The Byrd Crescent polling station in  Penarth’s Plymouth Ward . In Plymouth Ward – on May 4th –  there will be 9 candidates  standing for Vale of Glamorgan Council and 12 candidates standing for election to Penarth Town Council – more, in total, than any other ward in Penarth.

Nominations for the Vale of Glamorgan Council elections are  due to close at 16:00 this afternoon with at least 31 candidates in contention for the 8 available Penarth seats on the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

So far the candidates in the field for the four Penarth Wards for the Vale of Glamorgan Council are:-

  • St Augustine’s Ward 10
  • Stanwell Ward  6
  • Plymouth Ward 9
  • Cornerswell Ward 6

Stragglers might still add  to the numbers in contention  – but if they try to submit their nomination papers after 16:00 this afternoon they will be too late .The names of the candidates and the parties they represent are due to be announced tomorrow.

In the election for the new Penarth Town Council there are at least 36 candidates in contention. The split so far is :-


  • St Augustine’s Ward 10
  • Stanwell Ward  8
  • Plymouth Ward 12
  • Cornerswell Ward 6

Again, the names of the candidates and their parties are due to be released tomorrow.

A poster issued today for the Penarth First Independents’ Party

For the first time in many years independent candidates will be standing in both the Vale of Glamorgan Council and the Penarth Town Council.

At least one independent will be standing solus as an Independent, whilst other independents have gathered together under the banner of the new Penarth First Independents Party.




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  1. Peter Church says:

    Good Luck to the Penarth First grouping, as many have said on PDN over the years
    Penarth really needs a voice for the town that, well…..

  2. andrewsketty says:

    Campaigning is underway in Penarth for the forthcoming council elections on May 4th. So where do our prospective candidates stand on this important local issue? Local elections are often won – and lost – on local issues and right now the future of our Pavilion and the closure of our cinema are high up on the list.

    Many of our local councillors have been remarkable silent on the subject and have shown to genuine attempt to engage with us. Of course last week Penarth Town Council came out in support of the ‘fantastic efforts of PACL’ in managing the Pavilion – a move many of us are appalled at!

    Last week I sent another e mail to local VoG Councillors, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Independent Cinema Office as well as Stephen Doughty MP. This is what I said in it :-

    ‘Despite an inordinate amount of anger in the town over the closure of our wonderful cinema there’s a genuine desire to see it open asap. People are very aware of the complete lack of engagement locally and dialogue over a way forward. Naturally this leads to anger and suspicion.

    It is not of course helped by the many people and organisations that step forward with their own negative experiences of dealing with PACL.

    Whilst nobody is remotely suggesting that running a cinema is easy what is now common knowledge in Penarth is that we have lost our wonderful cinema as a result of PACL not paying you. It is an incredibly sad state of affairs which should have been avoided’

    As you may expect there was NO response. 

    The party leaflets are now coming through the door and candidates knocking doors. Press them about the Pavilion and cinema. It is unacceptable when they try to distance themselves from the issue claiming it is a matter for PACL. These people fund it, some sit on PACL’s Board of Trustees and the Vale of Glamorgan Council own the freehold

    At the end of last week I received the campaigning leaflet from the Penarth Labour Party – not one mention of the Pavilion and cinema – this despite Lis Burnett telling me in an e mail that she would ‘ leave no stone unturned’ in order to save the Pavilion.

    Us your vote wisely on May 4th!

  3. Harry says:

    I would say there are votes to be won in St Augustine’s but we haven’t heard a squeak out of Plaid (aside from a rambling missive about buses) or the so-called “Independents” – they need to pull their finger out here PDQ.
    I can understand the Tories thinking we’re a bunch of die-hard roughs and not bothering but fair play to Labour, they’ve been all over it.

    • PR says:

      “fair play to Labour”…. you think they deserve your vote on the basis that they managed to get their propaganda out faster and in greater quantities? I see a Labour group who don’t try very hard other than at election times because they don’t need to – the assumption being enough of us will vote for them regardless of track record. I also see a bickering bunch of Tories who seem to want to create a dynasty around a single family. Not much of a choice, neither deserve our votes

      • Harry says:

        Steady on, PR. Who said anything about voting for Labour?
        I was merely pointing out that in relation to canvassing in the St Augustine’s ward:
        1. Plaid and the “Independents” appear to have done b8gg8r all.
        2. Despite it being (traditionally) regarded as rough as a badger’s bottom – i.e. Labour could put in a donkey and they’d vote for it – Labour haven’t made assumptions and have been pounding the streets.
        3. Precisely because it’s (traditionally) regarded as a Labour shoo-in, the Tories can’t be ars*d.
        If I was a candidate for any party other than Labour or Tory, I’d be like a rat up a drainpipe in St Augustine’s with its mix of sway-able chopsy floaters.
        I think we’re probably singing from the same song sheet. The lot of them appear idle as well as clueless.

      • St Augustine says:

        Do we vote for the party who canvass the best, or those that will represent us the best? The only party that’s knocked on my door has been the Greens.

        From personal experience, Lis Burnett and Gwyn Roberts have been worse than useless and have failed to listen, reply to questions or act in any way on important issues. So I’m already in the “anyone but Labour” camp this time round.

        However, it looks like the not-Labour vote may get split between Plaid and Penarth Independents, which means that Labour could still win in St Augustine’s because of the “I vote Labour cos I always have done” brigade.

        I find it difficult to believe that anyone who isn’t die-hard Labour could vote for them in St Augustine’s after the last 5 years.

    • Anne Greagsby says:
  4. another St Augustine resident. says:

    Harry – St Augustines ward is a massive area so you will see different activity in different place. From my perspective, the person I see out knocking doors nearly every night is Anthony Slaughter of the Greens. He seems to be going for it.
    Equally I beleive Plaid have been active with fighting against the plans for Northcliffe Lodge (reported here) and have been leafleting, knocking doors around there.
    All I have had from Labour is a 1 bland, generic leaflet that really disapointed me. Tories or Independants haven’t reached me yet.
    As I said, its a big ward.

  5. Colin Davies says:

    Giant ballot paper!!!

  6. Geraint Jones says:

    Hi all,

    My name is Geraint and I’m standing as a Liberal Democrat candidate for the Plymouth ward in the local elections next month. I really feel that our current councillors have let down the people of Penarth by not being visible in the community and achieving very little during their time in office.

    We are standing candidates in Plymouth, Cornerswell and St Augustines, and are campaigning on the basis of keeping Penarth open, tolerant and united in the face of challenges such as Brexit and local issues such as traffic congestion, lack of parking space, and the numerous potholes around town. We really feel that now is the time for positive change in Penarth, and I would urge you to consider voting for us on 4 May.

    Thank you

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