The drivers-door window of this car in Westbourne Road was deliberately smashed in

A number of cars in Westbourne Road, Penarth,  were deliberately damaged by vandals last night in a second successive wave of  Saturday-night criminal violence.

It’s not known exactly how many cars were attacked, as some vehicles are thought to have been moved by their owners after the damage to them  was discovered at first light this morning.

A rear passenger window on this Prius had been stove in and temporary repairs made to the vehicle.

Some cars had had their drivers’ door windows smashed in, others sustained not only broken windows but broken electric mirrors.  The road was strewn with broken glass.

It’s now come to light that this is the second successive Saturday-night attack on cars parked in Westbourne Road .Three cars were attacked and damaged in this same street a week ago.

As yet there has been no comment from South Wales Police but one local resident is calling for an end to the Labour run Vale of Glamorgan Council’s policy of so-called “part-night lighting” in the area which means that  street lights are turned off at oo:20 . A lack of police patrols is also being blamed .

This year South Wales Police – which is run by a Labour Party Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael  – increased the police precept  (the levy added to Council Tax to pay for police services)  by an inflation-busting 5%  .

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  1. cllr clive williams MBE says:

    This criminal damage by mindless morons is terrible for the car owners, and everyone else due to insurance cost going up. Life is hard enough for many people without this. I do not pretend to know the answer, but a few hours community service is certainly not enough. I reported the wanton graffiti to the police recently and various culprits were identified. Youth offenders were used to start to clean the graffiti off the walls at Earl Lane, but this is not good enough as this should not have happened in the first place,
    Where are we going wrong with part of society behaving like this and others like the much respected Mr Robert Donaldson a resident and friend, willing to do so much unpaid work for Penarth.

  2. 300CE says:

    “first to have occurred recently in affluent Westbourne Road” – This is not true. Last Saturday this happened to three cars on the street, one of those being my own. I feel sorry for those who are forced to park on the road next Saturday, that will make it three weeks in a row. Maybe if the lights didn’t turn off at 12:20AM and there were more police on the road this wouldn’t happen.

  3. Mark Foster says:

    Go on Alun Michael you must have CCTV of these offenders and you have a public duty to show it.

  4. Daft o dull says:

    They have probably seen the recent YouTube blogs showing how easy it is to break windows with a small piece of ceramic usually sourced from a busted spark plug. You literally throw a piece

    It is way to easy….. even from a distance…. unfortunately!

  5. Simon says:

    Cowbridge eat your heart out.

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