The man – stripped to the waist – was initially stopped from committing suicide by Assistant Piermaster Steven Huxtable – later helped by four volunteer passers-by . Several police officers arrived within 10 minutes and – with some difficulty – placed the man in restraints.  It took 7 officers to bring the man off the pier and put him into a police van . Under police orders Mr Huxtable evacuated the pier for public safety whilst the man was removed   (Photo Peter Stealey)

More details have now emerged of the incident on Penarth Pier yesterday when  members of the public were evacuated from pier the by police after a man allegedly attempted to leap over the railings at the pier-head  .

Eyewitness Craig Howell says the suicide bid was averted by the prompt  intervention of Assistant Pier Master Steven Huxtable.

It’s understood Mr Huxtable was in the Piermaster’s Cabin at the pier-head when the man climbed over the railings and made for the end of the pier – apparently intending to commit suicide, even though the tide was out.

Mr Huxtable grabbed him befiore he could jump and the two wrestled on the concrete pier head with Mr Huxstable attempting to drag him away from the edge of the pier. The man, who was described as large, intoxicated,  very muscular and weighing about 15 stone – was almost impossible to control.

Fortunately 4 visitors to the pier saw what was happening and public spritedly joined-in to help Mr Huxtable overcome the man.  The police were summoned by a by-stander with a  mobile phone and are said to have arrived within 10 minutes.

The man became violent again when police arrived and it needed no less than 7 police officers to control him, restrain him with handcuffs,  and with knee-restraints, and take him into protective custody .

Eyewitnesses said a total of 12 police officers were involved in the operation . The man was so violent,  police asked the Assistant Piermaster to evacuate the pier to eliminate danger to the public until the man had been removed and locked in a police van  One eyewitness said the arrested man was drunk and violent and “kicking off”.


Four police vehicles were in attendance outside Penarth Pier Pavilion yesterday afternoon.. (Photo Peter Stealey)

In the top picture the man has been not only handcuffed, but  knee restraints have been placed on him. An  eyewitness said 7 police officers had been involved in restraining the man . One  officer pinned his legs down and the other 2 officers  were assisted by a member of the public to hold his body and arms.

Four police vehicles and a total of about 12 police officers attended the scene late yesterday afternoon –  and the activity was witnessed by scores of visitors to the Esplanade – and by local residents.

Assistant Pier Master Steven Huxtable – whose prompt action undoubtedly saved the man’s life – has not made any com

Later a 41-year-old man from the Cardiff area was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer and released on bail. South Wales Police are asking witnesses of this incident to contact them on 101 quoting ref: 1700122105.

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  1. Last year I attended a police Vale open session at Penarth town hall following an incident where a gang of youths caused a problem for solus pier master Peter. Shaken he had to miss a community meeting I had set up. At the meeting it transpired no regular patrols happened, no satisfactory response time from the community police. I asked for urgent action as we didn’t want our main destination the pavilion and pier being hijacked by anyone causing a problem. The vale deputy in the meeting told me – no – they would not advise the community of actions planned. Now this.
    Nicki I love ❤️ Penarth pier community group

    • Peter Church says:

      You didn’t disguise yourself as a man Nicki?
      I known you Love Penarth Pier, but isn’t this taking thing too far!!

    • LJS says:

      I don’t think the Pier Master missed anything by not attending your meeting Nicki

      • Not my meeting but on behalf of I love ❤️ Penarth grassroots community campaign to get to the bottom of the situation and return the building and cinema professionally managed to all of our use

  2. Craig howell says:

    A man attempted to jump off the end of the pier at low tide but was stopped by assistant pier master Steve Huxtable.

  3. Mgg says:

    Well done to all involved. I hope that the man in question finds some clarity of thought and in due course returns to thank those who , at risk to themselves ,certainly denied him the opportunity to attempt to end his own life. . How distressing that he should feel this way.,Let’s hope this event is a turning point for him.,

    • Craig howell says:

      Well said mgg, I think Steve Huxtable deserves recognition for what he did and let’s hope the man in question does thank him.

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