The former Penarth Pets premises in Windsor Road are closed today and the shop name-sign has been taken down

The Windsor Road pet shop “Penarth Pets” has closed and appears to have ceased trading with all the fittings and fixtures having been removed  over the weekend.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council issued an edict in September informing the shop – which had  been in business for 8 years – that could not sell any pets on its premises without first qualifying for, and then obtaining, a new kind of licence from the council.

Penarth Pets was originally called Penarth Pets and Groomers. Now the entire business has closed

The shop – which was originally called “Penarth Pets and Groomers”  disposed of its live animals and concentrated on selling pet food and accessories.

Proprietor  Alan Peters said at the time that all the accumulated expertise and knowledge of pet health, and of handling a range of different animals and their diets, no longer seems to be enough to satisfy the authorities following the introduction of strict new regulations governing the licensing of pet retailers.

Mr Peters said that if he wanted to continue selling pets at  his Penarth shop  it would now be necessary to have at least one member of staff who holds a City and Guilds Pet Store Management Qualification in order to be considered for at Vale of Glamorgan Council Pet Shop Licence  – and such qualifications could take take three years to obtain.

It’s not known whether a new retailer is yet lined up to take over the premises – which are in a prime spot next door to Boots the Chemists in Windsor Road.


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  1. Dizzydeb says:

    Oh no another independent gone! My dog will miss pulling me in this shop every time we pass! We really need a pet shop in PENARTH and a groomers attached would be good. I agree that staff should know what they are doing if they are going to sell pets though.

  2. sjleworthy says:

    can they not trade without selling live animals? (are fish included in that ruling too?)

    Being an owner of 3 dogs I agree a pet shop in Penarth is an asset, but certainly not a requirement. whilst i agree on the highest possible standards and qualifications needed to handle and sell live animals it’s also a shame small businesses such as this would obviously struggle to meet the requirements in the immediate. seems like the days of your local town pet shop, for most, are numbered. is that a good thing? as i say, for me it’s not an issue.

    • joshua stopford mackay says:

      Yes the shop was trading for over six months without animals it is not a requirement to stock livestock.
      The Council has never stopped the shop selling animals that was the owners decision. The Vale of Glamorgan Council has always treated the shop fairly with regular visits to check our standards and records and offer advise on best practise.

  3. Sarah Pope says:

    I was in the shop on Saturday and they informed me that they were moving to above ‘Image’ on Glebe Street for a while and thereafter they weren’t sure.

  4. BigPooPski says:

    I liked aqua zoo on plassey street a great little shop, But took a hit during the recession plus it did not help having another pet shop open like Penarth pets and groomers, Now they are both gone SHAME

  5. Graham says:

    Pity they were so surly and unhelpful – that antagonised lots of customers and no doubt reduced their profitability.

    • RetailGuru says:

      I have to speak as I find and I should say that the chap was very friendly and helpful. A sad end and I wish them all the best. Fingers crossed for a decent replacement… Wonder what it’ll be?

    • Joshua Stopford Mackay says:

      Had you had an issue with your food, or any supplies you had have bought from the shop, you should have returned them. The staff would’ve dealt with your enquiry and given your their sincere apologies and would’ve done everything to sort this matter. It’s a shame really, I’ve fed my dogs on an assortment of foods from penarth pets and never had a problem!
      We’re it a sealed back, this is not an issue caused by the shop itself, this would be caused by packagers who send in the stock.
      Tarnishing a businesses name for a report of ‘maggots’ which was never brought to the attention of the shop is public slander. Maybe it’s due to the fact that you’re an animal rights activist and have a problem with anyone who supplies any means of pet stock to the public. If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact myself directly in the shop that STILL stands! I’d be happy to see any evidence you have of maggots that you have apparently discovered in your food and take any means necessary to rectify the issue.

      Any further problems please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Mr Peters, as myself and our staff don’t appreciate slander and false allegations… We’ve never been made aware of any problems with the food we supply, so this is news to my ears! Please feel free to confront myself and we can deal with this issue.

      • Graham says:

        Perhaps JS Mackay might care to review his comments. First, I said nothing about maggots – that was a separate post! Secondly, he suggests, with absolutely no evidence, that I’m an animal rights activist!! And then has the cheek to protest about slander and false allegations. I look forward to an apology.

      • Joshua Stopford Mackay says:

        I apologise for posting on the wrong comment, this was meant for the comment below. As for you claiming staff were surly and unhelpful I don’t believe this to be true… My staff, one of which is my own mother are more than happy to help, as am I myself. Any customers I’ve personally dealt with are greeted upon entry by either myself or my colleagues, and were more than happy to order any items for a customer that we don’t stock or give any nutritional advice we can, anything more serious and we refer you to a vet for information. We offer any customer help with heavy items to their car, or even delivery to your front door FREE of charge as we value our customers and have a loyal customer base some of which that enter the shop solely for a chat with the staff or ‘Chester’ the Parrot.
        When are you referring to entering the shop, and then leaving us feeling unsatisfied? If there are any problems with staff, this should be reported to myself and I’ll do whatever I can to rectify the issue.

        Many thanks,

  6. Lizzyloo says:

    Food I bought in that shop had maggots in it and I had to deal with the suppliers to the shop as the latter took no responsibility at all. Never went in there since!! (Dog food)

  7. Dave says:

    Always had great service and found them friendly. I do hope they are still on going in Penarth because we get all our dog stuff from them. Probably business rates for such a prime Penarth location has clobbered them.

  8. BigPooPski says:

    I did buy some fish there when they first opened But they died within a week, The fish I use to get from Aqua zoo before they shut up shop lasted much longer.

  9. annaliseb says:

    When they did have live animals in there I had to let them know that none of the rabbits or guinea pigs at the back of the store had any water to drink. They didn’t seem to like being told and took ages to go and sort the issue out. I never shopped in there again.

    • Joshua Stopford Mackay says:

      I apologise you had this issue, may I ask how long ago this was, as the shop has been under new management for the past year. Our animals we had were well looked after by our staff, including myself. Any issues you have with the shop, please feel free to inform me and I hope we can rectify the issue you seem to have had. Baring in mind the shop hasn’t traded pets since myself being in charge… So I’d put this down to poor management due to the previous owner. I sincerely apologise you had a bad experience with the shop and would be happy to make you feel a valued customer if you were to return.
      Many thanks,

      • AnnaliseB says:

        This was over a year ago, so my apologies​ to you as it obviously was before your time at the shop.

  10. Simon says:

    What does “disposed of its live animals” mean exactly?

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