Nicki Page (right) has written to Penarth Arts and Crafts chairman Professor Tony Hazell asking why she has been banned from the Pier Pavilion

The outspoken public relations executive Nicki Page – who organised a packed Penarth Pier Pavilion  “SOS” campaign meeting on March 2oth at Stanwell Baptist Church Hall – has now found herself banned from entering Penarth Pier Pavilion.

Ms Page has already been asked leave Penarth Town Council’s HQ at West House and was allegedly threatened that the police would be called when she attempted to pin-up notices inside the council’s premises at The Kymin .

She now claims she has been refused entry to Penarth Pier Pavilion – a public building owned by the Vale of Glamorgan Council and held on a 125 year lease by the “not-for-profit” company  Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd.

Two weeks ago Nicki Page installed a protest banner across the Pier Pavilion entrance

A fortnight ago Ms Page had installed a banner across the entrance of Penarth Pier Pavilion  – on one of the three days a week it is now closed.

Ms Page has now written to the chairman of Penarth Arts and Crafts, Professor Tony Hazell , asking for an explanation for her exclusion from the Pier Pavilion.

Nicki Page’s letter to PACL chairman Professor Tony Hazell asks him to explain why she is banned from the premises

Ms Page was told by the staff who prohibited her from entering the Pavilion – a week ago – that she would receive a letter explaining the decision but says she has not yet received the promised missive.

She says “I have been made to feel an imposter in my own lottery-funded public space” and claims she has been “discriminated against”  .


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  1. Jan Harding says:

    Am very sorry to read this. Nicki is only trying to help the people of Penarth keep our lovely cinema open. Is Cllr Philip Rapier also banned? Nicki should be applauded not banned.

    • Old Penarthian says:

      Nicki Help the people of Penarth, you must be joking just read Ms.Berjs letter, and take just a little time to absorb the detailed content. One simple question, Money collected so far for good causes Where Is It ???. I SMELL A RAT WITH A PINK BRA. !!!!!!

    • Daft o dull says:

      I like penarth pie too!

    • Thank you for the support. Do come to the I love ❤️ Penarth sos second meeting held in all saints church, Penarth doors open 6pm starts 7pm look forward to meeting you

      • Old Penarthian says:

        Nicki, When you turned up at Penarth Sea Angling Clubs AGM (PSAC.}. For reasons best known to yourself, YOU decided to give a presentation about a load of boring Rubbish, Congratulations YOU soon emptied the room. Now when us Anglers on the Pier see you Approaching we all choose Selective Deafness. But You still don’t take the Hint. Well on behalf of the PSAC your BANNED from all our future meetings. ThankYou.

      • Thank you for the feedback. I don’t recall the same sentiments from your chair or others. There were also fishing people interested in a potential educational
        fishing event held in the pavilion with a mentoring element and out reach to children in the community. I would be interested to have feedback specifically on the above.

  2. Amanda says:

    Absolutely disgusting. However , VOGC “protesteth too much!” This kind of behaviour always smacks of ” a coverup” of some kind . They are obviously worried that this lady is going to get to the heart of the matter. They seem to think they are a law unto themselves. The whole council should be investigated.

  3. Sarah Bellum says:

    Terrible handwriting!

  4. Ronnie R says:

    Unfortunately Nicky appears to have major issues. She is banned from many institutions in Penarth. 1 may be unfortunate… but so many??? She is still short on detail on monies past raised… eg The Dorchester. Dubai needs you Nicki… Penarth doesn’t need you to ‘save’ it….

    • White T says:

      Ronnie R please don’t put ideas into the ladies head. I’m on holiday in Dubai right now and it’s quite peaceful thank you.

    • Ronnie and T White back from Dubai why don’t we meet so you can openly share your comments with me I’d be fascinated to hear more.

  5. Rod Thomas says:

    She has been banned from half of Penarth. She was told to leave Stanwell baptist hall after an altercation. Trinity methodist don’t want her. Stanwell School asked her to leave. She’s banned from all the council buildings. Apart from the busy teapot where can she go? Im still amazed this circus is still being allowed to take place on the 5th.

  6. Ann Other says:

    Well, one thing she could learn to do if she is to participate in public affairs is to set out a letter properly.

  7. Ms. Berj says:

    This whole situation is ridiculous. Nicky Page is banned from so many churches and other places in Penarth. Now I don’t believe for one moment, that all these churches and official offices have worked in some sort of collusion against her, there is only one common denominator in all this and that is Nicky Page.

    When will she understand that Penarth neither needs saving nor do we want to be saved by her.
    I imagine if things had been mega successful in Dubai and other points East, she wouldn’t have given Penarth, a backward glance.

    I am also concerned about these charities which she has either operated or allied herself to.
    The facts, as I see it via PDN and other periodicals are that

    A dinner extravaganza took place in the Dorchester Hotel, London,
    Rooms on today vary from just under £1000 a night to £5700 per night.
    She held a similar sort of event in St Davids Hotel
    Rooms there are pretty pricey too!
    Money should have been raised fro, both of these events to fund a new Gynecology unit at Velindre Hospital. THAT WAS THE PROMISE

    To date there is no unit!
    To date there is no sign of a unit being built!
    To date there is no sign of any plans to build a unit?
    But there is, according to PDN £1100 in an account – that’s all – deeply worrying, £1100 from two events in major landmark events, something is just not right

    I know understand from Ms Page’s blog that she has once again either allied herself or maybe is running another charity – this time called either Welsh Hearts or Little Hearts, which is a charity for. Children with heart conditions. Goodness know what the PRGuru has promised them.

    This is all deeply worrying, whether she has offered them her services as PRGuru, the services of Miss Mowla – you remember the cow in the pink bra, or the crocodile or whatever, this is just not right. People at one of the most vulnerable times of their lives, should not be faced with this added nonsense of misplaced and non delivered promises..


    The meeting in Wednesday should not be allowed to happen, and the good people of Penarth should not have to listen to this glorified nonsense from the PRGuru much longer.

    • Rod Thomas says:

      I totally agree with you. Ms Page / Moo la la looks like she’s been creaming off the cash (pardon the pun). Where has all the monies promised to these charities gone? Also its quite amusing that she’s trying to save a pier thats she’s banned from. I have my own concerns regarding these meetings she’s holding, what was her out come from her last and whats the point of the second? Will she be asking for donations to help her cause. How is she funding her i am Penarth campaign? The PR guru must eat… She can’t be living off poor mum and dad. Also who has an office in a Dirty Teapot?

      Listen i hear the white coats coming, quick run Nicki, run….

      • Grow up says:

        Pretty poor form referencing the Busy Teapot as dirty. It has a 5 star food hygiene rating!
        Just because Ms Page frequents this establishment doesn’t mean you can slate it.

      • I look forward to meeting you Tom – for you information the Busy Teapot has a 5 star rating if you care to visit. The owners are hard working, the food delicious and I really enjoy the atmosphere.

      • Simon says:

        Who’s Tom?

    • Jane Foster says:

      I note that she has made no attempt to address any of these matters here despite having two accounts, both of which she normally has no problem posting long-winded rambles.

    • Trevor says:

      I totally agree with you Ms. Berj.
      The lack of financial transparency is most worrying, tens of thousands of pounds donated by good folk which Ms Page has managed, according to PDN to transform to £1100. I am worried she will start a collection on 5th April.
      Penarth does not need saving, just saving form Nicki Page.

    • Welsh Hearts says:

      Regarding the above article and comments, Welsh Hearts would like to advise that Nicki Page has no association whatsoever with the charity and anything to the contrary is untrue.

  8. Louise says:

    I do wish Ms Page had learnt to spell.

  9. sjleworthy says:

    I’d invite her round for tea, but fear i’d end up booting her out on her ear. So to not worry about any potential stress – YOU’RE BANNED FROM HOUSE TOO!

  10. Mr Ivor PHD says:

    Iv examined the letter closely and have come to the conclusion that its the handwriting of a psychopath.

    • DRT Andrews says:

      I’ve examined your comment closely and have come to the conclusion that it’s not the work of “Mr” Ivor who is most certainly not the holder of a PhD.

  11. The Dairy Farmer says:

    I’m turning into a nervous wreck that she might turn up at my door, so in case you do Ms Page, like sjleworthy says .- YOUR BANNED FROM MINE TOO – anyone want to join me in a new campaign
    Nicky not Welcome at mine

  12. Old Penarthian says:

    Well Nicki you are always quick to respond to most comments regarding yourself. Well again may I ask, where is the money so far collected for good causes. Continuing to Blank this question can only suggest one thing.You personally think yourself a GOOD CAUSE ???

  13. andrewsketty says:

    Nicki Page knows that I do not wholly agree with her methods but I will say that as far as I can make out most of her accusations against PACL have substance.

    If she has been banned from the Pavilion she deserves an explanation though as we all onow by now PACL do not seem to believe they have to explain or justify anything.

    Also we should not allow this diversion to take us away from the main issue of concern which is the apparent mismanagement of the Pavilion by PACL. That concrrn is greater than ever.

    • Andrew you are absolutely right. We agree on all matters.

      I can only state again without prejudice to anyone or organisation as someone born here, educated here and living here, this was and is for me a question of:

      Why and how, after such a magnificent renovation, is the pavilion a major tourism attraction and facility in the community is closed 3 days a week and the cinema 7 days a week at present.

      Why paying business, a charity fund raiser or community educational outreach event or diversity dance event for example, is turned away by PACL management without explanation.

      Whether the organisation PACL Ltd and system currently in place is “fit for purpose” and to address this challenge, openly and collectively to find a solution, working with the Vale and others as appropriate, acting as one community with one clear focus.

      Personally, I welcome anyone wishing to address and lead the meeting on Wednesday starting with the end in mind – how to get the cinema and pavilion open asap. Please get in contact rather than perhaps write anonymous emails.

      The pavilion, pier and cinema, the esplanade remain a major tourism attraction for Penarth. They drive revenue to the town and are unique and part of our national heritage We are lucky to have access to them.
      They drive visitors to our town. These visitors spend in the community: in the shops, restaurants and cinema.
      People want to come here. They want to live here. Why? Simply:
      It’s a fantastic place to be.
      Economic benefits follow that spread into the community generating and protecting jobs.

      Our concern and our attempt to understand should not be or become a personalised issue. It’s not necessary, not helpful.
      (As Andrew rightly observes; let us focus on the challenge at hand all working together.)

      Neither is it or should it be a party political issue, despite the local elections in May 2017 – rather a concern for all of the community.

      2 Nor is it a religious issue even though some leaders from that community are concerned about the matter.
      The venues chosen in Penarth were ones that ultimately welcomed community meetings and all felt comfortable in – the church/scout hall seemed a good option for example. (Seniors in the community had voiced their
      preference for an exclusively booked meeting place to debate; (convenient to the rail station ideally for those coming home from work ) with a fairly early start time.

      3 Andrews pro active and well considered petition, and the issues raised to public awareness through this, as evidenced by so many pro actively signing the petition he started, is testament to the strength of feeling re the closure of the cinema and partial closure of the pavilion.
      He rightly so has been very specific in his observations and has raised like myself critical questions needing an answer as so many other people. More urgently needed now as more in the community are aware.

      Other residents in Penarth, when Andrew and I first met also joined us and wanted to bring this issue to immediate public attention with media support, which was done.

      I have suggested one possible way forward through a forum open to all, as PACL have not responded to Andrews detailed questions publically or myself on behalf of the first SOS meeting 20 March 2017 in the Scout Hall, where all key leaders or trustees or council members were naturally invited.

      There were between 150/ 200 residents who came to voice their concerns also that evening and requested at the end we try to find a way forward with a request for volunteers to step forward and a view that I should continue to coordinate and move things forward (as quickly as possible) positively from my perspective, to achieve a successful outcome. An open cinema and functioning pavilion for residents and tourist visitors alike and a strategy and viable business plan and approach to support this.

      The second meeting as requested has been booked on Wednesday 5th April at All Saints Church, 7pm start again to give PACL ltd chair and management and trustees the opportunity to explain in public the situation. All are welcome as precious.
      Also, this gives the opportunity to find a consensus on the way to manage the evolved situation which has resulted in so much feedback through the petition.

      There are I am sure many in Penarth and around that are more able, more qualified than myself, more knowledgable, better able to communicate and have the energy and commitment needed to move matters forward and I welcome handing the baton over to them. Please do come to the meeting on Wednesday 5th April 2017.

      Late last year (Andrew from his action re the petition ) I was simply compelled to act as a resident and try to create positive change bring awareness to the situation as I believe the pavilion is such a jewel and the cinema such a valuable addition to Penarth.

  14. Ms. Berj says:



  15. Reblogged this on Page1world and commented:
    It’s the small things that matter
    Following the second sos public meeting on 5 April in all saints church by a vote, all agreed that an independent enquiry was needed re PACL ltd it’s directors, chair, trustees, contractors to establish where mattes stood financially and operationally as one cannot simply have a solution for the cinema without considering the whole pavilion now closed 3 days a week to save money. Our main tourism icon for the town . Having been in Holm House yesterday morning and speaking to the bridesmaid Emma from Barcelona she told me that only a few days before the wedding set for 1pm in the pier pavilion that day, their pavilion event planne vanished – someone else appeared to take over she advised. Concerned she and I chatted further and I offered to pop down behind the scenes if she wanted me to, to take a look as to what was happening – great she advised – I’ll let the bride know that’s very helpful. I did that but when in the pavilion I was told I couldn’t come in by the new event manager.
    I remember her as the secretary I believe when she worked in the Washington gallery – now – a director come wedding expert planner she advised dispute trying to help her and the then called Manager that I had the ok from the bridal party – he simply couldn’t understand that and kept repeating I could not enter. Why, why ,why? No letter has ever been received, no call from the management or chair to discuss just silence a further week on. So supposedly for two weeks I haven’t been allowed in when others have and directors have been most unfriendly and aggressive in the entrance. I watched from outside 1.15pm just before the bride arrived the catering mini team drew up with boxes of mineral water, wine buckets etc – in through the front entrance they went – a little unusual I thought – normally catering is all set up and ready way before this. The now part time cafe manager waited inside the foyer with the pavilion manager and coordinator whilst no one went out and opened the door of the car for the bride. No one formally dressed met the wedding party outside the pavilion to assist their entrance and welcome them, no one stopped kids and visitors walking up the ramp into the pavilion as there was no sign to say private function, a lady in a wheel chair and husband got to the top of the ramp right to the door where management showed them the closed sign. They came back down unhappy naturally. I suggested they go onto the pier which they did. Yet again I was threatened with the police, yet again I asked why – no answer. It was a glorious afternoon and I sat in the hotel on the seafront and had a lovely lunch. Meanwhile lots of very happy looking people sat by me and chatted. A smile from the pavilion crew might have made all the difference – guess that’s tricky for some – as usual without prejudice Is this fair or right I ask myself?
    The event manager I learnt later was made redundant last week – circa 16 others remain on the payroll I have been advised from those working there – I note senior directors yesterday were still in position. I simply along with others don’t understand the policy, procedures, the outreach community programme or marketing and tourism and business strategy the way the operation is managed and run. It’s a total mystery and no one from PACL will speak despite invites to two sos meetings to us that love ❤️ Penarth. Is it so utterly wrong to speak up, organise support and get the matter into the public arena for debate along with Andrew who has written honestly and directly snd coordinated a survey?
    Democracy is all about free speech I thought.

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