The writing appeared to be literally on the wall in the National Assembly room where, despite the dodgy decor,  the “Petitions Committee” met to consider the By-Pass Petition signed by thousands of people in Dinas Powys.

The Welsh Labour Government’s “Petitions Committee” is to “gather further information” about the call for a Dinas Powis By Pass and has now decided that it will write to the cabinet secretary for the Economy and Infrastructure  –  Ken Skates –  for an “update” on the Dinas Powys traffic study.

The meeting – yesterday – was considering a petition handed in last week bearing 3,305 signatures from Dinas Powys residents stating :- “We the undersigned, call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to provide the necessary funding and support for the construction of a Dinas Powys By-Pass.”

Petitions Committee Chair Mike Hedges AM, (holding black folder), accepts the teh Dinas Powys By Pass petition from Rod Harrod (yellow tie), Chair, Dinas Powys By-Pass Steering Group with, from (left to right), Roger Pattenden, B.Sc MICE, Cllr Andy Robertson, Steve Griffiths, Cllr Vince Driscoll and Janet Finch-Saunders AM (Petitions Committee member).

That petition has now come before the National Assembly’s little known “Petitions Committee”.

Sitting in an Assembly committee room which looked as though it had badly cleaned-up after receiving the attention of some red-lipstick-wielding vandals,  the chairman of the Petitions Committee – Mike Hedges (Labour AM for Swansea East) put forward a suggested  strategy to deal with the demands of Dinas Powys.

Swansea Labour AM Mike Hedges is in favour of building the “Concrete Curtain” – the huge Tidal Lagoon Wall – in front of Penarth Esplanade – but hedged his bets somewhat on the  Dinas Powys By Pass issue, by passing the parcel back to transport minister Ken Skates

Hedges – a life-long Labourite  who is in favour of building the massive rock-wall of Cardiff Tidal Lagoon in front of Penarth Esplanade –  suggested “writing” to  Assembly transport minister Ken Skates to enquire whether  the Welsh Government had had any involvement to date on the current study into the Dinas Powis transport network and asked that the committee be “updated this month” .

Hedges said if the Minister  replied that the Welsh Government had no involvement then the Petitions Committee would “write to the Vale of Glamorgan Council”[the very council which dropped the By Pass scheme from its Local Development Plan].

South Wales Central Gareth Bennett AM (UKIP)

Dinas Powys’s UKIP Assembly Member Gareth Bennett (UKIP South Wals Central)  pointed out – with some degree of understatement – that “The Vale have not particularly pushed for the By-Pass themselves”.

He anticipated that the Vale Council would say “the problem is at the Merrie Harrier junction so the By- Pass wouldn’t resolve the traffic issues”. He wanted to be sure the matter didn’t “fall between the Welsh  Government saying it’s up to the council –  and the council saying the regional funding had been stopped.”

South Wales Central Conservative AM David Melding said some other studies into such schemes had gone on for 20 or 30 years” – a delay which did not serve the public interest.

David Melding AM (South Wales) Central

Melding then went on  – somewhat tangentially, if not perplexingly – to extol the virtues of the town which he evidently considered a Dinas Powys By-Pass might serve… Barry, noting the rising local property prices in Barry, what a great place Barry is to live in (as he had  once done himself )  and the excellent train services available from that town.

Chairman Hedges said if there was not a “meeting of minds between the Minister and the petitioners” then the committee would decide how to take the matter forward ….a comment which might have left observers with the distinct impression nothing is going to happen in a hurry – or even at all.


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  1. Ian Perry says:

    I have been asking very basic questions of Rod(ney) Harrod. He cannot (or will not) answer a single one.

    The first question that needs to be asked, is how much this by-pass is likely to cost.

    Further questions include, how much extra traffic is this likely to out through the Merrie Harrier and Barons Court junctions? Are there economic and environmental benefits and disbenefits to building this by-pass? What is the justification for spending this money (many tens of millions) on a new road, rather than on improving public transport connections?

  2. Richard says:

    Ha ha, love the subliminal messaging in that second photograph – between the heads of Mike Hedges and Rod Harrod. 🙂

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