Plaid Cymru candidate for the St Augustines in the Vale Council elections next May

Ms Greagsby needed no persuasion to accept the invitation.

She said “I’ve only seen this document tonight  and I think after 5 years [ the length of time the current Labour-controlled council has been in office]  it’s disappointing that it’s taken so long to get an environmental policy. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and so is this document  – because there’s no goals, no targets, there’s no way of saying how we are going to measure our performance.”   

Ms Greagsby asked just how the council was going to meet its ambition to  ‘conserve and enhance Penarth’s built and natural environment, keeping it safe and accessible‘. She asked ” How can you keep it safe and accessible when the Vale Highways Department make all the decisions about pavements – and you don’t get any say in the matter at all? When are you going to try and sort all that out?”

At this point, some councillors were beginning to shift uncomfortably in their seats and emit sighs of  impatience. Undaunted, Ms Greagsby ploughed on  – telling them “You say you’re going to promote local diversity – yet you cut the budget for trees”. 

Cllr Gwyn Roberts (Labour St Augustines) – is standing down from the Vale Council in May

By this time Cllr Gwyn Roberts (Labour St Augustines) had clearly had enough. He intervened – interrupting Ms Greagsby in full flow.

“Chair, please!” – Cllr Roberts called to committee chairman Cllr Mike Cuddy   – “you’ve just given a member of the public informal permission to speak .What we have is a political speech.   Matters such as trees and pavements were not the responsibility of the council – he said . “The whole demeanour of it is wrong . Clearly the speaker knows nothing about what this council has done over the last 5 years “

Cllr Roberts also appeared to harbour some other suspicions about the contribution from Ms Greagsby. ” I think frankly that what’s happened here is that  someone has taken an opportunity to make a political speech for a campaign. It is spurious and inappropriate and I ask that it finish here”.

Cllr Cuddy invited Ms Greagsby to make a closing comment.

Cllr Neil Thomas (Labour Cornerswell)

She expounded on the “time plan ” for the policy – but within moments another Labour councillor – this time Cllr Neil Thomas (Labour Cornerswell)  – was shouting her down .  He said “Chair, this is out of order!

[ PDN Note: Cllr Neil Thomas is standing for election for a salaried seat on the Vale of Glamorgan Council in the St Augustines Ward in May’s local elections . His opponent in that ward is none other than Ms Anne Greagsby who is contesting the Vale seat for Plaid Cymru. The fact that the two are political opponents – both vying to win the same seat in the same ward – is of course entirely co-incidental.] 

Courteously, Cllr Cuddy – in the chair –  thanked  Ms Greagsby, saying “I must say I am sympathetic to  the environment and I  think most councillors here are very sympathetic to the concerns you have elaborated” . He told her that most of the points she  had raised were matters which were not under the council’s control and asserted Ms Greagsby already knew that.

The council, Cllr Cuddy said,  had a limited budget and had to move on “many dimensions”  to make the council “a respected body ” that worked with its partners. The council, he said, had done its best to improve access to its building  [an electrical system automatically opens the entrance doors to West House when it senses someone is entering or – perhaps after May’s elections –  departing]. Cllr Cuddy said he was proud of what the council had done in the last 5 years and it was “disappointing” to hear members of the public being “entirely negative” .

This is not the first time members of the public have been shouted-down by Labour councillors when legitimately attempting to speak at a Penarth Town Council meeting during the current Labour administration .

March 2013: Residents of Cherry Close were allowed to speak but when one of them questioned the Town Clerk they were interrupted by Cllr Gwyn Roberts who intervened to halt the interrogation. He claimed it was wrong  to ask the Town Clerk to “justify herself” or “enter a debate” with the  council-tax payers

On March 14th 2013, an ill-tempered exchange arose when  a group of  7 local Plymouth Ward residents attended a  Penarth Town Council planning committee meeting at which they had been given permission to speak .  One of them was stopped – by a Labour councillor – from questioning the Town Clerk . [See PDN

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  1. Jan Harding says:

    Well done Anne, any chance you can help us save our beloved Pier Cinema? Do hope you can go to the meeting on April 5 at 6.30 in All Saints Church, Victoria Square

  2. Damon Sylvester says:

    I truly hope the people of Penarth and in particular St. Augustines remember how useless the Labour councillors have been over the last 5 years when it comes to vote next month. In St. Augustines we’ve been​ blighted by unapproachable and unresponsive Labour yes men and women and are now left with an area of Penarth that’s got some of the worse roads and pavements in the Vale. A serious air pollution problem that’s continually glossed over and various broken promises (St Paul’s as one example) to boot.

    • St Augustine says:

      Totally agree!

      I have been completely ignored by both Lis Burnett and Gwyn Roberts regarding very important ward issues that are within their remit.

      They are lazy and arrogant to say the least. I can’t wait to vote Labour out of St Augustine’s.

      • Freddie says:

        I agree with both of you.
        I think the Labour lot are arrogant, inept and complacent, and I believe they are taking Penarth right down.
        My stomach turns at the thought of voting Plaid but the more I see of Anne Greagsby, the more I like the cut of her political jib. Her priorities chime absolutely with mine.
        Thank you Anne Greagsby for having a mouth on you and giving it back to them.
        A pleasure to do business. I look forward to putting my cross in the box on polling day.

      • Emma says:

        There seems to be an increasing amount of talk from people about being ignored when they contact their Labour councillors.
        Who are these people to show such contempt for those who voted them in?
        Nobody to question them and on they go, building alliances to secure their power-crazed futures, and this town is suffering now.
        If this site wasn’t here, how would people make their feelings known?
        No wonder the Labour lot think they’re sitting pretty and then along comes The Greagsby to rattle their cage.
        Best of luck to her. She seems competent and persistent.
        I look forward to “Round Two”.

  3. DRT Andrews says:

    Cllr Cuddy was being very kind to Ms Greagsby when he suggested that she “already knew” the division of responsibilities between the councils representing Penarth. None of her posts on here suggest that is the case. A piece of political opportunism. Ms Greagsby would be well advised to maintain a low profile, the more she says the less credible a candidate she appears. Is she representing the Green Party, from whom she is disaffected, or Plaid Cymru, who must be increasingly regretting allowing her a political platform.

    • Richard says:

      I couldn’t disagree with you more, “DRT Andrews”.
      Perhaps Cllr Cuddy was ‘being very kind to Ms Greagsby’ – to use your patronising term – but the rest of the Dad’s Army mob sound to me like baying 1970s’ Trade Unionists trying to shout down a woman.
      How dare they treat anyone like that. It sounds barbaric to me, an example of those who have been “in power” too long and confident of their clique, are out of control.
      In my opinion, the people you should be holding to account are those who behaved in such an ignorant fashion, and not Anne Greagsby.
      I think it’s like a nasty little boys club at that town council. Things don’t half need shaking up and though I am far from a Plaid voter, Anne Greagsby has won my vote with her powerful questioning of issues such as tree preservation, saving Penarth’s architectural heritage, and speaking out (with impressive impact) about that monstrous Northcliffe project.
      I’ve warmed to her. She doesn’t suck up and roll over for the ingrained coterie which is taking our town to its knees, She isn’t afraid to get stuck in and hold a placard. She also talks sense – however much any of you accusing her of “political opportunism” protest.
      I wonder what’s in it for you to do her down so?

      • DRT Andrews says:

        Of course we all see things in different ways but I would be interested to see a comment on here, from a Plaid Cymru source, endorsing Ms Greagsby’s actions and statements.

      • Sidney says:

        @DRT Andrews. If Plaid has any sense, they’ll be over the moon at the support Ann Greagsby is gathering. The perception of the party among many is of frothing, nationalistic amateurs who will remain unelectable for a long time to come unless they broaden their appeal. Go-getter Ann Greasgby is a godsend instead of some half-soaked Welsh speaker who thinks the world owes Wales a living.

    • Dan1987 says:

      “Ms Greagsby would be well advised to maintain a low profile, the more she says the less credible a candidate she appears.”
      Says who? You? Who are you?
      The more I see of her, the more I think she’s a breath of fresh air.
      In my opinion, someone needs to come in and break up the old Labour guard before they break up Penarth any more.
      I hardly think Plaid Cymru regrets giving her a political platform. With her forthright attitude – downright courageous in the face of such entrenched opposition – and excellent priorities, she seems to be putting an unappealing, niche party on the map.
      I’m impressed with her. I think she makes the rest of them look like sycophants and pen pushers.

      • Blue says:

        I’m in Plaid – that’s how I know Anne. Plaid is split between the pro McEvoy and anti-McEvoy factions. I’d estimate that 80% are in the anti McEvoy faction. Not a single senior Plaid politician (out of 1 Lord, 3MPs, 1 MEP and 10 AMs) has spoken in support of a McEvoy.
        Anne is very pro McEvoy. She is using his tactics to try to get elected. Chris Franks, Ian Johnson, Richard Grigg and Nic and Shirley Hodges have all had the chance to speak out publically in support of Anne but their silence has been deafening and speaks volumes. Maybe one of them will bite the bullet and do so as the elections approach.
        I don’t think that Anne has proposed any solutions to the problems she is flagging up. I agree that some of the councillors are self-serving and useless. If Anne is voted in then I hope that she comes up with some solutions to the problems she is so vocal about.
        However, I will say again:
        – there is no crisis of historic buildings being lost in Penarth. I am willing to be corrected.
        – trees being cut down are presumably diseased and not the responsibility of the town council anyway
        – the pavements aren’t the responsibility of PTC and are no worse here than anywhere else in Wales
        – the Pier Pavilion and Cinema are the responsibility of PACL, not either PTC nor VoGC
        – Anne is on the Committee of Penarth Civic Society, so why doesn’t she criticise her own actions or inaction?
        – social housing is mandated as being part of any proposed development over a certain size. Ask Anne what her thoughts on social housing are and I’d imagine that she’d say that she wants more of it in Penarth.

  4. Ann Other says:

    The council needs to create a written protocol for who may speak and when. If they haven’t already got one and forgotten what it says, that is.

    • Sarah says:

      The existence of a written protocol or not, these councillors should not behave like this, whether or not they are worried Anne Greagsby will take their job.
      Cllr Roberts interrupting her to call out ‘Chair, please!’
      Then Cllr Neil Thomas shouting her down.
      Behaviour like this in a so-called council meeting in 2017? It comes across as more like an old Labour social club when a woman tried to have an opinion.
      What is this? A farmyard? A boxing match?
      Where is the civil behaviour?
      They sound like animals.
      Anne Greagsby, you have shown us what they are.

  5. Blue says:

    Is this an April Fool’s joke? Please, PDN readers, think about how many historic buildings Penarth has lost in recent years? The decaying Beachcliff? The Gibbs mansion at the end of Marine Parade? Those went many years ago. Penarth has a substantial number of Edwardian and Victorian buildings and I can’t think of any that have been lost recently.
    Anne Greagsby has had a go at PTC about the pavements and trees whilst acknowledging that PTC has no mandate or power to do anything about them! Isn’t that a bit contrary?
    Having sat with Anne in dozens of meetings I am aware of how she conducts herself and what she achieves. As a born-Penarthian I am filled with amusement at her newfound popularity, which is largely down to PDN giving her a platform.
    The house that is to be demolished was hidden behind trees till very recently. How will anyone miss it? No-one walks past it and you can only see it from a distance. Of course it should be saved but given that it isn’t listed there is nothing that either PTC or VoGC can do, ultimately, to stop it being developed. If the VoG planning committee were to refuse permission, the owner/developer would appeal, and win, and the VoG i.e. council tax payers would be liable for the cost of the appeal.
    What can PTC do about pollution in Cogan? Any ideas, Anne? Do you have a way of curing diseased Ash or Horse Chestnut trees? If you are elected your supporters are going to want you to solve the problems of
    – trees being cut down when diseased
    – air quality in Cogan
    – the loss of historic buildings (currently running at one building every few years)
    – making the pier pavilion and cinema profitable and well-run

    So, Anne, what are your proposals to mend “Broken Penarth”?

    • Tim78 says:

      With respect, Blue, I think it is you who is the April Fool.
      You seem to be saying that the previous loss and neglect of the town’s historic buildings lets the current council off the hook for its wanton destruction of Penarth’s handsome heritage?
      That we’ve “got enough” so another going won’t matter?
      Are you really saying that because The Highlands was “hidden behind trees till very recently” it is acceptable to smash down a building considered to be worthy of County Treasure status? Acknowledged as “spectacular” by heritage authorities and yet the council votes to pull it down.
      “How will anyone miss it?” you ask.
      On that basis, should the Mona Lisa or the Elgin Marbles or the Crown Jewels be destroyed because we “can’t see” them on a daily basis either?
      What a crass defence of the destruction of a beautiful old house, the like of which we – nor our children – will ever see again.
      It’s my belief the council can’t wait to get that handsome house down and cram the space with houses to rake in the council tax, grab a bit of money, and fill the roads with more cars.
      It concerns me that your (fallacious) defence of their vandalism appears to condone the loss of Penarth’s beautiful old buildings – “currently running at one building every few years” as you put it. At that rate, what do you propose will be left in time to hand on to future generations?

      • Blue says:

        By comparing this to the Mona Lisa you are stretching a point. Of course it should be saved but unless CADW lists it, it won’t be. If the planning committee were to refuse permission to develop the owner would appeal and almost certainly win the appeal, leaving us with the bill for costs. That is how the planning system operates.
        So how many of the thousands of historic buildings in Penarth have been lost? Please name them. And for any that you can come up with, how many of them were lost because of the actions of the councils?
        By the way I am a member of Plaid who was very surprised when Anne joined after being expelled from the Greens. Be careful what you wish for, voters of Penarth.

      • Jonathan says:

        Why, Blue, are you trying to take us down a dirt track looking for lost houses when we have one right under our noses? HIGHLANDS.
        I think another poster has mentioned it is no defence of the council’s actions to look for further examples of neglect and destruction.

    • Seth says:

      Blue, I’ve noticed you tailing Anne Greagsby in a rather obvious attempt to discredit her achievements to date. In another post, your unwarranted revelation of her personal details came across to me as somewhat poisonous.
      You ask Anne Greagsby for proposals, as though you are in pursuit of positive a conclusion, yet your rant is nothing but negative.
      Why do you keep trying to pull Anne Greagsby down? What’s in it for you?
      You say you have “sat with Anne in dozens of meetings” and are “aware of how she conducts herself and what she achieves”. I think her achievements to date have shown her to be a formidable force – she’s certainly shaken up the complacent, self-regarding lot currently ‘in power’.
      Pity help us if you represent the kind of person making decisions in the town.
      Have you heard yourself?
      You don’t sound “filled with amusement” about Anne Greagsby’s “new-found popularity” to me. You sound bitter and spiteful.
      Or is the comment about her “new-found popularity” intended as a swipe at us lower mortals who don’t agree with your low opinion of Anne Greagsby?

    • DRT Andrews says:

      I’m afraid, Blue, that any hope of a balanced discussion on here is pointless. Toe the line or be shouted down are the options.

      • Tom says:

        Balanced? You to – DRT Andrews and Blue – are in danger of going over the edge if you rant anymore! You’d be well advised to keep petty party politics out of it, in my opinion, and let Anne Greagsby get on with showing us what she can do.

      • Reuben says:

        Hey DRT Andrews, I think it’s rather more likely that the likes of you and Blue aren’t used to being opposed. Sounds familiar to me. Sure you’re not Labour moles undermining Plaid’s successes? 🙂

      • DRT Andrews says:

        Great stuff guys, I’m splitting my sides

      • Blue says:

        I’m in Plaid, “Reuben” and was very surprised when Anne joined the party. Ask yourself why nobody in Plaid is supporting her in these comments. She isn’t a Welsh nationalist, she’s a political opportunist. Speak to people in the Greens and in Plaid about what they think of her. Hang out with her. Date her. Marry her. And see how long you last.

  6. Marcella says:

    How loutish these councillors sound.
    It comes over as more like a scene from Gladiator, not a courteous meeting of the town council.
    Those baying old boys would do well to remember they are in public office and represent those who voted them in.
    I don’t want them acting like this on my behalf.
    Show some respect you ignorant oafs.

    • Frederique says:

      Agree, it reminds me of some 1950s’ depiction of working class life up north. Horrible.

  7. David Moorcraft says:

    Blue – in reply to your post dismissive of Anne Greagsby :-
    1 It’s about time somebody shook up this complacent Council which could do far more to make its feelings known when the Vale Council high-handedly mis-treats Penarth.
    2 Several trees have been cut down in “leafy” Penarth which were not diseased. (the North end of Arcot Street used to be lined with trees , there are about two left now)
    3 CAMPAIGN to have the road layout between “Tesco’s” roundabout and the Baron’s Court traffic lights realigned over the railway bridge to allow two lanes out of Penarth, thus improving the traffic flow through Cogan and reducing stationary fumes.
    4 Let a group which knows how to run a business take over the Pier, Penarth Arts and Crafts are a joke !

    • Wil says:

      Well elucidated. Agree with everything you say, especially point 4.
      The town council making public its support for such a shower speaks VOLUMES, far more than the obsequious motion proposed by Cllr Roberts.
      Did they think we weren’t bright enough to read between the lines?
      The whole farce is beyond insulting and none of them seem to give a damn about the future of the pier.

  8. Thomas says:

    It appears this Labour old guard, a group of (largely) men stick together to the considerable detriment of the town.
    They also seem to me to be terrified of Lis Burnett. Am I imagining things or does she drive issues – such as the destruction of The Highlands county treasure – while her boys rush to show their support (afterwards gathering in playground corners to form their own allegiances)?
    There seem to be a number of Labour supporters on here with “inside information”. Perhaps they could elaborate on the situation. I’m curious as well as concerned – in my view, the current Labour monopoly is no good for Penarth.
    Perhaps they see Lis as the “educated” and “progressive” face of Labour in Wales, the female Tony Blair, who will give the party a respectable profile to the so-called middle class – as opposed to the old-style Labour tactics which appear to still exist – i.e. jeering and heckling, shouting people down at meetings.
    I’m staggered at the treatment of Anne Greagsby described here.
    What next? Throwing a punch?

  9. Jonny says:

    Bouncers at Bar44, now Anne Greagsby needs protection at a council meeting.
    Welcome to Penarth: the genteel town by the sea.

  10. Michael says:

    “March 2013: Residents of Cherry Close were allowed to speak but when one of them questioned the Town Clerk they were interrupted by Cllr Gwyn Roberts who intervened to halt the interrogation. He claimed it was wrong to ask the Town Clerk to “justify herself” or “enter a debate” with the council-tax payers.”
    Who does Cllr Gwyn Roberts think he is representing?
    Who the heck does he think he is?
    This Labour lot is totally out of control.

  11. Eddie says:

    You keep on at the Labour lot for pulling down lovely old buildings, cutting down trees, and trying to cram the place with horrible cheap flats and car fumes, and we’ll see you all right, Ms Greagsby.

  12. Harry says:

    is that why lis burnett jumped ship to the stanwell ward? because they thought the greagsby would push her out?

  13. Blue says:

    Dear multiple “sock puppets”. I’ve run some of the comments from various posters supporting Anne through this tool and guess what? There are a couple of people, pretending to be many people, posting their support for Anne! Hello Aled, Anne and maybe even Neil McEvoy! The promotion of the meme “The Greagsby” gave your sneaky games away. Creating a cult is sooo McEvoy!

    • The Greagsby says:

      Dear me, you really are intent on taking her down, aren’t you?

    • Tim says:

      You really seem to have it in for Neil McEvoy, don’t you?
      Or is it Anne Greagsby you dislike more?
      There seem to be several truths being exposed here beyond your nasty little posting of that attribution link.
      Fancy purporting to support a party and then apparently seeking to divide in such a way.
      I’ve heard people refer to Anne Greagsby as the greasgby so I don’t think it’s limited to here. I presumed it was because she comes across as a force to be reckoned with.
      Is that what bothers you so?
      I have zero affiliation with Plaid Cymru, Anne Greagsby, Neil McEvoy et al. I just don’t like seeing BULLYING.

      • Blue says:

        Well Anne’s mate, Neil McEvoy, has just been found guilty of bullying. So why would you like Anne if she supports a bully?

    • Peter Church says:

      Blue, I tried your authorship tool.
      I put in Karl Marx quotes into Author #1 Adolf Hitler quotes into Author #2
      and used Mother Theresa quotes for the unknown Author.
      Guess what Functional, Lexical, Punctuation analysis it said the unknown author was definitely Adolf Hitler !!
      Maybe you need go back to your drawing board sherlock 🙂

    • Peter Church says:

      Oh as a PS I did some searching on what you post about on PDN and strangely you have only ever posted on topics relating to Anne Greagsby, and then you started only a few weeks ago??
      Some of the other contributors you question post on various topics and have been here for ages unlike your good self!!

    • Birkett says:

      Anne Greagsby runs multiple Twitter accounts, including the Future Of Penarth one. She’s be known to converse with herself.
      Nuts. Obsessed with Labour, like McEvoy.

      What are Plaid all about anyway? Socialism? Nationalism? National Socialism? 😉

      I’ll be voting Green.

      • Max Wallis says:

        One Lexical indicator that betrays “Blue” is the old “expelled from the greens”. The issue was running a blog critical of Bartolotti – disrespect for leaders – that’s no crime so Bartolotti concocted a complaint over Anne tweeting questions (about lying over use of flights and an Israeli passport). It’s to the Green Party’s shame that they by-passed complaints procedure and decided on expelling Anne without even a hearing. Chair of the Complaints Resolution committee was friend to Bartolotti. Then, a year after the start, the full Green Party conference over-ruled the expulsion as “unconstitutional”, but Anne feeling badly treated let her membership lapse. Instead of shame and apologies for their behaviour, the local Green Party keep up the she-was-expelled myth..

    • Jemima Green-Plaid says:

      This use of fake names is deplorable and should cease immediately

  14. Anne Greagsby says:

    Easy to denigrate people while hiding behind a false identity pretending to be a Plaid Cymru member! Coward! I’d be happy to discuss any issues you have with you, when you ‘come out’!

  15. Adrian Roper says:

    Hi all, I’m not a big fan of online arguments like this, but just for the record, I’m the Chair of Plaid’s Penarth branch and I fully endorse Anne as a candidate for the Party. I also enjoy her company, her sense of humour, and her fearless commitment to her core beliefs – like defending the environment and challenging hypocrisy. I’m very happy to have my name associated with her. We don’t agree on everything, but for me the main thing is I trust her integrity. What you see is what you get. That’s really quite a nice attribute in an aspiring councillor. Good luck, Anne, and keep on going.

    • Blue says:

      I’ve been a member of Plaid for many years and I was at the first Plaid meeting which Anne attended – and ruined. She can’t have been in Penarth branch very long. Im sorry to see that you are aligning yourself with a friend of the bully McEvoy. There is a split in Plaid – caused by McEvoy – and I guess that you have to choose sides. I don’t live in St Augustine’s but if I did then I certainly wouldn’t vote for my own party. Just like I didn’t vote for McEvoy last year. Maybe I will turn up to a Penarth branch meeting some time and watch the carnage unfold. I remember decent people like Alwyn and Osian. It is people like Anne who are putting me off from getting involved in Penarth. Ex green Greagsby, ex – Labour McEvoy. Both forced from their true parties because of “personality clashes”. Yeah, pull the other one. I give them each about a year in Plaid, but if their faction does win, the God help Wales.
      I’m still waiting to hear how Anne proposes to solve all of these dreadful problems.

  16. aledrobertt says:

    Blue’s attempt to cause a problem at Plaid Cymru in Penarth has failed.
    We are also united in our support for Neil McEvoy.

    • Blue says:

      United in your support for a proven bully. Bully for you.

      • Peter Church says:

        You sound like a man with a very large chip on his shoulder and a very nasty streak to boot. Perhaps you should read again some of your posts, then you might regret them and apologise to Anne.
        PS I don’t nor ever have voted for Plaid, but I may just this time.

      • DRT Andrews says:

        And of course there’s no place for “nasty streaks” on here.

  17. vicky moller says:

    As a Plaid member I would like to support Ann Greagsby’s fiesty fearless voice. She is a fighter it is true, and sometimes fights the wrong battles, but oh boy we need people like her! There is so much kow towing and cowardice in politics, I am proud that Plaid is unafraid to select and respect people like Ann and Neil McEvoy who are nobody’s puppets. I have had arguments with Ann and she has always responded to reason with reason, in my experience.
    If the public have any sense they will elect a fearless champion who dares speak out.

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  19. Adrian Roper says:

    Regarding Neil McEvoy, readers may be interested in the opinion of the Western Mail’s chief political columnist, Martin Shipton, regarding Neil’s supposed “bullying”.

    The article will help readers to understand why Plaid Penarth branch members have supported Neil in this case, and why such support is not an endorsement of bullying.

    • Blue says:

      Martin Shipton, who has been “friendly” with McEvoy for years – all because McEvoy is his mole on Cardiff Council and now in the Senedd. Adrian, McEvoy is a proven bully.

      Face it, many, many people in Plaid can’t stand him. Anne is McEvoy’s representative in the Vale. McEvoy used to pick Anne up from her home in Caerau and drive her to any meeting he was attending – Cardiff Area Committtee, Cardiff West, LDP. He has cultivated her loyalty as she is the estranged elderly relative of McEvoy’s ex-fiancée Bethan Jenkins AM. Bethan fell out with Anne years ago and after she split with McEvoy – over his public accusation that Women’s Aid were akin to child abusers – McEvoy cultivated his association with Anne.

      This is 100% true. I should know, because as Max Boyce would say “I was there”. I have had my business destroyed by someone in Plaid whom I shan’t name as the evidence has been destroyed too. I have been threatened by a certain person in Plaid too. I will go public eventually. I feel sorry for all the genuine nationalists in Plaid who, like me, put thousands of hours of work in to making Wales a better place, only for it to be undermined by the naked, greedy ambition and petty personal politics of one man.

      • Anne Greagsby says:

        More fake news! Far from accurate. And shock horror AM Neil McEvoy gave Anne A lift. He gives lots of people lifts being a kind and generous person unlike Blue…have you finished yet Blue? And less of the ‘elderly’ please!

      • Peter Church says:

        This and you are becoming a real bore (i-da)
        Can you do your Plaid Cimru shouting in another place!!

        PS why are you all not posting in Welsh anyhow 🙂

      • Blue says:

        What exactly is fake about what I’ve written, Anne?

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