Cllr Anthony Ernest is a member of Penarth Town Council, a former Mayor of Penarth a former Vale of Glamorgan councillor and ‘cabinet’ member , holding briefs for council housing, public buildings, leisure, tourism and the arts. He is standing for election as an Independent

Penarth Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward) [who is standing as an Independent in the forthcoming elections for the Vale of Glamorgan and Penarth Town Councils]  – has hit back at public criticism aimed at him from Cllr Clive Williams – Leader of the newly-formed “Penarth First Independents” group.

Describing Cllr Williams’s attack on him as a  “regrettable diatribe” , Cllr Ernest says it was  a “lengthy  – and highly personal – out-of-character derogatory statement”.

Cllr. Ernest said  “I can understand Clive’s understandable concerns about my commenting on a member or members of his group (in fact himself) having had discussions with local members of the Labour Party, but the reality is that Clive told me in person that he had been approached by a Labour colleague(s) about the possibility of his joining the Labour Group.”

Cllr Clive Williams (Leader of Penarth First Independents) has denied Cllr Ernest’s allegations that he had discussions with Labour councillors

Cllr Ernest continues by saying “I can also say that in the last two weeks he [Cllr Williams] had a 30-minute private conversation with a couple of leading Labour councillors, at which he discussed both his own personal and political issues in some depth.”

Cllr Ernest – who like Cllr Williams, is a former Town Mayor of Penarth – saysAs such my comments were both accurate and truthful and also raised a matter of some concern to myself, as I would not expect a fellow councillor to launch such a tirade of personal and unfriendly abuse towards me, over what many might consider a fleeting election-time issue.”

In what he says will be his final comment on the matter, Cllr Ernest says ” I make no apology for my original statement which I stand by, and can only put this unwarranted outburst down to Clive’s advancing years, and worry about his own election outcomes. In the meantime may I assure the residents of Plymouth Ward that I continue my campaigning as an Independent with even greater vigour, in my bid to continue representing their best interests following next month’s elections.”

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  1. says:

    My final comment on this matter as Antony has repeated his allegation, despite my denial and has yet again stated I had talks with Labour on my and the Penarth First Independents ambitions.
    At the end of a Penarth Council meeting I spoke to Councillor Mark Wilson and Rhiane Birch, who are long standing colleges, to enquire on Marks health as we have both had heart operations.
    I also enquired on Cllr Janice Birches health, because we worked together on Social Services for many years.
    Antony s comment on advancing years is an ageism comment and Antony is near my age.
    Antony is correct, when my de selection took place Antony asked what I was going to do? I said I had a few options and that Labour had jokingly said cross the floor. Wrong again Antony.
    Antony was not in the room and I find it strange he jumped to the conclusion he did. What benefit could I have to gain.
    Antony asked to join me, two months after Victoria agreed to stand with me in Plynouth ward , I asked Antony to stand in St Augustines where he lives, He said if I he could not have Plymouth he would go it alone. I agreed, and saiid we would not comment on each other, and that is why I was very shocked at his unfounded statement and naturally I had to respond.
    My relationship with his wife Gaynor who I have known and respected for over 30 years has been reduced to her stating she will never speak to me again.
    Sorry days . Antony comment on my concerns at the election out come is again wrong. I am standing for election as I did not want the previous sordid dealings to be my finale My fellow Penarth First Independents feel the same. I leave it to the residents of Penarth to decide

    • Mark Foster says:

      All these silly old buggers need to be put out to grass like Donald Trump. Otherwise you never know what they’re going to do, especially with the onset of dementia, It should be mandatory for politicians to retire from public life at say age 65. Don’t vote for them.

  2. Arthur King says:

    It just goes to show that ‘independents’ whether members of a party or truly independent can be as bad or probably worse than the political parties they ( all of a sudden) despise.

    Pots and kettles, kettles and pots.

  3. crocodile says:

    An unedifying spectacle! However we should remember that this debacle was instigated by the Tory Turner family – Mrs Dorothy Turner, Cllr Martin Turner and their daughter Mrs Kathryn McCaffer – who were all selected by themselves as Conservative candidates after deselecting Anthony Ernest and Clive Williams. If this is how they treat their own party members how would they treat residents? Kick the Turners out!

    • Arthur King says:

      This ‘unedifying spectacle’ shows neither Williams or Ernest in a good light. No wonder they couldn’t find enough support in their original party to be selected.

    • Thank you Crocodile for your kind comments. You are the ONLY one of the “posters” who actually seems to understand the position, and how it has come about. Please rest assured that I do not like the resulting dispute any more than you do, but I had to state my position in the light of the many”trolls” in the town who delight in undoing any good that I have done for Penarth over many years, both as a paid and unpaid councillor.

    • penarth resident says:

      Anthony Earnest was NOT deselected. He has not served as a Vale councillor representing Penarth since 1995.

  4. Tim Hughes says:

    When I see a sign on a van or above a shop proclaiming “Quality Butcher” I always smile and wonder when I will see a similar sign inscribed “Mediocre Baker”. So when I read the PDN article about Penarth First I wondered whether I would be given the opportunity to vote for Penarth Average or even Penarth Last and whether when determining priorities the Penarth First group would be proactively prejudice against any non Penarth priority. What do the good people of Sully or Cogan think of Penarth First? When considering my children and grandchildren I admit they are the most important to me but I also understand that they are not the most important to other grandparents. In truth I think the rampant localism present in much of present day politics all is a nasty cancer that needs to be confronted. So if the Penarth First group are saying that this is the first time there has been a group of independents in Penarth I will read what they promote but if they are saying they will promote Penarth above our equally worthy neighbours then they won’t get my vote.

  5. penarth resident says:

    Cogan is part of Penarth. Sully has its own two Independent Councillors.

    • snoggerdog says:

      i think you will find,with a lot of happy valley ittes,that penarth is part of cogan!

  6. Frank – I do not operate a B&B. If you want to comment about the owner or operation of the business you make derogatory statements about, I strongly suggest you do not associate me politically with the business owner. You are leaving yourself open to defamation of character of the owner, as well as damage to the goodwill of the business. I am advised that suitable action will be taken unless suitable apologies are forthcoming.from you, and several other posters, who are attempting to destroy the goodwill of the business you refer to, which is owned by a Third Party who is not involved in the elections.

  7. Freddie says:

    Election manifestos coming through the door thick and fast in sunny St Augustine’s today. First the Greens, who lost me on their 20mph obsession (otherwise I’m a fan of Anthony Slaughter, who seems to attract such unnecessary vitriol on here) and then, the piece de resistance – the Plaid Cymru leaflet.
    Coming down on PACL and the pier.
    Saving St Paul’s.
    Protecting the conservation area, historic buildings and Cosmeston.
    More flowers in the town.
    Putting a stop to council cronyism and the Northcliffe boxes obscenity.
    Removing the monstrous viewing platform before it takes half the town down with it.
    SAY WHAT YOU LIKE about Anne Greagsby. From my point of view, for one, she has totally nailed it. Come polling day, at least one X is heading for that Plaid box. BRAVO.

    • Arthur King says:

      The only things she seems to have missed are ‘motherhood and apple pie’ – but no doubt she’ll soon correct the omission!

  8. Factual writer says:

    Dear Penarth Hoe and all the other malicious people who have posted fake reviews under fake names. Please get your facts correct before you commit defamation of character and the criminal offence of malicious communication. It’s worthy of note that lots of the names here have been posted by people purporting to be neighbours of Anthony Ernest.
    On checking with the people mentioned these reviews have been malicious, and have now been reported to the Police as they have been signed by fake reviewers.
    How low some people will stoop to get elected and put down the opposition.
    The elections are open to all. If Penarth Hoe and others think they can do a better job then cut the crap, stop posting malicious falsehoods and put yourself forward for election . I for one won’t vote for you idiots.
    Incidentally, people’s private life and business should stay private.
    People are not stupid and will see through your dirty little tactics.

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