Cllr Anthony Ernest – standing as an Independent for both Vale of Glamorgan Council and Penarth Town Council in the May 4th elections

Penarth Town Councillor Cllr Anthony Ernest – who has today confirmed that he will be standing as an Independent candidate for Plymouth Ward  for both the Vale and Penarth – has described the new “Penarth First Independents” group – led by former colleague Cllr Clive Williams –   as “spurious”.

Cllr. Ernest said today  “apparently we now have a new group in Penarth of so-called First Independents of which I am not one.

“These spurious groups” – he says –” tend to come together for just one thing – a single objective or aim, with little regard for the remainder of the agenda which should be to put Penarthians’ interests on the “front page” of their work, not scoring own goals.”

Cllr Ernest goes on to say that ” Indeed in the wider Vale, a similarly-named group in Llantwit Major [‘Llantwit First Independents’]  is notorious for having joined up with the failed Labour-run Vale administration in Barry, who have done Penarth down to such a huge extent in the last five years.”

Cllr Ernest claims that the new “Penarth First Independents” [that’s their logo above] have already had “informal discussions” with the Vale Labour Group.

Cllr Ernest says “I believe that certain individuals in the new Penarth group have held informal discussions with Labour as to the possibility of joining forces, and that is something I will not be a part of under any circumstances, which why I am standing as a straightforward Independent Candidate with no party ties or allegiances whatsoever.”

“This gives me independent thinking, the freedom to do what I consider is best for the people of the town, and the opportunity for any Penarth resident to come to me with whatever concerns or queries they may have, should I be elected on May 4th.”

Cllr. Ernest  has been a member of Penarth Town Council for many years and has also served in Conservative administrations on the Vale of Glamorgan Council holding  briefs for council housing, public buildings, leisure, tourism and the arts.

Born in the Plymouth Ward of Penarth Cllr. Ernest says  “I have been asked to put my name forward for both Councils, as we need strong leadership, considerable experience and a real commitment to each of these widely differing roles in Welsh Local Government, at this time. Having been a Vale and Town Councillor both in power as well as Opposition, has given me the confidence to once more take on these roles, which are essential in delivering quality services to the people of Penarth and beyond, and I look forward to that challenge once again”.

The official lists of all candidates standing in May 4th’s Vale of Glamorgan Council elections and Penarth Town Council are due to be published later today,



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  1. DRT Andrews says:

    These Tories are in a right state. Do we vote for a Tory standing as a Tory, a Tory standing as an invented Penarth First or a Tory standing as an independent independent. Maybe even none of them!

    • Philip Rapier says:

      ” He who supports our “programme” be he Peasant or Peer is with us. “Anyone else is against us” so said the Trade Unionists iconic hero James Keir Hardie the first Labour MP in the entire world who represented Merthyr Tydfil 1900-1915.
      Stood as Independent Labour in West Ham in 1892– so watch this space— here In the Penarth Commune and the- Peoples Republic of the Vale of Glamorgan – anything could happen next.

  2. We are sos I love Penarth what are you going to pledge re brand Penarth – the Pavilion, our investigation of PACL and chair and trusted trustees old and current:
    where did the money go? Independents all come to the church tonight and give us your commitments and pledge – doors open 6pm start 7pm prompt

  3. Chris David says:

    There’s and old saying “who’s independent is he?” IF “independents” are having discussions with Labour, they should be outed and then ignored. OK prospective councillors- tell all- at you in cahoots with Labour? At any level with any of them?

    • Tony Harris says:

      Fake news. I would not recognise a labour candidate if one fell over in front of me. No
      truth in this made up story. Fact.

    • cllr clive williams MBE says:

      Thank you for Chris for you question. I am and have been a councillor for 34 years and now Stand as leader of the Penarth Independents, five individuals ex labour and conservatives who think there should be no politics at this level.
      Anthony Ernest’s attack ref dealing with Labour is absurd. I put up two candidates in St Augustines ward and one in Stanwell with the whole intention of offering new blood and honest men as a challenge Labour. I feel this to be serious enough for me to write to the Penarth Daily News with my version of Anthony Ernest’s vicious assault on completely new people he does not know.
      Please see this article, in the name of fairness

      • Tim says:

        Hello there Cllrs Williams MBE and Ernest.
        I understand a Fight Night is being held at All Saint’s Church this evening (doors open 6pm, start 7pm in case you’re interested in attending).
        I’ve noticed there appears to be a gap in the market for pugilistic-style events in Penarth and wondered if tonight’s inaugural contest might become a regular fixture.
        Would the two of you be interested in going head to head at a future date?
        By charging an entrance fee – on the proviso the church is prepared to offer gratis a place of worship as a venue for combat – it seems to me this would be a marvellous opportunity to raise funds for our poor beleaguered pier (squeezed, as you may be aware, of every last penny, and more, by PACL).
        If these tournaments take off, it’s possible that, at some point, the media might become interested, thereby opening up all manner of potential money-spinners.
        Endless possibilities spring to mind such as sponsorship – I imagine this would be on the understanding you are prepared to wear branded costumes – as well as advertising revenue.
        I understand you are both keen to show your support for getting the Pier cinema open again. Wouldn’t this be a super way to lay your cards on the table?

      • Eddie says:

        It could be a winner – I understand the possibility of a WWF-style take-down at All Saints has been posted on various football forums and Millwall fans have already expressed interest.

      • Arthur King says:

        ‘I put up ….’ . Is it a party or not?
        Again suddenly believing ‘no politics at this level’ when you would have been happy to stand as a Tory if selected.

  4. andrewsketty says:

    Dear Anthony

    I like the 1700 people who signed my petition would also like to onow where you stand on the reopening of our cinema and the alleged mismanagement by PACL. important local issue for us to consider on May 4th

    • cllr clive williams MBE says:

      Andrew I have emailed you on two occasions stating my full support for reopening the cinema.

      • Chris David says:

        Great- then get PACL to publish the stat accounts, management accounts and full meeting minutes. Who are PACL answerable to? This is bigger than just the cinema. Good luck with the independents.

      • Richard says:

        Hear hear, Chris David. let’s see some accountability.
        Where are the councillors’ calls for an inquiry into PACL’s accounts?

      • andrewsketty says:

        Hello Clive. I do appreciate that and as you know I shared your support to those who signed my petition via updates. However the point I am making to you and other candidates is that on May 4th we need to know where to put our X. The future of the cinema and Pavilion is a crucial local issue which is why like others I want to know of elected where does a candidate stand on PACLs record of management and how will you deal with this and secondly what action will you take to ensure the cinema is reopened asap. We are now into month 2 of closure and still silence from the powers that be.

  5. Old Penarthian says:

    Where did the Money Go ? Nicki we have asked YOU the same Question Many Times. Well Tonight at YOUR meeting, I will ask you FACE TO FACE HOW MUCH MONEY HAVE YOU COLLECTED AND MORE TO THE POINT WHERE IS IT ????

    • Marcus says:

      I might go to this now. 🙂

      • James says:

        Is it true that in response to the clamour, Plaid has arranged a coach to leave Cardiff for Penarth at 6pm prompt tonight (assemble outside Holland House hotel on Newport Road) for those keen to witness the church hall ‘Tell us where the money is’ showdown? 🙂

    • LJS says:

      Where indeed Nicky, you write gobbledegook. You do not answer specific questions, where indeed is all the money you raised?
      We in Penarth do not need saving by you, only from you. Why do you persist with the pantomime?
      Are you related to Walter Mitty?

  6. Richard says:

    Having just moved to Cosmeston Drive from another part of Penarth, I am amazed to find I am not in Penarth anymore regarding voting in Penarth Town Council Elections – very perplexed and confused to think I am in Sully?

  7. Tim says:

    PLEASE NOTE: For anyone concerned about coming straight from the office on empty for this evening’s church hall Fight Night (Old Penarthian vs. Nicki Page) I’ve just been to Costco and bought a shedload of Twix and Kit-Kats which I’ll be selling for a modest profit as well as offering hot drinks from a portable urn.

  8. Geraint Jones says:

    Hi all,

    My name is Geraint and I’m standing as a Liberal Democrat candidate for the Plymouth ward in the local elections next month. I really feel that our current councillors have let down the people of Penarth by not being visible in the community and achieving very little during their time in office.

    We are standing candidates in Plymouth, Cornerswell and St Augustines, and are campaigning on the basis of keeping Penarth open, tolerant and united in the face of challenges such as Brexit and local issues such as traffic congestion, lack of parking space, and the numerous potholes around town. We really feel that now is the time for positive change in Penarth, and I would urge you to consider voting for us on 4 May.

    Thank you

    • Chris David says:

      So why do you have a political affiliation? If its not to attempt to impose doctrine what is it? This is just local stuff- we just need worthy and able individuals not political puppets? So please explain. Thanks

      • Geraint Jones says:

        Hi Chris, thanks for your question. Firstly, we have no intention of imposing any kind of doctrine on anyone. We are, first and foremost, democrats, which means listening to the concerns of local people and seeking to address them. Secondly, we are not political puppets but local people wanting to make a difference in our communities. If you live in the Plymouth ward, I would be more than happy to meet with you to hear your concerns first hand. Thanks, Geraint

      • Chris David says:

        Hello Geraint and thanks for your reply. If what you say is true you have no need for a label. I won’t be voting for any party linked candidates.

  9. AK says:

    Cllr Williams ‘leader of Penarth Independents’ ?

    Not so independent then !

  10. Arthur King says:

    Represented Sully and not Penarth on the Vale Council for 13 years

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