The new BBC Wales feature series Coastal Lives – traces the ups and downs of a selection of local people living on  the Glamorgan coast – including Penarth . The first episode is on BBC Wales on Friday evening at 19:30..

A new documentary feature series illustrating the varies lifestyles of local people in Glamorgan – including Penarth – begins on BBC Wales on Friday evening at 19:30.

The production company – Boom Cymru sets the scene by saying:-  “From the larger than life showmen of the iconic Barry Island Pleasure Park to the green-fingered owner of Fonmon Castle hoping to win ‘best pumpkin’ at the annual Vale show … to Penarth and a couple of young travel Vloggers who shot to fame after a fish slap to the face … We follow the rich and varied lives of the locals who live, work and play in the shadow of the Welsh Capital over the spring and summer of 2016.”

The Boom TV film crew shooting a sequence in the Hamptons store at Ludlow Lane for the new tv series

Amongst those featured in the series are well-known Penarth retailers – and residents – Andy Bradshaw & Peter Knowles who run Hamptons in Ludlow Lane and Shore on Penarth Esplanade .

Driver Peter Knowles gasps as his unforgiveably-named gravity-racer  “Sandy Shore” leaps the ramp,   thumps back onto the road and heads straight for the tyre-wall chicane.

Andy and Peter’s activities across the spring and summer are featured – including their   extra curricular participation in the Penarth Summer Festival Downhill Derby . [ As PDN is not including any spoilers – Any viewers who missed the original event will just have to watch the series to find out what happened] 

Peter Knowles (left)  and partner Andy Bradshaw with their gravity-racer  Sandy Shore -designed as a four-wheeled homage to  the 1967 Eurovision song-contest winner

Peter Knowles explains the intricacies of drifting a sandcastle through the chicanes as the Boom TV cameras shoot the Coastal Lives documentary series at the Penarth Summer Festival. The series  begins airing on Friday evening . The object on Mr Knowles’s head is a life-size seagull

The TV series will run for 4 weeks with the first episode airing on prime time TV; Friday 7th April at 7.30pm on BBC 1 Wales – and then the following three Fridays for episodes 2, 3 and 4.





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