Cllr Clive Williams (Leader Penarth First Independents) (left) has angrily denounced allegations made by Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

The new independent party Penarth First Independents – which has 5 candidates standing in Penarth in the May 4th Local Government Elections – has hit back at claims made by Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward) that the group has had “informal discussions with Labour as to the possibility of joining forces”  .

In a press release issued yesterday Cllr Ernest had alleged that Penarth First Independents were considering “the possibility of joining forces with Labour “.

The allegation about the Penarth First Independents made yesterday in a press release by Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Today the Leader of the Penarth First Independents  – Cllr Clive Williams (Independent Plymouth Ward) has issued a statement rebutting Cllr Ernest’s allegations.

Cllr Clive Williams MBE is the Leader of the five-strong Penarth First Independents

Cllr Williams says “I have known Anthony Ernest for over 30 years and witnessed his twists and turns to put his personal ambition above every thing else, but I cannot believe  he would be so desperate to post such an outrageous article.”

He goes on to say “To state I have had any form of dealings with Labour is outrageous even by Anthony’s standards, and totally unfounded.   I have never attacked other parties as there are more important issues, but I am lowering my self to these gutter type comments on behalf of my fellow candidates who Antony has attacked without even knowing them. He [ Cllr Ernest] has no proof or reason to say this except for the fact Victoria Humphries [ a Penarth First Independent candidate who was formerly a  member of the Labour party]  is a very capable candidate, and he is concerned at the election outcome.”

In a personal attack upon Cllr Ernest, Cllr Williams says “How low, deceitful, underhanded can one individual be?  I know his nature and that is why he is not a member of Penarth First.”


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  1. Then says:

    Well said Cllr Williams. Earnest will stop at nothing to be reflected.

  2. Then says:

    Error – re-elected

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    Given all this ranting by one candidate after another, I think I shall be voting for anyone who a) is not on either council now and b) has said nothing derogatory about another candidate. The list is getting shorter by the day!

    • Sarah says:

      Completely agree with you.
      Certain people are far from covering themselves in glory.

  4. Sarah says:

    I do wish these two would stop pecking at each other. What was that film with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau? Statler and Waldorf eat your heart out.

  5. Anne Greagsby says:

    That’s three Tory factions then just in Penarth, catching up with Labour?

  6. Tony Harris says:

    Well I guess you are entitled to reply so something that is not true and Cllr Williams has done just
    that. Maybe it would be best to draw a line underneath all this tit for tat and move on as there are
    plenty of other issues that need addressing.

    Personally I have not said anything derogatory about any other candidate but there is still plenty
    of time.

  7. Clive says:

    Gentlemen please…. so what is the purpose of Penarth First or for that matter a solus independent
    I look forward to a manifesto of commitments – so far nothing pushed through my door has any sense. Pot hole action, pavement restoration and a roundabout clock that tells GMT even if we may be on a magnetic welsh meridian might be more compelling than the huff and puff

  8. Windsor in my view says:

    Stop having a pop at each other and tell us what you’re proposing going to do to improve Penarth over the 5 years.

  9. Victoria Humphries says:

    Just to clarify, I have not ever stood as a Labour Candidate, but I was a Labour party member and have made no secret of this fact. I am standing with four conservatives because I believe we all have the same agenda, to put Penarth First and to put people before politics. I do firmly believe that party politics can affect local issues negatively, what we are campaigning for is the best choices for Penarth, regardless of who is supporting or promoting. I hope this clarifies matters. Hopefully we will be able to keep our campaign positive, I have no interest whatsoever in undermining other candidates, I just hope that we have something new to offer our home town, both collectively and individually. Many thanks.

    • LJS says:

      Thank you Victoria.
      Local politics is far more than party allegiances. I am a Conservative Party member but at present, the current Conservative candidates do not represent my views, only their own egos.
      Hats off to you and your Penarth First group in putting our town and its needs first and not political parties.
      I think by creating The Penarth First grouping and with its diversity of party political opinion, you all have shown an ability to compromise and work together for the greater good.
      Best wishes for your campaign.

  10. Dan says:

    I think I saw Victoria Humphries at the pier “meeting” at All Saint’s last night. The whole thing was a farce but at least she was there.
    I don’t see Anthony Ernest asking questions of PACL or making any effort to respond to public concern about the pier cinema.
    Plenty of lip when it comes to attempting to undermine other candidates yet quiet as a mouse on the pier. Why’s that then, I wonder?

  11. As much as I dislike Cllr Ernest’s policy regarding the dangerous and illegal parking in Penarth I do have to agree with him on this matter. I honestly don’t see how these independent candidates can align themselves into a party. Surely they can no longer be independent once they become part of a party?

  12. DRT Andrews says:

    Ms Humphries, your sentiments are admirable. However, in relation to “party politics can affect local issues negatively………I just hope that we have something new to offer”, may I ask when this Damascene conversion happened in the case of Messrs Williams and Church, after their decades of council service as representatives of the Conservative party?

  13. Arthur King says:

    Seems that Clive Williams hasn’t yet given up ‘party’ politics yet as shown by his response to an attack on his party. Despite what he says about being ‘independent’ he has by forming a party put himself back into ‘party’ politics.

    • says:

      Thank you Mr King for your opinion. I have not formed a party but our constitution says a group of Independents from different ex political party backgrounds sharing a joint view of putting Penarth First. We have more strength in numbers when voting against a majority of Labour councillors on the Vale and Penarth Councils. We will all have our own views and only agree by consensus, I wanted us to be Independent from Political parties and their doctrine. I wanted to stand for election as I considered my de selection by 5 people, (despite the large number who voted each year for my election as President, but were not invited to attend the selection meeting, ) was not acceptable. Four other residents felt the same and asked to stand with me, which I accepted.
      Antony Ernest accused PF and me of something that was untrue and I wanted the right to
      address this. Finally, I hope I have received some votes over the 34 years for what I have done as a councillor not only the political party I represented.

      • Arthur King says:

        A ‘group’ not a ‘party’ but with a constitution. Not sure that there is a difference. You are all standing together just as members of a party do. You seem to be behaving like a party even if only a group.

  14. Richard says:

    “I know his nature and that is why he is not a member of Penarth First.”
    Nor will he be allowed one of my Fruit Salad chews.

  15. Tim says:

    It’s my understanding that the true genesis of an “Independent” party in Penarth occurred some years ago and included the esteemed Richard Snell – purveyor of extraordinarily good value retro confectionery as well as jars of Crespo olives and pasta, branded haircare and household cleaning products, all a pound. (I’ve never seen anything like it).
    I’m told he and his colleagues did a tremendous job as “Independents” and wondered if anyone had thought to ask him to stand again? Ex-Army and aikido trained, he would surely be a valuable addition at meetings should there be a tear-up between Cllrs Ernest and Williams or a visit from Anne Greagsby to request a copy of the council’s Environmental Policy?

  16. Frank Evans says:

    I did have respect for Mr Antony Earnest but after this sorry tale I definitely won’t by voting for him.
    Maybe the slogan Anthony should use is:
    Putting Anthony first and penarth second.

  17. Gwyn John says:

    Anthony Ernest is quick to critcise others, he needs to look at himself first, he stood for the Conservatives at Sully because nobody wanted him in Penarth. Councillors are judged by what they do, maybe that is why Anthony lost his seat at Sully in 2012.

  18. Jamie says:

    Those birds will doubtless be making themselves scarce when the place turns into Oakwood Theme Park.

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